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Both are lovely sweet love comedies that make you smile. Both have enough depth to be interesting and lovable. <3
report Recommended by Tshuki
Both shows feature a group of highschool students with romantic feelings for each other yet refusing to tell the respective other. The drawing and animation style of both Toradora and Ano Natsu are very similar, so the atmosphere in both shows feels alike. Although Ano Natsu features fantastic elements, both shows' focus lies on romantic comedy and drama elements.
report Recommended by MikeOnHighway61
both shows about a group of friends that intricately explore each character and their relationships with and feelings for one another, platonic and romantic. both great.
report Recommended by butterflyswimmer
Both feature a very similar artistic design and narrative style, not coincidentally under the same director. Toradora and Ano Natsu de Matteru bring together a high school boy and girl into an unexpected romantic situation.
report Recommended by arsonal
Both deal with high school kids falling in love with one another, and these crushes intertwine. Both are heart-wrenching romances and they will twist your feelings. You will feel happy, go "awww" because of cuteness or go "awwww" cause of sadness. Very beautiful anime. Both are also by JC Staff, the art style is also very similar.
report Recommended by Samu-tan
*Love polygon - checked *Heroine and protagonist living under one roof - checked *Comedy+drama+slice of life - checked *Quite the same final - checked
report Recommended by Nachtwandler_21
I have this feeling while watching this anime that it has the same atmosphere on Toradora. On How the ending song came..and How the ending came.
report Recommended by sh0n12
• Similar art style • Character similarities • Both are with a group of friends who have crushes, and romance with one another. • Give the same feeling when, watching them.
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Toradora and Ano Natsu share the same incredible artwork.
report Recommended by Moudaijoubu
They both have this very similar feeling to them even though its alot like anohana, i do think there that toradora feel to it aswell.
report Recommended by _Miyamoto_
They are both from J.C Staff, they both have the same art style, they both have a short girl with blondish hair and whenever she smiles, i instantly get reminded of Taiga from Toradora. If you enjoyed Toradora I'm sure you will also enjoy this, but Toradora is better.
report Recommended by tomislol
I'm actually surprised how much these two series had in similarities compared to one another after watching both. Yes, these two series are quite similar in a good way. Both series details a normal main protagonist who meets a strange girl in the beginning. They endure many factors but eventually fall in love. Both series are lighthearted and also has various love triangles involving other characters as the episodes progresses. In fact, the other characters have their own issues that are presented throughout the series that can be seen as realistic and common in real life/relationships. Both series has comedy, drama, romance, and also emotions. Needless to say,   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Same director, EXTREMELY simliar feel to it. The romance is sweet and impacts you emotionally. Similar vibrant art style. Both beautifully well made.
report Recommended by angrystrawberry
The character designs of both anime are very similar. Both involve a love triangle between friends.
report Recommended by Brightning
Very similar to Toradora, a group of high school friends with complicated love relationships. The endings are really similar.
report Recommended by deni0150
They have similar aspects and mood in the series such as love, and comedy-drama, though it focus much more romance then comedy. The atmosphere of the show has a serious tone in it, and characters are driven by their emotions on how they feel to the person. When progressing through the story, their are some dramatic moments and some sweet moments between the main male and female characters. Toradora follows a boy who is caught by an extreme tsundere girl with a cold but shy attitude inside of her. Ano Natsu follows an alien girl who have somewhat a shy personality inside of her.
report Recommended by omega_d94
Isn't highschool just the greatest?! Wasn't for me! Both shows just make your heart fluffy with just how innocently cute they are. Both revolve around a group of people with feelings for not-gonna-tell-you. Overall, both share a similar atmosphere & are just similar!
report Recommended by blank
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