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Shingeki no Kyojin
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Atom: The Beginning
Atom: The Beginning
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I Am a Hero
I Am a Hero
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Spirit Circle
Spirit Circle
Mar 13, 11:56 AM
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Tachii Apr 18, 2:59 PM
Our conversations seem to become a back and forth arguments of sorts, which was not my intention. So, I'll just move on from that. Thanks for sharing though.
Tachii Apr 18, 7:35 AM
Hmm, haven't said there's more listeners than speakers, also there shouldn't be any statistics about the % of extroverts vs introverts either, I'd imagine.

Sharing traumatic events is tough, but it can also be quite cathartic. It's up to you though. Nobody can force you to say something.

You seem fine typing stuff out though. I wouldn't start guessing what XYZ disorders you might have yourself, though. That just seems harmful to your mental wellbeing, lol.
Tachii Apr 16, 10:04 AM
I think there's a lot of listeners, but ironically listeners typically aren't the proactive people that initiate conversations so it feels there aren't people listening.

Like everything else in life, sharing is about balance too. If you don't share, nobody will know who you are. Although I'm not really sure the cons of oversharing. Most people, I guess, just don't? Because they think it's a bother or something.

Have your parents been diagnosed or something? Have you been diagnosed?
gemanepa Apr 15, 9:11 AM

Ok look dako, you are being kind of a big jerk! If you are in a bad mood about something, then tell me about it! I would love to hear about your shitty day/week/month a hundred times! And if you don't feel like answering for days or weeks, I'm (kind of) ok with it too! Now, no way in hell I'm putting what already put there in here just because you don't like opening the facebook chat window! I mean what the fuck? lol Get your shit together because I'm not ok at all with that kind of selfish behavior

I thought hearing our voices would be kind of a step forward in deepening our pretty superficial friendship because right now we are just words and funny gifs, definitely not the kind of real human connection I want to have with you, and since you can't put audio here and I don't have your phone number then yeah fb chat was the go-to choice
Take care

Tachii Apr 8, 7:00 PM
What's a v pack?

Dayum, shutting down on romance. RIP.

I also don't like the how are you kind of questions. However, if you don't share I guess most people don't even know what kind of topics you'd like to engage in.

Those are some interesting terms, neurotypical and neuroatypical. What kind of problems did your parents have?
gemanepa Apr 8, 4:13 AM
Dako you don't have the facebook messenger app in your smartphone right? xD I sended you a voice message through there and just now I've realized it's been more than two days since the last time you entered FB hahahahah
Hias Apr 7, 11:42 PM
Sup Naruto

Have you started the Boruto series yet?
Tachii Apr 5, 4:20 PM
Good to know 5 years is okay haha

So you haven't dated since high school? I mean... high school romance is usually very immature and rarely ever lasts, so i don't think it has anything to do with future outlooks? One failure does not mean you will always fail! The guy probably isn't very good anyway :p altho im curious to hear what happened, past romance stories is better than watching romance anime for me lol

What would you say your flaws are? I think as long as you're not a psychopath any flaws can be accepted by somebody out there lol
Tachii Apr 5, 10:57 AM
How old would you consider too old? For friends that is?
Tachii Apr 5, 10:40 AM
dakotasapphire said:

I'd like to get out of my comfort zone more, but usually it's hard to when you're own psyche tells you 'they're going to judge you secretly' 'think you're weird' 'this one can't last' 'not worth the effort' 'they're too old for you' etc etc.
Now I'm curious from those last quotes... are you dating older men? Seems like it has to do with relationships!
Umbra_curator Apr 2, 5:10 PM
Oh thats cool, hope you enjoyed it ^^

Watch season 2 then! Gogogo
Umbra_curator Apr 2, 4:46 PM
In what way might that be? Or is it too much of a spoiler?

Log Horizon, Code Geass?
gemanepa Mar 29, 8:52 PM

How have you been? *-*

I hope you are telling the truth about not unfriending me because yes I will survive it, but the scars in my heart...the scars will remain... FOREVER.

During my autopsy the doctors are going to wonder why there is a "DAKOTA" written all over my poor dead heart, so don't embarass me ok? -o-

Anyway now I want to bore you a little so about that sharing political views and stuff you said...
You know, I think having differents ideological views it's more cooler than having the same because those kind of people can help you grow and disagreeing is fun :D My dad is a politician and all my paternal side of my family is into politics so they talk about politics ALL.THE.TIME, and whenever I visit them I just can't tell you how much I dislike having to hear them constantly reinforcing their ideas and beliefs, I wish I could say something like "heeey guuuuuys, we already know we aaaaaall share the saaaaaame ideas, can we talk about something else?...Anything else?...PLEASE?". I hope I don't end up marrying a copy of myself, someone agreeing with me all the time would be so boring ;P

I was just kidding you with the Stardust Crusader thing hahah

I mean it's deeeeeeeeeeeefinitely my favorite Jojo saga but come on I'm never going to be annoyed or offended because you are not into the same anime/manga than I am xD As long as you (stop friendzoning me and start being into me as much as I'm into you) love anime, you will rock! :D

Btw maybe you will be interested in this thread: https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1602705. If you ask me, the answer of this guy was pretty awesome and I would totally marry him if I were you
Umbra_curator Mar 24, 5:13 AM
What was Gravity Falls about? :o

Well what kind of Anime would you like to watch?
Umbra_curator Mar 22, 5:37 PM
Oh okay D: