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JeremiahOrange May 2, 2023 9:39 PM
Hey Emily thx for being friend!!
Kang-Yuna Nov 23, 2021 11:50 PM
Well true but if you don't have the contacts then getting a job is pretty hard.
Well it depends. It's not all just writing. There is tv, radio, podcasts, long form journalism, photojournalism, and all sort of different subject matters you can get into.

I do wonder about that. At the moment it's looking pretty rough. I won't find a job in journalism for the time being. So I intend on doing a cyber security course, just to have something as a backup.

Oh nice haha

Exactly. I don't mind it but I'm quite a "to the point" person, so small talk honestly sometimes annoys me.
Kang-Yuna Nov 16, 2021 12:45 PM
I bet :)

Oh I don't anymore. I graduated over a year ago, well unofficially if you like, but I did a master in international journalism,

Well get to know people yes, but I personally prefer actual conversations rather than small talk. It's not really my thing to be honest.

Kang-Yuna Nov 10, 2021 4:46 AM
Oh nice.

That is good to hear, because that is quite crucial. Well at the very least it does give you the knowledge, and like you said it does prepare you to some degree, even if it is just the theroy.

Still a plan! So that is great to hear.
Kang-Yuna Nov 7, 2021 12:57 AM
Oh I see. How is that going for you?

Oh nice. I'm from Poland haha and I really like that company. I'm sure you did perfectly fine.

May I ask what subject is that for? It sounds seriously interesting, in comparison to what I did in school.

Kang-Yuna Nov 3, 2021 12:47 PM
I'm glad to hear that :)

You too!

Have you been up to much latley?
Kang-Yuna Nov 2, 2021 11:53 AM
Hey thanks for adding me to your friendlist! Hope you are doing well :)
OblivionXKnight May 14, 2021 9:23 AM
Please Please Please Can You Read My Latest Story? <3 <3 <3 <3 Thanks :) *Best Friends Forever Hug*

*Happiest Best Friends Forever And Ever In The Whole Universe Hug* (^__^) *High 5*

*Happy Best Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)
Naroomaki Oct 2, 2020 2:41 PM
Just browsed through your profile

And all I gotta say is......

Eris-w- Sep 1, 2020 10:40 PM
Hey! Hope you're having a good day. Who's the dog in your forum signature picture? I can't remember and they look familiar. ^^;;
heinrich6745 Jun 27, 2020 8:22 PM
Dang that sucks to year, i am quite sad about the passing but hey i guess things happen. Last year was pretty rough on me with family deaths that were close to me as well but now i'm expecting a child of my own. I understand why his relative wanted to keep his wish with keeping it private though.

Thanks for letting me know and have some closure for sure!
OblivionXKnight Apr 27, 2020 11:45 AM
Hello Emily (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Magical Day 2 You :D

^o^ You Are Special ^o^

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Have An Adventure :D *Best Friends Forever Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :))))))))))))))) :D ^o^ :P (^__^)

-Amata- Apr 16, 2020 8:42 AM
So I added you ^^
I'm this weird maaagdzialena (the story behind this name is a long one honestly and I do retreat it's not Amata).
Don't get surprised xD

The reply is late again but was feeling stressed and anxious recently.

Summer conference job? What is it exactly about? You're a kind of hostess there or something?
Hm... Heard that they expect a second wave of the virus in autumn so we won't get rid of it so easily.
I recently saw a documentary about the virus in China and oh god. That was scary when they just welded ppl door so they can't go out of their houses...

Hope ya doing fine ^^
-Amata- Mar 28, 2020 11:27 AM
Sorry for the late reply. I'm not much social online recently :'D
Moved some of my online friends to Snapchat so if you wanna exchange Snap names (if you have one) I'm open ^^
Trying to socialize more with my family face to face cuz I had no idea that only written messages can get so frustrating after a while :x

Recently they announced a pandemic state and I'm kinda scared about the economy. My dad is going to stay home next week cuz they mostly send products to Russia and Russia closed the border... If he'll stay home longer we may be a bit short with money next month...

I know what you mean. I have like this too sometimes. I talk to my friends via Snapchat and when they don't reply for a while I impatiently start to think that it's probably cuz they have enough of me or I'm just to pushy etc.
Too bad that it may last even till June...

-Amata- Mar 21, 2020 11:47 AM
I'm not sure if you would even get a new job now. Idk how in US but in my country, they closed almost all public places and try to make ppl work from home if possible.

Weird. Did you manage to make it work finally?

I'm already staying a week at home and getting crazy slowly...
And I'm going to stay at home till 14th April... I can't even go outside... I mean in the garden yes but... ugh.. .So bored.
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