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Hitsugi no Chaika

Hitsugi no Chaika

Alternative Titles

English: Chaika -The Coffin Princess-
Japanese: 棺姫のチャイカ


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 10, 2014 to Jun 26, 2014
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
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Score: 7.601 (scored by 46523 users)
Ranked: #12132
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Toru Acura is a 20-year-old retired soldier meandering through life post-war. He encounters Chaika Trabant, a 14-year-old sorceress carrying a coffin, and follows her in hopes of finding some semblance of meaning in his life again. The two are accompanied by Toru's adopted sister Akari, the sole employed member of the group and thereby their source of sustenance.

(Source: ANN, edited)

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Characters & Voice Actors

Acura, Tooru
Acura, Tooru
Terasaki, Yuka
Terasaki, Yuka
Majima, Junji
Majima, Junji
Acura, Akari
Acura, Akari
Hara, Yuuko
Hara, Yuuko
Trabant, Chaika
Trabant, Chaika
Anzai, Chika
Anzai, Chika
Saito, Chiwa
Saito, Chiwa


Masui, Souichi
Mima, Masafumi
Sound Director
Nomizu, Iori
Theme Song Performance
Makino, Yui
Theme Song Performance

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Dec 31, 2014
It’s always difficult to review shows like Hitsugi no Chaika - ones that are clearly enjoyable to watch, but not necessarily of high quality. The characters are nice, though flat; the world is mysterious and intriguing, though it doesn't remain so; and the politics and ideologies are interesting, though simple. It’s the type of show you might marathon some lonely weekend, enjoying as you watch it, and then completely forget about.

The show takes you through the adventures of Chaika Trabant, Toru Acura, and Akari Acura to recapture the remains of a deceased, tyrannical king - Emperor Gaz. read more
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Jan 21, 2015
Hitsugi no Chaika is easily classified as a standard issue, steam punk style fantasy adventure anime, but it possesses enough quality in production and story to make it something you don't feel guilty about watching.

The first thing that stood out to me about the series was that the battles were actually animated. No reused scenes of stock “moves” or fading to a screen of flashing lines while the hero screams as an attack. People actually swing swords, move, duck, dodge, and maneuver. Amazing isn't it? The “guns as magic” aspect is a little boring, but it is what it is and doesn't take too read more
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Jun 26, 2014
First and foremost, I went into Chaika without greatly high expectation as I hadn't heard too much about it, it was one of the least hyped shows airing at the moment.
And it turns out that it was also one of the most underrated!
So let's begin...

Story - 9/10.
The story of this anime may not look particularly original if you only read the synopsis, but getting into it it provides a really satisfying adventure-filled romp through various places. I didn't find the story either too simple or too complex, it was filled with just the right amount of twists and turns and didn't overcomplicate itself with overly read more
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Jun 25, 2014
Every season there are a handful of shows that are overlooked and underrated. Hitsugi no Chaika takes this fact, and shoves it down peoples' throats by making itself even more underrated. Before the Spring 2014 season began, I had mediocre expectations of Chaika. But sooner than later, I found myself as one of the lucky ones to stay with it all the way through.

Story: 8
At first glance the plot of Hitsugi no Chaika may seem "dull" or "cliche", but Chaika ultimately stands to deliver a fresh, new kind of plotline that is rather unprecedented in my opinion. It's not often you find adventure shows with read more
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Firstly, putting the evident similarities of the shows aside (females with white hair seeking help from stranger... etc). The word 'simplicity' cannot be mentioned enough in a world where the smallest mysteries and unanswered questions would lead to a blossoming interest of a series, not only to the scintillating storylines but the character's interaction and development as well.

'Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis' commits itself in a bold risk that transforms the series inside-out and cast a sense of originality into the character and genre (another card game? yes no??) in which no one would not expect to be executed so well in its state. Throughout the story, one could not expressed how drawn they were to the characters and it's not everyday that a dark horse would rise to the occasion. Each episode was so attentively planned to the point of the crucial plot points revealing and the unique artwork did not disappoint.

'Hitsugi no Chaika' started off with a less convincing plot that soon develops into something immense. The mysteries crucial points are thrown in bit by bit along the way will keep you guessing as to the true intentions of the journey and several characters will grow on you along the way. Aside from the excellent animation, there is a feeling of modern growth in technology and unique magic in the otherwise old age that blends seemingly well with one and another. The introduction of any character is without a fluke which is added to the overall storyline and experience. Yes, the show (season 1) was able to maneuver at a constant pace and this died out later in (season 2). 'Rush' is the word to describe the finale which had lost some of its early spirit and isn't executed to its full potential. Nonetheless, this should not affect the solid ground (season 1) has formulated in an otherwise admirable series.

From the naked eye, these two series are set for a mediocre disaster before it even begin. Outclassed by the other popular brands of series in its time, one would feel like these series do not deserve a great deal of recognition. From my perspective however, both series are undoubtedly in the top 3 dark horses of the year 2014.
The basic premise of an abandoned princess believed to be dead being accompanied by two powerful and strong "siblings" who help said princess is presented in both. Although the personalities of these princesses are quite different from each other they both seem to hold some sort of great power within them. The use of magic and powers is found in both and portrayed in a time similar to the Middle Ages when aristocracy ruled the land. Both girls are the key to changing the current status quo and pose a threat to the stability and preservation of their societies current state.
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If you're seeking a fantasy/adventure series, then these two anime are definitely something to take a keen interest into. They involve a small group of characters traveling in a world where there is both wonders and danger. Throughout their journey, they meet friends and foes. The main female protagonist from both series are petite with a sense of curiosity about anything related to those around them. There is decent comedy and action (more so in Hitsugi no Chaika) involved as well. However, it is the character relationships along with their dynamics that strikes both series as appealing.
Both protagonist happens to bump into a girl, and without knowing much about them decided to help them. They soon travel and help protect the girl without much decision.

Both anime involves fighting and magical weapons/power, both girls use guns while the male protagonist uses a sword. If you enjoy magical fighting than you'll like these both.
Both these shows employ the same premise of a girl hiring a skilled individual in order to collect a number of relics in a fantasy world (fedual Japan with fantasy elements in Katanagatari's case).
reportRecommended by mwp - Add to favorites
They may seem different at first but both I find both series share a surprisingly amount of similarities.

Taking place in a more old age setting, the main male protagonists are both clever, intelligent, and has courage to fight for what they believe in. Their encounter with the female protagonist can be interpreted as peculiar yet seems like fate. Additionally, there is a solid degree of comedy in both series.

Opening Theme

"DARAKENA" by Iori Nomizu

Ending Theme

"Kairaku Genri (快楽原理)" by coffin princess (CV: Chika Anzai, Saeko Zougou, Yui Makino)

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