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Higashi no Eden
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Mahoutsukai no Yome
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Not Simple
Not Simple
Feb 12, 8:00 AM
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Feb 12, 7:29 AM
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BishounenTatsumi 4 hours ago
Well I must say - There is a difference between taking a bit of time between messages and completely playing absence. When life gets a bit busy, people can be neglectful, forget things easily but I must say, it's not the first time I've forgotten completely about something I did, or planned to do. Please accept my apology for not responding in almost a year. Although it is true that I have been extremely busy, it costs nothing to take a little time out of my schedule to reply. It was not until I logged into my Skype for the first time in a while I noticed that, well not only did it send spam messages back in 2016 but I received your message. I must say I'm rather shocked that somebody will still be willing to consider my well-being after not speaking for a while, certainly not somebody that they have conversed with over the internet. I must say it rather made me happy - a sense of joy if you will. Would it be selfish and unjust of me if I were to continue on our conversation? I will reply below this paragraph of text but I will understand completely if you wish to ignore.

It's hard to justify something that is only needed out of the fear that war will break out. Perhaps it's the inevitable that one day there will be a war greater than the two world wars but considering the technological prowess of big nations and the weaponry at hand, I fear that training soldiers will be for naught anyway. Then again, who knows what the future will hold - imagination sometimes turn out to be a reality. There will always be two sides of an argument (the definition is in the sentence itself) the ones who object war and the ones who support it but I would like to think that you took something away from your experience, to make the most of what's little.

I often consider if that is truly world peace, having a unified utopia that all do the same thing, wear the same clothes and are oppressed the same way. It's true that there is peace, but peace and freedom are separate things. I suppose it's like a magnet, you can never have both but one cannot exist without the other.

Funny that North Korea was a part of our conversations because although they haven't changed their stance, they're becoming ever so slightly more open to the world. I would like to hear your opinion on the country as a whole and their recent activates.

How has your pursuit of the Söl'ring dialect going? Albeit today is the first I've heard of such a dialect it proves all the more intriguing that only 400+ speak it. Wikipedia saying "its prospects for survival are unfavourable" only make it seem all the more worth saving. I can't say that my pursuit of the South Korean language have been favourable. I wouldn't say I lack interest but more motivation. By no means were I disappointed on visiting Seoul but it didn't help the motivation. The only other language that I learned to the point of basic understanding is Japanese. I have more of a motivation to pursue this than Korean but if I could change my human programming, I would do both Korean and Japanese.

We actually had quite the amazing experience whilst in Seoul. We ventured to many hotspots that tourists go to as well as checking out the side streets that you would typically only find Koreans. Although it was nerve-racking to converse we had a pleasant time meeting people, tasting the foods and viewing the sites. I would recommend it to you as a place to visit sometime in your life. Other places if I have not already mentioned I've visited are Japan (visiting several cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Narita etc), Corfu in Greece, somewhere in Germany but I cannot recall the name of the city, Benidorm in Spain, Vilnius in Lithuania, Riga - Saulkristi & Basuka in Latvia, Brussels in Belgium and a city in Holland that I cannot recall. I think that's it for now but I have never (as of yet) visited a bad spot. What about yourself (forgive me if I have already asked)?

Mentioning Britain's departure from the EU - We're still waiting to see what the outcome of it is. There are many speculations and news stories of what will happen, arguments between parliaments on what should and should not be done but how I see it, we will not know until it happens. Like you say, how this turns out will certainly affect what the other powerhouses (Like Germany) will do.

I rather like your idea of adopting what the Japanese do and eat KFC. I'm rather fond of it already so it seems like a valid reason to do so rather than get intoxicated. I only touched a drink on New Years between the time of our previous conversation and this one. How did your Christmas go, was it another one on the job?

I got promoted in my place of work shortly after our previous conversation so I hardly see my friend anymore that had the health issues but I do see him time to time and he seems perfectly fine. Although looks are very deceiving at least i know he's not on the verge of death, yet always a small comfort for me.

To start something anew, how have things been with you? How have you been keeping up? Anything new transpire in your life?
GureOokami Yesterday, 1:19 PM
Aah want to watch that one for a long while...once even like started, but somethin' got in the way I guess
One of my faves is Shutter Island tho, favorite genre and amazing twists and story

All good, family matters and stuff, but I'm away from home again so I guess it's gonna get a bit more quiet now, arigatou~
What have you been up to?
ExVasterist Feb 18, 9:59 AM
Kraedrius and my Dark Future Timeline Continents are the only two I drew by hand before finding a scanner to upload to my computer so I could modify them and ensure I never lose them. Kraedrius was the first and I just drew whatever came to mind. Originally it was a simple circle then realized that no Continent looks like that, they typically look random, and what you see for Kraedrius is the result.
Didn't use any program like Campaign Cartographer and I didn't based it off any continent whether real or not.

Sure you were expecting something more inspiring than "Randomly Drew what came to mind", but when I first started, I was a teenager and didn't really know anything about Continents at the time. I believe I got my inspiration to make Kraedrius when I played Final Fantasy Tactics for the Playstation 1.
NekkoArc Feb 17, 4:33 AM
Watch Inuyashiki
GayRecyclables Feb 12, 10:45 PM
ah, HI.

Awh man I really suck at that, well I enjoy doing art, reading, and doing profile layouts.
What about you?
burgercock Feb 12, 6:55 PM
ahah told ya. Grab aku no hana next, maybe it will lift you up
NekkoArc Feb 12, 12:38 PM
Be sure to send Snoop Dogg instead of “Bobs and vegana” because Snoop Dogg is what they are really after.
Zera Feb 11, 3:17 PM
I'm glad you like it, your profile is absolutely lovely as well! and whoa, that's crazy that we share a birthday!
NekkoArc Feb 10, 6:21 AM
Watch this with your Indian colleagues

I Uninstalled slsk btw, it refuses to open to save my life even though it worked just fine when I was messing with the program yesterday. Probably going to reinstall it if I come across a movie that tickles my fancy.

universe Feb 9, 3:38 PM
oo i've heard of him. hmm what do u think of the anime adaption of ito junji's collection so far? if you've been watching it
ClinT Feb 9, 6:11 AM
Yoooo o/
Sorry for not answering your last comment still. It's just that... there were not a way for me to answer it yet. You were questioning me which movies I feel eager to watch right? That time I didn't have much but now I have! And by have I mean I have only two movies! Mwahahahaha [s]fuck[s]
Anyways, those movies were Venom and Mortal Engines. I felt much joy when watching the original Spider-Man trilogy(one thing Sony does know how to do properly is dark action) and the other one is produced and written by Peter Jackson. Soooooo you already know why I want to watch both of them :3
There has being a long time since I last satisfied the desire of watching long running epic dramas, and those two are probably going to satisfy that desire, if not others.
A bit random, but how do you feel about Inuyasha? I'm rewatching the first ending non-stop. Much convoluted emotions it pass but feels empty due to it's intrinsically sad nature(a person longing for someone who they can't reach right now), but it's beautiful. I legit think the brazillian dubbed is the best version, not because I have checked other versions but because of it's sheer raw power. Many brazillian dubs used be very good at that time, don't know what happened, maybe I'm just not watching much stuff in PT-BR like I used to.
burgercock Feb 7, 2:44 PM
not simple is one of those that leave a melancholic feeling. you should get your hands on and as well
mooncrypt Feb 6, 3:15 PM
Just enter any album on bandcamp and click to buy the online discography, so you give the ammount of money you want. I'm selling a CD+shipping for 25~~ bucks - brazilian mail is slow and expensive... So, give what you want, I'm already glad you supported Esmectatons once, but all support is useful and helps me to finish sooner the next studio album. Just posted your pack today. Sent you 4 albums + handmade poster and some Esmectatons garbage as a handwritten setlist used in live gigs, a sticker from the last pub we played... Hope you like it, man.
burgercock Feb 6, 1:34 PM
It was the first time the death of a fictional character really struck me.

Also check out this manga:
mooncrypt Feb 6, 2:53 AM
Things got a little better for me. I'm sending you a CD this month. If you wanna buy some merch to boost, I can send you a greater pack with something like 4 albums and handmade material, you will not regret. Hope you like it.