Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?

And you thought there is never a girl online?

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Net Game no Yome wa Onna no Ko ja Nai to Omotta?, NetoYome
Japanese: ネトゲの嫁は女の子じゃないと思った?
English: And you thought there is never a girl online?
German: And you thought there is never a girl online?
Spanish: And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?
French: And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 7, 2016 to Jun 23, 2016
Premiered: Spring 2016
Broadcast: Thursdays at 23:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Project No.9
Source: Light novel
Genres: ComedyComedy, RomanceRomance, EcchiEcchi
Themes: SchoolSchool, Video GameVideo Game
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.711 (scored by 266182266,182 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #54872
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #391
Members: 509,669
Favorites: 1,172

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Preliminary Spoiler
Jun 23, 2016
Oh, great. Another light novel adaptation with a harem, a stupidly long title that nobody in their right mind would want to pronounce, and a story revolving around MMOs. The anime industry clearly hasn't had enough of those.

It would be one thing if Netoge was just more run-of-the-mill mediocrity, but it instead goes all the way in being silly tripe. This is an anime where the protagonist's entire set of friends in an online game just so happen to be attractive (in some cases, popular) girls who, conveniently, attend the exact same high school and know him personally, including a twintailed tsundere and his ...
Jun 23, 2016
There are some series that leaves an impact on the consumer, whether positive or negative, influencing or degrading, enjoyable or painful. They fall into a specific spectrum of very good or very bad. But then there are the in-betweeners, some which have good qualities but still missed their mark more times than acceptable, or are of the “so bad, it's good” due to managing to hold on to some charm that saves it from the trash bin. Others, however, manage to find comfort in the very middle by just “being there”, not picking a side and not making an impression good or bad enough to ...
Apr 30, 2018
When I first saw this anime come up as a recommendation I thought it would be a underwhelming copy of the SAO franchise but after watching the first few episodes I found myself laughing out loud and engrossed in the storyline.

A great look on how online gaming can shape our lives today.

The Intro and Outro are super catchy!

It didn't matter what episode I was on, I found enjoyment. The character development in game and out of game was very well progressed. (If it was an event in the game or out the game)

Every character had an equal shine in the limelight so you could ...
Jun 23, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Netoge is the type of show where it’s pretty much every school, game tropes, and roleplay coming together in one package. The English title is “And you thought there is never a girl online?” The first thought that popped into my head reminds me of the second season of Sword Art Online. To sum it easily, it’s a show that blends fantasy and reality. From the real life perspective that shifts into the MMO world, Netoge is probably a show you’ll enjoy if you’re familiar with storytelling related to such themes. Otherwise, this could just be another blend LN adapted series that serves no more ...
Dec 24, 2016
Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta had a very interesting concept, plot, story and more importantly nice cast of characters.

I think what I liked most about this title, the story specifically, is that no matter what episode I was watching I always had some sort of sense of enjoyment. Seeing the characters progress through certain events both inside and outside the game. I think that character development & growth was a big part of the story due to each character having some sort of social problem however, I'd like to discuss this more in the character department rather than story.

Sudden ...
Jul 2, 2016
*will edit when i find my Tamaki Ako

Yes, is the answer to the title of this anime
As a veteran mmorpg gamer, mountain dew runs through my blood and i must say i have done some regrettable things pretending to be a female to get some of those premium items

Plot : What can i say, as a neck beard, this plot is something i have dreamed about
We have our innocent MC being approached by a girl that would devour him if that would mean they would be together forever inside her stomach but a traumatic experience ruins his opportunity to get it in. Some twists and ...
Apr 18, 2018
When I started watching this show at a friends place because we had nothing better to do, I didn't expect to like it all that much if at all. Now a week later I can say that this show has become one of my all-time favourites.

Now I'll be the first to admit that this show does heavily follow cliches of it's genre, but really thats not an entirely bad thing as it does those cliches very well. From the characters to the story, even if I had seen it before somewhere else, this show just does it better. That said even when the story ...
Oct 7, 2016
This wonderful Rom-Com, was more than sarisfying in story and visuality. The proposition of a guy who's lost his desire to be any kind of normal, he has totally given up on a life of romantics, both in reality and in real life. He is fully set on that "Games and Reality are separate!" too quote him personally. But, alas he still gets married in the online game called "Legendary Age" he treasures so incredibly, just to find out his so called "wife" is a girl even in reality, and a beauty to top it off! They even go to the same school! Unfortunately, this ...
Jul 10, 2016
If you're looking for a time-killer, Netoge would be a reasonable choice.
However, Netoge is just that. A time-killer and nothing more.

[Story: 3/10]
Looking back, it's quite difficult to pinpoint what exactly the plot is (although there was plenty of "plot", that's not what I'm talking about).
Netoge is not story-driven, but chooses to focus on the comedic-slice-of-life route. Unfortunately, the comedy is very lacking, so all you get is slice-of-life.

[Art & Animation: 5/10]
The art style is acceptable. Although I mostly enjoy how many of the characters appear, sometimes they do appear a bit odd.
Whether you want the fanservice or not, Netoge often cuts to strange camera ...
Aug 4, 2016
I think a lot of people get the wrong idea about this anime revolving around an MMO instead of realizing that for the most part the anime focused more on the nuance of MMO players rather than the actual game. The whole anime is meant to create a variety or characters who each take different (and often opposing) standpoints on gaming and helps to make the characters feel more unique as well as creating interesting dialog. I personally love the plot of the show but believe that the ending has a weak buildup and during the end their choice to focus actual story time on ...
Jun 23, 2016
Being unable to discern the difference between fantasy and reality is a fear that many a critic of games and other fictional media frequently purport. You see it on the news every now and then, how someone committed a murder that mimicked an event they saw in a game, and that violent fiction spurs one on to commit villainous deeds since they don't realise that it actually has some real life consequences. Yet little do they touch on the other effects that it might have; they only latch onto and showcase the most awful examples in an effort to definitively prove their case. Netoge no ...
Jun 24, 2016
Have you ever wondered what girls in the internet are like in real life? Well, this anime shows you just that, but with a twist. If you think the internet is just full of GIRLs (guys in real life), then let this show prove you otherwise.

If the title isn't an accurate description, then let me summarize the plot. It revolves around Rusian, a guy who got rejected by a character in an MMORPG. The reason: the character was guy in real life. Many of us can relate to this situation. And that's enough reason to watch the show. Then he meets another girl in ...
Oct 6, 2016
"You Thought Your Online Game Wife Wasn't A Girl?" or "And you thought there is never a girl online?" (Yeah, these are two possible translations of the name to english, well, it fits perfectly) from studio: Project No.9, isn't the most piece of art on the planet and still its not an trash, because if the class teacher is the most kawaii person in this anime, well then... idk, nevermind. The story takes place in this modern time, so don't look for mechas or magicians, magicians can be found only in the scenes where our "main characters" are playing an MMO game named: Legendary Age ...
Jul 2, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta was an anime I had little to no expectations about. The key visuals and PV were bland, and the synopsis wasn’t interesting. I couldn’t help but assume that the series would turn out to be cliché. Well, I turned out to be half wrong. The series does have its fair share of clichés, but it also tries to challenge them. Maybe not to the extent of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, but it tries. It handles its premise nicely and it manages to bring up real life gaming problem and situations without feeling surreal. And at times, ...
Jul 9, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Netoge is an anime adaptation of a series of light novels that tries to hide the fact that is yet another addition to the harem genre. To the high-school, harem, ecchi genre to be precise. There is a Greek proverb that roughly translates to: “The prostitute wants to hide, but the enjoyment doesn't let her” and that applies here; Netoge doesn't delve deep into the harem genre as, for instance, Nisekoi, or to the ecchi genre as Shuffle, but, believe me, it enjoys being in the company of both.

Continuing on rough translations; the title means: “And You ...
Apr 2, 2019
Mixed Feelings
There's nothing inherently *wrong* with [Excessively Long Anime Title Anime]. If you're into game-type series with a lot of physics-defying high school grills then I expect you'll get value from the twelve episodes. So, worth watching? Not really. It was never bad enough for me to drop it, but the last three episodes had me watching on half the screen while researching grilling tips for my Grillmaster™ 5000™ and sorting my extensive collection of Grill™ Images™ on the other.

It's not really a harem anime because there's only one grill in the running, but the other collection of QTs stick around the boring protagonist like gum ...
Aug 30, 2016
Hello everybody! I hope you've all been having a fantastic day, because today, I'm going to talk about what is probably one of the cutest anime you'll ever see. A show about MMOs and the girls who play them. A show who's name is so long I do not feel like saying it, but will anyway. Yes, I'm going to talk to about netoge no yome wa onnanoko ja nai to omotta, or And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online? God that was a mouthful.

We begin our story with a young woman confessing her love to the man of her dreams, only to ...
May 28, 2016
Mixed Feelings
People, calm down. This series is simply a bad/mediocre.
Too much generic things.
It has the basic elements of romance + ecchi comedy.
Not much to stand out, see it relaxed, almost to do with the brain off.

A series opportunely created from role-playing games online.
He has the male lead semi virgin.
The beautiful girl with some traumas.
The tsundere friend.
The older friend that might not exist.
Jun 28, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Hey folks, this will be a review for Netoge no yome wa onnanoko ja nai omotta. Honestly this started out alright, but it went down hill as it progressed.

The story starts off with our main character being proposed to inside of a video game. He turns down the proposal several times, but finely agrees after being constantly bother by the girl proposing to him. We soon learn why he was so against marrying her in the game. This is the basis of a odd relationship that has now formed between our main character and Ako(the girl who proposed). The remaining bit of the story ...
Mar 14, 2017
Thoroughly enjoyed this 10/10 don't fight me on this. Only problem was that 12 episodes was too short and the ending seemed slightly rushed. 13 episodes would have been perfect to wrap it all up although i'd have been cool with 20+ also. Your typical slice of life/school romance comedy anime although with a unique twist in regards to the storyline. Yes it had your standard Online gaming theme in it as well however it's take on it was different from other anime in this genre and quite comedic that kept me smiling throughout. No it's not top tier in its art or animation and ...