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Feb 26, 2020
Story: Trans kids growing up and going through puberty.

Actual story: Young kids being confused about gender identity because they don't fit their own gender's norms and attribuating it to not being their sex. Also, transgender girls being taken more seriously kinda, even though the kiddo isn't a trans girl but a crossdresssing boy.

It seems really liked and hyped, especially by the lgbt community, probably cuz there isn't anything else that is so openly ''trans'' with its story setting.
It's not a trans story though, so I don't get the praise for that specific aspect. It's a story about kids being confused and not conforming to read more
Nov 26, 2019
Really bland feel to the manga and ''spaced out'' vibe. Not in a bad way though, it seems to have been the point.
Don't expect a ''cutesy romance BL'' thing, its more of a short but vague-ish story that was more realistic than the usual fluff and tropes and clichés of most BL. Lots of open ends, not much

I really enjoyed the vague, bland, boringness of the domestic life of two long-date friends (kinds friends). No overbearing fluff, not melodramatic scene of a random other guy being a romantic rival. Not much at all, but that was the point, again.

A down side would be that read more
Aug 9, 2019
Niichan (Manga) add (All reviews)
It's a very vile manga about child predators and grooming. It's a fairly good portayal of it, so it gets a good score.

It IS disgusting though. Don't expect a cute romance with a minor or ''uwu softness'' like you fujo weebs say. It is a tale of abus. And the abused not growing out of his love for his abuser.

Not sure if the author glamorizes it, but she kinda seem to. ''It's not disgusting, it's a different type of love'' or something like that is written in and said by another character. So I'm not sure,, but it's very likely.

Regardless, it is gross, disgusting and read more
Aug 9, 2019
Barely any plot. It's all about ''let's fuck'' oh, and ''cool eyes, I wanna date you now, and have sex, Sex sex sex sex, cool eyes, sex''

Complete and utter waste of my time. Read if you like:
- mxm sex x1000
- Unusual art style
- Heterochromia

Things I liked/What there is to like:

-The artstyle. For the most part. The cool eyes dude was WAY too skinny even for a guy. And not in a realistic skinny way. In a female proportion way. Which was disappointing though, but the rest were pretty consistent and well proportioned;
-The original idea seemed good;
- I like unusual read more
Aug 9, 2019
This manga is one of a kind; it has an actual plot, compared to most yaoi mangas, and actual character development, which is also a rarity amongst the yaoi subgenre.

The first story is dark, but not overly and uselessly cruel or violent. It's sweet and simple (well, not sweet, but you get the idea). A unassuming priest chases a thief and ends up following him to a cult.

The second one is about a guy with a talking flower. I'll just let you read it without much else in mind.

Things I liked/What there is to like:

-The dark overtone is subtle yet effective in both stories read more
Aug 9, 2019
Ah, the classic I groom a child and it's a very cute romance. I like it!

For everyone praising and loved it, the ''seme'' character is a child predator, you know that right? He's grooming the kid ya know what that is right? That is not particularly cute, you realize that? No?

Then picture this:
A little girl that is ''raised by wolves'' and not particularly taken care of by her legal guardian, to the point of her being violent to anyone. Then she meets with a very adult male and he gets to take care of her and starts a blooming romance, being flirted with read more