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Bad Funny Shitshows (So Bad It's Good) - Part 1

Mar 27 2023, 6:26 PM | Updated Dec 25, 2023 1:08 AM
Looking for some of the funniest trashy and bad anime? Are you constantly digging up bad anime just to end up being bored by how bad it is, rather than laugh at how ironically fun it is? You've come to the right place!

I've only put in anime that made me ironically laugh while I watched it. There's anime such as Ex-Arm that were funny at first, but they also became a pain to watch as the series progresses. I still included it as the first few episodes are unintentionally hilarious. The list is organized from highest to lowest MAL average just to show how it gradually gets worse in quality.

Also, please DM me suggestions to add to this list too, if you have some! Tsui no Sora is excluded for being an h-anime, but it meets the criteria elsewise.

I've watched several anime, such as Inferno Cop, Ghost Stories and gdgd fairies, that miss the cut and require their own stack. Check the URL below for it!

The Bad Stuff:

Part 1:
Part 2:

The Good Stuff:
Mad★Bull 34
OVA, 1990, 4 eps Me:- Author:4
Watch the dub. This is the best of the worst. The dialogue is just hilarious.

Teizokurei Daydream

Ghost Talker's Daydream

Teizokurei Daydream
OVA, 2004, 4 eps Me:- Author:2
Entertainingly inept, especially episode 3.
Angel Cop
OVA, 1989, 6 eps Me:- Author:3
Trigger Warning: this show is in extremely poor taste and full of offensive remarks.

If you aren't offended by this, this may as well be one of the funniest watches you'll find.

You might want to watch the dub for this.
Fire Emblem
OVA, 1996, 2 eps Me:- Author:2
Hear me out; this one actually had potential, but they decided to use shitty camera angles and hilariously bad dubbing.

OVA, 1990, 3 eps Me:- Author:1
Nido to Mezamenu Komoriuta
Movie, 1985, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
Nobody really knows about this one, but a friend on Bocchicord showed me this. This was one of the most fun watches I've ever had.
Legend of Lemnear: Kyokuguro no Tsubasa Valkisas
OVA, 1989, 1 ep Me:- Author:2
Thank you literaturenerd for this one!
The Marginal Service
TV, 2023, 12 eps Me:- Author:2
It's a shame this got so overlooked in the Spring 2023 season because this anime is downright hilarious. This anime is so stupid and it's not even aware that it's just so stupid it becomes surreal comedy.

The way they tried to fight zombies in one episode was outright hilarious. Pretend to be them? What if they attack you and yank your gas mask off? Why does every MC look like they're from a GAR Yaoi anime? This anime is a disaster and the best kind of disaster.

There was a 3 episode stretch where I laughed so hard I almost cried.

Bishounen shit everywhere!


The Lost Village

TV, 2016, 12 eps Me:- Author:2
I'm BirbSMB and I'll tell you a life story you probably won't give a flying f**k about!
I'm John Doe and I'm tired of your crap! I'm here to g-

The first episode is hilarious, but after that, this anime starts getting REALLY boring imo. Some people found this extremely funny, but I only found the first few episodes hilarious. The first episodes lives in my head rent free in infamy.
Gun-dou Musashi
TV, 2006, 26 eps Me:- Author:2
"Gun-dou Musashi is legendary. A great cult classic should have terrible acting and visuals, a ridiculous story, and a director who genuinely thought he was making something good. Gun-dou Musashi has all of these things. Throw in a very low budget and an over-saturated anime market, and you have yourself a winner. The actions sequences are poorly animated, backgrounds are unedited photographs, and the sound effects are completely out of sync with the animation. Sometimes the anime doesn't even bother to animate the scene at all, showing characters having entire conversations with their mouths firmly shut. Every scene is just bound to make you laugh; you just can't make this kind of brilliant comedy intentionally." (Littoface, 2016)

I can't phrase this any better. Just watch this for yourself. I can't believe this has a rating of 5.50 on this site, way higher than it should be.
Märchen Mädchen
TV, 2018, 10 eps Me:- Author:1
The last few episodes especially are hilarious, especially due to production issues.
Big Order (TV)
TV, 2016, 10 eps Me:- Author:2
People are dying? Let's play smooth jazz over it! Ya like jazz?

The concept is bizarre too. Mirai Nikki with Jojo stands.


GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack!

Movie, 2011, 1 ep Me:- Author:2
Ever wanted to laugh at a tentacle horror movie? Well now's your chance! Tentacle monsters, spider sharks, have fun with this shit show!
Hand Shakers
TV, 2017, 12 eps Me:- Author:1
This entry is mainly in here simply for episode 1. Heavy breathing, moaning and chain whipping without any actual context. You have to see this for yourself.

Not only that, the camera angle. THE CAMERA ANGLES! Anybody familiar with SukiMega will understand what I mean. This is anime, not some live action film that's trying to make you nauseous.

This goes in a similar tier as Mayoiga, except this is clearly worse.

This is actually a screenshot from episode 6. I wish I was joking:
Dengeki Oshioki Musume Gootaman: Gootaman Tanjou-hen
OVA, 1994, 1 ep Me:- Author:-
Shounen Kenya
Movie, 1984, 1 ep Me:- Author:2
I just remember laughing at how bizarre this was...
Ousama Game The Animation
TV, 2017, 12 eps Me:- Author:2
I'll give a TL;DR: This anime gets worse as it goes on until it finally kicks you in the groin.

This genuinely could have been a good yet unspectacular anime if a more competent crew picked it up. Instead, we get hilarious dialogue and laughable death scenes that get increasingly funny as the series goes on. Character development doesn't exist here. Not only that, the way this anime depicts sex and such is... not good.

Either way, if you're a bad anime junkie like me, you will definitely enjoy this one. This anime also hold a rare distinction of me not skipping the OP; coldrain makes some of the best anime OPs.

A huge percentage of the characters are delusional idiots, the twist is very poorly executed and... good god they just fell off a cliff trying to establish this anime's progression. Also, the animation is terrible.

Episode 6 has one of the funniest death scenes you'll ever see. It felt like a parody of The Exorcist, for Rushia's sake. The way this episode ends is such hilarious. In addition, there's another death scene that's utterly hilarious that I won't spoil. It also shows some fidget spinners during said scene.

Episode 9 - don't get me started on this episode.
Episode 10 - What the hell?
Episode 12 - This ending is just pathetic. This ruins any bonus the OP gives.

You have to watch this for yourself to understand what I'm talking about.
Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai
TV, 2018, 10 eps Me:- Author:2

This anime will probably be good motivation for you to learn how to draw, honestly. I'm pretty sure I can draw better than this.

The way I'd describe this is... A funnier Eromanga with more likable characters and worse visuals. This may not be funny for some people, but if you want to laugh at the animation quality with some friends, this is your best bet.
Toumei Shounen Tantei Akira
Special, 1970, 1 ep Me:- Author:2
Majo demo Steady
OVA, 1986, 1 ep Me:- Author:2

thanks a lot kenny lauderdale
Kakugo no Susume
OVA, 1996, 2 eps Me:- Author:1
I don't even know what to say about this stupid thing.

(watch the dub)
Super Teukgeup Mazinger 7
Movie, 1983, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
Watch the dub.

Bootleg Korean movies are a gold mine for hilariously bad dubs.
Vampire Sensou
OVA, 1990, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
Watch the dub. It's glorious.
Chargeman Ken!
TV, 1974, 65 eps Me:- Author:2
Oh my god... I wish I watched this earlier. Nothing like a sister kissing a brother on episode 1. ON A CHILDREN'S ANIME!

This is the pinnacle of 'So Bad It's Good'. I can't even put it into words. This is arguably THE FUNNIEST one on here. How can they fuck up this bad? How did they make a kid superhero into a remorseless anti-hero? I know this was unintentional, but this hit a new level of unintentional hilarity.

Their budget was SO LOW they just shake the screen for some scenes. It's absolutely a blast to watch those scenes.

These videos speak for themselves.
OVA, 1989, 1 ep Me:- Author:2
this is as 1980s as you get.

Phil Collins at home:

Available on YouTube for free laughs -
OVA, 2005, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
Oh my god, this is so janky that I can only laugh at it.
Seiyuu Deka
ONA, 2010, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
It would be even funnier if it had subs, but it's still hilarious without them.

Uju Heukgisa

Captain of Cosmos

Uju Heukgisa
Movie, 1979, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
Watch the dub.

Hilariously bad Gundam wannabe.
Byston Well Monogatari: Garzey no Tsubasa
OVA, 1996, 3 eps Me:- Author:2
Please watch the dub for this. Overacting ensures heavily.

The voice acting here is something else.

Available on youtube.
OVA, 1986, 5 eps Me:- Author:2
Written by the same person responsible for Mad Bull 34, this glorious thing has really gone under the radar.
Docchi mo Maid
ONA, 2003, 1 ep Me:- Author:2
Sabiiro no Armor: Reimei
TV, 2022, 12 eps Me:- Author:1
A CGI shitshow, similar to Gibiate. Arguably one of the least funny entries on this list, but there are many funny moments.
TV, 2020, 12 eps Me:- Author:1
A similar case to ex-arm, but slightly better picture and worse story.

Yami no Teio: Kyuuketsuki Dracula

Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned

Yami no Teio: Kyuuketsuki Dracula
TV Special, 1980, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
Spectral Force
OVA, 1998, 2 eps Me:- Author:1
Dead Girl Trailer
ONA, 2011, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
I'm pretty sure Takena knew this was bad. The dubbing is outright hilarious.
TV, 2014, 12 eps Me:- Author:1
Vampire Holmes
TV, 2015, 12 eps Me:- Author:1
"Treat the desk gently. like a woman!"
"Pay your rent, you bean pole!"
This anime is full of unintentionally hilarious quotes and random sound effects.
Panzer Dragoon
OVA, 1996, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
Trying to understand the plot but find yourself laughing? Me too.
Dark Cat
OVA, 1991, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
Please watch the dub for this too.

Available on YouTube!
Soujuu Senshi Psychic Wars
OVA, 1991, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
Twinkle Nora Rock Me!
OVA, 1985, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
Some people place Tetris blocks faster than this frame rate.
TV, 2021, 12 eps Me:- Author:1
An interesting case here. If you want to laugh, just watch the first few episodes. This has one of the best stories of all the entries here (along with King's Game), but the visuals, lack of proper pacing and janky movements ruin any promise the story has.
Super Child
Movie, 1994, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
Bootleg DBZ. Korean bootleg ineptitude.
Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika
OVA, 2009, 10 eps Me:- Author:1
Literally just fake booba: the anime.

For some this may be too painful to endure, but I just found this hilarious.

Hametsu no Mars

Mars of Destruction

Hametsu no Mars
OVA, 2005, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
The original 'worst anime on MAL'.
Tenkuu Danzai Skelter+Heaven
OVA, 2004, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
Ji Jia Shou Shen
TV, 2010, 26 eps Me:- Author:1
Let the audio quality speak for itself.

If I were to pick the most inept anime on this list... this would be it.
Qiche Ren Zongdongyuan
Movie, 2015, 1 ep Me:- Author:1
The ineptitude on this is actually laughable. Bootleg Cars
Beompeoking Jaepeo
TV, 2004, 26 eps Me:- Author:1

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