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Rin Kaga (鹿賀 りん)

Birthdate: August 4th
Starsign: Leo
Age: 6-7, 15-16
Height: 112 - 120 cm (6 years old) - 167 cm (15-16 years old)

Rin is a six-year-old girl and the illegitimate daughter of Daikichi's grandfather, Souichi Kaga, and manga artist Masako Yoshii. After Souichi died, Masako abandoned Rin for the sake of her career as a Manga artist.

Rin is very independent and mature for her age and is often dealing with issues on her own. Living with Daikichi, she develops a fondness of cooking for him.

Manga spoilers! Read at own risk.

Voice Actors
Matsuura, Ayu
Zilm, Margarete

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