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Alternative Titles

English: AKIRA
Japanese: AKIRA(アキラ)


Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 16, 1988
Source: Manga
Duration: 2 hr. 4 min.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 8.171 (scored by 226,772 users)
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Ranked: #3622
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Popularity: #194
Members: 372,401
Favorites: 6,254


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Jul 28, 2007
moozooh (All reviews)
Note: The following review DOESN\'T contain spoilers.

Akira is a very controversial piece of art — but a piece of art regardless. It isn\'t easy to watch it, and it isn\'t easy to review it, either: Akira the movie is such an ambitious and influential project that grasping it in its entirety is far from being trivial.

Akira\'s story is among those where you need either high intuitive and perceptive abilities to understand everything that goes on, or to watch it several times. It doesn\'t really help that Katsuhiro Otomo stuffed almost 2000 pages of story into 2 hours of screen time, but at least the movie read more
Dec 26, 2010
xm0123 (All reviews)
Akira is a film adapted from the manga series of the same name by Katsuhiro Otomo. The film was a huge success, even outside its native Japan, and is often heralded as one of the all-time greatest anime ever produced. I first saw this film in 2007, and I have no desire to see it again. I know "classic" anime and I tend to not mix very well, but I cannot understand why this film was and still is championed as a "great" example of anime. The only thing great about this film is how it teaches you what NOT to film in an action read more
Apr 11, 2010
kajia (All reviews)
Often hailed as a classic, I can kind of see where the praises are coming from: this kind of hard hitting, apocolyptic anime always seem to attract acclaim. But personally, I couldn't really get into it that much. Or perhaps it's because I just didn't get it.

My main problem with "Akira" is the vagueness of the story. I mean, I'm not the biggest fan of these abstract, philosophical stories to begin with, but "Akira" also suffers from a lack of completeness, which only exacerbated my confusion even more. I was watching it with a friend and he was having to constantly explain what to read more
Sep 24, 2014
angelsreview (All reviews)
So I finally got a chance to sit down and watch it, namely the English dub. What do I think about it? It was pretty good for an anime that came out in the 1980’s and it holds up pretty well to this day. I was very surprised that the show was actually directed by the writer of Akira as well. Not many people can write a manga and get to direct it as well when it comes to movie. This means that the show would have come out how he wanted to and not changed around as it went from hand to hand. Just read more
Nov 29, 2018
venusinfleursx (All reviews)
'Pioneering', 'classic', 'groundbreaking', 'compelling', 'masterpiece' - all words which describe this film upon a quick Google search.

Really? Reeeeally?

I had very high hopes for Akira - as anyone would - after endless recommendations from friends and being touted as the most important anime film of all time. But after watching, I was incredibly disappointed. THIS is supposed to be the most influential anime film? THIS? Never in my life have I witnessed something so mediocre be so overrated.
Let us discuss the various aspects of the film

The plot could have a lot of promise - a secret government project of scientists experimenting upon humans in order to read more
Jan 30, 2010
link9us (All reviews)
I've been watching anime for years and I have to say Akira is one of the best pieces of work i have ever came a crossed. The animation and action sequences hold up very well in comparison to some of the animes coming out to date. The pacing is almost perfect and the art and music are simply a work of art you really feel like you're in that world. Classics are classics for a reason and Akira is a classic anime.

Caution there might be a few spoilers contained in this review.

The movie starts off with a large mysterious explosion which destroys Tokyo, the movie read more
Feb 28, 2011
GoodEnoughForMe (All reviews)
Oh Akira, where would anime be without you? Would Ghost in the Shell ever have come about without your cyberpunk aesthetics that influenced anime more than any other work, this side of Blade Runner? Would The Matrix have ever come about without either of those two works? The answer is probably no, and so I do have to offer some thanks to Akira for helping to inspire people from inside and outside Japan.

That said, I still think that Akira is largely a hodge-podge of crap.

The first few moments of Akira are breathtaking. We take in the lights, the sights and sounds of neo-Tokyo, a hauntingly read more
Feb 9, 2015
Absolute_Spider (All reviews)
Akira is a 1988 Japanese Animated film directed by Katsuhiro Otomo based on Otomo’s manga of the same name.

In the year 1988 a mysterious explosion destroys Tokyo while supposedly also causing World War III. 31 years later, in the year 2019, a new city, entitled Neo-Tokyo, is built which is in a state of constant chaos due to constant skirmishes between rival biker gangs as well as barrages of anti-government attacks carried out by various revolutionary groups. This is the stetting of Akira.

Within this setting the plot focuses on two major characters. Shotaro Kaneda, the arrogant leader of a biker gang, and his childhood friend/rival, read more
Apr 23, 2018
Artrill (All reviews)

Over one Billion Yen. Ten million dollars. This was the price the industry paid to create timeless animation. This was the toll Katsuhiro Otomo paid to adapt almost two thousand pages of his magnum opus. One which he struggled to finish. Every page taking more time than the last. Each penstroke weighing heavier on his hand. All culminating in a dinner with Alejandro Jodorowsky, director of El Topo and The Holy Mountain, as he was coming off the heels of Sante Sangre. The dinner is what eventually made Otomo close the final chapter to Akira.

Yet this was two years after the release of the read more
Aug 6, 2009
JH (All reviews)
First off the story is taken from a well developed manga.. A six epic manga style story that can actually be considered an ominbus but still just a really big manga. xD

Start out with cool biker gang and leader on cool bike. But wait a minute .... who's that other biker gang coming to harass them. Just some random gang for action?! Important to the plot? Why heck no. Not in this movie. In fact, this biker gang that for some reason choose to dress like the Jokers from Batman Beyond come in and mess with our heroes and are never seen from again.

However in read more
Aug 30, 2008
ZeroSumJ1 (All reviews)
OK... I'm sure you can tell by the scores I gave this anime that I found this anime to be RIDICULOUSLY overrated. I've watched it maybe 5-7 times in my life. First time was just to watch what all the fuss was about, 2 through the last was "maybe I missed the reason why people thought this was so great." the very last time I saw it, I remember saying "Nope, I was right. Still weak."

When people say "arguably the greatest film of all time", I'll be first in line to be on the arguing side. The two main characters of the story are both read more
Nov 4, 2007
Yandere (All reviews)
I first watched Akira a long time ago and the first time I watched it, I will admit, I was very confused and very creeped out at a lot of parts. I watched it again a few years later and this time I understood it much better and could actually sit through watching it without squirming and the overall concept of Akira is extremely fascinating, it really is a good movie with a lot of meaning in it, and it is extremely moving, as well. The storyline takes place in a place where most of would recognize and not totally feel out of place, but read more
Apr 22, 2008
Sieg83 (All reviews)
You must remember, this movie was made in 1988. If you're going to critique it accurately, you must take this into account. This anime led the way for the growing popularity of anime in the West, with Akira considered a forerunner of the second wave of anime fandom that began in the early 1990s. One of the reasons for the movie's success was the highly advanced quality of its animation. At the time, most anime was notorious for cutting production corners with limited motion, such as having only the characters' mouths move while their faces remained static. Akira broke from this trend with meticulously detailed read more
Nov 19, 2007
Tsumayouji (All reviews)
This anime definitely deserves its spot among the classics. The details and politcs of the film coupled with its interesting characters and mind-boggling themes make it highly enjoyable to watch time and again. But be warned, this is most certainly NOT for everyone.

One thing that is sure to turn many viewers away, and that should be mentioned, is that this anime is rated as it is for a reason. If language, graphic violence, protrayl of drug use, and sexual stitautions bother you, then stay away. There is an attempted rape scene that I find to be difficult to sit through. The world in which this read more
May 1, 2013
FullmetalCowboy (All reviews)
*This is an archive from my Anime-Planet account*

Critic's Log - Earthdate: December 3, 2012. Review #25: AKIRA

The time has come, This is my 25th review and I have a special movie to talk about. I will now review the 1988 landmark anime film... AKIRA!

In the year 2019, 31 years have passed since the outbreak of World War III. In the city of Neo-Tokyo, all authority is waging a never-ending struggle against underground forces that virtually rules the shattered city, A top-secret child with amazing powers of the minds breaks free from custody and accidentally involves a biker gang in the project. The incident triggers psychic read more
May 31, 2014
Animeted_love7 (All reviews)
Well this film was definitely an experience. It took me only a few minutes to realize the animation was superb. It really was a visual delight. The opening sequence was just the tip of the iceberg of what was in store for this one. I adore surreal movies and this bizarre ride of utterly beautiful and horrific imagery had me glued to my tv for just over two hours. The characters themselves are so-so in my opinion with the exception of Tetsuo who was at once creepy and lovely. I watched the film on adult swim also so I saw it with the new and read more
Oct 27, 2014
literaturenerd (All reviews)
What is the most famous anime of all time for casual viewers that aren't really huge otaku? If Akira isn't number 1, it is certainly in the top 3. When Akira was first released in the US, it quickly became a cult classic and a "movie that everyone has to see". I went to China and bought (for 1$ each) a massive criterion collection of classic films like Bicycle Thieves, La Dolce Vita, The 400 Blows, Ikiru, etc. Guess what came in that collection? fucking Akira! What is it that makes this film SO good? I will attempt to answer this in a few paragraphs.

Warning: read more
Feb 22, 2019
Mythologically (All reviews)
Akira is the worst anime movie I have ever seen. Have you ever wanted to see what would happen if Yuasa decided to inject black tar heroin into his blood supply while directing Devilman: Crybaby? If so, this is the movie for you.

Story (2/10): The classic case of incoherency masked by "you need to be highly perceptive to understand it". Tetsuo gets chased around for like an hour and that's all that happens. Random characters get killed with literally zero contribution to the plot. It's like the violence was just thrown in there to make the movie edgy or something. The ending is also absolute read more
Aug 2, 2008
renjikuchiki1 (All reviews)
Contrary to many opinions, this movie is quite bad. Firstly, the whole background story about Akira itself is never explained, which causes alot of confusion during the movie. Then there is the static characters which just drag down the plot line, because you have no idea why or how they are connected to it. The movie itself contains very little action until towards the end, but even then it gives little satisfaction. In many ways this is like dragon ball but on a much lower scale then even that. So, if you are looking for a good movie with psychological stuff in it, seek elsewhere, read more
Jan 1, 2014
Bear1211 (All reviews)
Breathtaking, imaginative, and ground breaking. Even these few words don't really justify the late 1980s film "Akira".

Story: 7

Film is a lot different than serialized works because execution is key. This is not to state that execution isn't important in a serial, but just lesser in comparison. A movie doesn't have a elongated run time too double back, and fix issues. Execution is something that "Akira" suffers from. This is a large tale with many different layers, with an expansive lore base, and a fleshed out world. Sadly 2 hours isn't quite enough, and quite a few things are left vague compared to the Manga. read more