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Aug 4, 2016
I think a lot of people get the wrong idea about this anime revolving around an MMO instead of realizing that for the most part the anime focused more on the nuance of MMO players rather than the actual game. The whole anime is meant to create a variety or characters who each take different (and often opposing) standpoints on gaming and helps to make the characters feel more unique as well as creating interesting dialog. I personally love the plot of the show but believe that the ending has a weak buildup and during the end their choice to focus actual story time on read more
Aug 3, 2016
Kinema Citrus put a lot of effort into leaving the viewer confused as possible pertaining to the plot of the story, there are many themes to the story that are thrown around but never developed, I can understand why they would do this considering that the studio is looking to create a 2nd episode and leaves us on so many cliffhangers out of the hope that it will motivate people to fund the 2nd installment and potentially an OVA movie. That being said Kinema definitely went over the top in trying to grab the viewer's interest.

*Warning: spoilers (although under the dog is so contrived that read more
Jul 26, 2016
Another Anime by P.A. Works that had a lot of potential but sold itself short and played it safe.

The main problem I noticed about Charlotte was the same problem I noticed at the end of Angel Beats, For the first 7-8 episodes the progress of the anime is mostly irreverent to the story arc and they waited until the last 3-4 episodes to cram all the character development and important scenes together in a way that leaves no room for a smooth transition. I don't have a problem with the actual story concept but I believe that the biggest problem P.A. works has is that read more
Jul 4, 2015
Kokoro Connect is an endearing story that revolves around school "acquaintances" who are forced to learn the depths of each others personalities and start to truly become friends.

Story: 7
The Plot is good and consistent but has repeating conflicts in the story which made is seem too repetitive. Also [Minor spoiler] the ending conflict with those 3 guys seemed like too much of an ex-machina solution to bringing them together.

Art: 7
If judging this anime for quality instead of originality then it's pretty standard and clean. The animation flows relatively well and is all-around enjoyable.

Sound: 10
I love the background music for this anime. The soft piano read more
Jun 28, 2015
[Spoiler Alert]

Kiseijuu is a brilliant story that delves into humanities role in the world and looks into human morality from an odd perspective somewhat similar to that of Tokyo Ghoul.

Story: 8
The story of Shiniji and his journey into a darker world is one that definitely leaves an impression on you. The epic fight scenes and philosophical approach to the story are well worth watching. However, when nearing the end of the show the story starts to take a rather irritating turn that seems more like an environmental lecture from a liberal science teacher. The story was overall very good but lacks in-depth substance in the read more
Apr 9, 2015
Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui! (or Watamote for short) is a slice of life anime about a high school girl named Tomoko Kuroki. If you think that you're socially awkward, wait until you read the story of Tomoko. She has such a hard time with even the most basic conversations that she almost brings herself to vomiting. She praises her skill with romance games as being equal to real-life experience yet she can't even say two words to people.

Tomoko spends the duration of the story trying different quirky things that are supposed to help her make friends but read more
Apr 8, 2015
*Spoiler warning*

There aren't many anime that fall under the genre of Horror/Dark Fantasy. But the ones that do are usually at least partly successful in conveying a good story. Tokyo Ghoul is an interesting anime about a calm and reserved kid named Kaneki. Almost immediately into the show, he is forced into a horrible and traumatic new lifestyle that he cannot change. They spend the remainder of the show building up to his acceptance of what he is and his choice to take back control of his life. He ultimately realized that even though he is a monster, it does not mean he has to read more
Apr 7, 2015
This anime has a lot of good and bad things about it. For the most part, I liked the anime but there were things i just couldn't get past.

Some good things:
1. I love the futuristic VR gaming world that Accel World creates. While it's been done a million times, at least they don't mimic SAO or .Hack
2. The psychological aspect to this anime is also very likable. Watching how the character's personalities become submersed into Brain Burst was an interesting look into how games can actually have an effect on people.
3. The art designs for avatars and landscapes were well thought out. They were all read more
Oct 3, 2013
When i first heard about Higurashi, All i knew was the Plot and that it was a relatively old anime and supposed to be quite twisted.
At first, i didn't expect a lot out of this series. However, by the end of the first episode i was already filled with Curiosity and Sublime interest that borders an insane obsession.

I enjoyed how cute the art style could be right until the twisted and sadistic parts. It threw me off then i first started watching this. At first, i thought i had the wrong anime because of how cute and lighthearted it seemed. I was ready to give read more