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Favorite Anime
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood add
Shinsekai yori
Shinsekai yori add
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann add
Cross Game
Cross Game add
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt add

Favorite Manga
Yotsubato! add
Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail add
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic add
Alive: Saishuu Shinkateki Shounen
Alive: Saishuu Shinkateki Shounen add
Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai: A Lollypop or A Bullet
Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai: A Lollypop or A Bullet add

Favorite Characters
Nishino, Tsukasa
Ichihara, Yuuko
Death the Kid
Death the Kid
Kusanagi, Motoko
Madaraki, Fran
Nitori, Shuuichi
Konuma, Ryuuko

Favorite People
Ohara, Sayaka
Ohara, Sayaka
Toyoguchi, Megumi
Toyoguchi, Megumi
Kitamura, Eri
Kitamura, Eri
Ise, Mariya
Ise, Mariya
Namikawa, Daisuke
Namikawa, Daisuke
Nakamura, Yuuichi
Nakamura, Yuuichi
Miyano, Mamoru
Miyano, Mamoru

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Time (Days) 89.5
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About vansonbee
Hello, welcome! I do hope you take the time to say hi, or drop off a few recommendations before you leave. You can refer to me either by my user name or whatever you like. I'm located in the US and have been an avid anime viewer since 2002.

I'm one of those guys who first watched anime in his childhood, I started watching anime way back when I was in grade school. My first exposure happened back in 1996, when Dragon Ball first broadcast on American Television. My impression was "WOW, I didn't know American cartoons can get this good!" The emotions and the fighting scene captivated my interest, leading me to wanting more!Eventually DBZ was replaced before it hand a chance to finish by a more child friendly popular shows like Pokemon and Digimon, which I wasn't complaining. I even got into collecting trading cards during my youth... lol. ITS A TRAP!!!

These days I'm pretty open to most anime, rarely dropping them. I also dislike judging series by the first episode, because it would be terrible for me, if the series got good later. I use to watch shows like K-ON! and Lucky Star, but not anymore, unless its similar to YuruYuri in comedy style. Also, I don't mind watching Yaoi, as long its not the focus (service) of the story.

I'm trying to improve my grammar, bit by bit... Thanks for dropping in!

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maou_ajuu | 08-25-14, 10:06 PM
Yes I do think that the anime got canceled like Gray-man since I bought one of the volumes but accidentally bought one that has Japanese text X) but I don't really mind I just keep it there since I got it from another country. I don't really remember much actually since I watched it last year but from the pics that I've seen in the manga it looks like it's starting to be more about Largo.

maou_ajuu | 08-25-14, 9:46 PM
Letter bee is on my top 30 anime list :) I've finished both season 1 and 2 in just a day I love that show.

db84x | 08-24-14, 3:40 AM
That one of the best anime which i ever saw

Flashoftheback | 08-11-14, 3:01 AM
167 chapters, huh. It's a bit too long, but quite interesting, too.
I might try it after i finished with SAO2 and Ghost in Shell.


ChaoticSilence | 08-11-14, 1:46 AM
Yes that is indeed Xerxes Break in my profile picture. Break is love. Break is life.

Botato | 08-10-14, 12:51 PM
Thanks, I'll try to if I have the time.

Flashoftheback | 08-10-14, 11:17 AM
Not yet. Say, you disliked Nisekoi, so how your view about this Ichigo 100% and the difference with Nisekoi. Don't mind the little spoiler.

bisuketto | 08-10-14, 10:23 AM
Hi there !

iRapeLolis | 08-07-14, 5:37 PM
Maniwa houou from katanagatari

iRapeLolis | 08-07-14, 4:25 PM
I always think of the best usernames when I'm high.
And which picture do you mean, I changed it a few minutes ago.

Drunk_Samurai | 08-03-14, 5:10 PM
I go out of my way to find groups that don't just edit Crunchyroll scripts. It is pretty hard to do now.

Kyuutoryuu | 07-31-14, 4:08 PM
Haha, that's what I thought, just making sure. I'll check it out sometime soon, thanks for the rec :)

Kyuutoryuu | 07-31-14, 12:36 AM
Hi vansonbee!

Are you talking about the anime or the manga? Or both?

Stark700 | 07-13-14, 1:54 PM
Um I can't remember but probably not or at least I hope not. There's some fan service that might be more mild in the anime based on adaptation. I hope the adaptation will have more comedy though since the first episode really didn't have that yet.

For the manga, I would hope so. Chances are not very high right now but it is possible.

Stark700 | 07-07-14, 3:05 PM
For now, likely none but if it was to get an anime adaptation, I think Madhouse would be the studio to adapt it. Less likely chance might be ARMS although I would not be happy if they do it since it's a studio I dislike.

For Mahou Shoujo of the End, I'm not sure yet since I know there are more raws than the currently translated one. If it was to get an anime adaptation, I would imagine a one cour for now. Not sure on which studio though.

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