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April 17, 2011
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Hello, welcome! I do hope you take the time to say hi, or drop off a few recommendations before you leave. You can refer to me either by my user name or whatever you like. I'm located in the US and have been an avid anime viewer since 2002.

I'm one of those guys who first watched anime in his childhood, I started watching anime way back when I was in grade school. My first exposure happened back in 1996, when Dragon Ball first broadcast on American Television. My impression was "WOW, I didn't know American cartoons can get this good!" The emotions and the fighting scene captivated my interest, leading me to wanting more!Eventually DBZ was replaced before it hand a chance to finish by a more child friendly popular shows like Pokemon and Digimon, which I wasn't complaining. I even got into collecting trading cards during my youth... lol. ITS A TRAP!!!

These days I'm pretty open to most anime, rarely dropping them. I also dislike judging series by the first episode, because it would be terrible for me, if the series got good later. I use to watch shows like K-ON! and Lucky Star, but not anymore, unless its similar to YuruYuri in comedy style. Also, I don't mind watching Yaoi, as long its not the focus (service) of the story.

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FreshPrinceofMAL | 12-25-14, 7:11 AM
It's unfortunately not an anime, it's from a Korean Webtoon called Tower of God it's just an animated picture form it. I highly recommend reading it though.

Merry Christmas to you too!

Jeyzus | 12-24-14, 5:38 PM
Happy holidays from my secret santa and I! :D Hope you had a wonderful year.

Darklight0303 | 12-18-14, 12:23 PM
Anime was a complete trainwreck. Only good thing was the Voice acting which was later added to the novels via a PS3fication patch and the music but as an adaptation it was utter shit

saifmohammed | 11-28-14, 9:12 AM
89.1% compatibility! Greetings!

SeijiSensei | 11-23-14, 8:48 PM
Nope. I've tried compiling lists from time to time, but it just isn't worth it. I've seen perhaps a couple hundred shows by now, and I just can't be bothered listing and rating them all. I have a few dozen favorites that I can easily remember and usually make up the vast majority of my recommendations here.

Stark700 | 11-23-14, 3:33 AM
Thanks :)

badwolf45f | 11-13-14, 5:05 AM
Thank you! you can have a similar one here >

IDemandMoreBacon | 11-09-14, 7:37 PM
I still use MAL now and then for recommendations but I didn't login because I had forgotten the password, ha!

Wow, our anime compatibility went down to 30%! Hahaha, I am more into non-school stuffs now. High-School-themed stuffs are much predictable nowadays and ideas are reused again and again. I would like to recommend you Nozoki Ana for manga. I will not comment on it. ;-)

Wow, Kill La Kill is apparently a recently finished anime, nice! I have added into my plan to watch list. I will ask around if any of my friends have the dvd. Thanks for recommendation!

IDemandMoreBacon | 11-09-14, 4:48 AM
I know I am late for reply. Go to my profile and you will remember why. I love Ichigo 100%! It was the first manga that I finished until the end. I remember I used to read random mangas like Crayon Shinchan, Doraemon and etc but Ichigo 100% is the first manga that lured me into buying series and series of mangas. I have forgotten what's the story's like so I cannot comment on it. However, I remember it being very very good. I am going to re-read it. Cheers!!

Zee530 | 11-08-14, 1:13 AM
Wow, Tsukasa is amazing, just a little bit left now, forget Iketani Shou.

j0x | 11-06-14, 9:23 PM
join this club, i learn from them, just ask nicely lol -

as you can see my list design is nothing fancy because im also noob at this, but ye just feel free to ask questions on that club and they will help you

this is the thread where you ask questions -

j0x | 11-06-14, 6:01 PM
sure i do not mind, copy it all you want lol

Kyuutoryuu | 11-02-14, 10:40 AM
Oooh, that makes Ichigo 100% even better. I typically enjoy my romance anime with some drama involved.

Lol are you talking about Kanda or Shiina? (the whiny character)
I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

Kyuutoryuu | 11-01-14, 8:52 PM
Actually, no I have not. I believe it has been on my PTR? for a while now, but I will definitely get to reading it soon now :) I heard Ichigo 100% is more drama-centric though?

Stark700 | 10-26-14, 12:51 AM
As in a specific location to where to download them? I'm not sure usually since I only search for them when I need to.

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