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Anime Stats
Days: 160.6
Mean Score: 7.83
  • Total Entries721
  • Rewatched0
  • Episodes9,838
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Asobi Asobase Specials
Asobi Asobase Specials
Jan 2, 2:24 AM
Completed 2/2 · Scored 9
Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan
Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan
Jan 1, 1:53 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 10
Manga Stats
Days: 83.4
Mean Score: 8.72
  • Total Entries236
  • Reread0
  • Chapters8,107
  • Volumes1,668
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Jan 5, 2:52 AM
Reading 60/? · Scored 10
Kakegurui Twin
Kakegurui Twin
Jan 5, 2:52 AM
Reading 2/? · Scored 9
Musuko no Yome
Musuko no Yome
Jan 4, 11:11 PM
Reading 11/57 · Scored 8


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SirJoker Oct 29, 2018 2:22 PM

Username Oct 15, 2018 8:44 PM
Ironiic Jun 26, 2018 7:01 PM
The Chimera Ant arc is my favorite. It was pretty slow and not interesting at first, I thought the Ant enemies were lame and boring. Over time they grew on me because they stopped being killing machines and started to develop their own characters. The best part for me was Gon's experiences and how he began to develop more. He went into the ant country thinking it was a piece of cake but then Kite was taken after saving him. Then later he found out Kite was dead and he went crazy and was willing to die to get revenge (leading to the awesome Adult Gon scene). It was a good arc for showing the friendship between Gon and Killua. I liked how Meruem was a monster that was slowly turning human, and Gon was a human turning into a monster. Overall it was a great ride with a good conclusion.
Ironiic Jun 26, 2018 9:32 AM
That's good to hear, i'm happy that you liked it . I honestly thought you would get bored and drop it.
I never noticed Chrollo's ears while I watched it, but now I can see what you're talking about lol. It's great that you like Feitan, he doesn't get that much screentime but he's still cool in whatever scenes he's in. I have caught up to the manga now and it's in the middle of the Dark Contintent/Succession arc. Kurapika is the MC for this arc and Leorio is also there. Gon and Killua don't appear in this one so far. It's very dialogue heavy but that makes it amazing. I don't know how much is left of it but it's a very very suspenseful arc.

I spent the last 2 weeks finishing Gintama and it's my #1 anime now, I didn't know it would be so amazing. Gintoki and Kagura are my favorite. Idk how I feel about the Silver Soul season 1 though, the animation felt very lacking compared to the rest of the show.
Ironiic Jun 25, 2018 11:51 PM
Hi, im great. Sorry I didn't see this earlier I haven't been checking my MAL profile
Ironiic May 23, 2018 12:58 AM
alright [:
Ironiic May 23, 2018 12:48 AM
Oh nice, as i said, it starts kinda light hearted but it's not trash or anything.
Ironiic May 23, 2018 12:32 AM
mmh i don't really play games that much anymore but I like CSGO and R6 Siege
Ironiic May 23, 2018 12:21 AM
One Piece games?
Ironiic May 23, 2018 12:00 AM
It's my favorite as well, I especially can't wait to see Luffy's DF awakening. It will be amazing
Ironiic May 22, 2018 11:41 PM
Yes I hope they all become allies with luffy by the end or something. Idk about that though since some are trying to take down shanks, but luffy wants shanks for himself
Ironiic May 22, 2018 11:26 PM
There's theories that he's secretly working against Kaido so i'm basing it on that, idk. I think it's pretty plausible
Ironiic May 22, 2018 11:14 PM
I personally think it'll be some sort of collective effort between all of the Supernovas, especially X Drake
Ironiic May 22, 2018 10:48 PM
Yeah the big mom arc just ended in the manga, its currently transitioning to the next arc which I think will be Reverie and then Wano
Ironiic May 22, 2018 10:34 PM
I read all of the manga, I haven't actually sat down and watched the show in it's entirety but I still have it as favorite because I liked it so much