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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
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Both are outrageous series, with an over-the-top animation style and some ludicrous character designs. If you like one of them, you'd most likely enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Master10K
This serious is full of ridiculousness and crazy fight scenes. It's by the director of Gurren Lagann and it truly shows. We get crazy outfits, villains and fight scenes that just make us think of fire through the flames!
report Recommended by hamstar138
Kill la Kill has many references to TTGL and is about a badass main character who obtains a special power to battle against the tyranny. Both are epic beyond imagination.
report Recommended by Kyakka
The similarities are astounding. The plot building, the characters, the animation, the universe, the humor, the simplicity in which things are explained to its barest minimum, the superpowers, and the philosophy so say some. Lastly and to no ones surprise, the two shows are by the same creators.
report Recommended by bimbambusse
Extremely dynamic and fast pace, pure and over exaggerated epicness and awesomeness, resulting in concentrated wtf and energy.
report Recommended by elfos
From the same director and writer, two series that will built you up emotionally in the beginning and captivate you in the end. Explosions abound and characters will be really memorable.
report Recommended by BoyHime732
Those two shows should go together and actually by many are considered as set in one universe - the same adventurous spirit, the same riddiculous actions, many epic fights, unique, memorable characters. There is no end of that positive creaziness :D
report Recommended by Piterko
TTGL and Kill la Kill are series by the same director so they retain the craziness, excitement, and wild epic battles that both perspective series share (minus the mecha part for KLK). Both series have similar artwork with the main protagonists going out-all, odds against their adversaries. The action presented from both of these series is over-the-top in the sense of craziness and insane movements. The main female protagonists also share a trait of being natural-born fighters with gifted talents. There is also over the top comedy that both series share to deliver entertainment that you deserve.
report Recommended by Stark700
Kill la Kill is the spiritual successor of Gurren Lagann. Made by Studio Trigger, which was composed of mostly the same crew that brought to you Gurren Lagann. There are some striking parallels between the characters (sometimes even the same voice actor). Fights are brought to ridiculous proportions of awesomeness. Both are quite random at the first half, but in the second half the plot gets moving.
report Recommended by iWin101
It's made by the same makers and has the same drawing style. It is just as EPIC, and over the top but this one will makes you al ot more sexually frustrated ;) (In a good way)!
report Recommended by yeahiwatchanime
From the same creators of Gurren Lagann brings you Kill la Kill 1: Perverted Scenes just like TTGL. 2: Action just like TTGL. 3: Randomness just like TTGL. 4: Awesomeness just like TTGL.
report Recommended by Kenyanke
Both are very flashy and over the top, also share some of the same staff and style. They have blatant fanservice and characters aren't afraid to be silly.
report Recommended by RaySinLimit
I always thing like KLK takes place in TTGL universe yet they don't have mechs instead they have cloths. Made by different studios but animation is done by same person. Even story progress is same. They start at lowest.Somewhere near mid in anime a big downfall happens.Then they reach the highest.Oh and expect the near-same crayzness level for fights too.
report Recommended by sasalx
If you look on it closer you will see that mechas and clothes are pretty the same, you get in them and get superpowers, jet-packs or other useful stuff to destroy super evil enemies. It's all about nonsense.
report Recommended by Krunchy
Kill la Kill has the same feel as Gurren Lagann, From the over the top, bold character design, to the cheesy, loud motivational rants and one-liners. That being said, this is in no way a complaint. Though both can seem cheesy and "trope-y", they have so much more to them one you dedicate yourself. I would even say Kill la Kill is an awesome amalgamation of Gurren Lagann and FLCL(and if that isn't a recipe for success, i don't know what is.)
report Recommended by thefalleniso
Very similar art styles in just about way from the character designs to the action to the fanservice. The action is always as over-the-top and nonsensical as it can possibly be and (almost) no one in the show ever finds it the least bit strange. Similar mixes of comedy and drama (most of the comedy comes the nonsensical parts). Strong people are extremely overpowered and keep getting stronger. Matoi is kind of a mix of Simon, Kamina, and Yoko all rolled into one girl.
report Recommended by Asfaria
-both are by the same director -both deny logic and common sense and put forward ridiculousness -both are epic to the MAX -both have epic action -both have similar art style -both have crazy badass characters -both are extremely exhilarating and exciting Conclusion: If you liked one or the other, you will most likely/definitely like the other.
report Recommended by LeFlower-kun
Same animations, same ridiculousness, same great character awesomeness. Both have great plots along with plot twists, and both have some really good scenes.
report Recommended by daxtre
Both shows are very similar except some replacement so it isn't a copy. similarities: -plot goes from personal fight to galactic level -similar plot twist and progression -focusing on friendship -will power is the strongest power -instead mechas kill la kill has Goku uniforms Differences: -MC is female in Kill la Killa -Kill la Killa has ecchi -more cartoon style
report Recommended by Symqn
If you are looking for a anime with a growing and epic stroyline like TTGL, KlK is a choice, the animation is identical not smooth and beautiful but memorable. They have different themes one about gears and spiral, and the other about close and the power of cloth, ORIGINAL is the best word to describe, so if you have seen TTGL i think KlK should also be seen.
report Recommended by THEbaganza
if you liked fighting highschool super uniform boobs you'll love bikini sniper boobs but seriously same director and equal manliness
report Recommended by _Gemini_
These anime where made by the same people. If you like the creative genius of either anime you will more than likely enjoy the other. The protagonist in both anime are young with one main goal stated at the very beginning of the show. In both they have to overcome insurmountable obstacles to achieve that goal.
report Recommended by matt1a4
the animation and over-the-top nature of the two shows is prevalent throughout each series. Kill La Kill was directed by Gurren Lagann's directors. If you like explosions, ridiculous fight scenes and a great story, these are both shows that you should try out.
report Recommended by Calamity_Bravo20
Two Blockbusters from the same director in Hiroyuki Imaishi that both have epic battle sequences, amazing soundtrack, over the top animation with a colorful cast of characters that define Manly and Overkill. There is fan service, more so in Kill la Kill...a lot more but it is part of the plot, believe it or not.
report Recommended by papsoshea
It's by the same creators to start off. Kill la Kill doesn't have the mecha genre but its a great anime all the same. Both of these series are about humans fighting back for mankind. Also both of these series have a tenancy to go overboard when their main characters power up. The only real thing I would advise about Kill la Kill is that its more comedy which gives it a slower start from Gurren Lagaan which usually hooks people episode 1.
report Recommended by giby1
Both are super over the top not to mention that ''aniki'' looks like one of the characters in kill la kill.Ttrust me when you see him you'll get what i mean. Also in both the Mc's get super powers battle someone with almost the same powers if you consider clothing mechs Kill la Kill is even more similar to Gurren Lagann. And if you consider the premise with the beastmen ruling the world thats pretty similar too
report Recommended by MrHawky
Aside from the obvious similarity of the creative staff, both shows have larger-than life enemies and plot, and moments of pure absurdity. The art style is similar as well, and both shows did have little moments of genius scattered within them.
report Recommended by SugoiChappy
While it may not be a mech-based anime, Kill La Kill is made by the same people who made TTGL. It certainly has the same over the top feeling that TTGL had, and its what makes me love both series so much. If you enjoyed Kamina's outrageousness in TTGL, you'll surely love every character of Kill La Kill.
report Recommended by tcrouch
One word to describe both of these shows: Badass ! These 2 shows have crazy stories with amazing actions scenes that will make your jaw drop.
report Recommended by DoctorWasabi
Both are written by the same head writer - Kazuki Nakashima - so both carry the same flavor. Kill la Kill is definitely more over-the-top and comedic.
report Recommended by cruxis107
It has similar fight scenes It has the same good amount of action It has a really good storyline The characters are both extremely good It gives off the same vibe of wanting to continue It is very good.
report Recommended by Honjitsu
Kill la Kill and Gurren Laggan both have the same over-the-top style of comedy and action. They both feature ridiculous fighting that just keeps getting more and more insane as the series progresses, as well as a similar exaggerated and rather quirky style in both art and animation, and on top of that they also have their own set of lovably memorable characters. Be prepared though that while both shows are very upbeat and light hearted most of the time, they can hit hard with some emotional moments too. In my opinion though, that just makes them even more enjoyable! :)
report Recommended by FistsOnFire
If like me you loved Gurren Lagan, you will find Kill La Kill amazing! I found a lot of similarities between the two animes. Both are a subtile alliance of fights and humour with a little echi side. The two stories evolve really fast, you never get bored.I would put Kill La Kill a little bit above for the quality of the fight scenes.
report Recommended by samycem
similar art, lots of actions,both have a good unique setting. and overall if you like one you would like the other one as well.
report Recommended by Kunii
Both shows are created by Studio Trigger and have over-the-top super powers and creative, crazy, nonsensical action and comedy.
report Recommended by msantiago49
Escalating action and absurdity form a hype train that never brakes. Kill La Kill is made by Studio Trigger, a studio that is filled with former members of Gainax, the creators of TTGL. They share the purpose of wowing the audience with over-the-top visuals, action and characters. If you like one, you'll like the other.
report Recommended by TyrannoFan
Same studios that created the legendary fighting and mecha anime Gurren Lagann won't made you disappointed because both anime guaranteed that they have many aspects that shared a lot. 1) Badass protagonists and allies. 2) Same graphic and fighting sounds that very intense and badass !! 3) Enemies of both animes are immensely powerful and very fierce to beat and eliminate. 4) Girls in both anime are very sexy yet rude and powerful about action. 5) Battle scenes and destruction elements are very badass and grandiose !!
report Recommended by santicres
Kill La Kill has the same director as Gurren Lagann, so one might think that's the only similarity. But the similarities number far more than just that. -The animation style of both shows are extremely similar. -The story is completely batshit crazy in both cases. -Both have an unbelievable amount of awesome in them(More so Gurren Lagaan than in KLK) -The main villains aren't what they seem. -They both have iconic battle songs:"Libera me to Hell" and "Don't lose your way". -The "over-the-top" action scenes are the main draw in both of them. If you loved/liked TTGL/KLK then you will probably feel the same way for the other.
report Recommended by LPGeneratorx
Besides the fact that it had some of the same people working on it, it also has that over the top epic stuff with a nice overal story and great music.
report Recommended by Hanmer
-Similar comedy and overblown style -Both revolve around the "human vs automated life cycle entity (for lack of a better word)" type conflict The shows feel epic and even abstract at times.
report Recommended by bladeangel
Kill la Kill is balls to the walls fun just like Gurren Lagann.
report Recommended by weirdwig98
Both anime have a very spontaneous sense of humor. Both anime contain interestingly odd characters. Both anime work on an arch plot system. Both anime clearly define their goals. Both anime focus on a good vs bad concept. Both anime contain interesting and unique plot twists.
report Recommended by Pokeknight
No plot, just mindless violence. Requires you to put your brain aside and watch. There's bit of fan service present too. But TTGL is better than KlK.
report Recommended by Fate-Symphony
Both have : - flashy animation with the high energy battle sequences. - a moral of believing in yourself - a huge cast that is a lot like a family - constant power-leveling
report Recommended by jo_gully
Maybe this two things are the most crazy action-drama+comedy gainax`s titles. I was asking wondering what the hell was going on, laughed and cry at the same time. I stringly recomend both this titles to every anime-lover.
report Recommended by mikudeath
Both hyperbolic and zany in nature, they feature eccentric casts, epic scales and distinctive art styles.
report Recommended by ThatRazorGuy
Made by the same studio. Storyline is similar due to the main character starting weak and becoming more and more powerful as the story unfolds. Also both are pretty ridiculous in nature.
report Recommended by Exzyle
Both are made by the same people (Those at Gainax who made Gurren Lagann went on to form Trigger and make Kill La Kill) and are similarly fast-paced and energetic, with simple but interesting storylines and lovable characters. I will follow everything Trigger makes because of these two wonderful anime!
report Recommended by Dinna
Both have over-the-top and unique art styles. They are extremely similar in the way characters are portrayed and the story is told. Battle scenes are far from the ordinary and are backed up by a great soundtrack. Logic isn't big in both and shouldn't be taken too seriously.
report Recommended by tearbender
Pretty random storyline which can turn serious and be beastly. Made by the same studio and have similar art
report Recommended by -Alians-
These two have very similar atmosphere and feeling which makes them perfect match to each other. And the story, conceptually, is almost the same.
report Recommended by highfeel
Basically TTGL's spiritual successor, made by mostly the same team. The same infectious energy, the same will, the same epic fights, make for a must see if you loved TTGL.
report Recommended by twinshk2
Both are over the top comedic action shows. The naimation is similar aswell. But both that is because both are from the same director. I prefer Kill la Kill above Tengen Toppen, Tengen Toppen gets very serious at the end which I didnt mind but it did feel a little out of place. If you do not like the ending of Tengen Toppen I recommend the movie (part 2) which is a whole lot lighter.
report Recommended by RoyalOss
Both from the mind of Hiroyuki Imaishi, these stories follow a protagonist who learns what it means to believe in themselves and fight for what means the most to them. Over the top, nonstop, NO FILLER insanity ensues- a wild ride you'll never forget.
report Recommended by lawlmartz
Gurren Lagann is like zero to infinity. It starts in a cave, but ending concerned the whole universe. Kill la Kill is also similar but on a smaller scale than Gurren Lagann. Both the protagonist initially had a little amount of power. But later they rise to the top of their worlds. And the tragedy of losing friends at the end matches too.
report Recommended by dipu
Both are directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and have the same kinda of unique animation and artstyle that the show offers. Both are well directed, have great production values, and a memorable soundtrack you will not forget about. Both shows offer crazy actions scenes full of thrills, intense moments, and strong characters that help keep the show going.
report Recommended by The_Archduke45
Same study, same writer, same artist, over all basically the same team. Both stories are written with the same slapstick humor and doesn't take itself too seriously (until the story progresses and the viewer becomes accustomed to the story).
report Recommended by EspeonKing
Just like Gurren Lagann, this also has over-the-top action all the time, except it's a lot better, because the anime doesn't take itself seriously in the meanwhile. It goes absolutely crazy and careless. Don't question it. Just laugh at it. This entire anime is on drugs. What drugs you ask? All the drugs!
report Recommended by 1nvader
Same awesome animation, same outrageously over the top action sequences, same slights at the very genres they embody, and overall just incredibly epic. The only major differences are that Gurren Lagann has better animation quality, and Kill la Kill has a better, more coherent story.
report Recommended by catullus_d_rus
Kill la Kill is actually the femenine version of TTGL. They also feature a similar artstyle and memorable songs. While TTGL is mecha, Kill la Kill is based off the magical girl genre. Even the guys in that show can be "magical".
report Recommended by astral_backlight
While the concepts are a bit different,these anime share a LOT of similarities.Ex: The cartoonish art;the not long battles,and the HUGE plot-twist that appear at certain times. If you liked one,you will definetly like the other.
report Recommended by Manamurk
Kill la Kill was made by the same staff, but with a different studio, but you can clearly see a lot of common point, mostly on the art/animation, and rythm (in both series you always think that it's going to end at the end of the episode). Both are original series and are the result of a passionate staff.
report Recommended by abyz
Kill la kill and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann are like cousins, they have determined protagonists and exaggerated styles with colorful art and fluid animation, also both pass a look of awesomeness. (besides the fact that they have the same director)
report Recommended by Rimoldi98
If you liked KlK you will probably like TTGL because of similar art-style and some inner tropes: its another full of action anime than doesnt take itself too seriously and yet is able to deliver on interesting and catching storyline with original and rarely seen visual designs and also timeskip motive. However, if you are a hardcore mecha fan, you can get dissapointed with 'weird' mecha designs.
report Recommended by StratusHound
The characters , artwork and fighting is over the top in both series! The first thing that struck me when watching KLK was the similar artwork to TTGL, a bit rough but still lovely, also the explosiveness of the fighting scenes are great in both shows last but not least it's the cockiness of KLKs Matoi and TTGLs Kamina! Their attitudes are a lot alike and brought a smile to my face many times. TLDR; If you liked one off em you are bound to like the other one as well!
report Recommended by Eholmbergh
Both have simple cartoonish art-style but with awesome animation. They both also have crazy, random, and slightly sexual humor, while also keeping solid plot and characters, both also symbolize characters interactions through action fights in an awesome way.
report Recommended by Kazami
The watcher gets a similar vibe while watching both these shows. They both have what one would call 'boss battles' where the main character faces a overpowered fighters. Kill la kill and Gurren Lagann both set in a place where there is a lord or a person overlooking the place. One could also relate to the ludicrousness as the power given the main character keeps upgrading and increases to maximum over time.
report Recommended by skydiverx
Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill are similar because they both feature an outrageous story, similar animation styles, and lovable characters. Both shows are also very upbeat, action-packed, and feature a great soundtrack to accompany each moment.
report Recommended by Linnaean_Cowboy
What can i say... If you love and if you are crazy about this anime like me then you are definitely going to like Kill la Kill. It's made by the same staff that made TTGL and it has little throw backs to Gurren Lagann. The characters are equally likable and the story is crazy as hell. You know... every aspect of this amine is crazy, and you will love it!!!
report Recommended by JuanjoKun21
Similar artWork, a lots of actions,both have a good unique setting.
report Recommended by Klonoa
Two of the best anime in the coming of age genre. The cool character who helps the protagonist grow up (TTGG: Kamina, FLCL: Haruko) have the same down sloped style eyes. My favourite character trademark btw.
report Recommended by Sordojohn
Both are excellent and compelling stories. They both have plenty of plot twists to sweeten the deal. The action in both of these anime is absolutely amazing. Both rely on some fort of ever-developing transformation. Both revolve around an idea or entity that is the main point of the story. Both heavily follow the cliche of "motivation == power" where just at the last moment they will always come though. Both have specific fanservice from the main characters in them, however the shows do not emphasis it as the main selling point.
report Recommended by trigger_death
Juicy action galore, combined with what I believe to be a more intricate story that truly leaves one satisfied to the end, such as was my experience, but that's just what I think haha
report Recommended by sonic06andahalf
Did you like Gurren Lagann because the whole anime is absolutely epic from all point of view ? So go watch the last Hiroyuki Imaishi's anime . Humour and animation are really similar, only the story and the universe are different .
report Recommended by Val2612
First thing I instantly notice is how similar it is with Kill la Kill. Animation is EXACTLY same characteristic. Same character illustrations, environment illustrations, and how lively it is altho Kill la Kill have more close ups and oddly distinct style of arts in some parts. The character also filled with the same energetic and vigorous attitude. Have the same genre of action altho Gurenn Lagann tend to be a mecha type of action while Kill la Kill is a close combat ken-jutsu (sword art) but in that respect..since Kill la Kill focused around a Battle Suit, I found it quite identical with Lagan in a   read more
report Recommended by samuel_sfx
Both are high in action and have animation styles that are similar to each other. If you liked the silly and often times ridiculous story and script of one you will like then other. I personally liked both very much and really appreciated their quirkiness. Both are anime you can't take seriously but sometimes that is a good thing, here it is.
report Recommended by UnholyMachine
-Similar art styles with simple lines but with careful animation -Good character designs -Epic scenes and fights -A lot of characters fighting for a common problem - Fan service
report Recommended by ZiBAriX
Kill la Kill is what I consider the equal opposite of Gurren Lagann, as the latter tells the ultimate Hero's Journey story through precise detail and very refined planning, Kill la Kill tells a trope-centric Shounen Action story through an intelligently haphazard cluster of ideas being thrown at you. If you loved Gurren Lagann's raw energy and its artistic purity, you're likely to love Kill la Kill's unapologetic shoving-down-your-throat of badassery and self-contradiction. One should not exist without the other. They're both masterpieces for similarly different reasons.
report Recommended by GigaDonk99
Both series have an overload of entertaining epicness in the best way possible. Warning: Watching both series synchronously may result in an over-dosage of awesomeness.
report Recommended by Elfriede
Both series were made by the same staff, including director and writer, and have big over the top personalities, wide array of likeable and memorable side characters, similar animation styles, similar character designs, and are both "silly" action series.
report Recommended by Brady_Saylor
This is kind of an obvious recommendation, as they are done by the same people. The art style is basically the same, and the shows both have the same satirical, bold, over the top attitude. While one is a mecha and the other is a bloody, fighting based series, there are some parallels to the way the characters abilities grow throughout. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME SERIES however, and both explore different concepts in satirical ways as just mentioned.
report Recommended by Thom199
Absolutely outrageous!!! Incredible soundtracks, engrossing animation, and a level of fun that pierces the heavens!
report Recommended by bhijml
Over the top exaggerated action, animation, and dramatic epic soundtrack. contain skimpy outfit girl but still have a good plot/plot twist.
report Recommended by AriesChara
I would say these both have a similar art style first of all. Same kind of vibes overall can be felt from both too. Both are good anime.
report Recommended by ExuberantEsper
The surreal style of animation, eccentric and accelerated narrative, humor style, surreal battle scenes and plot twist is very similar in both series.
report Recommended by J_Jackson
At the same time that kLk seems generic and compiled of everything from mainstream that you see around there is also unique. A clear satire to the genre MahouShoujo. or is it just a completely different way? I do not know, I'm not an expert to say but it's what I think. Charismatic and striking characters, though all or almost all of them are generic stereotypes, are all worked out in such a way that they stand out among many characters in this vast world of animes. Dynamic, fun and comic, I think you can summarize Kill la Kill as well. rule of 3 episodes. neither more nor less.   read more
report Recommended by IagoHedgehog
The best way to describe Kill la Kill is over the top. It knows exactly what it is and it's unashamedly kept itself how it is. Gurren Lagann takes that over the top aspect and as the show progresses, completely blows it out of proportion through power scaling. Both shows are brilliant and i couldn't recommend them more.
report Recommended by SCgeralt
both anime has the same art style and has the same character development plus kill la kill has a lot of fanservice.
report Recommended by Solers_510