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Apr 15, 2023
This review contains spoilers.

I didn’t expect much from Bocchi, but recognized it was a good show from before it was airing.

One of the primary components of Bocchi’s greatness is the relatability, which is interesting because of how specific her situation might seem on the surface yet it’s a path that many people suffering from the same conditions go through. Bocchi’s journey parallels my own in so many ways. We both have moderately successful Youtube channels which we use to show off and engage in our hobbies in a way that other people may see but isn’t overwhelmingly social. In my early Youtube days I actually ...
Jul 11, 2021
Moetan (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
This review was originally written with my eyes closed. The first version shown is the review with the spelling mistakes corrected and the second is the original review.

As an anime about being bad at speaking English I shall be typing this review without looking at the keyboard. I personally found this anime to be enjoyable, but then again I do like lolis which are a main draw to this show.

The story is about Ink-chan or whatever her civilian name was and her goal to make her love interest her boyfriend. She does this by becoming a magical girl and teaching him Engrish. As Western viewers ...
May 9, 2020
Takunomi. (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Takunomi is the only anime I’ve seen that focuses primarily around casual drinking of low alcohol beverages like beer, wine, and cider, which I personally enjoy and drank some of prior to writing this review. Bartender was also a great show, but it has a very different atmosphere and focuses on a bartender providing the perfect drink for each of his customers.

Takunomi shows us various girls in this collge dorm who have different experiences with alcohol. Some parts of it are honestly kind of nostalgic to when I first started drinking and was still getting used to this strange world of alcohol. The story follows ...
Oct 26, 2017
Mixed Feelings
This anime has gotten a lot of strong opinions from a lot of different people and despite having aired over five years ago it’s still one of the most talked about anime. Some say the widespread hate for it is just because of all the negative reviews of it on the internet and others say it’s so bad that having it in your favourites is proof that you have bad taste, but although it’s one of the most common gateway anime that doesn’t mean liking it makes you unknowledgeable about anime automatically.

The story is definitely not generic in any way, but it also wasn’t the ...
Sep 21, 2017
At only three seconds long, the shortest anime ever made, this was intended to be short and sweet, but not because the story didn’t need to be long. This was created around the year 1910 when the concept of animation had only been recently introduced to Japan and so as a still experimental storytelling style they hadn’t developed a cheap enough way to create more animation than this. With 50 frames in total this was as much as they could muster and the end of it doesn’t even look like it’s complete, but considering its age this is acceptable. After all, this wasn’t intended to ...
Sep 16, 2017
If you haven’t been living under a rock you’ve probably heard of Love Live!. It’s one of the most popular anime in Japan and for good reason: it has idols and yuri, a great art style, and a story that perfectly caters to the otaku fandom. It’s not quite as popular among a younger female audience as it is among an older male audience, but Sunrise already has Aikatsu for young girls so Love Live! is essentially the late night version of that. This anime has a lot of mixed opinions which is reasonable since anyone outside of the targeted audience isn’t going to see ...
Sep 4, 2017
This anime lives, eats, and breaths GAR. The main characters are criminals, which completely sets it up well, and the screens fills with blood frequently, but not in poor taste.

The story is about criminals who are given shorter sentences if they take care of other dangerous criminals, an offer they gladly accept yet wish they didn’t have to. I personally think it’s a good premise and although it doesn’t do too much with it considering the anime’s short length I still consider it to be a good story.

The art is very 90s and you can take that how you will. They know how to use ...
Jul 16, 2017
Despite the subpar animation, this is definitely one of the most interesting anime I've seen. I would be spoiling if I talked about what the story actually is since it isn't apparent from the beginning, but the whole way it plays out is very well written. It's hard to tell what direction it's going in based on the first episode. The story is clearly the most important part of the series. It's one of those kinds of anime where "as long as you can put up with the animation you'll be able to enjoy a great story". It's a genre that you see a lot ...
Jul 3, 2017
Mixed Feelings
This is an anime based off a video game. It likely isn’t as good, but I still enjoyed it as an anime only viewer.

Although the story isn’t the best, it is clear and somewhat interesting. It’s about an angel who has a task to reform the demons who live in hell, but it’s clear from the start that they aren’t as bad as they’re made out to be. The story around the Prinnies, why they exist, and why they work so willingly for something the demon characters seem to have so much of is also interesting.

Like most video game adaptations the character designs ...
Jun 3, 2017
Unlike some other movies that are just meant to be a fun time this one touched me deeply in a way I haven't felt before. Although I went into it expecting it to be overrated it ended up being one of the most enjoyable anime I've ever seen.

The story is about our protagonist Shouya who starts out as being a bully and later becomes the victim. The themes of bullying, suicide, and physical and mental issues aren't touched on too frequently so it's nice to see how they decided to portray them in this anime. Both of the main characters have very well written ...

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