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Cant say whether i like my job or hate it
Into anime cuz its wild... Not down bad for anime chicks or t**s
Too old for this shit thou i think

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kaizokoudan Jan 12, 11:52 AM
Archean-Return Dec 16, 2023 3:49 PM
Hey. Thanks for the FR! d(-_☆)
princefaking Dec 12, 2023 2:58 PM
oh no worries! yeah basically it just means im transmasculine (which means im transgender and my identity is more in line with manhood and masculinity than anything else) and gay (i like dudes)
Goulyz Dec 7, 2023 2:33 AM
people are quite social around MAL, from my experience
thanks for the fr tho !
Remocracy Dec 2, 2023 3:13 PM
Thanks for the friend request
Zant-sama Nov 30, 2023 3:54 PM
That's a pretty direct question and the more I read it, the more I laugh because it assumes that only gay guys and women watch BL, which is probably mostly true but I find it amusing regardless. To prove the point, I do fall in one of the two categories-- I am a gay guy lol.

I think I could really ramble about BL being taboo for guys, but I will try to keep it short (no promises).

It is first important to know that BL is usually written by women, for women. Most BL consumers are women. In this way, men aren't really meant to or accounted for by companies when producing BL. So I think it is, in a way, intrinsically designed to be taboo for guys.

Socially, men, especially straight men, face many expectations for behavior and how to act, what they can enjoy, and many other "rules" that govern how a man "should" be. Feminism has really helped women in breaking down these expectations in the past century (A very basic example is women wearing pants... something that in the past, would have been socially unacceptable for women and would make her face harsh judgment from others), but men do not have the same luxury (a very basic example is men can not, without facing social judgement, wear skirts, dresses, etc... despite women being allowed in modern society to do "manly" things). I think people should be able to do what they want regardless of gender so long that nobody gets hurt.

I digress, these social expectations for men make it taboo for men, particularly straight men, to consume BL media. This cannot be denied. I don't think it should be taboo for straight men to consume BL though. Anyone that enjoys romance can read/watch BL. I'm gay but still watch straight romance shows and even some GL... I just like romance... it doesn't really matter what gender the people in the relationship are. My manga list is mostly BL, and that is because I like trashy BL with hot guys, not really because I'm looking to read a groundbreaking piece of literature. My favorite anime ever is Nana, a straight romance drama. Which kind of proves that for me at least, the orientation of the couple is unimportant

I hope this answered your question, if not, feel free to inquire again with me lol.

Also, thank you for the friend request!
Nillwas Nov 25, 2023 3:09 PM
And thank you very much.
Nillwas Nov 25, 2023 3:09 PM
Taking huge amount of medicine, so that's hard to do ;P
Nillwas Nov 25, 2023 1:30 PM
Well once at the age of 9 i had a job, at the age of 10 i still had a job, when i hit the age of 20 i had around three to four years worth of job experience.
Life went bad for a half of year after i turned 20 but i did manange to get a week job, working 14 to 16h a day for a week. I did this with a heart problem without knowing it, i fucked up my heart, i fucked up my health, i fucked up my life, i fucked up everything. No one warned me of that I had a heart problem even if I have diabetes and had meet up with doctors three to four time a year for 17 years at the time. No one know that i had a heart problem that fucked up my whole life, that's the only reason why i have completed and watched as much as i have. if you want a life experience tips for someone, that would be to take better care of uself and not work as much as i did at so young age.

At the age of 20 i had things most other people didnt have as we had just stop going to school, but it dosent matter much 12 years later.
As I can't even go up for the stairs without dying.

When it comes to tribute to society i have done a huge part as a young kid and evne young adult.
As living in north eu, not many kids have been close to the work experience i had even at 14 years old.

But then again it dosent matter much now as i'm more or less dying just going to the store to buy a loof of bread.
I did a huge part of actually conteibute to the society, so much it fucked up my life.

Really do hope you're not sitting here and thinking i have watched as much as I have, just because it's purley fun, that would be beyond ignorant
Nillwas Nov 25, 2023 12:56 PM
Wierd way to spell ranting, but ok. Just wish people would try to use their brain and cancer would literally disappear
dumbandinsane Nov 19, 2023 7:19 PM
dnr + stopped reading after you mentioned shitshow man + shitshow man stayed shit + take this L + stfu + ignored
Nillwas Nov 18, 2023 5:06 PM
Not like I'm hyding my hobby. I'm just not going full facking freaking in real life like some people do.
It exist people that change when they find a hobby, they stop giving a fack about how they look and how they are interacting with the world.

I'm proud over my collection of Manga and Figurens, and i don't see any facking logic behind someone having the right to shit on it. Youre just a pathetic loser if you have so tiny balls you need to care about what everyone else think.

If someone think my collection is garbage good for them, i can show them the door. You can't be so facking small minded you can't having a hobby. It's not like i'm going out and screaming on fishermen asking if they don't have anything better to do as i think it's a waste of time fishing in the lake in our city as there is no fish in it.

You need to be youself, and if you actually think this dumb fack to human have the right and is right to be calling people out because they have spend hours on creating a awesoem looking profile. I just pity you and will laugh at how dumb both you and the other guy is.

Having the time of the day to care about how someone profile looks like or collection or even hobby shows what a pitful life you or the other guy have.

Can't show my hobby proudful, i'm proud as hell of my figurens and Manga collection some random guy on the internet or real life friend will not change my view on it. If you doing something you should stand up for it and look down at the tards that think you're doing something bad.

I just see you as small minded and is the worst kind of humans, it's a reason why North America is going under because people are small minded and the view on things is so facked up. They think they are doing something right when they are obvious wrong. When a president increase the price of everything by 200% and then lower the price by 30% and think he is doing something right. Just shows how dumb he is, it's classified as a clown, sadly you classified youself as a clown. if you so small minded it's painful to read your comments

And how you will take you in my comment is up to you.
Might be that's you is not you. Then you can ignore it.
as it's more of a wall of text to people that think like dumbandinsanea
dumbandinsane Nov 15, 2023 12:21 AM
based take: Bloodborne pfp

but seeing that disgusting shitshow man cover on your faves reeks me out
dumbandinsane Nov 15, 2023 12:14 AM
how did you end up sending me a friend request shitshow man fan
Nillwas Nov 13, 2023 11:52 AM
Finding a bigger idiot will be hard.
I hope you have seen what the guy is writting to everyone on their profile.

That people like that is a insult to humanity
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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