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Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Aug 21, 1:03 PM
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Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball
Aug 21, 1:02 PM
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Aug 21, 12:59 PM
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LadySofia Oct 9, 4:43 AM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

How are you today? And how is Daisy Froggy Kiss doing? I hope you're both well and happy :) *happy hug*

I've had a cold the last week, which was quite annoying and energy draining. But it is getting better now, and I think I'll be good as normal by next week. And then in about 10 days university will begin for me again! And I can finally go to the university campus and meet new people there and have classes that are not online :D I'm really looking forward to that!

It's great to hear that you had lots of fun playing Dragon Ball Z Karkarot with Daisy Froggy Kiss :D And chicken Jalfrezi rice sounds super tasty! I love rice with chicken a lot!

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Oh wow! Kingdom Hearts will be 20 years old soon? That's a long time, and I bet such an anniversary will be quite big! I'd also think that it will be at the time the first game came out in Japan.
And the trailer music is lovely! It feels so grand! *happy video game players hug*

That's really a lot of news for Kingdom Hearts! But you're right, it IS frustrating that the games will only be playable via cloud on the Switch. That really limits how the game can be played, and some people might just not have the means to play them for quite a while :/
The video was really informative, thank you for sharing it :)

Dragon Ball Z Karkarot seems to be great fun for you! I'm happy for you :) I love open world games :D

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Have an adventure my friend!
See you next time!
Bye bye!
DearTooru Oct 8, 9:35 AM
Hello, Nathan! I loved Pokemon. I still do. I even play Pokemon GO sometimes! What is your favourite Pokemon?

I never heard of Kodocha! Seems interesting! I loved Fruits Basket!
LadySofia Sep 30, 5:50 AM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

How are both you and Daisy Froggy Kiss today? I hope you are both well and happy :)

Thank you so much for the lovely happy birthday wishes :) *happy hug*

My birthday was lovely! I had two friends over, and we at tasty cake, and played some board games and talked loads and loads :D

And don't worry about not having a birthday gift. Your wishes and just your message alone is enough for me! I love talking to you and being your friend so much!

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Yes, Kikis Delivery Service is an amazing movie!
And the climbing was very lovely, I didn't mind that my hands hurt, it was worth it!

Your mothers secret coin group sounds so lovely! It is great that she has some good good friends there, and I think the idea of swapping coins is amazing. They all have the same lovely hobbie and can bond over it :)

Also, it's great that you now have Dragon Ball Z Kakarot! I wish you tons upon tons of fun playing it!

By now I'm already getting ready for the next semester at university. Time passes so fast! In less than three weeks, the semester will start!
But I managed to read a lot of fun books in my free time, and I am very happy about that :)

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Have an adventure my friend!
See you next time!
Bye bye!
Harley_Quinn Sep 29, 2:57 AM
hey how are you doing today
Alixana- Sep 24, 12:29 PM
Since Pokemon Diamond is your favourite, are you getting the one for switch?!

I like those songs too! my faves are the pokerap, Viridan city and together forever!
Alixana- Sep 24, 12:27 PM
Unjtil this post i never heard of Kodocha, You described it well! How'd you run across Kodocha?
Harley_Quinn Sep 23, 2:59 AM
Aww cool, I've got a Nintendo Switch too I got it as a gift for Xmas last year I'm currently playing Monster Hunter on it. Yeah Willow loves me she is currently asleep inside the pocket of my hoodie and I'm making breakfast before heading to work. It's super cold in New York today but should be okay I just need to walk to the train later. DBZ nice I've got a lot of DBZ figures in my apartment. Oh Hi Daisy hope everything is okay with you and the world of being a witch.

Harley_Quinn Sep 23, 2:42 AM

Yeah I've been busy lately I moved to New York City and I own a comic book shop now. Cool been forever since I've been to my Nans house but then again she lives in Sweden so it's hard to see her. I recently got a new kitten called Willow she is a mischievous little kitten but I love her. I must have been a witch in a previous life as cats love me.
Harley_Quinn Sep 23, 2:11 AM
hey how are you
LadySofia Sep 22, 5:42 AM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

How are you doing today? Are you playing fun games with Daisy Froggy Kiss?

My weekend was so fun! A friend of me and my brother came over and stayed from friday till monday - since we are all finally fully vaccinated it was okay.
We talked tons, and watched Kiki's Delivery Service together! She really liked Kiki and Jiji the cat ^^
And on monday we wen't into a boulder hall. That is a whole building with walls to climb upon O.O It was incredibly fun, although my hands hurt after a while ^^
Here is a picture of how the wall looked:

A Playstation 5! That's great! I remember them being sold out for a very long time a while ago, and how your brother Luke had to wait until he got his.
Do you have any playstation 5 games you want to play immediately when you have yours?

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Avatar the Last Airbender is one of my top favorite series - possibly my number 1 favorite one ^^
Daisy Froggy Kiss is such a cool witch! She is so witty and full of energy and she has an amazing imagination, just like you!
Laura Bailey sounds like an amazing voice actor! And she played so many cool characters O.O I'm a little bit jealous of her, but I also admire her a lot!

Thank you for the Mr Men playlist! I watched Mr Bump which was interesting. I like that he decided to pick apples, because I love apples ^^
And then I watched Mr Tickles. Those long arms sure are good to secretly tickle people! And it must be fun to spend your day bringing people to laugh!
Then I watched Mr Adventure! I like adventures :) And being a fireman surely is a great adventure too ^^
These really are cute short picture books, and I see how they can be useful to learn how to read!
I learned how to read with german picture books and with fairy tales that my father used to read to me :)

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Right now I am trying to see where I can get an internship. In an internship, I can look into a job for a few weeks, that I might like to do later on. And now I am trying to look into how documentaries are done! In the next biggest town, there is a big television company, and I will apply there ^^ I'm curious if they will take me.
They wrote, that in an internship one might help with the voiceover-clips for the documentaries, and I really really want to do that!

Oh, and today I vistied my grandmother, who made me and my brother super tasty pancakes :3 I love pancakes!

*happy hug for Daisy Froggy Kiss*
*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

Have an adventure my friend!
See you next time!
Bye bye!
Alixana- Sep 21, 8:00 AM
*Happy Best Friends Forever Hug!!*

Miss you too!
Harley_Quinn Sep 16, 2:25 AM
Hey Nathan how are you
LadySofia Sep 12, 10:10 AM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

How are you doing today? I hope you're well :)

It's great to hear that you are having fun watching Dragon Ball and Kodocha! But it's sad that there are 50 episodes of Kodocha that are not dubbed!

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

I lately read a book about Avatar Kyoshi, from the Avatar the Last Airbender series! It was really good, but a lot darker than the animated series O.O A lot of characters die and hurt each other. But it was a good book, and I really like Kyoshi!

I haven't read any Mr-Men picture books, actually, I haven't even heard of them, sadly. Maybe they aren't as well known in Germany? I think that's probably the reason.
But Mr-Men coins sound cool!

Oh wow! Daisy Froggy Kiss' Bubblegum Vortex of Sticky Proportion sounds incredible! I think she was right that it truly proves how powerful a witch she is!
And don't worry, you explained the magic vortex super well!

Kodocha looks super fun and lovely! Sana really has a lot of energy in all those clips O.O And the raps are cool! I think I see why you like Kodocha so much :)
I'm sorry to hear they only voiced about half... That is so unfortunate :/

From the way you explained why you think Kodocha is like these 4 anime mixed together makes a lot of sense, don't worry :) And the trailer is fun too! I think I've now gotten a pretty good idea of how Kodocha is like, especially with the clips you showed me :) *happy anime watchers hug*

I've only played few of the Pokemon games, but I do like the Pokemon Songs you sent me :) And they do seem like god songs to dance and jump along to! They all have a really active and great energy!

My mother and father drove away yesterday, they are going on a journey. They said they'll stay away for 2-3 weeks to take photos. Today I planned with my brother what kinds of meals we want to make in the following weeks! Mostly curries and rice with vegetables ^^ And also cookies! I really look forward to the tasty foods we'll make.
My parent are just happy to be at the sea again :) Since the pandemic started they haven't really had the change to go on a journey. But now they are at the sea and happily taking pictures ^^

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond*

Have an adventure my friend!
See you soon!
Bye bye!
cyruz Sep 12, 8:48 AM
Thanks for all the videos, Nathan! I remember watching Pokemon for a bit when I was younger. It's crazy that Pokemon is still everywhere, on TV and in video games!
CatSoul Sep 11, 12:33 AM
Hi, Nathan! Nice to hear from you again. I did actually start Kodocha at one point, but only watched the first few episodes - I have a bad habit of that.

Have a great day!