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Bikini Warriors Special
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Bikini Warriors
Bikini Warriors
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Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
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Dr. Frost
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Colonelfancy Yesterday, 4:42 PM
Thanks very much. Glad you enjoy the content.
Jack Apr 22, 2:44 PM
So then most of the shows you watch now are shows you have watched in the past? Perhaps I'm misunderstanding but when you say you stopped watching anime around 2010, what makes it so you don't want to watch anything post-2010? Like for example I have stopped watching anime, I don't know when I'll do so again but it's not like I'm only going to watch shows from before 2017 whenever do I get to watching again, you see where my confusion is?

Yeah, Bikini Warriors, yeah-uh that's moe, qualifies as some other things as well but moe is in there.

I would like to read the Kaiji/Akagi series sometime in the future but the main thing that puts me off is the idea that some of the matches that occur within that series can end up being quite lengthy which seems as though it can become boring, but who know, maybe they're all interesting. I plan to watch that movie as well, actually I've started owning the novels so whenever I feel like it I plan to jump right into both as that setting fascinates me.

If that side story is actually plot focused I would have no problem with watching it, that was one of my main problems with the series as a whole, too many side stories that were just plain uninteresting compared to the few glimpses of plot which actually seemed mesmerizing. When it comes to DMC the thing that makes me cautious of approaching it is how deeply rooted in humor it is, as I'm fearful of most of the jokes just falling by the wayside, although the one-clip of it that I seem to see most often with little girl at the concert is quite hilarious.

Here is where I got the layout, there's a few more available but this one seemed the cleanest.
Jaarin Apr 22, 12:25 PM
I do read a fair amount of manga, I am just not so diligent when updating my profile with those that I have read. Thanks for the recommendation though.
Strollas Apr 21, 1:58 PM
Are you actually using my sarcasm to rebuttal my claim? I was thinking that those 600 people would be bots, but it had been straight up confirmed now.
Strollas Apr 20, 10:58 PM
Just because a movie doesn't make you cry, doesn't mean it's bad. And the last time, I checked humans weren't perfect. I might be wrong, but we all have our own selfish feelings and they get amplified even more in a more dire and serious situation in war. Like 5% of your review of Graveyard of the Fireflies is actual content worthy of noting. The other percent is senseless nitpicking that can be considered "filler."

"Another weakness of the movie is how completely contrived and fake the emotions were. You're telling me that when Seita sees his dead mother, her skin burned off her very flesh, he doesn't cry? He's so tough, that he tries to entertain his younger sister by doing tricks on a metal high bar?"

Like literally what does this even mean. Feels like I'm watching an insult match between two kids here. Lemme tell you this. You are literally criticizing the movie for nothing having him cry over his mother's death and acting tough. What is this honestly?!
Jack Apr 20, 10:58 AM
That is quite restrictive, what causes you to focus on (almost solely) shows before the 2010's? Is it something about them (the lack of moe) or personal preference? From the few post-2010 anime you listed it seems to avoid the idea of "moe-fying" shows that has taken hold of large part of the anime industry at this point, although to be fair, Sword Art Online's character designs could be heavily considered as moe.

Have any recommendations for pre-2010 shows you can throw my way?
Jack Apr 18, 8:25 PM
Very true, the tag is rather new if we're looking at the age of the site as a whole. And for all the negatives that might come with it, it does help people discern between reviews after the fact, thankfully in your case it seemed to only affect a couple of your mildly popular reviews, but it does look somewhat funky compared to the large amount of your reviews that do not carry the tag.

What falls underneath the "big show" umbrella? Madhouse, Trigger, Bones shows? Possibly Kyoani as well and Yuasa's few hits. I'd throw Rakugo as well in there.
Jack Apr 18, 9:13 AM
Unfortunately there is no way to change the status of a review once it has been uploaded, (that's the price that comes with uploading while a series is still going on, no matter how close it is to ending unfortunately) I get that it's a pain as having to reupload a review basically removes any exposure you received first time around and the preliminary tag is a bit ugly to have to keep on a review so it's really up to you.

I'd suggest at your earliest convenience to get to Texhnolyze as that's a life changer, and Kemonozume is just a wonderfully euphoric ride through and through.
Tozzy Feb 21, 4:22 AM
Great OPM review. It was also the anime that 'brought me back', in a sense.
Lulu_Cat Feb 17, 5:57 PM
Just wanted to say that I freaking loved your review of School Days! Was really funny and so true. (Even though I liked the anime X0)
blademagic Feb 13, 7:43 PM
Hey thanks for your review on Grave of the Fireflies! It was an interesting read, and I would like to express some of my opinions here if I may. I don't agree with much of it, but there are some parts that you hit on the nail. However, I do not believe that it warrants such a low rating.

Firstly, what you said about Seita is 100% correct. His actions in the movie were beyond idiotic. He was directly responsible for his and his sister's demise. However, I do not think that this is a weakness of the story at all. Yes, Seita took what little hope he had left in his life (his aunt's goodwill, despite her unfairness) and cast it to the wind, but the point of the story is that this was a fatal mistake. He chose "freedom" from his aunt, if you could even call it that, over safety, which is a completely illogical choice in hindsight. But, what did this decision cost him? His life. It's not just his own life, but his sister''s life before his. Talk about a cruel ending. Make bad choices, get bad endings. I think that this is one point that the story got across. The character, Seita, is indeed responsible for the entire tragedy of the movie, but that is what the movie is about—I do not think that this was accidental, but intended.

Secondly, you mention that Seita reacts in ways that would be illogical or unrealistic (e.g. not crying at dead mother's body), but this may not be the case. When faced with such traumatic experiences such as those faced by Seita, it is not always possible to guess how a person would react. It's quite possible that the only way for Seita to cope was not to cry, but to try and suppress his own feelings by trying to cheer up his sister. He may not be trying to act "tough", but may be in so much pain that he couldn't even express it. Of course, we will never know what he truly felt without the director/writers of the movie explaining it.

Thirdly, you have to remember that this is a 14-year old child at the end of a life-altering crisis that is WWII. It's not reasonable to expect a child that young, most likely in his rebellious stage (evidenced by his rebellious attitude of course), to act in a mature, logical manner. I presume that most people on this planet have made mistakes in their teenage years that they would not otherwise make in their adult lives, and Seita is no different. However, the fatal difference with him is that his mistakes were made at a time where he could very easily have lost his life, compared to any other time.

Finally, you note that there is no lesson to be learned—no moral to the story, no punchline to the joke—to this movie. I believe that there is one, but I also agree with you. The moral of the story is that war is cruel, and like you've said, many, many movies have already demonstrated that. That does not mean that it cannot be repeated. The message is the same, but the medium is different. It's nice to convey messages through different art forms, and it would be impossible not to repeat a message with the thousands of films, shows, books, and other media that are released. It is exceptionally important for a message such as this: "War is cruel. Your decisions in times of war carry with them a much higher risk than in times of peace. As such, we must avoid the cruel, cruel war to the best of our ability." This message has been repeated hundreds, if not thousands, of times, but it is equally impactful and important each time.

However, like you said, Grave of the Fireflies does not have a punchline. It was not meant to have a punchline. The message is conveyed through the struggles up to the climax, with nothing after that. You are lead along the way, hoping for some meaning to what you have watched, but in the end, there is no explicit meaning except for the hardships of war that was depicted and that everyone—not just Seita and his sister—experienced. Not every single story needs to have a point, and it is my belief that Grave of the Fireflies does have a very important point to it. Some stories are just that—stories. They do not have morals or goals, and are meant to just show you something, and I believe that Grave of the Fireflies partly falls in that category.

Once again, thank you for your review. It raised some very interesting points of discussion that I hoped to have rebutted, and I hope that I may change your view on it as well.
abystoma2 Sep 3, 2017 11:00 AM

Thanks Satan.
Aiyuttos Jul 10, 2017 6:18 PM
I like reviews especially your review on school days
bravebbr Jun 21, 2017 1:41 AM
i just read your review on "Grave of the Fireflies"...
I wont say much but only this:
It was Accurate AF... I can't agree with your statements anymore.. LOL
Seita was a bloody useless piece of crap who instead of doing something to save his and her sister's life, he went on playing together and stealing stuff...
there was no event in the whole movie where he ask someone to give him some work so he can get some food as a return but no... he was determined to starve and make her sister starve too..
the alternate ending could have been that when the farmer takes him to the police station, the police guy put him into jail forever and they both die afterwards... that could have been better to accept this bull shit that way

sorry i said so much xD
TheKillerAngel Mar 26, 2017 1:47 PM
While Sangatsu no Lion does have some very Shogi-heavy parts that are probably incomprehensible to anyone who doesn't play the game, the show employs visual metaphors to communicate the player's states of mind and their strategic postures on the board. I thought it was a very solid show, among the best of the 2016-2017 offering. Some people may not like the shifts between comedy and drama, a bit similar to Your Lie in April. Quoting Veronin, who wrote a review of the show, "Sangatsu no Lion is at its surface an anime about shogi, but at its core a coming-of-age story of overcoming depression."