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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen Recap
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen Recap
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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Jan 15, 10:10 AM
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LadySofia Oct 8, 2:52 PM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

How are you doing? I hope both you and Daisy Froggy Kiss are doing well :)

How much do you like Final Fantasy 10, compared to the other Final Fantasy Games? And its cool that you finished the Fairy Tail game, I hope you had loads of fun :D

*happy best friends in the whole universe and beyond forever and ever hug*

I missed you too! *hugs*

Wow, the Ticcers Unite Channel is really informative! She talks really well and informed, and I think I learned a lot in those two videos! I subscribed to her channel, and I think I'll watch more videos from her! Thanks for sharing it with me :)

I never really knew about the term Special Interrests/obsessions, but it does make sense, and I love knowing it exists! And yes, Special Interrests defenitely seems to fit for your love of anime and video games :D

Right now, I'm learning so much about narrating audiobooks, it kind of feels like a special interrest ^^ I learn stuff about it the whole day, and think about it in bed until I fall asleep ^^

Pretending to hug Daisy Froggy Kiss sounds like a wonderful Stim :)

Cool! Then I hope you and Luke both have super much fun playing games on the PlayStation 5 :D
I really like the Switch too (not as much as you I think though), but I gave it to my brother, who is on a semester in Slowenia right now. I miss him though :/ He's been gone for a week now, and we do write lots, but I miss talking to him pretty much every day all the time. But I did start doing harder workout, and building muscles, so I can impress him when he gets back! He does lots of workout, and is sooooo much stronger than me ^^

I finished Avengers Endgame a while ago, and wow! That was an amazing movie series! I loved all the heroes working together, and going through everything together! It was really cool! I loved the Black Panther movie characters :) And Iron Man, and Spiderman, and Dr Strange and Thor! ^^ Yeah, Captain America was super cool too :D He IS super nice, thats something I really love about his character too!

I'm going to have a really good microphone soon (well, for my standards ^^) and I'm currently buiding my closet into a small narrating booth :) I'm putting blankets inside it, and foam, to catch the sound as it bounces off the walls. And then, when I have my microphone and record, it should record a really clear sound! I look forward to it soooo much! And I'm going to record the christmas elves with that booth and microphone :D

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

I love being your friend, and having you as my friend! Talking to you is the best!

Stay safe, and give Daisy Froggy Kiss a hug from me :)

Have an adventure!
See you next time!
Bye bye!
LadySofia Sep 24, 1:05 PM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

How are you today? I hope you're well :) And Daisy Froggy Kiss too!

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your town being on lockdown again :/ I hope you stay safe and well!

It's nice to hear that you loved tha Fairy Tail game :) Thats lovely!

I've heard a bit about the new Playstation 5. It sounds awesome! But I'm already having too many games to play on Computer and Swtich, and am not fully using both consoles as much as I'd want... It's awesome that your brother is getting one for christmas! Maybe you can play something on it together with him?

Yes, I've seen the Harry Potter trailer, looks epic!

Wow! A new Crash Bandicoot? Sounds and looks amazing!

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

You don't have to be sorry for anything at all! I think the Kingdom Hearts series can just be confusing at times, so even a recap game might stil be confusing. But that's not a problem for me ^^ And I love rythm games, so I might really buy it when it comes out!
And yeah, you have a good point! Long anime can get one more attached to the story and characters. And I think, when the action really gets started in a long anime, and everyone gets super serious, the fights get incredibly amazing! Hunter X Hunter is probably the longest series I've seen so far, and it was awesome in all those things!
Yes! I'd defenitely voice your christmas elf stories if you want! I'd love to do that!

Your blog post was really lovely, I liked it a lot!

I just watched Avengers Infinity War. Wow... That movie was really sad and action packed, and intense! I'll get to watch Endgame really soon too. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all ends!! But the ending of Infinity War made me really sad just now :/

Yes! You stay as safe as can be too! And thank you :) I really look forward to my birthday! I've also seen, that you sent me a birthday present! I look forward to opening the message on my birthday :3 I won't open it before ^^

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Stay safe my friend!
See you next time!
Bye bye!
LadySofia Sep 10, 4:02 PM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

How are you doing today? I hope both you and Daisy Froggy Kiss are happy and are having fun together :)

Sorry for the late reply:/

It's nice to hear you are both having lots of fun playing Fairy Tail! :) It's always great to have a fun game to play, and it's even more awesome, that it's also Daisy Froggy Kisses favourite anime series :D

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug* *high five*

I haven't used my Switch in a while, but I did play Animal Crossing a week ago, I think... Time is flying by right now ^^ I should defenitely use my Switch a bit more, because I told my brother he can take it with him, when he leaves for a semester abroad. Since he won't have his computer with him, but he also really liked video games. So I should defenitely go and play a bit more Nintendo this month!

Ooooh, the new Kingdom Hearts game looks like fun! I love rythm games! Do you think I'd be able to follow the story along, even if I'd only seen the first few games as a playthrough?

Yes, I really want to play Final Fantasy 9 someday! I'm looking forward to talking to you about it, when I play it :) *happy video game players hug*

Wow, so there really are lots of fillers in the Naruto series! It always amazes me, just how long series like Naruto and One Piece can be. I'm having troubles finishing a 12 epsiode anime sometimes ^^

Okay :) I promise you, that if I ever go to Disney Land Paris, I will take a picture of myself together with Minnie Mouse, and send it to you :)
And splash mountain and Hyper Space Mountain sound super cool :D

Thank you for believing in me! It means incredibly much to me! *happy hug* I am recording myself every day, narrating stories and such :) And yesterday I had another private voice coaching lesson! I am so happy to have found a very nice woman, who helps me get better at narrating books! I think I have already gotten better, after just two hours together with her!

Yeees! I am so excited for Breath of the Wild 2 when it comes out!!

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

I just read your blog post, and wrote a comment. It was a really nice blog post, and it went very nicely into detail. About why you love hanging upside down, and how you got to loving it :D All the pictures and drawings are perfect too :D You did a great job making that blog post! *happy hug*

I am watching a movie everyday, for the whole of September, and so far I watched a few of the Marvel Movies, and today I watched My Neighbor Totoro :) It was a super cute movie :) I also watched The Last Unicorn yesterday, which was surprisingly sad, but a really nice movie, with great music.

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Have an adventure my friend!
See you next time!
Bye bye!
alicexwvnderland Sep 8, 5:39 PM
Thanks for accepting the add ^///^

Nice to meet chu<3

mascarpone Sep 8, 1:43 PM
Sorry Nathan, I've been going through a rough time. I might check it out

Edit: That's cute and I learned a lot
LadySofia Aug 27, 4:49 AM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

How are you today? I hope both you and Daisy Froggy Kiss are well :)

Ooooh, the Main Town in Fairy Tail is like Daisy Froggy Kisses town? I have to have a look at it then! Thats awesome! I bet you both are having loads of fun exploring it :3 *best friends forever hug*

Yes ^^ I should defenitely have listened to you there! I hadn't had any 4th limit breaks, or that super strong summon. And because the game up until that point was pretty easy, I didn't expect the Sephiroth fight to be soooo very hard! But I'm happy about having the tale of the grenade throwing frog now :D
I had one ribbon, and so it was just Red XIII who fought as himself at the end ^^ Poor lion, he did pretty good though :) I really liked him, he's such a cool character!

I do want to play the remake, but I have to wait until it comes out on computer. Probably next year, or the year after next year. I'm looking forward to it! There is so much Final Fantasy to explore, it's really amazing!!
I guess the next on the list is 15, since I own that game for the computer.

*happy original Final Fantasy 7 lovers hug*

*best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Yeah, I'm really glad the dentist didn't use any needles!

Wow! It's amazing that the Naruto games cover soooo many episodes of anime! I mean, it's 3 games, so that is still a lot, but over 500 episodes of anime in three games is amazing! I get why it's so much fun to play I think ^^

Oh, I really wish your brother well, and that he gets to study Computer Science! It's so mean that the virus situation messed up his grades, that is not fair. Maybe the university he want's to attend knows how weird this virus situation is, and that it messes up much stuff, and that they give him a chance.

The clip you sent me was interresting. Just as you said, the animation was really cool! It's always nice to see real life and animation mixed together, it gives the whole thing an even more magical feel to it I think :)
I just don't think it shows how a slaves like really was, and ignoring that part of history is not a good thing.
But maybe it's still good to look at what the movie did well, and what is not good about it too. Not just say that the movie is completely horrible. I think Disney does not want people to watch it so much, because if children watch it, they may get the wrong idea about what slavery was. That is still a problem in the US. Much of the racist problems there today, go back a long way into it's history.
It's probably not an easy way to handle about the movie, so I'm not wanting to be in Disney's spot there, they have to make some kinds of descicions about it. Making the ride new is a good idea though, I think. And I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do with the new ride! I'm sure it will be amazing!

It must be so awesome to be a voice actor, and to give ones voice to all these amazing characters!
I love being your friend too! You are the best friend I could ever wish for! *happy friendship hug*

Also, I took my first voice lesson. If that's what it's called ^^ I met a woman who is a professional acting trainer, and we spent an hour talking about how to act, and doing a few training exercises. Then she listened to me reading a book aloud, and gave me incredibly helpful tipps, as to how to read it better! It was loads of things to improve, but I do think I got better already! And I am going to meet her again, and we are going to do more of it! I'm so happy about that! It's all bringing me closer to my dream of narrating audiobooks professionally!
I already recorded myself reading the Inkheart book halfway through, which is so far over 7 hours of recording! I love doing that, I feel so much closer to the characters and the story now :)

Hmmm, I think your brother Luke may have a point there. I can understand why Witcher 3 is sounding good to you right now, but it IS really brutal at times, and also super scary too. I can play brutal games, even though it's not something I enjoy, but the Witcher 3 was a lot of brutal stuff at times, and it also scared me lots. It's got really creepy monsters, and the whole story of it is very dark. And it's probably still much more story focused than Zelda. I found exploring and riding around in Zelda much more fun, because there were so many secrets and fun places to explore.
So, if I'm being honest, it may be best for you NOT to buy it. I just looked through a few screenshots I took, and there were lots of scary monsters, and loads of blood, which I found really disgusting and nightmarish at times.
I'm sorry :/ But it also didn't have the Zelda game feeling for me so much.

I really hope they make a Zelda Breath of The Wild 2 game someday, which I think they did plan, didn't they? That would be sooo amazing! I loved Zelda Breath of the Wild :)

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole world and beyond hug*

Have lots of fun playing the Fairy Tail game!
See you next time!
Bye bye!
LadySofia Aug 19, 8:07 AM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

I just finished Final Fantasy 7 yesterday! And I really didn't expect the Sephiroth fight to be so hard Q.Q I guess I played the game pretty fast, and concentrated a lot on the main story - I really really liked the main story! The characters were so amazing, and I just wanted to know how it would all end, with meteor and everything ^^
So the first time I completely lost against Sephiroth. And then I used a booster pack, thats available on pc, and had more HP and MP. And the fight was still nearly impossible! I had two characters constantly turned into frogs, and all my items ran out after a while, and I didn't do much damage ^^ But I kept reviving everyone, and Nanaki attacked (he was the only one not frogged) and the others used potions and attack items ^^ And when I was about to give up, and when Sephiroth was just about to use his ultimate ability (solar flare?) one of my frogs threw a grenade, and it did just 200 damage. And it defeated him!!! I won with a grenade throwing frog!! :D :D That was so cool!

I really liked the game a lot! The graphics weren't that great, but I like how they did the best they could, and it was very clear that they put lots of love into the game. The characters were the most amazing part :) I loved Cloud, and Aeris and Tifa and Nanaki :3
I'll see about playing more Final Fantasy Games in the future! I'm sad that Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core is not available for Computer or Switch :( I guess I'll have to watch a playthrough of that one then.

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole univeres and beyond hug*

See you next time!
Final Fantasy is cool!
Bye bye!
LadySofia Aug 18, 6:08 AM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

How are you and Daisy Froggy Kiss doing? I hope you're both well and happy :)

I had a checkup with the dentist today. And I thought i wasn't afraid of the dentist, but I was when i was there ^^ Although my teeth are all healthy and fine ^^ And the person doing the checkup was super nice and friendly.

On the weekend my mother made an art-exhibition with two of her friends. She showed her pictures, and one friend is a painter, and another one an author :) There were only a few people visiting, but thats okay, because of Corona we all had to stay 1,5 metres away from each other anyway, and so we had enough space ^^ But they were all happy, and the people liked the art :D

Wow! That sounds like Naruto Ultimate Storm 4 Road to Boruto is three games! Thats a lot, and its awesome!
You have a statue of a dragon in your town?! That is sooooo cool! I love dragons :3 I hope Daisy Froggy Kiss manages to bring him to life, and that he's a nice dragon :)

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Hmmm, maybe play it without english voice acting now, and when it gets the voice acting sometime in the future, you can play it again? I really hope they will make an english version, that would be amazing!

I think it's cool watching movies together with family members :) I sometimes watch movies with my parents, or with my brother. And I think in September I will try watching one movie every day, which is going to be fun I think!

What a cute Minnie Mouse hat, that Daisy Froggy Kiss got :3

Oh wow! Your brother wants to go to unvierstiy? Does he know what he wants to study there? And its lovely of your father to plan a final big family holiday :) I hope the problems with the virus will get better next year, so you can all go safely!
There are so many rides, and they all look really cool O.O
The videos are cool! There is so much Disney Stuff to explore!
I actually once saw the hogwards express drive over the bridge. The one it drives over in the movies too! And my mother took pictures of it :)

I think if I ever went to a Disney Land, it would probably be the Paris one ^^

I think it's a cute idea to have a character be able to talk to cartoon characters. But slavery was such a huge problem in america, and showing a character to be happy to be a slave is very problematic. I learned lots of stuff about slavery in universtiy this last semester, and it is truly despicable what happened to the poor people :( No one should ever be forced to be a slave.

I haven't used any Mega Elixiers yet :) And I think I am getting very far towards the end right now! I just fought the Diamond Weapon, and the barrier protecting Sephiroth got destroyed. I don't think I will do the chocobo breeding, and the limits. I am so interrested in the story, I don't want to do too much optional stuff right now. I think I will replay the game one day, and do the side quests, and chocobo breeding :) But right now I want to know how the story ends, because its been a really touching and awesome story!
Thank you so much for giving me tips and everything :D
Also, how does one get the last limit? Is it different for each character? Although I think I might finish the game this evening ^^
*happy video game players hug*

Really? Thats so cool! I love the podcasts Crispin Freeman does. He is really helpful, and knows loads about voice acting :)

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Stay safe!
Give Daisy Froggy Kiss a hug from me!
See you next time!
Bye bye!
LadySofia Aug 13, 6:25 AM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

How are you doing? I Daisy Froggy Kiss well?

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Will the new Fairy Tail Video Game get english voice acting some day? That would be nice :)
Oh wow! The game looks really amazing! And you can play 16 different characters? Really? Thats so cool! I wish you loads of fun playing it together with Daisy Froggy Kiss. This game sounds really good!

I haven't watched the Indiana Jones movies in ages, but I really liked them, and maybe I should watch them again :)
Ring Fit looks so good! I want to buy it too someday, but the equipement and game together is a bit expensive for me just now. Maybe my family will buy it for me on my birthday or for christmas ^^

Thanks for the facts about Daisy Froggy Kiss :) You write them really nicely, and adding the pictures is really cool! It makes it all more visual, thats lovely :)

*happy hug for both you and Daisy Froggy Kiss*

In the heat I just lay around and am super lazy ^^ And my room is directly under the roof, so if it gets really warm outside, it heats my room up a lot. Right now i'm spending lots of time in the living room, reading books :D

Yes! I watched The Princess and the Frog some years ago, it was a super cute movie!
Remaking the ride sounds like a lot of work, but I'm sure it will turn out amazingly :D I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of it when its done! I've actually never seen Song of the South.

I finished the first act of Final Fantasy 7 a while ago, and yesterday I was at the point where Cloud found out he was a Sephiroth clone. That was intense! And then he gave the black Materia to Sephiroth, and that huge Guardian creature got free O.O
I am really curious how the story will go on, and what will happen! Its a really touching story so far, and I love the characters! What happened to Aeris made me really sad though :/

Thank you! I wish you a magical week too! *happy hug*

I am getting better and better at reading out loud! I've recorded nearly 3 hours of a german childrens book I know well, and I notice that I am getting better each time i sit down to read again!
And I also found a podcast from Crispin Freeman, a professional voice actor, and he tells everything about how one becomes a voice actor, and how to prepare to become one and such things. Its super interresting, and the podcast helps me out loads :D
Do you know Crispin Freeman? He also voices anime from time to time, and video games :)

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Stay safe!
See you next time!
Bye bye!
LadySofia Jul 28, 2:57 PM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

How are you doing? I hope both you and Daisy Froggy Kiss are well and happy :)

That sounds like a great holiday! I'm so happy to hear about it :) And those new Nintendo Switch games are going to be lots of fun I bet :D
Is it very warm at your place? Here it can be very hot at times, and my dog doesn't even want to go for walks when the sun is up ^^
I think I like the cold a bit more than the hot, because its harder to get cooler, than getting warmer. But summer also has its nice points. We're already getting loads of tomatoes out of our garden, and lots of other vegetables my brothers planted ^^ We've got black and blue tomatoes O.O

I tried out Pokemon Shield this week! I got it from my Mediathek, for 10 days. Its a lot of fun, and I think I'll buy it someday :)

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

I'm glad Daisy Froggy Kiss had such an amazing time as well! She is so cool, and so lovely! I can only imagine how much fun you two had on holiday together! I missed her too, and you too! You are both the most amazing friends I could have ever wished for :) *happy tight friendship hug for both of you*

It's always so exciting to have new games to play! I wish you tons of fun playing all your new Switch games :3
Right now I'm still playing Final Fantasy, but I've already got some other Computer, and Switch games I want to play when I've finished it :D
Tracking Santa Clause sounds like fun! Be sure to tell me about the game when you've tried it out a bit! *happy video game players hug*

In Final Fantasy 7 I just came out of the Golden Saucer, the arcadey place, where I had to ride a Chocobo :D The chocobo are so cute :3
So far I really love the story of the game! It's very mysterious at times, and I like the characters a lot! Aeris is one of my favourites! I also just got Cait Sith, and I'm looking forward to getting to find out more about that one!
I like that when I don't manage something at the first try, the game just lets me do it again, without punishing me with it, like with a game over or such :)

Oooh, Chilli Jam sounds tasty!

Yes, we are most defenitely best friends forever and ever! I love being your friend, and I've missed you lots! I'm glad you had a fun time though :)

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

I hope you have lots of fun with your new Switch games!
See you next time!
Bye bye!
cazzgross Jul 18, 10:45 AM
LadySofia Jul 17, 2:41 PM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

How are you doing?

Oh nice! Final Fantasy with voice acting must be great! I started playing Final Fantasy 7 yesterday :D :3 And its sooo much fun so far. Right now i'm still at the beginning, and had the mission where cloud dresses up as a girl ^^ That was fun! I'm surprised at how fun the gameplay is, for such an old game. I really love it.

Cool! Enjoy your stay in Devon with your family! Sorry for replying so late, but I look forward to hearing about your holiday when you're back :)

*best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Awww, I bet your Bampa and Grancha, and Auntie were super happy to see you :)
What anime, or Switch game would you buy?

Wearing masks feels weird, but its the safe thing to do, so I think thats okay. This is all a very weird situation, with the virus and everything.

Yes, I hope my exam went well too ^^ I still have to wait for the results, but I think I will pass. I was very nervous though, while writing it, I'm somehow quite scared of exams.

The cherry marmelade is super tasty :3 I love grandma's homemade marmelade.

Don't worry about the comments not being as long! I understand why you don't want to use your brothers computer too long.

*best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Have a nice holiday!
See you next time!
Bye bye!
Narushti7_- Jul 8, 1:56 AM
hii nathan ^_^
i really like that youtube video it was so fun ...i would also give it a try ..thanks for showing it
*happy friendship hugs *^^
LadySofia Jul 7, 5:06 AM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

How have you been? I hope you've been well. And please give a hug to Daisy Froggy Kiss :)

I love being your friend too! *happy hug*
You are the most amazing and wonderful friend I ever had :)

Oh, that sounds great! Its nice to have voice acting in a game. It gives the game so much, and I just love it. WIll you be visiting your Nan for the first time since quarantine? Its nice that you get to visit her again. I bet you're both super looking forward to it :) *happy family hug*

I'll be writing an exam in a few minutes ^^ I'm really exited, and also a fair bit scared. But I wanted to write to you first :)
I'm going to write the exam from home, which is weird, but I can't go to university, thanks to the virus. But the course for which the exam is, is a good course, and I like it a lot, so I think I'll be allright ^^

That sounds great! Staying with your Nan and Bampa and Berty for a night will be great! I wish you lots of fun and happiness! I bet Berty will be sooooo happy! The picture of him is so cute :3

I made cherry marmelade with my granny yesterday, that was lovely. I really like baking and cooking and such with my granny :)

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Yes! I'll soon start playing Final Fantasy 7 :D I'm so so looking forward to it. And I'll see about maybe getting 9 too! I did buy Final Fantasy 15 a week ago, because it was on sale, and it just looks so great! I really want to play some Final Fantasy Games after my exam phase is over :3

Stay safe, and have lots of fun visiting your Nan, and going for walks with your brother Luke, and playing together with Daisy Froggy Kiss!

*happy friendship hug*

Have an adventure!
See you next time!
Bye bye!
Alixana- Jul 4, 1:47 PM
im decent, you? miss you too!