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Days: 203.2
Mean Score: 7.56
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  • Episodes12,074
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Orange: Mirai
Orange: Mirai
Oct 7, 8:01 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Oct 7, 8:01 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 9
Koe no Katachi
Koe no Katachi
Oct 4, 1:45 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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Days: 132.9
Mean Score: 7.52
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  • Chapters23,925
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Kakukaku Shikajika
Kakukaku Shikajika
Oct 21, 5:17 PM
Completed 34/34 · Scored 9
Sword Art Online dj - Lisbeth Edition
Sword Art Online dj - Lisbeth Edition
Oct 21, 5:16 PM
Completed 2/2 · Scored 7
Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles: Houkai e no Jokyoku
Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles: Houkai e no Jokyoku
Oct 15, 3:01 PM
Completed 2/2 · Scored 6


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Daisuki-chan Yesterday, 10:33 PM
Coins, not rings? What a fraud he is! >_<
Mika Yesterday, 5:35 PM
MK7 - True haha. not sure if I told you, I had a few stop/reverse moments with the top 3 when a blue shell appeared. Lots of giggles :)
A Daisy fan I see ¬‿¬

FE - Lunatic mode should be fun with dlc exp + gold. In Awakening it's barely doable without dlc so I presume Fates is the same. If you decide not to use dlc (masochist route), you may not have as much freedom when choosing couples.
Lunatic+ mode was unlocked after completing a playthrough on Lunatic mode.
I've heard one person managed to do Awakening's Lunatic+ mode without dlc but there are no videos :(
A google search says Fates doesn't have a Lunatic+ mode, so you'll have to start Awakening to savour the hell :P

Second run of Xenoblade meaning NG+? I've just started NG+ on the Wii version :)
There's an Awakening-type dlc map in Fates if I'm not mistaken. I highly recommend Awakening before Conquest (just so you can see the Lunatic+ hell) :>

buttday. Thanks :D
thetreedude Oct 19, 2:47 PM
It shouldn't take you as long to finish SO4.

Go get on it.

Have you seen Westworld? It's pretty cool.
tsubasalover Oct 15, 4:06 PM
"Reply simply" sometimes means I don't want to answer "that" specific question, though, so it's difficult to begin with.
shockzz1234 Oct 12, 8:17 AM
Oh shoot, my have to look it uo then. Though, knowing PSN it's probably NA only lol.

You're making a mistake D:

True - but i still don;t see THAT much of a difference enough to make me buy the game again, you know what i mean? I know that feel lol

Exactly! Or they could just naturally decrease in price due to it not being new anymore. UNless, it becomes one of those gmes that somehow becomes more expensive the older it gets .-.

Nah, i wouldn't pay that much less. It's a big game. I base of lot of my thoughts of "is it worth full price" on how long a game is. Might be why i play so many JRPGS actually, since they can go on forever lol

I would like scientific proof of this!! D: Jk.

Lol, fair enough - but that just boggles my mind lmao

Of course! I went through a period of half a year without buying anything new because i still had so much to play through lol.
Cyrille Oct 11, 9:47 AM
Lucky! I could never find any good encounters near my house. Fair enough. Episode definitely had more of an anime-feel to it. It’s obvious just by looking at Shion’s design. I actually preferred X3's design since it is a good balance between both 1 and 2. And plus Shion's old voice actor returned :)

Haha, as always you make a good point. However, I have no PS2 anymore. That’s kind of where my story ends with Xenosaga, as sad as it is. I’ll have to take your word for it. I did see some gameplay videos so that's why I know how the art looks and why I mentioned Shion's original voice actor above.

I preferred 1’s battle system overall, since it wasn’t that complicated, but I like that the developers of 2 tried something unique. Ah are you referring to that Robot boss? I remember farming items off of him to get more money.

Those were the good old days. 2’s superbosses always managed to get the best of me. I believe the Dark Erde Kaiser was the only one I managed to defeat. And that fight took foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever.
Mika Oct 9, 8:27 AM
MK7 - Sweet. I've been using your advice about accel + off-road and it's working pretty well. Getting more consistent first place. I've got 2 stars on my profile now. A couple of cups are 3s. I find Lakitu to be better than Daisy.

FE - Wow, nice hours! :D
I'm still trying to do Awakening's Lunatic+ mode. It's as unfair as ever, and without DLC, it's close to impossible.
Have you completed Lunatic mode and Lunatic+ mode on Birthright? (Not sure if the new games have a Lunatic+ mode)
Koushuu Oct 5, 8:55 PM
Sorry for the late reply!! I've gotten busier lately x-x

Nice (for the third figure). =D I agree, making KOS-MOS slow seems like a legit way to make her more "balanced"

And yup, female fans DEFINITELY have something for good looking guys. XD Part of the reason why even things like Yu-Gi-Oh have some female fans drawing gay ships, haha. I've moved on from Haikyuu!! now though... and am obsessed with Ace of Diamond (it's about baseball). :3
Daisuki-chan Oct 4, 8:04 PM
I was hoping he would kill himself due to stupidity or clumsiness. Do I really have to help him?
tsubasalover Sep 25, 12:33 AM
No, I just don't have any ideas how to answer each and everyone's questions sometimes.
shockzz1234 Sep 24, 12:50 PM
Oh really? They're all on PSN? Welp, guess when i get enough money to buy them all, i will lmao.

Haha, yeah i played the PS2 Version of Persona 4 - stop whatever you're playing and play it now!!! Jk, but it's a really damn good game.

I rarely ever get the other verision of the Pokemon game that i didn't get haha, don't really feel it's worth the investment to essentially get the same game twice. Damn, i should get it then haha. Ah, ok, haha. Screw DLC, we've had this convo before, but sitll scrw it >.>

Exactly, i have too many games i look forward too =P Oh well, i'll save up anyways but i doubt i'll be getting everything, which is fine - i can just get them a bit later instead lol

Haha, they do look like a boyband, now thay you mention it =P But eh fair enough.

Aren't we all dying slowly anyways? =P

Hahaha, fair enough sounds like an additction =P

Haha, time for that wallet to empty then
Cyrille Sep 23, 10:59 PM
88 out of the original 150? Not bad, you're almost 60% done the game!

Shion changed drastically from X1 to X2. I think they may have changed both her VA and appearance which probably wasn't the best idea. Stop telling me about X3...You'll end up making me want to play it even though I don't time too!

I don't like the idea of a dizzy state. Two turns is a long time, and I prefer more dynamic battles. Then again, I know Xenosaga is all about combos and chaining up damage.

This isn't necessarily true for X1 but it is more X2. Especially the post-game bosses. I actually never managed to beat a single one because they were so hard. How about you? Did you enjoy the challenge?
Daisuki-chan Sep 22, 11:45 PM
Isn't there a way to hurt him more?
Alfyan Sep 22, 3:27 PM
Ahh, coincidentally that was the only day I disabled it lol.

Hmm, not too sure what that sphere did again; yes that is true but Playstation is forever associated with the PS2 and most consoles would get compared to it. But knowing that the console was really successful previously may give it an edge over its rivals.

Yeah I did that on 2 occasions; once when I got GTA:V for the PS3 and decided to get for PS4 also and I think I also got Call of Duty 3 on the PS2 and PS3; which cam accidentally since I wanted to buy Call of Duty 2 - The big red one, but when I opened the case it was Call of Duty 3 lol. Yeah I don't really care about the trophies, but an opportunity to play through one of my favourite games again is an opportunity too good to miss :D.

Too bad they are only the dissidia designs, but yeah they take too long and time is usually rare for me nowadays.

I think I will get them eventually. I pretty much know how to play the Game on the back of my head so things will come naturally :D

That is understandable really, need to continue on with X-2 lol

Fair enough, same with me on this one too
tsubasalover Sep 22, 2:07 AM
You're fine the way you reply. I just like to reply simply.