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Mar 1, 2011
Fleeting thrills, occasional chills, definite cringes. That's what I would succinctly wrap up Hell Girl as. The main crux of the issue is this; Hell Girl is a morally and intellectually lazy at best, disingenuous at worst, show, that manages to stay partially afloat with a couple good lead characters and some occasionally deviously twisted stories.

Let me get out of the way that the art, voice acting, and sounds are all wonderful. Distinct and atmospheric, they often times accentuate the best parts of the show.

However, Hell Girl suffers perhaps most greatly from being very formulaic and repetitive. Most episodes boil down thusly: we have, read more
Mar 1, 2011
To this day, I still don't see what people see in Final Fantasy: Advent Children. Other than some pretty neat fight scenes and stylistic action, this is a shell of a movie, and one that any kid with a penchant for action could have written.

In one sense, it leaves writing a review for this film very hard to write, because the flaws of Advent Children are so basic and readily apparent. This is a movie completely lacking in the major attributes that can make or break (as they do in this case) any film. There is a laughable storyline, no character development whatsoever, and a read more
Mar 1, 2011
The 2004 remake of the Appleseed story is a watchable affair, but one that seemingly increases the flaws of the original 1988 release while also detracting from its strengths.

Appleseed once again benefits from a strong female lead, one not afraid to kickass, and one not sexualized. Deunan is picked up by members of E.S.W.A.T, an elite special ops unit, and is immediately entrusted with a lot of the most vital secret of Utopia, an attempted, get this, utopian human city. This city is home to a population made up half of human, and half of Bioroids, genetically manufactured being with suppressed emotional states, designed read more
Mar 1, 2011
Blood+ (Anime) add (All reviews)
When Blood+ came out back in 2005, it was one of the seasons most anticipated releases. The original work, Blood: The Last Vampire, screamed for a longer storyline that showed some development. And while Blood+ was to take place in a separate universe, if it managed to construct a decent story around the beautiful aesthetics of the film, then we would have had a definite winner. Sadly, Blood+ is, to put it bluntly, a bit of a mess.

Blood+ starts off decent enough. Saya, our protagonist, is revealed to be the only one capable of killing the human killing, blood sucking chiropterans. Early on, a read more
Mar 1, 2011
Blood: The Last Vampire feels more like an extended one off episode of an anime, as opposed to a feature film. It's short running time (48 mins) basically ensures that there is not a lot of time for character development and plot development.

Blood: The Last Vampire is particularly noteworthy for two things; being an anime filmed almost entirely in English, and being completely digitally animated, a groundbreaking new way to animate when this came out in 2000. It even lead James Cameron, of Titanic and Avatar fame, to say "The world will come to consider this work as the standard of top quality in digital read more
Feb 28, 2011
Akira (Anime) add (All reviews)
Oh Akira, where would anime be without you? Would Ghost in the Shell ever have come about without your cyberpunk aesthetics that influenced anime more than any other work, this side of Blade Runner? Would The Matrix have ever come about without either of those two works? The answer is probably no, and so I do have to offer some thanks to Akira for helping to inspire people from inside and outside Japan.

That said, I still think that Akira is largely a hodge-podge of crap.

The first few moments of Akira are breathtaking. We take in the lights, the sights and sounds of neo-Tokyo, a hauntingly read more
Feb 28, 2011
Appleseed is a work that seems to show up every now and then, after many of us have forgotten it, usually in the form of a reboot or remake. As it stands, the original 1988 anime is the best of the anime versions, so far, but it is not without its flaws.

Appleseed is one of a minority of animated works that can lay claim to being too short. There's is just way too much going on for a single 1 hour film, but, to director Kazuyoshi Katayama's credit, he manages to keep the threads of storyline together enough to make this a largely enjoyable fare.

One read more
Feb 28, 2011
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is an intriguing film. Released back in 2001, it was a bit of an unmitigated disaster for Square, costing them a lot of money. To this day, many people consider the later animated film by Square, Advent Children, to be vastly superior (although they are very different). However, whereas Advent Children was a lamefest of no plot and character development, The Spirits Within maintains some level of story and characterization.

Easily the first thing you will notice about The Spirits Within is that, even today, it looks amazing. You can see the pores and freckles on skin, hair moves independently, the read more
Feb 27, 2011
The Place Promised in our Early Days remains, after my 8th viewing today, a crowning achievement, to me, not just in anime, but in cinema, or even art, as a whole. For 90 minutes, Shinkai sucks us in to a world where emotions and characters matter, as they grapple with each other and show the ways in which they all can affect us.

The movie is Shinkai's first full length feature, after the success of his promising, but ultimately a bit cheesy, 30 minute short debut titled Voices of a Distant Star. Like Voices, The Place Promised in our Early Days (henceforth I will shorten as read more