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Jack Feb 13, 8:01 AM
Long time no talk (due to my lack of a response mostly) which I apologize for. I've noticed you pop back around every now and then with a little more frequency now as opposed to when I noticed you were offline for that long stretch of time. Anyways I hope you're doing well, curious to see if that statement on your profile about reviewing everything you're watching and reading now is still standing true nowadays.

Also, I've just completed a particularly moving piece and decided to actually show some effort in response to all the things it caused me to feel by writing my first review on here about it. I was wondering if you could give it a read sometime (the review, but I also highly recommend the manga too if you haven't read it yet) and let me know what you think of it, I would highly value any advice you have considering you've written a good amount of reviews yourself. I feel as though I definitely meandered a bit at times in the review and there are some details I couldn't find enough detail to devote a section to writing about but overall it was an exciting thing to do.
teoti Jan 31, 5:04 PM
I loved your comment for School Days; made me laugh until I cried.
Every now and then MAL produces a true gem of a review. Yours is one such gem.
Thank you. :)
Ginga_Daiuchuu Dec 10, 2018 7:36 PM
thank you my brother
devileyes Oct 16, 2018 9:10 PM
i have removed what exactly? LOL you must be a blind pussy
but now that you mention it, i did in fact put a facebook link a few years ago.
my question remains unanswered. but then again, americans are known for their short attention span, among many other things D:

p.s insulting my intelligence will get you nowhere tbh, like seriously my left toe is probably smarter than your whole family, as for my body damn i really was that frail 8 years ago huh, no matter tho i could probably tear you a new butthole with my pinky now.
devileyes Oct 16, 2018 3:08 AM
it hit right in the feels huh, good job tho using reverse image search to find out who i am, you remind me of those script kiddies "i went to the deep web, i'm a fuckin hacker dude" xD..
no matter tho, you still haven't answered my question, are you still that pussy from 10 years ago?
devileyes Oct 14, 2018 7:33 AM
you've reviewed baki 10 years ago, i was simply wondering are you still a pussy 10 years later?
Ryuseishun Sep 11, 2018 7:12 PM
I watched Grave of the Fireflies, and I can totally agree with your review.
The feels I was supposed to get were non-existent, imo, because like you mentioned...the film failed or just simply didn’t try to make a statement or meaning to it.
Bored97 Aug 24, 2018 4:16 AM

For me it was hilarious,the anime.
Haven't read the manga though.
Bored97 Jul 26, 2018 6:01 AM
Nice Fullmetal Panic review.

You should watch this
spiderjerusalem May 5, 2018 11:11 PM
I'm actually a big fan of Gordeau, at the time it felt like he was definitely one of the better fighters and very fun to watch.

I'm actually going to CEO 2018 in late June, as it's upstate and I've got plenty of friends going up to travel for it, including from the local Tekken scene. I have no plans for Evo, unless I make some good money at CEO. I did go in 2010 I believe and had a great time. If I make it to top 8 at CEO I'm going to use the song Kizudarake no Eikou from Ashita no Joe as my entrance theme!

I'm also playing a bit of DBFZ, though I'm nowhere near as good at it, it's a very fun game and I'm pretty tight with the whole scene down here.

I've become something of a go-to commentator for south miami locals no matter the game, and it's given me some thought as to maybe starting a twitch channel to cover Tekken and other fighters (and maybe a little Bloodborne, I adore that game).
spiderjerusalem May 3, 2018 10:24 PM
Harold is the absolute treasure of that era.

It's been rough, but there's bright spots. I'm actually one of the best Tekken 7 players in the state right now!

"If you're comin on, come on!"
Jack Apr 29, 2018 6:32 PM
Akagi sounds to be the more interesting to me at the moment, but would you say that either of the them can get dry at times? I think that is the one thing that worries me the most about the two, series focused specifically on games sounds like it might get boring, and I'm sorry but from an outsider's perspective that art is pretty bleh at the moment.

"Even with ideal study, I didn't have anywhere close to the talent to be a world top 20 player, and it's a hard professional life even for a borderline top 100 player, let alone "just" a grandmaster.

The number of super-elite players (2700+ FIDE) has increased from 8 during the late 90's to 50, and that's emblematic of how tough and competitive it is nowadays."

What makes the professional life so difficult, moreso than other sports/games? Is the sheer amount of time you have to put into it? When you are so good at the game how exactly do you make time for other things beside it? It almost seems like you have to live a life of pure devotion, almost more than others.

Also that sounds like quite the jump in high-level player count, is there any specific reason such as the skill level becoming more accessible or just randomness?

"I consider Gundam Wing a legitimately good show, despite its flaws."

Fair enough, different tastes are a wonderful thing to have, especially when it comes to discussions about them, as I'm sure there might be onne such show on my own list that you wonder why I gave it such a score.

"But that lasted for a very short while until they murdered his character."

It seems like they did that with most of the main group, Quatre never really developed, I can't even remember what Trowa's purpose was, it felt like Wufei was the only one remained his own character, which is shame when you look at Heero.

"But "One Punch Man" started out as a webcomic, and that was great."

As was Mob Psycho, which I absolutely adored its world-building and use of various characters, but shifting to a different format, have you read any webtoons lately (aside from Bastard), if so what are your thoughts? Those especially, as you said, are blooming right now with works like Tower of God, Lookism, and the "isekai" of the webtoon format, all of the sex-webtoons. Which are fun for all the right reasons. Truly a swell time to be a fan of both mediums.

Jack Apr 27, 2018 2:17 PM
Yeah, I guess when it comes down to it even the bad can end up being memorable albeit mostly for the wrong reasons. Although I guess there are some cases where they fall under the umbrella of being "so bad it's good" but the problem is, if it's so bad it's good then I don't think it's bad in the first place. For example, just finished a manga, it was pretty thoroughly the most dudebro B-movie in manga form, and while it was bad, I will definitely remember it for being so outlandish.

"No worries. Unless a series accurately and deeply delves into the endeavor, it's often just window dressing for a story about perseverance, struggle, growing up, etc."

That is definitely the case in Sangatsu's case, would you say that's the same for Kaiji/Akagi or are those purely about the game itself?

"I learned the moves when I was 8, but only became serious about studying and improving when I was 10. I haven't played in a tournament since I was 19, but am actually stronger than ever now, based on the games I play online and tactical puzzles I solve. I still love the game as much as ever, but if you don't make grandmaster by the age of 18 or earlier, you have no chance to be a professional with a comfortable living. And that's not to say you have a great chance even if you become a grandmaster at 15 or so!"

It sounds as though you're still enchanted by it, are you sad that you weren't able to make it a career or are you satisfied with what you do now? For myself there are a few things I wish I could go back and focus on fully but since that is the past I just try and focus on achieving what I want now.

"I loved Gundam Wing when I was a kid, and when I rewatched it in undergrad, around the age of 20, it largely held up. Now, I won't pretend there aren't numerous flaws, including those that you mentioned above. But it does enough things well or correctly, and at its best evokes a truly unique feeling from its grandiose, larger-than-life duels in space, all with a dash of poignant loneliness."

That seems to be the most common reasoning I hear people liking it, was it on Adult Swim years ago or some other station? Either way I can sympathize with that feeling of nostalgia, one of the anime on my favorite lists I can admit not being too good but as it being the first anime series I completed, it means to much for me to think of it as anything but great.

If there is anything positive to pull from Relena's character, it seems they nailed what they wanted her to be in the most recent Iron-Blooded Orphans, just wish it didn't take so many iterations to get her right. Yeah for what was supposed to be the "god of death" character, he didn't exhibit such qualities at all, the only thing I remember of duo was his little side story of him living with that girl, very unfortunate.

So you would say DMC does have a core plot to itself? It isn't just watching a band go about performing? That's certainly a lot more interesting than my previous thoughts of it.

Looking up the wikipedia entry for Dance Dance Dance and reading a little bit about it certainly raises my interests very high and so does Sputnik, oh lordy I can't have myself become too enthralled in someone's work, especially when from what I've read of his books, it seems very interesting and makes me want to seek out his works.

"What blows my mind is that the same author who wrote that dreck also penned the outstanding, unique, horrifying "Himizu"."

Both of those works seem vastly different, I wonder how he goes from a crass story from one that at the outset reads incredibly bleak. Just from reading the mal entries for both pulls me more towards Himizu but the "turtle incident" listed under Ping Pong's is oddly transfixing.
UknwWhu Apr 26, 2018 3:26 AM
Damn a mimura Shinji Fan. Brilliant taste
Jack Apr 25, 2018 9:39 PM
And Elfien Lied tends to be a common topic of criticism, but from the differences in the source material that was adapted, I think from the get you might find Insider to be a bit more grounded, especially with how it handles its setting.

"There is apparently an entire genre of JRPG parodies, but in the medium of light novels (Western as well as Japanese). That would indeed be fertile ground for a manga; strange that I can't think of a title that has done it."

Only one I can think of is Senyuu although that is a web manga, such a shame others haven't but why would you when all the light novels have it covered? Sigh

"Sangatsu no Lion is about shogi, not mahjong."

Ah that's really embarrassing, my bad. Although with the differences in the way the two are depicted, shogi for the large part being much more of a slow wave where majong for the large part seems much more apparent in its intensity.

One of the best you say? How did that come about, did it capture your interest from a young age or was it something you picked up on a whim in your teens? And how has your skill and interest changed since then?

Gundam Wing was such a bore unfortunately, they didn't take advantage of any strengths that it showed around the beginning, the large ignorance of Relena as a character and the huge sections spent on backstory that was as tasteless as a piece of burnt bread really soured my experience with the whole thing, thankfully the rest of the franchise is not nearly as bad as it, although I have yet to see some that people might consider terrible.

Would you say DMC benefits more as an anime, and thus the manga should be ignored? I see you gave high scores to both but which one would you say is a better experience? I'd like to avoid watching and then reading, if anything I'd want to just consume one of the two in its entirety instead of having to pick up wherever the anime ends.

Any recommendations by Murakami? Are most of his works translated to english as that would be much preferred.

Ping Pong Club, from the outset looks like some sort of "Adult-Swim" type show, would you say that's an apt guess or, as you said, is there nothing like that in the America?