Aug 9, 2019
Niichan (Manga) add (All reviews)
RegalRascal (All reviews)
It's a very vile manga about child predators and grooming. It's a fairly good portayal of it, so it gets a good score.

It IS disgusting though. Don't expect a cute romance with a minor or ''uwu softness'' like you fujo weebs say. It is a tale of abus. And the abused not growing out of his love for his abuser.

Not sure if the author glamorizes it, but she kinda seem to. ''It's not disgusting, it's a different type of love'' or something like that is written in and said by another character. So I'm not sure,, but it's very likely.

Regardless, it is gross, disgusting and sad.

(If it isn't the author's intent for the story, then I would give this a 4)