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Sad Jul 20, 1:47 PM
where's my cookie dude <3

i finished megalo box, i thought ep 1-6 was great, especially around the arc with the dude who nearly lost his life in the war. i was kinda disappointed with the second half, felt the buildup and climax was weak. especially so when you've seen ashita no joe :B

mhmmm comedy shows... pass!
Tebaldi Jul 20, 6:16 AM
Libera sua lista pra a gente poder ver!
YEROCKY Jul 18, 1:22 PM
I recommend Golden Kamuy, cuz....wolves.
YEROCKY Jul 17, 5:46 PM
Hi ClinT

I've only seen one episode of S;G 0 and to be honest I wasnt impressed by it. I'm not into time travel/sci-fi shows much, unless I really think it's interesting. It's been years since I watched the original, but after watching the new one, I forgot how "meh" all the characters are. I'll continue watching it after I'm finished with WIXOSS and this new FMP. I'm expecting to drop S;G 0 out of disinterest.

Yeah, I heard weeks ago that Hanebado was coming out and I am looking forward to it because it's about Badminton. *lol*
I remember when I dropped that tennis anime "Baby Steps", because although it was a sports show, I found myself not interested in it. However, after I started playing badminton occasionally, I went back to watching Baby Steps and I ended up really liking it. I was able to relate to the anime much more and it even help my badminton game too. I hope Hanebado is like that too; some fun with some tidbits of info about the sport. I loved that you mentioned it though; it's pretty funny :)

Another show I'm looking forward to is that beach volleyball anime; not for the fanservice or anything, but because I used to be a volleyball player at my elementary school. I played for the school team and I was a great server. I had pinpoint accuracy and always served it well in front or behind the opposing player, so they had a hard time returning the serve. Lots of my serves were insta-wins for our team *lol*. Pretty OP for an eleven-year-old, but that was nothing compared to what I did in Softball for 5 years.

I have completed Megalo Box and I enjoyed it very much, thank you.

Hope you're doing well, Clint.
HibiChika Jul 16, 11:35 AM
for le lols :P
Imaishi Jul 16, 7:18 AM
for FMP I already knew the story as I read it, and just don't really like the way it went. I loved the first season of FMP and fumoffu for the laughs and all that, it going all serious was a bit of a disappointment to me, but I guess it's a good adaptation and has solid production, it's a decent watch I suppose. Action was great even. Kind of a shame with the recaps and delays though. Hope the last two episodes at least deliver

FranXX is a fucking joke honestly. So inconsistent it hurts, I really liked it at first, then it was a mix of good and bad episodes, but last few is dogshit and trolling in my eyes. It feels like suddenly a different person started directing this, the pacing sped up immensely for no reason, the ending is weird as hell and really unsatisfying. The anime was a huge disappointment to me as I expected something even remotely similar to TTGL but sadly it wasn't. On a good note though, it definitely had great visuals and one of my favourite openings ever.

Hopefully Trigger delivers with Promare. This one is directed by Imaishi so I expect something awesome
Mkim Jul 16, 6:31 AM
assiste se tu quiser ue
mas assiste
se tu quiser
mas assiste
Mkim Jul 15, 2:57 PM
Mkim Jul 15, 10:13 AM
mais esse ruim vai dos dois lados hue
julgar com um episódio só nem rola, nem pra bom nem pra ruim
Mkim Jul 15, 10:12 AM
Ainda nao assisti o episodio 2 e é minha bias mesmo falando que eu amo a séria ja
é a primeira séria animada do Mizukami Satoshi, original lançando lado a lado do manga e eu ja to sentindo aquele gostinho do autor no episodio que eu assisti
Mkim Jul 15, 8:34 AM
iii chola com suas notas
Mkim Jul 15, 7:31 AM
vai assistir Planet With
Mkim Jul 15, 7:31 AM
Eu leio Hinamatsuri
Eu gosto mas não da aquela vontade louca de continuar lendo
Sad Jul 14, 3:22 PM
you seen this film my friendo?
HibiChika Jul 1, 1:12 AM
good analogy :P