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Days: 238.0
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7 hours ago
Completed 11/11 · Scored 9
Major S1
Major S1
Sep 13, 7:47 PM
Completed 26/26 · Scored 8
B: The Beginning
B: The Beginning
Sep 13, 7:47 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
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Days: 84.1
Mean Score: 7.33
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Ping Pong
Ping Pong
Sep 8, 2:12 PM
Completed 55/55 · Scored 9
Sep 8, 2:12 PM
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Peace Maker
Peace Maker
Sep 8, 2:11 PM
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NekkoArc Sep 3, 11:29 AM
Fark you're right.

Negligence is abuse.

Abusing my own profile smh
WhatchaThinking Aug 10, 10:27 PM
The movie and manga both are so neat too
WhatchaThinking Aug 8, 10:08 PM
Nekojiru jirujiru
WhatchaThinking Aug 6, 8:28 PM
meow MEOW
NekkoArc Aug 4, 1:22 PM
WhatchaThinking Aug 1, 1:40 AM
meow meow
Stephen2D Jul 28, 1:17 PM
What do I do in the mountains? Well, that's between me and them, don't you think so? Heh, heh, no ... I had gone a few days for a rock music festival in the open air. But that's enough ... real life.

Concerning Shintaro KAGO, I didn't find his sensibility very close to mine, so I don't really check him. I appreciated his Fraction manga concept, but only as a strictly intellectual method. Apart from that, I don't find his methods of the narrative very suitable for my taste. I guess I'm not a fan. In terms of horror reads, or some kind of exploitation (not really Guro) I really like more Kazuo UMEZO (Cat Eyed Boy and Drifting Classroom are decent), Ichi by Hideo YAMAMOTO is really funny and garish, or if you want more guts-related there is Jiro MATSUMOTO (I don't know what to recommend because I'm not really a fan). As I said somewhere else, I like my stories imbued with a kind of folklore or a culture that gives a flavor to the narrative. I guess I am searching more for a cathartic "feel" that a work that strives to be seen as self-imposing.

Anyway, when you have something good don't hesitate to hit me with it. I appreciate it. Kind of made more personal time to spend with everything that is art-related.
mooncrypt Jul 27, 9:00 AM
You can watch self mutilation on YouTube actually. Landscape in The Mist you can find at rarefilmm, where there is a lot of good shit to date streaming: - most of them are uploaded to, if you are looking for something specific, google the title+videos and set duration 20min+, then look at the results, I find half of the movies I want there. Otherwise there is Soulseek, but you must be lucky enough to find someone online holding what you want.

thanks, the who did vocals at that album is really nuts. he seems like Damo Suzuki. he was on acid and mushroom shit when he was younger, so his brain is kinda damaged. he just improvised the vocals all over except for reading [oddly enough] the lorem ipsum text.
conju Jul 25, 4:03 PM
I should also add edgy.
mooncrypt Jul 14, 8:00 PM
hey, i'm still releasing one album per week and doing some funny works, i just remastered Chakra's oldschool rare and unreleased tapes for a new 2CD set collection, and it's wonderful to work with them, I love their music, and omg, Mishio Ogawa singing live in those tapes direct from the 80s is the best thing i could get. you should take a look at esmectatons bandcamp right now. how are you? i'm mostly watching movies right now. you can take a look at my letterboxd, it's linked in my bio profile at the very ending.
Stephen2D Jul 14, 12:15 PM
Hi. Sorry for the late reply but I was a few days... in the mountain woods. Concerning my favorites, yes Suehiro Maruo is one master I greatly like mostly because he manages to combine many literary influences with a glacial storytelling and a native yokai folklore. These days I just got my hands with The Box Man by Imiri Sakabashira and if you like surrealism narrative you need to read it (it's a little obscure but Drawn & Quarterly made it all available). Anyway, I like other mangakas like Shigeru Mizuki, Minoru Furuya, Yoshihiro Tatsumi, but with these, I need to explore more their works. I tend now to prefer more contained mangas because I don't have the time to finish long volumes (a while back I got to finish Homunculus, Berserk, Oyasumi Punpun, Innocent, Pluto etc.). Also, I like almost everything made by Junji Ito. What could you say is good these days?
Sphinxter Jul 11, 9:32 AM
Nope, I always do this — having said that the last time I talked with someone about someone else in the third person must have been a month back. My real life interactions are mostly with the cashier.
Sphinxter Jul 11, 9:11 AM
I don't go by anything; I don't care about "pronouns"; the only thing I do is that I use the same pronouns for everyone and make no such meaningless distinctions.

I just use "he" for everyone; be someone offended by that because it doesn't match his "identity" I just laugh at him and enjoy his being offended.
Themousen Jul 11, 9:00 AM
It sure is, but French anime databases and forums are less popular and alive than the English ones like MAL, so I don't really have a choice and have to speak in English

I don't struggle to understand what's written or what people are saying but ofc I can't fully express myself, that's why I tend to avoid debates and all that stuff where you have to write long and well-structured posts

At least it makes me practice my English
Themousen Jul 11, 8:41 AM
Well, I'm more a fan of subs actually, since japanese voice actors are really good, and it simply suits better to the animes

But yeah, French dubs are indeed widely available (it's obviously not as popular as the English dubs, but French might be the 2nd most translated language when it comes to animes)
Plus I must admit they're sometimes pretty excellent, especially in Miyazaki movies (Howl's French sub is pretty cool too) (and, besides for that, for the popular shonen like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach or Fairy Tail, and the good old classics like Cowboy Bebop which have excellent English dubs too)