Hidenori "Jack, Depp, Hopper, Bathhouse Owner, Megane" Tabata

Hidenori Tabata

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Hidenori Tabata (田畑 ヒデノリ)

Age: 15-16
Height: 175 cm (5'8")
Zodiac sign: Virgo

Hidenori Tabata is a second-year high school student of the Prefectural Sanada North High School and a member of its Handicrafts Club. He is in Class 2-A. He wears eyeglasses even though he has normal visual acuity. Hidenori serves as the main trio’s leader, always the one coming up with the wild ideas and crazy antics. He can actually perceive something as ridiculous but since he claims to be an entertainer, he tries to make the best of it. Despite appearing stoic, he has a tendency of overthinking simple situations and getting bored quite quickly. Still, Hidenori is shown to have a strong magnetic personality.

For one, thanks to his profound speech, Hidenori became Yassan’s center of attention after she saw his similarity to the protagonist of her novel who has the power of the wind. Ever since then, he became morbidly frightened of her, trying to avoid meeting her at all cost, until a failed attempt to impress Yanagi made him realize Yassan’s appreciation of him.

When he was younger, Hidenori got bullied a lot until Rubber Shooter showed up and saved him. He then began idolizing him and placing him in high regard till he suspected Yoshitake as the masked hero. In spite of his admittance that he finds the smallest things about Yoshitake annoying, he still appreciates what he does for him.

Hidenori has an older brother named Yuusuke who used to be the ringleader of the group before he graduated high school, a cousin named Emi who spent a summer vacation with him, and an unnamed father who calls him Megane and laughs at his dreams. He has known Tadakuni and Yoshitake since middle school.

Voice Actors
Sugita, Tomokazu
Sanpei, Yuuko

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