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Homura24 Mar 29, 3:28 AM
oh thats fine
i do try to reply to most of my messages lol
Siphlorus Mar 28, 3:09 AM
###### you know what i meant. ok, thx. ok :(
Siphlorus Mar 27, 8:26 AM
i forgot, deem yourself as the winner of the conversation

(i'm not gonna use this website anymore (stopped watching anime), i will stay on this website for 5 days, tell me if you want my discord)
barsoapguy219 Mar 9, 12:34 PM
Liked your Ah My Goddess review. The ending song is soo catchy.
Zestia Mar 2, 7:22 AM
echt een discord mod ben jij
Siphlorus Feb 18, 9:33 AM
well yes, you cannot get everything by yourself, you need the help of someone, however, that someone is not a person you'd find in the middle of the street, nor in the middle of lights (famous...etc). i said that you must not rely on others because of such (what i've mentioned before the period).

how can we be sure that the sun is not going around the earth, what proves that, people lie, it could also be a plot, who else can go to space except the ones with big names or ones that the big ones choose? exactly. we also cannot be sure where the direction of the rocket is, if it went to other places with green screens, they've already proved this, the soviet being the first to go to space and americans not going, despite them recording it, since the "gravity" is different, add to that the many failures they've done, the reflections and waving flags, just because they aren't doing those mistakes now doesn't mean that they really went, it means that they learned from their past errors in lying, add to that the technology that we have, them being able to do 3d realistic in space videos, not that they are real, even saying that they are modified and made by applications before playing the video, since "normal" people and anyone can do videos like these then who knows what they can do. sacrificing things to the sky is quite funny, looking at how the ones we see, the ones that have their names in every formula, the "intelligent" and "wise" ones who definitely did not take those formulas and knowledge from the people before them, and the people before them definitely did not do what they did, they also definitely never went to the places where that knowledge is located to take it and appoint themselves as the ones who found and discovered and made, add to it their forefathers and nations being the ones sacrificing things to the sky, not the ones they stole from, ones who do not appoint the knowledge to themselves. diseases do come from bad air (pollution...etc), not all of them though, and they do believe that there are other sources of diseases, and that part is not wrong, though i understand your point. science is not the reason of the overturning of that, rather, knowledge and change it was, though it was replaced by things like "mother nature", i don't see any change here. science is another thing, knowledge is what lets you differ between the truth and the fallacious, however, most people refer to anything that is all talk as knowledge, whether it was unhelpful, wrong or barely correct. science is another thing on its own, it is a tool to change people's opinion and perspective of things to what goes with it, some of it is true with many unseen faults, some are wrong but seen as correct, and the last one is out of our reach, thus them "who have found and discovered" having the upper hand in this. how? don't you see how much the world relies on them? a ruler is relied on by his people, democracy changed that, rulers changing every second and not making any difference, add to that the corrupt leaders which sums up all of the world's leaders. scientists are already ruling, they control everything, if they say you must do this or go there, everybody will follow, just like the rulers before, the presidents now, when they tell you to do this and go there, most if not all ignores, however, when the scientists say anything, you'd see people willing to do anything and everything, blindly or not, though, in most cases blindly, what seperates us from a herd.

because the decree is not a source, nor one made by someone that lies, not even a fault will be seen on the decree, most will disagree though, especially the ones in power, for they will collapse. xdd, when i say "rude" or something offensive i never mean it, i just say it, i'm aware about how i've stirred the topic, rather, everything is connected to the other, one being able to stir something to something shows that there is connection, unless it was literal stirring, seperation, ignoring and not replying. add to this, if we stayed on the same topic without going into a couple other then what would make this a conversation, it's more entertaining to talk about a couple of topics.

ok, did i? i forgot. yes, i'm aware, who they are are also of no importance to me, rather what they do makes them who they are, therefore who they are is important, xdd, what a contradiction that doesn't contradict. thx, i'll take the latter, "performance vs idle chattery", but it's not quite right, though what they're talking about is an important piece of discussion, not that what they are going to be talking about that special or true, just saying that what they talk about usually, if not mostly, gives no result.

i'm talking about the results or uhh... i forgot the word, my apologies. probably something like "what comes from such" or "what emerges behind the curtains in a pleasant way, rather than the actual purpose". wow, very offending. well, since i wasn't really talking about the scenario, i've said what i meant at the beginning of this short paragraph, and not the other short paragraphs. but i've also talked a little about the scenario, from a side-view though. by the way, i am not saying that just because what you say is wrong or the questions you ask are wrong means that you are aware, rather, the ones who made people talk like this are the ones who are aware, but everyone should be aware regardless (i'm talking about the interview questions and the past paragraph, science...etc). what should be a simple mistake is deemed big as of today, what is actually big is regarded as simple today, (yes, me too, watching anime was a mistake of mine, xdd, ok, don't take it as an offense, i'm somewhat joking), (I understand what you mean, but i meant something that is somewhat distant, that the basis itself is wrong). how very tragic, but no one is able to never do a mistake, even if he wasn't negligent, and even if he was with a party or a conferrence...etc to correct him, even if no fault was seen, the basis is most of the time, if not always, incorrect. a word processor, quite the difficulty, isn't it? sweat and tears from overwork, how very saddening, pity for those people. # #### #### #### ### ######### #####, all employers are insane, haha, xd, #####. well i know, though i'm just trying to say that rooting it out yourself may prove useful to thinking of other things or words to use, better things to say, and more things to talk about, though i did not type it clearly. but what about the mistakes, if the basis is wrong, and everyone perceives it as not [incorrect], then how will that (correcting) be of any use?

:sob: then what about learning incorrect basises from the beginning till the end, how very tragic, indeed, born on an incorrect basis, living on an incorrect basis, passing away on an incorrect basis, same is with the people who are around you. well no, the hidden corruption is worse. if it was not accepted then why do we live on it? it's simply because people do not think, they thought that they did think, however, they did not. the common people are helpless without those rules, and those rules are built on a ##### basis, in other words, corrupted. corrupt people are already doing stuff in the open, the biggest corruption and the plots of corruption are all behind the curtains, when enemies and allies are on the same alliance (i.e. World Health Organization, United nations...etc (not only those)) what could you possibly expect, that alone shows how the world is a theatre, and we are the one watching, while the ones who are doing everything are behind the curtains, unseen, unfolding stories; us commenting and expecting, giving thoughts and opinions, nothing changing. isn't it just like a theatre? no matter of your opinion, the result is always the same, if it was going to be like this, it will be like this even if you said something, and/or the people with you, everyone rioting for a change is a plot made by the author, not that he didn't know they will, in fact, he plotted for them to do that, or even moved them into doing it, and yes, all the power is with the wicked. it's easy to criticise every and any era, however, the truth is not criticism. (sorry, i didn't think of it as a question), what a question, quite funny though, well, here is your answer... no era, maybe i'd prefer the old eras because i could travel, make my own army, begin wars, do mutliple things, however, the same corruption and plotters of our time are present at that time. and i might want this era since of the technology (being able to play...etc), else, no, and again, the corruption is present with multiple hundreds of times the corruption and diseases and ways or reasons to suicide, the most difficult is now, the least difficult is before, but none outperform the other, in a couple of ways this outperforms that, yet it's side-effects make a huge turn to it, and that outperforms this, likewise, it's side-effects change everything.

(xddddd, same, no offense was suggested)
teniacolitits Feb 8, 11:03 AM
ur akira review is BS
kingdawoo Feb 4, 4:47 PM
whats ur best score on typeracer?
Siphlorus Feb 4, 9:31 AM
ok. i was referring to how malicious the world we are in; smiles with hidden intentions; handshakes with ulterior motives; fluctuating relationships. it's a mistake since all it has to offer is information that is misleading (misleading as in the furthest from the truth), though when you are struggling, there is no other choice, i've never said that you shouldn't use it, in fact, you shouldn't, however, when you are striving, there is mostly no other choice, yet, you should still be wary and conscious, and must always try to estimate and find out whether this is true or false, without relying on other people. wow, never knew, why is a fridge called a refrigerator, definitely not because it stores food/...etc, you can consider google itself a source of information, else, why'd you refer to a fridge as refrigerator, a refrigerator (google) stores food (information) and so does google! (this was a metaphor), if a thing stores something it would be called a storer of something, so is google a storer of information. you can know some things for sure if you think and plan carefully, however, if the basis of the thought itself was misleaded or incorrect, you shouldn't be expecting anything. and no, science is not overturning anything, it is rather a way to make people follow, from politicians to scholars and scientists, i bet scientists will be the ones who will rule us later on, this was obvious from years ago. some sources might be more reliable than the other, yet, neither can be 100% true (by neither i mean all), relatively, even it being 50% true is too much, i disagree with any source "not" having a single lie. skepticism? distrusting? no, not really, not because something is seen as the truth would mean that it is the truth, there is a very big difference between the truth and the truth that is seen as one, people might prate as how they know the difference and that what they say is the truth, yet, it is only chattery, not the certainty, behaving as if you're aware will not make you aware. also, how come i'm ready to take action, only that i'm waiting for the decree, why am i not paranoid? ok. nor am i paralysed from doing anything. yes, i am fully aware that you've not pointed a specific source, i'm saying this to all of the present sources. (wow, very rude, though how is it stirred, we are still chatting on the same topic)

as i've already said, "i was referencing to the chat between them.", who are them? the employee and employer.

xdd, ok, phobias can embody even from such things? though, getting 0 on an essay is no big feat. i know that you didn't mean the people who have disabilities, i was simply telling you that those people are also present, and also, a hidden question derives from it, "what about those people?" is the hidden question. (mm, very nice, good to see that you consider this a casual conversation, now i can rest assured). a simple mistake such as a single word will decide your life? hmm, how very nice! though, someone else proofreading it or using websites to correct it, wouldn't that mean that this wouldn't be your own job application? if it had mistakes and the proofreader or website corrected (altered) it, wouldn't that mean that you didn't work alone on it and didn't do much effort to find your own mistakes? in other words, not your job application anymore, either not your own, or a partnered job application. what if the person wasted all of his time; with sweat and tears, restlessly writing, all effort used up, yet had his job application denied because of a couple of words misplaced and one incorrect letter and a comma forgotten? wow, how very passionate. no, that wasn't and isn't my mentality, i meant to something else, #####.

in what way are they more serious, do you prefer living in the shadow, hidden corruption, ulterior motives everywhere, forged (made up; fake) smiles, fake peace, ache in the heart, pain in the head, or do you prefer living in a time where corruption is clear and visible, easy to see through, and no matter how much lies and ulterior motives there are, they aren't considerably that big compared to now, everyone is aware of the corruption. however, now, who is aware of the true corruption? the person passing said "there is corruption", the other guy said "politics is corrupted" continuing with "all politicians are corrupted", but do they know what is the problem? ask them, what will they tell you? "they murder, steal, cause the soil to decay", however, is that all? no, the truth is much worse... are the politicians the only ones doing this? no, they aren't the only ones. proofs are just records by paper or video now, both are easily altered and can be forged, regardless... "proofs and sources"... despite the forgery...

haha, it has already come, it has long come, only that it is kept well hidden, away from sight.

(well, i say this just so i can rest assure and verify that i am not suggesting any offense or hate, also for the purpose of reminding)
Siphlorus Feb 2, 7:53 AM
now, why would anyone tell you everything that easily, a couple of things, two or three, no problem, however, the answer to everything? at this point you should be wary and try avoiding, yet, even if it was illogical, you'd believe it "wholeheartedly", but why? because they are famous? because people trust them? because people believe in them? then that's not your opinion, that's the opinion of others who want to implement their opinion. "research", how come it's never wrong or incorrect, and of course people would say that "not all of it is correct", nevertheless, they always say if it's incorrect that's because the source is not "reliable" or "authentic" enough, else, "don't share" or "don't spread your negativity". nearing a corner; desperately looking for refuge, is there any? not! only their fantasies and wishes. also, it is not necessary to try and look for "bad" information to find it, you'd find it on side with the supposedly "good and reliable information".

you asked me about a suggestion for a quicker and a much convenient method to find related things instead of google, then let me tell you, when i talked about google did i talk about how bad it was? or about how it's a method to mislead people? yes, i did, however, i talked about the world generally (doesn't exclude google), if so, why would there be a better source than google, no, there isn't, yet, i never said that google is a "good" source, no matter how much convenient it is, no matter of how easy it is to use, this doesn't mean that it's a "good" thing, the easier it is, the more suspicious it is, should be, yet, why are we not suspicious, because all of the world thinks the same? a task well done, if you ask me. what task? what could it be except turning each and every person to a slave, collars are literally for dogs and slaves, why do we wear it, why do employees and employers wear it, why is it regarded as a "formal dress"? first of all, it didn't exist before 1700, secondly, it just shows that everyone is a slave, who are we slaves to? of course, to the head, who is the head? governments? communities? what?? governors wear it, therefore, also slaves to somebody, when we look at it, who can be the one who is moving everything and controlling everything? no, not controlling everything, only the ones who sold themselves to him, i wonder who he is, in wonder indeed. now, why is it regarded as a formal dress? the answer is clear, and as i've said, slaves, or should i say, turn everyone into a slave, whether aware of such or not. and forth on, no source is reliable, you can only look up for things and think of everything possible to go against and on side with it, unless you were certain that the answer is this even if it isn't, such mentality will not get you anywhere.

well, have i ever said that all chats and talks are idle? no, i was referencing to the chat between them. everyone wasn't good with a couple of things when he was young, nothing new, not worth mentioning. by the way, saying "can i has" instead of saying "may i have" is not a problem in my opinion, and should be an obstacle, it is the fault of the person who is unable to understand rather than the person who is unable to talk properly, perhaps stuttering, embarrassed, problems, strain are the reasons for such (unable to talk properly), then, if so, the world is biased against people who aren't able to talk properly because of problems, "not knowing beforehand" is never a good excuse, why would you not employ a person who is unable to talk properly because he may have difficulties, problems, or probably bad memory and unable to learn, yet allowing a fat person to work, this is literal prejudice, not being able to understand the point of the person unable to talk properly is rather embarrassing more than not being able to talk properly, if what he said didn't connect, we can understand, if the other person became somewhat angry because he doesn't talk properly, we also can understand, however, locking up, enforcing, and prejudice against the miserable is rather "harsh", at the very least it is harsh.

we have looked at the good things about technology for a long time, now let's look at the problems it gave us. 5G networks cause cancer, even if it is treatable it can grow to even worse than cancer, possiblity of death, add to it the pain, not worth it. they also cause headaches and brain tumors, all radio-like things do in fact. internet routers look peaceful and unharmful, rather, despite all of the router's innocence, it spreads radiation, oh! woe, what a problem, where can we run off to... ac's are very nice, especially during summer when it is very hot, ah, how convenient, regardless, they cause the ozone layer to weaken, thus the "harmful" rays from the sun reaching us. factories, now i don't even need to talk about this, including cars and trucks (vehicles generally), what they emit, who knows. though, the "scientists/doctors" and "reliable sources" told us this, they don't encourage it, however, they still hand it to us and increase the numbers, adding pollution to the pollution. bulb lights, now what could possibly come out of this? literally light pollution, do you know how harmful that is for the nature? it distrusting the view of the stars is the very least it can do, it causes many serious illnesses, including the incurable ones, all devices that emit light are subject to this. now, "reliable sources and people" tell us that it's harmful to work or stay on devices without having rest or the place we are in not having the same degree of light, thus encouraging us to open the lights, which are literally harmful, however, we don't look at this part. us opening the lights, why not just darken the place accordingly and sit on your device while the lights are turned off and the device having brightness set to the lowest, add to that an application which turns your screen darker, much better, no? ok. imagine, when electricity is very harmful to the person, mentally (as in brain, tumor or else.) and physically (as in body, ache/pain or else.), they are the cause of most illnesses and else, this doesn't mean that the illnesses in the past are subject to electricity, it is related, including pollution, however, electricity wasn't used anywhere, if not everywhere, and it was not everywhere. now, imagine electricity being your daily partner, wherever you go, it's there, making contact with your body, lighting the place for you, being your necessity despite that it shouldn't be, sorrow and distress is quite funny in this case, since the situation we are in is worse, regardless of all the crying and the misery the crying person is in, the case we are in is much worse than what we can cry for.

now, do you still agree with what you said, "depsite all its problems."? no matter how much it was convenient or comfortable for us, the suffering is much worse. you might disagree, however, the result will not change sadly.

(you was pointed generally)
(metaphors were used)
(this is not even 0.1% of what's there)
(i am too tired)
Siphlorus Jan 31, 2:08 AM
it is not, and at the same time it is, you can easily mislead people to the wrong or the things that are far away from people's reach so you can only "read and believe".

your performance or your way of idly talking, which is more important? they're gonna say "both", then what about the people who are bad with words but best with performance and action, topping most if not all of the other employees, also, that's why we are in this situation, look at the world, look at the people, clearly neither think of what is better, each of them correspond with the other and act as if they are going to do something, grave is what leaves their mouths, nothing they say is except a lie. the world's theatre; part 33.

the rest of the paragraph was me talking about the world generally (in general), my point wasn't about misleading people or convincing them, my point was about how the world is now #####, though, you can still say that, despite me not mentioning them in the rest of my paragraph.

Siphlorus Jan 28, 3:18 AM
ok, i was simply testing your dedication and view on certain things, though, you made some mistakes, for example, you relied on google to tell you it's uses, such is a way to easily convince people into doing things that are bad for them and the people around them, bit by bit, from the small things to the bigger things. and i didn't deny myself making mistakes. else, the job not accepting you doesn't mean that you are necessarily wrong, instead, it can mean that the job itself is corrupt. what is corruption? it can be killing, stealing...etc but we go with the general meaning related to this matter, again, corruption, what is it? lying and doing the opposite, so how is that corruption and how is this related to this matter? when you lie a couple of good things about yourself or what you believe, it can convince people into it, doing the opposite of it means that it either was a lie or a plan, now, how is this related to this matter? jobs usually, and casually, describe their thoughts as if they are always correct, and say that they do things, though they don't do it, when you apply for a job that interested you, the same company and people always talk good about it, however, when you apply and get accepted, they don't treat you as good as they said that they will, though there are ones who treat you nicely, still, not very convincing, can be convincing for other people. else, communities، governments...etc most of the say "we are doing" "we are trying" "this is the best for you" "we are going to"...etc, yet, cigarettes for instance, they harm the person, why do they still sell it and accept it, and no, saying "they're bad for the lungs, don't buy them" while selling them is the literal example of giving someone a knife then telling him to go murder that person, after he kills him, you'd casually say "nooo, why did you kill him" exactly after he killed him under your commands, giving someone the weapon then saying "don't" wouldn't make you innocent, you do know that he will do it, and this "we are not responsible for what happens to you" is simply trying to escape from the blame, not that you are not related to what happened. cars, machines, factories...etc for another example, they tell you they're harmful and that they're trying to replace them, however, they barely take action, they still use them, and the actions they take do not help in any way, they ##### in another way, instead, they also tell you about how they're trying to save the world, yet keep throwing the blame on other things and talk about how we should "unite together" despite them being the major factor of our problems. literally #####. now we would say "they answered us", their answers are not convincing (because many are refuting their other answers and actions), ok, when they are in the middle, they would put the blame on other things and as they would of course do, try to escape in every way, not that they are innocent, when someone else is in the middle, they would go on and refute what they said when they were defending theirselves.

("you" was not directed towards you, i am talking generally)

(i am still in the womb, in reference to your last paragraph. i use rather simple examples since not doing so would tire me out faster without any purpose, the same is for my usage of words)

(no anger, by the way)
Siphlorus Jan 27, 7:45 AM
wow, i cry.

all it helps you to do is talk, not do, nor think properly. by the way, phrasing it properly doesn't mean that you thought properly, that's two distant things.

"A Waste of time is it not?"
yes, it is a waste of time. still better than wasting x2 to x10 of it's worth time to learn something that doesn't need skill, even if you talk like "can i has" your point will be understood, so yes, better than wasting x5 effort and time than it's actually worth for saying "may i have what thou hast".


(pls no anger, only simple conversation, ok? :D)
Siphlorus Jan 27, 5:02 AM
haha, you like anime, noob

no birds with a thousand stones


so, what other stuff do you like typing about? hm? hm?

ok, writing reviews is only favorable in a couple of limited things, else, it's completely useless, it wastes more time than the worth of it's benefits, a waste of time, mm.

so, in what way was writing reviews useful to choosing your own name? (i am aware that you did not say this, i am just saying (ignore this))
Siphlorus Jan 25, 6:16 PM

though, reviews won't do much or help you in anything, if people read it, congratulations, your famousness increased a bit, if not, a tragedy, if anything, it'd waste a couple of hours for each review, wasting time and tiring yourself without gains nor profits. so, i guess it's better for you to not proceed with reviews, for your safety, of course.