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xAlchemyst | 02-23-14, 7:22 PM
Hey man thanks for recommendation! ill start on that right away, Its hard to find things that are this good sometimes! And i just finished suzuka and KNIM, and GE so i really need something to read! I really appreciate the help, your awesome! If you have any more please don't hesitate send it my way, if you could! Thanks Again

KurizenT | 02-19-14, 2:31 AM
Oh I see. But it seems like it has a low ratings. Have you find that series underrated? :O

I've only seen the 1st episode only since I'm into finished anime right now. Watching ongoing anime was really annoying I can't really wait for one episode in a week. I could say that series (as of Episode 1) is good, fun to watch and it has potential.

lolipedofin | 02-06-14, 7:16 AM
Holy crap... 3 years

I love the series... I have to admit that the love had faded a bit, especially after reading some more manga in the genre, you have to admit that with time, if not story, then manga arts are always getting better.

Ichigo 100% still holds a special place in my heart for me though. You can see how it was restricted by Jump's editorial practice for romance manga which is obligatory 2-3 ecchi shot per chapter, which was far more draconian than today if you compare it to Nisekoi. Still the manga manage to deliver great story, and to this day, I have to say since it's ending, no romance manga in Jump manage to be centered in plot and evoke emotions like Ichigo did.

As for the characters, not much to be said except for Nishino Tsukasa, and to some extent perhaps Sotomura Mizuzu. Although I have to admit that I am a bit flabbergasted to see the author kickstart a side story for mizuzu, meeting a man, confessing, kissing, and conclude it with living together in 1 single chapter. Yes, she is good enough as a character to deserve focus, and she wasn't getting anything by Manaka... But to just bam! made such a development in 1 chapter was somehow a bit hard to swallow for me.

As for Nishino Tsukasa.. What can I say? I have been an avid anime fan for a while and have liked several girl kyara before like Ami from Sailor Moon, Lacus from MSG SEED, or even Aoshi from Ai Yori Aoshi.. But none ever made me like a ronery otaku screaming, "MY WAIFU!" like Nishino Tsukasa... 10+ chapters down the road, and I'm already deeply in love and couldn't care less with finding girlfriend in real life (which I eventually did, and back then I do love her more than 2d girl, so I'm still normal).

Tsukasa is just awesome and unique.. so cute yet brash, spoiled yet assertive in her feeling, strong yet vulnerable. Think about it, the heroine of the manga is obviously Toujou, and of course the mangaka was prepared initially for a Toujou ending. But such was Nishino's character development, that the author can't help but handing her the ending (not without a bittersweet tearjerker resolution between Manaka and Toujou though, which was again, brilliant by the author).

However, I'm ashamed to say that another character... by a veeeeeryyyy tiny margin, have taken over the no.1 spot in my heart. Tohsaka Rin from Fate/Stay Night. Sorry.

fireandrew | 02-03-14, 12:01 PM
Here is the guide:

If you want to change only font and colors then add his code and everything will be easy after that.

Wludysluw | 12-17-13, 2:59 PM
I dare u to edit your favorite animes and mangas on your list xD

I can say now i read lot of harem manga, and i still didn't find better char of Nishino Tsukasa :p

Eudaimonia | 09-23-13, 8:29 AM
Sorry for the late reply, it is indeed fanart from AoT, though I forgot who the artist is.

malalarks | 09-11-13, 8:51 PM
Nice to see you again! I haven't read a single chapter from that manga, and I don't intend to do so anytime soon. I have a friend that did read it, and it seems that the anime adaptation has no differences with the manga. The anime covers a significant part of the series, and I hope that they make a 2nd season to cover the whole thing.
Many people dislike this anime, because of the aesthetics of rotoscopic animation and how it differs from the drawings found in the manga. That's understandable because it doesn't look anime at all. Why would somebody want to watch an anime that doesn't look anime? Besides if you really love the manga art, you're going to be seriously disappointed.
However I was attracted to it precisely because of that "ugliness". Unlike most people, i don't believe that the anime's art is truly ugly, but it fits perfectly with the story. In the inside, the characters from Aku no Hana are pretty ugly, they are full of flaws, have issues, and more importantly, they are HUMAN. I think that the art that they chose, really brings the inside to the outside. With its unique art and story, the Aku no Hana anime shocks most people, and for me that something worth watching.

orbbie | 08-26-13, 12:56 PM
Thanks for that info I've avoided reading ichigo after watching some years ago. By watching he anime i know that it wasn't complete and there were some moments where it felt retarded cause of the MC if its nothing like or if there are altered parts of the anime let me know cause my line up is pretty heavy on what i have and want to read this way i can prioritize this along with the rest of them.

Solskin | 08-19-13, 8:54 AM
Wow. It's been 2 years since you commented on my profile. I haven't been online for the past years, yet now I'm back! To answer your question:
I started with the anime and I can't quite say I loved it. Then I wondered what was the manga like. I loved the art, I loved the story, but what I loved most was character development. Nishino is my favorite, as I can see yours is, too! She matured the most, she developed herself the way she wanted and boy, isn't she beautiful! I also liked Toujou and I can say she deserved Junpei more than any other, but my heart secretly wanted him to choose Nishino. And he did, surprising a lot of readers, though I think that's one of the charms of the manga; despite the ecchi and harem elements, the feelings were real, life wasn't always fair for everyone and was full of surprises. I thought Satsuki was ok, Junpei is your classic harem kid but I can understand his actions. Didn't really care for Yui and I absolutely hated Komiyama.

renkinotaku | 08-15-13, 9:07 PM
Well, there were all these scandals about her (it happens to all celebrities so meh).
I personally respect her as a VA.
Lately the number of roles she had had been declining. I was just glad I saw some new roles for her. And with Fairy Tail coming back and all, I assumed she was going to do Lucy again (hopefully).

This season is okay, and I like a lot of the sequels of anime that are airing this season.
Top 3:
1. Monogatari Season 2
2. Hakkenden 2
3. KamiNoMi III
^I think you should try watching the beginning of those series.
I also enjoy:
-Blood Lad
-Servant Service
*There's also one more that I kind of like, though it's sorta not well-known: Uchoten Kazoku.

Otherwise I would say the rest of season is about average.
That's my opinion anyway.

sarroush | 08-11-13, 10:30 AM
Well, I don't read the manga for Kaleid so I'm not sure if it has any correlation to the main story or not. However, from what I've seen, the anime is strangely enjoyable.

I used to be a fan of TLR, but that was when I had only just recently started manga. I find it to be pretty bland honestly. It's just fanservice and the arcs werent even interesting. I've only read around 7 chapters of TLR Darkness and from what I've read, so far it's much more enjoyable than TLR. Might be because it actually has something of a semblance of plot and revolves around Yami.

Haha, yeah. I saw that you left it blank, but didn't ask because I had gotten an email saying you'd replied to Renai :P

These two are harems that I still truthfully enjoy. Both are hilarious and have great characters.

This is more of a realistic anime that is very strong and touching. Has a reliable female lead, but also an annoying one that you grow to forgive though.

You should also watch S2 of Ghost in the Shell & Black Lagoon. I honestly preferred S2 of the latter to S1.

I would say,
It's rather dark and gory though. And you would have to watch S2 to fully understand what clusterfuck you put yourself through. S2 is superior to 1 in my view.

Unfortunately, most of the stuff I wanted to rec, you've already seen!
As for this season, yeah, give Danganronpa a shot if you enjoy detective/murder mystery type shows. If you want strong female leads, I'd say season 2 of Symphogear :)

sarroush | 08-10-13, 4:26 PM
Oh wow. My bad, I thought you wanted overall recommendations.
For this season, I haven't caught up with a good number of them, let alone started some.

I'd say go with Danganronpa. I see you're already watching Genshiken and C3. Fate/Kaleid is actually pretty fun if you enjoy Illya. Kiniro Mosaic is freakin bloody adorable but I still haven't caught up with it. But Danganronpa is actually fun. But that's just me, since I really enjoy detective/murder-mystery type shows. ^^

sarroush | 08-10-13, 3:26 PM
Hey there :)

CLAMP is a fantastic group of ladies with talent. Of course their stories can become complicated as all hell every now and again, but they're quite compelling and interesting. Ichihara Yuuko, the character voiced by Ohara, is quite an enigma. HOLiC is a fantastic series, so I'm hoping you'll enjoy it.

Well, the best way for me to give you recommendations is for you to tell me what genres you prefer over others. That way I don't just blindly give you something that you'll end up disliking due to the genre.

Unfortunately, I no longer read or watch new harems. By new, I mean those that aren't in my list already. I've grown tired of harems and it's actually become one of my least favorite genres. I still read Sekirei because it doesn't have the usual harem feel and it was one of my favorite series' when I started to seriously watch anime around 5 years ago. Maybe I'll take a look at it when I want to get back into harem one day :)

G-Maru was quite...meh. I'm not even sure why I began reading it to begin with, truth be told. It was probably because one of the characters wanted to be a yuri mangaka xD

I'll admit, I started Fairy Tail at first because I wanted a long lasting Shounen that wasn't Naruto/Bleach/One Piece, and at the time, Ohara Sayaka had become one of my favorite voice actresses so I decided to give the FT anime a shot as she was also voicing this super pretty badass woman. I watched 2 episodes and after that bought the first 2 volumes of the manga as I really enjoyed the setting & introduced characters.

I like the whole Mage guild setup where a group of mages (usually small numbers) go on quests and jobs. Though there is the occasional arc that disappoints me, ie: Oracion Seis or Dragon Festival, it isn't enough to have me say "OH MAH GAWD! THIS SERIES IS A LOAD OF CRAP! MASHIMA YOU'RE SUCH A TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! SO PREDICTABLE!!!" like a good number of haters.

I enjoy the characters, the quests, the overall story and mysteries that go along with it, the occasional sad/tear jerking chapter or episode. The Rave Master references also made me giddy at times. And honestly,sure, it might be predictable in terms of "Oh, Natsu's going to get a nakama power up", "Erza's going to pull off plotarmor!" and so on, but it's not something that actually bothers me. It's a shounen series. I can't believe people complain about things like that when they KNOW what they're getting themselves into.

Oh, and, the anime has a fantastic OST. One of my favorite soundtracks. The composer did a great job with it.

cero21 | 07-29-13, 10:26 PM
Adding animes and mangas to their respective lists atm but damn its a long and tedious process -_-, also ive watched all of those animes with the exceptions of amagami ss plus and shinsekai yori =-)

chirale | 07-20-13, 9:07 AM
Hi vansonbee. I've seen you liked Seirei no Moribito. At the PA Works club we chat about upcoming titles made by P.A. Works, sharing cards and badges, opinions and suggestions. Would you like to join the club?

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