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Marizel Feb 22, 2016 6:16 PM
Hey grifatmal! Sorry for the extremely delayed reply. I've been busy with school work and tests, so I haven't been able to get on much. Anyways, how are you? Have you watched any of the 2016 animes besides Prince of Stride?

Anyways, thanks for giving me an explanation on scanning manga. I wasn't too sure about the details, so know I'm well informed lol. It must take a lot of time and dedication to bring these out to the public, because I don't think I could ever do it. Is Sengoku Basara the only dj series you're scanlating for?

I was really happy to see Nori pitch for once again, as he frequently stands in the shadow of Eijun and Furuya. Too bad he was cut short after a few innings. At least Eijun got to show off his best pitches and defeat Yakushi's batters. And like you said, Raichi pitching is just...bleh. It just doesn't settle well for me. I feel that pitching is something that Eijun, Mei, Sanada, and etc. have worked hard to improve on. Raichi perfecting it makes it seem like it's all too easy. I get that he does not have complete control over his pitches, but it still disappointed me when they revealed his new 'skill'. I really hope our little monkey decides to just stick with batting. (Just watch the author make Raichi a catcher hahaha)
If only the author could develop Furuya more. Maybe he would be more interesting then. Honestly, I remember disliking the episode when Furuya's grandfather appeared at their game in the first season. There was no real interaction between the two at all. I get that the whole 'actions speak louder than words' trope was meant for this, but I really wish they had some form of communication with each other. Kuramochi is definitely one of the most developed characters this season. I mean, did you see how he reacted with Miyuki's injury in today's episode? He was such a composed and dependable vice-captain in that scene.

All Outs looks pretty promising so far. Have you seen the new reveal for it? (Did you see their butts? XD) I read the manga, and I really like the main duo so far. Their personalities are pretty stereotypical, but no other sports anime has had these types of characters as their main pair. Madhouse is part of it too, so I have high hopes for the animation. For YowaPeda, I'm gonna really miss Shinkai. Even after the show ended, I didn't really like Midōsuji. He kind of creeped me out most of the time. Now that he's gone, I hope his team can be more 'free'.
Antalk Jan 30, 2016 7:46 PM
Do you make your own tack?
Antalk Jan 30, 2016 7:41 PM
I have to do some research, but you are so right about Circuit Gilles Villeneuve: If I recall correctly, two years ago Massa was taken out on the last lap by another driver due to failing tires and brakes, actually no brakes.
Kimi spoke of his disdain for the newer tracks, no character in them. Just about each track has undergone some kind of reshaping whether it a more gentle curve here or shortening of the overall lap distance. The fans lining the hills that Eau Rouge cuts through with banners that say "Don't let up" daring the drivers to keep the pedal to the floor instead of instinctively letting up and the figure 8 layout of Suzuka make those two tracks my favorite. Yes, it is easy to have both tracks as my top tracks as it would be to say Talladega, Indy or Daytona as ones favorites. But all the tracks mentioned have some of the best racing with some very unique qualities that other tracks don't have. They appeal to me because of their unique layouts. The old Nuburgring, now that was a track.
Listening to Rosberg is like having someone drag their finger nails across an old chalk board. Maldonado may loose his seat and not because of his driving. With the price of crude oil way down, Venezuela has lost a ton of money. The bank/country that is paying for his seat is cutting back on spending which means he may be out before winter testing begins.
The new hybrid engines sound like my weed-wacker with a fart-box attached to it. Whatever happened to the days you raced with the biggest engine you could squeeze into the car. NASCAR is the same in this respect.
As far as Ferrari and your hubby goes, you love who you love. I give friends of mine over here crap for being Steeler fans or Yankee fans especially if they don't live in either city: They always win which makes it easy to be a fan. But, I haven't seen a more loyal or rabid a fan base than the Tifosi. I am always a fan of the underdog so I love it when a mid-pack team starts pushing around the big boys. Williams Martini this season may play the dark horse and upset the Mercedes apple cart. They may not win any race but unlike last year when just about every race ended Merc, Merc, Ferrari we may see Massa or Bottas on the podium more times than not, knocking Rosberg off. Hamilton is just too strong of a racer as is Vettel. The wild card at the top of the order is Rosberg and I think he can be knocked around.
Don't count out McLaren.
The goal for Gene Haas is to eventually sever ties with Ferrari and build his own F1 engines over here in the States. He wants to beat the Europeans at their own game. Once he figures out how to build a chassis ( thanks Ferrari ) he will stuff his own motor inbetween the frame rails. That is when we may see Chevy or possibly Cosworth. To note: NASCAR made the switch to fuel injection a few seasons back. Several F1 teams assisted the switch that year. Stewart-Haas Racing races with Chevy motors and since Haas has a bond with Chevy and a winning track record with Chevy, it would not surprise me if those two were already planning and building a prototype F1 engine. If Chevy gets into F1 and is successful, engine costs will come down.
Before I forget, Yaz Marina. I don't care if the championship has already been decided when they race there. I love that track. Yes, I know it isn't very special in terms of difficulty. The race spans daylight, dusk and night. Watching that blazing sun dip first thru the desert haze then finally settle down below the horizon is something I got to watch first hand while I was in Iraq. It was breathtaking every day. Every time I watch that race I can almost hear and feel the desert. If and/or when they stop shooting, I want to go back.
Have you seen the movie Rush?
As far as our club goes, you don't have to be vocal and if you hadn't noticed, we aren't a very vocal group. Come join us so you can join our racing league. Have hubby create a mal account so he can join as well.

We have been married for 25 years this past July. When I get a moment, I may tell you how we met and no, it wasn't love at first site.

I should have heard that clear note but as it were, you can't always see the forest through the trees, or something like that. Thank you for that description and I would have to say it is spot on.
Antalk Jan 27, 2016 9:48 PM
Yes, yes I know, it isn't Friday. Things out of my control (work) started to take control of my life.

YES I follow F1. I believe there are seven weeks and a day before Melbourne. I believe the guys and gals at Maranello are going to surprise Merc. I can't stand Rosberg since his bull shit stunt at Monte Carlo two years ago during Q3.
McLaren Honda will do better this year. At the end of last season, they were running much better and they weren't even at full power. Honda wouldn't let the engineers open up the full potential, I think they were only running at 90%. Tell hubby ANYONE can be a Ferrari fan, it is too easy. True fans don't wear red or sport silver arrows either. I think I mentioned I have a clock made from the First Gear of Jenson Button's RA108 he drove in 2008. My wife got it for me as a Christmas present this year. Spa is my favorite track followed by Suzuka.
MAL F1 Challenge is a club devoted to F1. Not very active at the moment and we are part of a global fantasy league at this link that I think you and hubby can enjoy. You pick the podium, then the next seven in order and get points. Side bets include pole, fastest lap and most positions gained.

I don't know if you could call what I am building for my wife as payback per se. I am building an area just for because she is my wife and she deserves it. She married me and that is justification in itself. When I started planning this monstrosity, I wanted a separate room for the loo and so I built it that way. It just turned into 'my room'. I had plenty of space in the main part of the bathroom and was trying to decide what to do with the space and it dawned on me to build something just for my wife; a place where she could relax as she started her day. Next week I will have five days off and one day is going to be devoted to updating a ton of things/sites here on MAL. One thing will be my blog with updated pics and I hope to have the print I mentioned in another post, hung.

My family owns Biothane. No, I do not work there. I do not play nicely with my siblings. But they make some good belting that is used in the equine industry. Tons of colors, widths and thicknesses to chose from. They have info about how to sew it and what needle size to use based on the machine and thread as well. At least they used to. Easy to work with, soap and water to clean and plyable down to -20F which I think converts around -30C. The sales reps are specialized in what field they represent. If you were to contact them, they should be able to provide info on what to look for if you suspect damage, getting old, etc. They have skype so you can contact them for free. If you should contact them and they ask how you found them, tell them Bio's president, his oldest brother gave you the info.
I work for Bio for many years and was exposed to the equine side of the house. I haven't ridden a horse in 30+ years.

I really want you to tell me what I should be looking for when you mentioned I might hear a clear emotional note. These are the things that I am trying to pick up on because anime, well good anime, is loaded with hidden treasures. If you can do that without giving away any spoilers please do. It is not the cute/fun little mecha anime I thought I was going to watch based upon the first episode.
Marizel Jan 21, 2016 2:53 PM
Oh sorry. I probably should have clarified that better. I meant scanlating them. Does it take about a month or so? I understand that cleaning and translating them takes a lot of work, though how long does it take on average?

Huh. Now that you mention it, Kanemaru WOULD be a fitting captain! Compared to all the other first-years, he seems to be the most maturest. (I can also see Tojo being his vice-captain or something) And I really hope the manga ends that way...I'll seriously cry seeing my babies graduate.
As for Nori, I can only pray that he gets more attention in the series. I honestly think that he should get a bit more than at least Furuya. I'm really not too fond of quiet characters, and Furuya is probably my least favorite character in Diamond no Ace because of that. Quiet characters are kind of a waste of screen time to me, as they just spout out pointless one-liners and have no interesting quirks. I was really excited when Ōsaka Ryōta got a role in a sports anime that wasn't a quiet character for once. They just appear to be really bland to me...

I don't like spineless ukes either. I'm more of a fan of independent ones that can stand their own ground. And the second thing you mentioned is one of the reasons I dropped K lol I tend to read yaoi that have interesting plots and characters. Ten Count and Bokura no Negai have these great qualities within them.

Prince of Stride is far from reaching the level of Haikyu, Diamond no Ace, or Kuroko no Basket. The show kind of reminds me of Free, though at least this actually focuses on the sport and not just boy anguish and drama. I also loved the animation in Prince of Stride too. I find the made-up sport to be really stupid though. Of all the names you could give a sport, why stride? I mean, they could have titled the show stride and referred to the sport as parcour. Kind of like what Haikyu did. This show wasn't terrible or good. It was just...average to me. I think I'll be putting this on my on hold list for now. It didn't pull me in like how the other sports anime did for me. I guess I'll just have to wait for Yowamushi Pedal season 3 and All Outs now.

I'm probably going to try watching Divine Gate or Assassination Classroom Season 2. Though I'll probably watch them once I finish my PTW list.
Antalk Jan 20, 2016 8:50 PM
I am getting caught up on some anime tonight and tomorrow my wife and I have a date after I get home from work. My plan is to respond on Friday, you have given me a lot to mull over and that is a good thing. I just didn't want you to think I wasn't going to respond. Plus there is a club I would like to you check out, which leads to another site that you and your hubby may want to get in on next F1 season. More on Friday.
Antalk Jan 15, 2016 11:06 PM
I have enjoyed F1 for several years and have been waiting patiently(?) for the debut of HaasF1, the first American F1 team in I think 30 years. Romain Grosjean is one of the drivers. Wasn't a fan of his three seasons ago when he didn't know how to drive; was the cause of the massive pile up going into turn 1 at Spa on the opening lap. But he has learned to drive over the last two seasons and I will be pulling for him this year. I was crushed when Jules Bianci passed away, he had F1 champ written all over him.
Rugby is still relegated to the 'club' level, rarely is it ever on TV over here. The few times it has been on, got to watch the Kiwi's play the Aussies. I thought they were going to kill each other. Fun!

Towards the end of February my son and I will attend ZipCon and my wife has stated she will 'tentatively schedule time' to watch Kotonoha no Niwa but I think I may end up having to watch a chic flic as payback. If she likes it and is willing to watch more, it will be worth it. My goal is to get her to watch all the Kara no Kyoukai movies as they are the type of shows she would watch as a live action. Psycho Pass would be another series.
I haven't gotten into collecting figures, instead I collect prints. I have a favorite artist and I will travel to cons that I know he will be setting up shop. He sets aside some of his new works and gives me first crack at purchasing before he puts them up for sale to the conventioneers. One print in particular, a mascot for a con in Tennessee, the manager of the con asked Seth to "spice her up abit" and so he did. He made two prints and I have one of them. I didn't know where I was going to hang it let alone what kind of frame and backing to use ( she is a fox wearing lavender lingerie ). As construction of the bathroom progressed ( see my blog somewhere on my profile ) I had an idea to hang her in the room with the loo. The frame is metallic orange, the backing has black, green, orange and off white. Yes I know it sounds like a nasty acid trip but it really works. The lady at the frame shop told me she had a lot of fun putting it together she even helped pick the color of the paint I needed for the walls ( a neutral beige with a very faint hint of purple in it ). A Christmas present I got this year is a clock that was the first gear of Jenson Button's McLaren Honda. That is being hung next to the print. Why the loo? Because it would be a cold day in hell before my wife would let me hang that print in the living room and the loo is turning into my man cave. Yes, a flat screen tv is going in there as well. I wired an outlet on the opposite wall just for that purpose. ( IN case you are wondering, I have plumbed a separate hand held shower head for her with a teak bench for her to sit on, { shower is 1.8 meters x 1.2 meters }, a separate vanity for make-up, shelf for her jewelry box and hangar/shelf thingy for her clothes and other items, the outlets have USB ports so she can charge her phone and tablet while she gets her self ready ). I try to take care of her. When this project from hell is done, there will be pictures.
I am inspired to find a model of the Yamato to put in the loo.
Remind me to tell you the connection of Evangelion and my home town.

Do you prefer leather or synthetic tack for your horse(s)? I should ask do you own any horses? What kind of competitions?

Robotics;Notes: The emotional note I hear is fear. Fear that the giant robot won't be completed, fear built up between Doc and his granddaughter, fear of what happened in the past, fear of the predictions, fear the earth is coming to an end. I may be way off base from what you heard, but that is what I am hearing and that may change as I am half way through the series. I am enjoying it more than I expected. After the first episode, I expected fluff for the whole series ... man was I wrong!
Marizel Jan 14, 2016 12:59 PM
Thank you for that. I'm really excited to finally read some dōjinshis from this franchise! Also, about how long does it take to finish a book?
And wow, thanks so much for all the Aokaga fanart! When you said plenty, I didn't think you meant that much. They're all extremely well drawn too ^.^

I think it's so unfair that Japan's high schools do that to their sports players. You can tell how much the seniors love baseball, and seeing them unable to play is really painful. I really feel for Chris even more now that I think about that. Because of his injury, he wasn't able to play normally with his teammates for his senior year. I'm really going to cry when the current 3rd years leave the team. Miyuki and Kuramochi especially.
Oh gosh. Now that I think about it, Sawamura and Raichi teaming up would form a very dangerous duo. They would both probably make their captain's jobs even harder to manage.

Yeah. I totally agree with you on that problem. I tend to avoid mentioning how I dislike certain genres of yaoi to some of my friends that actually like them. (Examples being: Furry, bara, shota) Anything along those lines is pretty much a no-no for me. I just cannot take them seriously, to be honest. As for Shimada x Yamaguchi, I don't really have anything against couples that have huge age gaps. Yamaguchi really needs someone too. (Most people ship him with Tsukki, which I'm not a fan of...)

And it's not a problem at all! Sorry I wasn't able to get as much fanart of him as you did for Aokaga.

(BTW: What's your opinion on Prince of Stride? Do you like it so far, or is it another reverse-harem disappointment?)
Antalk Jan 13, 2016 10:14 PM
I must ask: Does hubby have an account here on mal? I need to meet him if he does. How big is the model of the Yamato? Did he/both of you build it? Star Blazers was the second series I watched when I was young. It made it here in the states, I want to say mid to late 70's. I was often late to school in the morning because of that show. Speed Racer was the first anime series I watched. What I didn't know, both were anime. Never heard the word before. I thought they were cartoons from Japan and they were way better than anything at that time. Speed Racer aired in the afternoon, shortly after I got home from school. Johnny Sokko and Ultraman, both live action, aired after Speed. Then dad came home from work and it was time to eat dinner.

Are you both into sports? My wife and daughter are so deep into baseball it isn't funny any more. My daughter is trying to get on radio with her own baseball show. Right now, she writes for a web page and does pod casts. I am really impressed with her knowledge. We butt heads tho about baseball. My loyalties are to the Cleveland Indians as are hers. But she loves all of baseball. I do not. I hate the Yankees and refuse to allow any of her baseball memorabilia that contains anything Yankee to be displayed in my home. She has, I must admit, some prized pictures of some of the greats in baseball.

I will find Kotonoha no Niwa either on a torrent site or Amazon. We do movie night on the weekends, I think I will surprise her. Thanks for the recommendation.

Anime has a unique feature to it that live action just doesn't offer. Not all anime has this feature. Robotics;Notes has this feature.
It started off as a cute little anime about a girl who wanted to complete the dream of her older sister; to complete the construction of a giant robot. And so the story goes about its merry way but you get a little nugget of something that goes against the grain of the main story. But the main story keeps you focused on its cuteness. I am half way thru and it is not cute anymore. Getting rid of half of the earth's population through eugenics or 'other' means as a way of cleansing the planet is not cute. You have my attention and I want to see how this anime plays out. Fate/Stay Night was like this. Started off cute but by the forth episode, is shed its fun, cutesy ways and got into the meat of the story.

I failed German in high school. My teacher couldn't find his way out of a paper bag: I just lost all interest but had to take a language to graduate. I didn't actually fail the class, I failed in actually learning and retaining German. My parents subscribed to National Geographic as well. The pictures were and still are breathtaking. I will always remember the Afghan woman with those piercing blue eyes. She is beautiful, even to this day as NG searched for her to follow up and those eyes are still there. She has lead a hard life, you can see it etched into her face but you can still see the beautiful lines.

I will ask again ( yes she has told me many times but I must concede that I am a typical husband when it comes to details ) where she lived in France. I do enjoy the tales of that time for her; no commitments, no job, just fun.
Marizel Jan 12, 2016 6:08 PM
Yup! I'll make sure to turn to you for beautiful fanart!

I agree with you with Ouran Highschool Host Club. That was a hilarious show. Too bad it ended so soon. And yes, me too. Believe it or not, I'm more of a fan of sports anime ;)

I love Nakai Kazuya too! Especially his role in Kekkai Sensen. And wow, I wish I got to read some of those translated doujinshis. A lot of people were probably thankful that you allowed them to read more Sengoku Basara doujinshi in their own language. What were most of the pairings for them anyways?

To be honest, I tend to ship characters that are opposites of each other. Hyūga and Kyoshi would be a great example for this. Whenever they banter, I see them as a married couple. I also love the backstory and relationship they have, as they always seem to understand what the other is thinking. And OMG I ship Aomine with Kagami so much. I really can't see Kuroko with Kagami at all together...But yes, please send me the fanart you have of these two idiots. (I'll make sure to send you some fanart of your hubby, Imayoshi too)

Someone should seriously write a fanfic on that situation. I can totally see these two have a conversation about their troublesome little kōhais. If only the author gave them more interaction in the manga. I also wish that Sawamura and Raichi turned into like best pals or something. Both of them are so adorable and hilarious. I love how they are around their teammates.
I'm still a bit bummed out that the seniors left the team. I thought I could try to forget about them, until they appeared in this week's episode. It just made me miss them even more. I guess Eijun is the new 'loud one' for the team, but it just isn't really the same without Jun.
As for the whole Tetsu and Jun situation, I bet Tetsu would be all gentleman-like and wear a tux to see Jun's family. They would all probably approve of him instantly, as who could pass up someone like him?

Oh gosh, tell that to my friend. When it comes to Miyuki and Eijun, she's like an unsinkable tank. It's pretty much her OTP at this point. And believe me, I've already pointed out the whole 'Chris-senpai being a better suitor for Eijun'. She just countered that Chris is more of a older brother and mentor figure for Eijun, rather than a love interest. I think she used to ship Chris and Eijun, though she threw that ship aside once Chris left the team. At this point, I'm not really sure. I don't really want to hate on her ship, as I dislike degrading other people's opinions.

Ahhh that picture is so darn adorable! Grandpa Sawamura would be thrilled to have a helpful son-in-law like Chris!

(Ikr! So far, he's probably my favorite character right now next to Tsukki. I also love Akaashi, because of his voice being Eijun's.)

Antalk Jan 12, 2016 9:04 AM
Upon reading your last paragraph, I should be more specific: I don't want you to actually share/show it to me. What I was hoping to do was toss some anime at you over time to share what you wrote about that particular anime in your excel list. And it is ok that after reading this you still don't.

The anime that strikes me hard and yes, tugs at my heartstrings garner 10's from me. I am always in search of a good romance and surprisingly will find romance hidden in almost all genres of anime, yes even in hentai, lol, but that happens rarely and usually in hentai made in the 80's and 90's ... and those made in that era always seem to have a plot. Music, the artwork, the intricate details that the producers went after in creating an anime also drive my passion towards a specific anime.

HOTD. The first thing that comes to mind are boobs. Reading your post about your how your husband marathoned HOTD made me laugh. I too did so the second time I watched it, but that was because I was sick and had nothing to do but lie around and do nothing. It is one of my favorites and have gotten a boat-load of women to watch it. Don't watch it for the obvious. The devil is in the details and the story. All the weapon systems used in this anime are so accurate it is scary, down to the correct location of serial numbers. There is a humvee neatly tucked into this anime. I have worked on humvees for several years and that thing was accurate down to the "wait" light and the correct turret. The F4 Phantom has an odd cant to its nose cone and they pickup on it and recreated their version of the F4 with it and the rivets on the fuselage and the proper "warning" stickers, etc, etc. Each episode has a different closing song, the best is the one that closes the first episode. They also play on the images of 9/11 at the end of the first episode. Most kids won't pick up on that, you just had to live through that day(s) to see it. Faced with an unwinnable-you-should-be-dead situation and live to tell the story for me is the cherry on top because I have done so as well. Zombies. Now who doesn't like a good zombie thriller. And tucked neatly beneath all of that, yes, you can find the semblance of romance but to see if it pans out to anything, Season Two is going to have to be made.

You actually watch anime with your husband!?!?! How freakin cool is that! My wife HATES anime and I have tried to find anime that would pique her intellectual side with titles like Psycho Pass, any of the Ghost in the Shell movies and Noir as she has spent time in her youth in France and is fluent in French and all I get is ... HELL NO! My kids, even tho they will protest at watching anime, they both enjoy anime.

I think you would be great at presenting a panel at a con for the simple fact that you see things that others don't see and you have a passion for anime. It is ok to go against the grain when rating an anime, in fact it is rather impressive. To stand up in a crowd and say "Attack on Titan" was sub-par and have the stones to back up your statement, people respect that. The man I was talking about that is older than me ( his name is Mike and goes by Old Dude ) is a HUGE One Piece freak. I have that anime in my PtoW list. I probably won't ever watch it, it just doesn't appeal to me. But I make sure to attend his panel on One Piece because he has such passion about it that it is infectious and the audience for the most part are One Piece freaks like him, it is just a fun time. I say don't sell yourself short.

Because of anime I have tried and found that I like asian food and if all that is left in the world are chop sticks, I won't go hungry. Not a master but I don't look like a fool either.

I must ask: You have a command of the English language that many over here wish they had. Did you spend time over here or was it something you were forced to learn growing up?
Antalk Jan 11, 2016 10:08 PM
btw, why did you rate Angel Beats! so low? There is no wrong answer as we all have different tastes.
if you do not mind, I would like to pick at your excel doc for your impressions of some anime and I will tell you why I rated HOTD the way I did and get you to watch it too and maybe like it, lol
Antalk Jan 11, 2016 10:03 PM
Robotics;Notes: It's cute. I am having a difficult time figuring out how old everyone is. I recall at the beginning of the series, they were all in middle school but an episode ago, their teacher was telling them to study over summer break for the up coming college entrance exams. The uniforms didn't change so I am not sure.
There is a fun arc about a robot challenge where you build a small robot and go head to head battle against another robot and it is thru this arc that the back story of Akiho unfolds. I want to bitch slap Kaito at times. Doc is a fun character.
As the battling robots arc has played out another larger robot arc has begun to take shape. There is also sub-story that has been building slowly and it touches all of their lives in different ways. It has to do with the planet. At first I saw it taking shape as a global warming sob story ( at that point, I almost dropped the show ... yes, I am a denier ) but I stuck with it and as it turns out ... well you are going to have to watch the series.

Do you like mecha? At this point, I will admit yes, I looked at your list but not thoroughly. We have similar tastes but when we don't, we are polar opposites, lol

A few years back, I worked for Nestle here in the states. Large factory. In the little corner of the locker room I called home, I had some magnets with pics of random anime women stuck to the walls of my locker. One of my co-workers recognized one of the characters and we struck up a conversation. Within two days, we found out there were roughly 10 others in our corner that were either into anime or manga. They were all surprised I was into anime and then how long I have been watching.
I like to go to anime conventions with my son. There is an older man ( older than me, I'll be 50 in April ) that is a panelist at many of the conventions we attend.
With the info in your excel doc, I am willing to bet you would be a good panelist.
Here is a link for all things related to animecons around the world:
Marizel Jan 11, 2016 3:25 PM
Thank you for all the wonderful pictures (they're all such amazing fanart!) I'll definitely be saving most of these onto my phone, as I too enjoy looking at fanart ^.^

I honestly dislike most of the reverse-harem animes, solely because of the heroines in them. The male characters are also bland and generic, having cliche personality traits. Amnesia or Diabolic Lovers are one of the ones I really dislike. I'm really a fan of female characters that have a lot of backbone, and less showy fanservice. Reverse-harem animes typically do not have much fanservice when it comes to the main heroines, but I just dislike their personas and decisions in general. They are all portrayed to be weak, delicate, and way too innocent.

Ahhh! I loved Sengoku Basara! Masamune was probably my bias in that show (even with his broken English XD) I too tend to stray away from the Haikyuu doujinshi. The only 'graphic' things I can see them doing, are holding hands and light kisses on the cheek. I personally just go for the fluff when it comes to Haikyuu. (Just asking out of curiosity, but who do you tend to ship with Kagami? *cough*Aomine maybe?*cough*)
I agree with you wholeheartedly with Ryousuke x Kuramoch and Jun x Tetsu. They deserve more attention in the fandom. As for Sanada x Miyuki, I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thought of that ship. Unfortunately, they do not have much interaction together which really bugs me. The two share similar personalities and they both wear those shit-eating smiles. What's not to love about that? Though until they really have more moments, my friend is pretty much forcing me to ship Miyuki with Eijun.
Antalk Jan 10, 2016 5:03 PM
In your anime list, what do the numbers in the 'Tags' column mean?