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One Piece: Adventure of Nebulandia
One Piece: Adventure of Nebulandia
8 hours ago
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu
Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu
Jul 8, 7:47 AM
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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Jul 1, 4:23 PM
Reading 31/? · Scored 9
Slayers: Medieval Mayhem
Slayers: Medieval Mayhem
Jul 1, 4:22 PM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 9
Ranma ½
Ranma ½
Jul 1, 4:21 PM
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LadySofia Yesterday, 6:57 AM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

How are you today? I hope you're well!
Its so lovely to hear from you again! And also, thank you for the private message you sent me from your holiday! It made my whole day happy :D
You are an amazing friend!

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

I've missed you! But I am also so super happy for you, and that you had such an amazing time while you were gone! *happy you're back hug*

I hope you got some rest for now, and that you aren't as tired now?
I am fine :) I wen't to the library yesterday, and borrowed some books, and some movies from there! And the first two manga books of Toradora :D

But sadly the dog of a friend is sick, so I wen't there today, and helped out a bit. I hope the dog gets better soon. He got some medicine, so I'm sure he will be fine in a day or two.

Grindel is healthy though, for which I am glad.
How is Berty doing? Have you seen him since your holiday? I'm sure he is super happy you are back :)

Thank you Nathan :) I had really worried you'd maybe be dissapointed that I didn't send it at the right day. And please, don't feel sad about making me sad! You are such an amazing friend, and I am happy you wanted me to send Sui her birthday text :)
From now on I will try locking into MAL more often too.

*happy friendship hug*

Wow! Disney World Florida sounds soooo amazing! There are so many different amazing places, and things to explore!
Are real animals in the Animal Kingdom?
And the Rock and Roll Rollercoaster sounds crazy awesome!
Did you go on all those rides? O.O there are so many! And they all sound like so much fun!

The Hogwards express! Yay! That sounds so cool! I once saw the bridge that is in nearly every Harry Potter movie, and I also saw the train drive over the bridge, it was so amazing to see it in real life!

Fantasmic looks gigantic! The music sounds epic, and the lights and the actors and the animation is just great! I can't imagine just how mindblowing and incredible it must have been to see it in real life!
*happy hug*

I don't know if I'll ever manage to go to Disney Land, but If I ever do, I will be sure to talk about everything there with you :) *hugs*

Awwww, I am so happy for you, that you got to hug Minnie Mouse!

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

*happy hug for Daisy Froggy Kiss*

So far I've seen Sora walk around the first city a bit, and talk to people and meet a few Final Fantasy characters in the walkthrough. It all looks like such a fun game!

Ah, here you already answer my question from before ^^ Berty being happy to see you again must have been suuuuuper cure :3
I'm glad your dad is all better now :)

It is so lovely to write to you again!

Have an adventure my friend!
See you next time!
Bye bye!
BakaSui Yesterday, 5:48 AM
Hello Nathan! Welcome back! :D

I missed you a lot too, and I'm sooo glad to hear you had so much fun! :D It all sounds sooo amazing, I can totally imagine how fun it must have been to you ^^ I'm glad you could meet your favourite Disney characters, especially Minnie Mouse!
Personally I think I would enjoy the Animal Kingdom the most :D I love animals so much!

Once again, thank you so much for your lovely drawings and gifts! I loved ALL of them a lot, but I liked the ones you drew the most :D Of course I saved them <3
And my birthday was amazing, I loved my trip and the cat cafe too!!! They had a lot of fluffy cats to play with :D Here are few pics from there:

Also, sorry for late replies from now on, I can't be online much nowadays since I'm going for another trip this week ^^ I'm gonna go for the concert of my favourite band on Wednesday, but since it's a bit far away from my place I go with my best friend one day earlier, and also will be back one day after it ^^
Need to prepare for it well ^^
Hope you are doing great <3 *friendship hug for you and Daisy Froggy Kiss* ^^

Oh and also - the photos are sooo lovely, thanks a lot for sharing them! :D
cyruz Yesterday, 1:14 AM
Hi Nathan! It's cyruz! I just looked at your Disney Land pictures! It looks like you had a great time. One day, I will go, too!
LadySofia Jul 11, 5:23 AM
Hello Nathan Lionheart!
Oblivion X Knight!

How are you today?
I hope I hope you enjoy your time in Disney World! :D *happy hug*

I am so so so so sorry for not sending your message to sui on the right day... I really failed you there :( I am really sorry. I didn't see it, because I was not online for a while :/
Can you forgive me for that? I sent it to her just now, as soon as I saw it, but I know its not the right day... *sorry hug*

How are you and Daisy Froggy Kiss enjoying Disney World? Did you get to give Minnie Mouse a hug?

Also, I started watching a playthrough of Kingdom Hearts. Its still at the beginning though, and Sora hasn't even met Donald Duck and Goofy yet. But its already fun, and I like the story :)

I'm glad you like my story ^^ Be sure to tell me about your ideas for the sequel! I'm looking forward to it!

Give Daisy Froggy Kiss a big hug from me!

*happy best friends forever and ever in the whole universe and beyond hug*

*happy best friends hug for Daisy Froggy Kiss*

That emotion metre is good today!

Has Berty Boos Doggy Fever gone away by now? I hope so. Here the weather is slowly getting cooler, and Grindel is enjoying it. She doesn't like it when its too hot.
But now that its cooling down for a bit, she's running and jumping around, and is really happy.

Yes, sometimes Grindel sneezes too ^^ Its cute :3

Of course! I'll tell you when I start playing Final Fantasy 7. Though right now I'm playing Monster Hunter World, which will most likely take some time to play through. Its a long game, but its really amazing so far ^^

Yes, my dad helps me lots with computer problems and such. And when I was learning for shool stuff, he helped me there too :) He knows loads of awesome things!
How is your dad doing? I hope he doesn't have any bruises from the accident anymore, and that he's all healed up by now!
You have a really awesome dad! *happy family hug*

I'm looking forward to writing with you again when you come home from Disney World. And reading about all the adventures and all the fun you had while you were away! *happy hugs*
I miss you, but I know you are most likely having incredibly much fun, so I am also happy for you :)

And again, I am so so sorry for not sending the message for Sui on the right day :/ *tight sorry hug*
I should really check my MAL messages more often, even if I won't be able to answer them directly, so that such things won't happen again. I am feeling really sad right now, for having failed you :(

Have an adventure!
See you next time!
Bye bye!
EvenJellyOn Jul 7, 1:30 AM
I hope you had or have fun there, sorry for not replying until now.
Wormy01 Jul 6, 7:47 AM
Hello Nathan!

Wow that's amazing!! I'm sure you must be very excited for your trip ^^ Have fun!

See you next time! :D
BakaSui Jul 5, 4:56 AM
Hello Nathan! ^^

I saw the presents from you! They are REALLY LOVELY AND I LOVED ALL OF THEM SOOO MUCH!!! :D
You did a great job! ^^
Thank you so so so much for being an awesome friend and putting so much effort into your drawings ^^ I love them <3 <3 <3

Hope you are having lots of fun right now on your trip ^^

Stay safe and enjoy your time :)
*big happy friendship hug* <3
Carol Jul 2, 10:41 AM
Hi Nathan!!
I hope you have a safe and fun trip in Disneyland ^^
mascarpone Jul 1, 12:30 PM
Have fun on your vacation~ See you when you get back~
Dejiko33 Jul 1, 9:12 AM
Ooo Disney Land sounds great! Have fun!~~
Maneki-Mew Jul 1, 12:37 AM
Wow, I wish you a lot of fun in Disneyland. That's great news. Enjoy.^^
Cold_coffee Jul 1, 12:02 AM
Have a safe trip, Nathan.
ChloesRoses Jun 30, 3:20 PM
Miss_Violet Jun 30, 2:35 PM
A Disney Travel ha.. That winderful to hear hope you enjoy and be satisfy to your heart content when you visit there Nathan...

Best Friend Hug to you as well (^_^)
MysticGod Jun 30, 2:24 PM
oh thats cool, you are a good guy then