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Days: 98.6
Mean Score: 8.37
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  • Episodes6,698
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Transformers the Movie
Transformers the Movie
Jan 31, 11:21 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored -
Konjiki no Gash Bell!!: Hashire Gash!! Ubawareta Umagon
Konjiki no Gash Bell!!: Hashire Gash!! Ubawareta Umagon
Jan 31, 11:20 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored -
Ultra B: Black Hole kara no Dokusaisha BB!!
Ultra B: Black Hole kara no Dokusaisha BB!!
Jan 31, 11:13 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored -
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Days: 66.1
Mean Score: 7.81
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Inu x Boku SS
Inu x Boku SS
Feb 15, 6:33 AM
Completed 58/58 · Scored 10
Les Misérables
Les Misérables
Feb 14, 11:26 PM
Completed 33/33 · Scored 8
Feb 14, 11:26 PM
Completed 4/4 · Scored 6


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Maitoz Yesterday, 11:21 PM
Ill keep that in mind, thanks.
Maitoz Yesterday, 11:09 PM
Okey decided to start rosario vampire manga, lets see how it goes. Im also reading Dragons Rioting, its a fun manga i guess.
ALiCCexERiNNa Feb 15, 7:50 AM
Baskervillain Feb 10, 12:57 PM
No problem! I'm not surprised that it's been difficult. There were soooo many frames. I had to delete most of them (I only kept 18 out of the original 60-ish) BUT apparently even that wasn't enough, so I ended up lowering the animation quality to squeeze down the file size. It was still a close call *side eyes the 290kb file size* Tbh I only managed to make it work bc I'm just incredibly stubborn, lol

Ohhh well then I suppose that explains the ridiculously high quality of the gif, since the maker was p hardcore. I simultaneously appreciate and resent that, given my latest experience :P

and LOL much appreciated
J_LEE_C Feb 7, 11:16 PM
hey no problem, I love music of all types so I try to help where/if I can. And rn just listening to music, taking a little downtime from anime after a heavy binge week of basically the entire Fate franchise series' haha. Your favorites list is legit lol very similar tastes it seems
Maitoz Feb 6, 4:23 AM
thanks for all these recs man, about Rosario Vampire, I watched season 1 of the Anime along time ago, where should I resume with the manga?
I was thinking on watching season 2 so I can resume with the Manga.
HaanFrost Feb 5, 1:41 AM
Thanks ^_^
Maitoz Feb 4, 10:52 PM
Thanks man, I hope we get out our president in the next elections, hes a dictator so hes been ruining the country with 7000 percent inflation since 2012.
Btw do you have any good short mangas you can reccomend? manhwa is fine, i loved girls of the wild so that type is good for me.
Maitoz Feb 3, 8:28 PM
Not much speed, but between 1 am to 5 am I can download at 600 KB/s
2 MB Of Speed. and the internet here is really cheap, with USD its just 10 cents a month but our monthly salary is just 4 dollars a month which doesnt let us buy anything other than food tbh.
Maitoz Feb 3, 4:15 PM
np man nice manga favs
Downloading some new Anime and trying to survive the economy of my country tbh
BlackFIFA19 Feb 3, 1:19 AM
Ugh its just that when im super late i have to say it because im so late...

About that ending, hate it, fucking hate it, not gonna read this crap, was kinda looking forward to this series but if it has a garbage ending like that i just cant, i recently finally started reading finished series but when i read one i want it too atleast have a decent ending an ending like this will just leave an endless void in my heart >:v

jus thinking about an ending like that pisses me off,

[edit] just gave me quick spoiler by watching the anime ending and wtf is that its so depressing, i kinda love the ending because its realistic but still wtf.

[edit 2]will most likely one day read it but at the moment im not ready for an ending like that >_> just watching that makes my heart sting.
BlackFIFA19 Feb 2, 8:43 AM
Well here i am.... a month later... sorry really im just so lazy...
ANyway yes santa gave me my pc back and books ;p

Ah you shouldnt have taken it too serious... although i do get a bit irritated if people rate it low if i breathe in and out slowly i can calm myself enough not to murder the said person.... :p

well still try not to fail the year, which i am most likely gonna do sadly...

anyway i also had a question for you, since youre familair with the one and only Dal Young Im ;p
is his work Black God also one of those series he just trashed?
youseiki Jan 10, 4:16 AM
the reason i thought sevens was very popular, was because i did a filtered search on novelupdates and found out that sevens has the most number of readers as a completed Japanese web novel out of all other Japanese web novels.

NU alone, it might be popular, but other sites like Mangaupdates, Myanimelist and Animesuki that host a number of stories are devoid about Sevens
its even ranked 13 out of all other Japanese webnovels if you take no. of readers as criteria.

Sadly that's not enough data, a good example would be the famous Pewdiepie, he might have the biggest subscribers but his channel is being overtaken by Paul Brothers which kinda sucks, this is the same case for Sevens, it might seem more popular than Shield hero and Mushoko Tensei in NU, but in Japan and in other sites, they are the biggest known novels out there.
but yes i just saw its ranking on nu and its ranked 54 on novelupdates as a webnovel out of all the other jap webnovels which is is nowhere near being popular as a web novel...but wait is that ranking even legit? you know how do they rank?

but yes i just saw its ranking on nu and its ranked 54 on novelupdates as a webnovel out of all the other jap webnovels which is is nowhere near being popular as a web novel...but wait is that ranking even legit? you know how do they rank?
If we're talking about numbers of people who are reading novels, they have three categories, over-all popularity, monthly and activity, I don't know what activity means(probably how it's getting released fast and people reads it fast), then it is legit, but the popularity data is just the readers in NU, probably there's more people active in other sites like Batoto or Mangaupdates or even MAL, but if we're talking about scores and ratings, NU sucks on it since the score system is flawed, same for the reviews, though I already said it to you.
youseiki Jan 9, 7:49 AM
actually it isn't popular at all, compared to other stories out there, Sevens is definitely underrated in Japan or even in Syosetu which is the site that host Sevens.

There are factors why it isn't popular, first every characters are just perfected but by no means unoriginal, it's just story that has tweaked a lot of inconsistency and illogicality of many series out there, but nevertheless it's not appealing compared to famous novels like SAO and Re:Zero which is sad in my opinion.

second, no official english translation of the light novel in J-club, it seems they don't want to translate a story that isn't really appealing

third, no one tried to make into manga, another sad factor, I've seen a lot of trashy novels getting adapted into manga, but sevens didn't even get a chance to have an adaption, it can be tweaked by turning into heavy shounen with a harem which is a good reason to turn into manga.

fourth, the author himself just want to write stuff, he's not into promoting sevens at all, he just want to write stuff in the web novel but apparently he's a terrible writer by combining typical tropes while trying to make it sensible, but all in all, only his work Sevens stands out due to his thoroughly researched and plans which he has in goal in mind, another reason why it was published

fifth, it was already finished in the Web Novel Version, a lot of professional novelist uses web novel as their draft, but Wai already finished his works which makes Sevens unpopular.

sixth, it didn't get into the top rankings of both Light Novels and Web Novels

nevertheless, a even if it's only few people, most people who likes are aspiring novelist, amateur translators, professional writers and logical people, so it's a story of quality with a quality audiences.
youseiki Jan 8, 11:07 PM
Is there rape in sevens?


Is there a wikia for sevens?

No, but there's a character bios for the main characters and the ancestors, but if you're asking for a character design which wasn't given by yorai(since he wants the readers to buy the novel which is understandable) then I'll give them to you