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Feb 21, 2018
I haven't watched much anime in recent years. Like a lot of users, I was an avid consumer of the medium in my early 20s, but my viewership steadily declined as I approached 30 and other interests took over. A few years ago, I watched "Attack on Titan" and it was dreadful, giving me the impression that I wasn't missing out on much.

One night, on a lark, I decided to give "One Punch Man" a shot, which I didn't have particularly high hopes for.

Not only did it turn out to be an excellent series, but it revitalized my interest in anime. read more
Mar 13, 2016
Surprisingly, I liked the original "Bikini Warriors", which was a humorous parody of both JRPG conventions and similar big-breasted female anime.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said of the special, apparently a bonus for anyone that ordered the regular DVD set. This entry has no humor and attempts no parody. It's just softcore porn.

And it goes further in that regard than the regular series, exposing nipples and featuring both fingering and cunnilingus between the four heroines, albeit not fully revealed.

If you like that, check this out. I didn't, so it was a waste of four minutes.

(Apparently, this review was read more
Mar 12, 2016
Sometimes you just feel like watching a fucking weird series, one you never normally would. "Bikini Warriors" is one of my strangest selections. It's an unabashed softcore porn series, a genre that has become popular in the past six years. I decided the gamble was worth it because of how short it was (12 episodes at 4 minutes each) and that it was ostensibly a comedy.

It exceeded my expectations. It's a parody through and through, mocking conventions of JRPGs (particularly the "Dragon Quest" series, whose logo it mimics), similar softcore porn anime, and the general concept of attractive women fighting read more
Nov 8, 2015
Judged on its own merits, it's good. As a remake of the 1998 anime or an adaptation of the manga, it's awful.

Part of the problem is trying to cram so many events into such a short movie. We barely get a glimpse into Guts' past, and nothing about Griffith or Caska, which is central to understanding them. We don't see all but one of the battles the Hawks win, many of which are vital to the story. And even that lone victory is abbreviated. No one in the Band of the Hawk except Griffith, Guts, and Caska gets any attention. Judeau gets a read more
Nov 8, 2015
Junji Ito, easily the greatest horror mangaka ever, decided to write an autobiographical diary about taking care of his two cute cats with his wife. It was a radical departure, but Ito's talent shined through, creating a funny, entertaining work.

Despite being a manga about two adorable felines and his wife, Ito uses the same drawing style and presentation as for his horror manga. The wife has pupil-less eyes and a demonic grin. The cats are constantly drawn as creepy, fearsome beings internally plotting among themselves for their owner's demise. Frequently, Ito draws himself as an insane monster. This read more
Sep 20, 2015
Astro (Manga) add (All reviews)
While I have always liked science, and presently research it for a living, I only got into science fiction books in the last 3 years. I discovered that scientific knowledge differs wildly among authors. In fact, many great sci-fi writers didn't necessarily need a good scientific base, as Harry Harrison's work demonstrates. Thus, I was excited to read a science fiction manga.

Unfortunately, the manga's author, Kuji, possesses less scientific knowledge than a bright 8 year-old, and his scenario is crappy shounen potboiler.

The premise is simple. A team of three astronauts must stop an electrical system that has read more
Sep 18, 2015
I signed up to MyAnimeList in July 2008, and read YKK within a year. At that time, it was rated around a 9 and perennially ranked in the top 5 manga, including a stint at #1. Now, 6+ years later, it's rated 8.67 and #48, while Akira is in the top 25, a JoJo series is in the top 10, and two Urasawa manga are in the top 6.

In other words, good job, manga MAL readers!

YKK is about a young woman, Alpha Hatsuseno, who owns a small coffee shop in rural Japan and runs errands on a motorized scooter. read more
Sep 16, 2015
What a shame. I will never understand how sequels develop amnesia, forgetting everything that made the original appealing.

I wrote a very positive review of the prequel here;

The sequel features Mari, or Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman, continuing her battle against the Black Buddha cult. Unfortunately, that's about the only quality left intact.

You know how the original focused on zany characters and situations, and just tried to be funny? Well, that's gone. The enemies here are bland and they don't even attempt a joke for long portions of the run time.

What has it read more
Sep 16, 2015
As I'm sure is true for most, I decided to watch this anime because of the name. Merely saying "Butt Attack Punisher Girl" out loud makes me laugh. But is that all the OVA has going for it? After all, many works have a neat name or even amusing premise, but are as fun to sit through as a colonoscopy.

Luckily, that is not the case here. "Butt Attack Punisher Girl" is a silly comedy through and through, never presenting itself as anything else. And in that capacity, it succeeds.

Mari Amache is a shy, sheltered Christian who is intimidated by the read more
Sep 8, 2015
I remember this being one of the better DBZ movies when I was a dumbass 14 year-old who liked the franchise, half a lifetime ago. I particularly recall enjoying the biomechanical monsters the Z warriors fought. Needless to write, nostalgia clouded my judgment.

As with any property related to DBZ, the plot is insipid. A mad scientist, Dr. Kochin, is able to easily gather all 7 Dragonballs before Goku and company even figure out what is going on. Some defenders of Earth they are! What is the point of even having a radar if they are going to ignore read more