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Overlord III
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Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii
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Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru
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Made in Abyss
Jul 15, 8:08 PM
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crimew4ve Jul 3, 1:07 AM
oh okay, did you struggle with getting into kuroshitsuji too? i'll add it to my ptr then :) alright i'll do that, thank you~ the universe in that series is so pretty. is it anything like shirayuki? do you remember where you left off cause i don't... what other webtoons do you read? hmm i'm in the mood for fantasy / sci-fi / thriller / psychological
crimew4ve Jul 1, 1:26 PM
what if i told you that i've tried all of those? i haven't read the manga for black butler and i dropped the anime quite early on but maybe i should give it another shot... the anime for mahoutsukai is on my ptw, would you recommend reading the manga first? yesss i used to love noblesse!! i haven't read it in like two years tho oops. you might've done, i like skip beat anyway but i stopped reading that too :c thank you for the recs!!
crimew4ve Jun 21, 3:40 AM
MAL is finally back omg
i've read that one already :c that's a good one though, thanks anyway fam <3
rec me some good non-bl too pls?
crimew4ve May 24, 3:17 PM
still reading bl i see, any that stood out in particular? :p
TheDoggoneGirl Nov 15, 2017 8:49 AM

Hellooo! Thanks for the friend request. I really appreciate it. Have a great day ahead!()

Please don't hesitate to talk to me anytime. I don't bite and I'm a nice person. Hahaha! Byeeeee!

crimew4ve Oct 9, 2017 1:26 AM
Damn what can I do to make things right? Gurl I could never forget about you, you're special! <3

Do you have to wake up really early aswell? Im not used to it yet, my sleep schedule hasnt recovered (I even had a module on sleep last year you think I shouldve known better lmao). It hasn't been long since I've been back but I'm already so tired ;__; I've made some friends atleast. Hahah I don't even get much time off for Xmas... Oh alright if it's spread out across 4 years that's not so bad; how many classes do you have this year then? GCSEs are the qualifications we get during secondary school (which are compulsory) and A-levels are optional (but you need to get those to get into uni). What kinds of qualifications do you get in Canada? Lmaoo idk what SATs are either rlly I don't think anyone knows - I swear the US and Canada do them too? But I think they're different from ours. Hehe we're twins then~ I've been trying to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe recently but it's not going too well. Do you have a lot of black clothes too? :p
Yeah they do, I made the biggest mistake by wearing them to a concert a few years back but they're easy to clean cause they're patent. Hmm not sure if there's enough material for a season 3 yet tho? I guess we had that Sinbad spinoff but it wasn't enough :( does he? That's kinda sad... I've heard lots of idols struggle with weight issues. Kind of reminds me when sungjong (infinite) said that he couldn't eat much bc he needed to lose weight for a comeback and it broke my heart. Yeah definitely! Did they get to the chimera ant are in the original? I ended up loving that arc.

Yeah they're always a rip off! I'd say kpop concerts are even worse when it comes to pricing, I was going to see infinite when they came to London but couldn't cause it was super expensive. Drug restaurant also came here recently but I didn't know.
crimew4ve Sep 30, 2017 7:33 AM
DANI PLS FORGIVE ME FOR THIS LATE ASS RESPONSE ;; instead look at this wonderfulness:


how is uni going so far? i have to be in every day next week i'm not looking forward to it rip. yeah i think i'll try it out one day! probably not a good idea to start it now... 30 different classes?! damn, in England we have a few compulsory classes but then we get to choose some subjects for our GCSEs. hahah yeah it's disgusting :p ayyy black just like the colour of my soul; i want some black docs aswell tbh - the ones i usually wear are white and the other pair are floral. wow really? i guess they included the fanservice to get more views unless the manga is like that too... i've had the manga on my PTR for ages but i never get round to reading most things on it oops. i hope they make another season soon i miss that anime. yup, he's a cutie~ i swear the members have gotten better looking over the years, how is that even possible lmao. also you're watching HXH? what do you think of it so far? (totally not stalking you i swear ¬¬)

100% agree!! hahah phew, the shipping costs tend to be really high aswell ;_; what website did you use to buy your kpop albums? yeah i'm the same, i actually brought an album yesterday for the first time in years (its from a band called nothing but thieves, not sure if you've heard of them before? i'm obsessed with them atm)
crimew4ve Sep 13, 2017 6:07 AM
feel i should tho cause i'm interested in forensic psychology :p was psychology your second choice then? maybe that's why you're into forensic atm? your school system confuses me tbh! is it similar to the one in america? we only have credits in uni. hahah don't you feel like someone will step on your feet? they're worth it, even if they're expensive they last for a very long time - if you were to get a pair what colour do you think you'd get? OHH LMAO, i'm sorry i'm super slow sometimes :') think you're more likely to come across the creepy ones huh. LOOL IKR, i wonder how old his character is actually meant to be?! stuff like that takes away from my enjoyment more than anything else. DEFINITELY prefer the kingdom of magic, the story just had far more depth to it and the character development was good. how about you, which season did you prefer? yeah it's rlly nice of him, bet he felt really awkward tho. you're right, it's messed up how someone can become so obsessed with someone they don't even know :s it's not weird at all, i'd say i'm closer to my mum than my dad.

i really do think it's one of the best kpop albums of 2016!! those are good albums too~ would you call me a fake baby if i said that i haven't brought their albums yet (mostly cause you can't get photocards anymore LOL). really considering buying noir tho. do you prefer having physical copies over digital copies then? daaaamn, so dedicated :p
crimew4ve Sep 9, 2017 1:45 PM
is it bad that i haven't seen that show... oh i've just realised how ridiculous that sounds, in that case i wear sneakers; i don't like open toe shoes cause i don't like my feet and they make me feel vulnerable :p do you wear them? yeah they're comfy and work with every outfit! i definitely recommend getting a pair. ahh i know you're canadian but what country do your parents originate from? were they born in canada too? yh man romance is always better, some yaois are too much... have you ever came across any that were so bad they were good? nice, not sure if soul eater would be my kinda thing tbh. and he looked like 2?! it was really random, i still love that anime tho. yup i actually read that a fanboy proposed to jungkook and he accepted (which is cute of him but wtf)... i guess that's one way to be remembered by your fave idol. sasaengs are worse i guess. hehe thanks ;) it's really good!! their sound is quite different from what it used to be but in a good way. ahh that's sad :c

i love pray and ribbon in the sky too, you can really feel the emotion in those! do you have a physical copy of it?
crimew4ve Sep 7, 2017 12:43 PM
i bet stilettos are good for attacking tho, you could definitely poke someone's eye out with those. nah i wear boots a lot, like docs (i've had one of my pairs for like 6 years now and they're still going strong; they're more expensive now tho sigh)... it depends on where you are in England rlly; places like London are super diverse. yeah i guessed that you were white from your name but i meant your country of origin :p well you've got a point there, altho ppl do tend to say that noone reads/watches it for the plot - i prefer shounen-ai cause the stories are cuter. hahaha you've put up quite the defense~ which shows have you watched where the ecchi was tolerable? 100% realistic amirite :') yeah reminds me of the ecchi in magi, it was just so misplaced. that's true, not sure if it's as bad as those fans who literally propose to their fave celeb/idol yikes... HAHAH PLS FORGIVE ME, i still remember them as the sweet boys in adore u. ayy see i know you well, yeah i'd want 2 so that they wouldn't feel lonely unlike me - do you have any siblings?

that's some truth right there, yes noir is their best full length album!! what's your favourite track on that?
crimew4ve Sep 6, 2017 2:44 PM
oh that's good! i know how you feel, i need a longer break ;___;

chunky heels are great, but even those kinds of shoes hurt my feet (but it's nice being 5'5/5'6 for a day); what kinds of shoes do you usually wear? let me guess, converse? fumbling fawns... if that's not the cutest alliteration i've ever seen i don't know what is! maybe the statistics are outdated? there's a variety of ethnic groups there right? i'm indian so we're short in general lmao (my parents are 5'1 and 5'5), what about you? yeah i definitely think you would, it's just more authentic when ppl make their own outfits. HAHAHA "BESIDES HENTAI" are you sure about that dani? not even yaoi hMMmm, you're missing out on gay tentacles mate. hmm i like historical, josei/seinen, psychological, slice of life, sports and thriller (MAYBE shounen-ai too if that wasn't obvious enough), yourself? so you'd watch anime which includes ecchi? yeah i try not to judge an entire genre - i liked seven deadly sins but i still couldn't get on board with the ecchi... i don't need to see flying boobs and panty shots thanks. that's so cringey, i couldn't even imagine being the actor in that situation like how do you even respond to that? from seventeen? mansae....... i'm so bad ik don't hate me. i'm listening to that album rn, they've matured so much :') they were literally 2 when i used to listen to them (i really like if i!). that's a good number - would you want one male and one female? yeah maybe once i've achieved my dream job... think i'd want 2 aswell so the first one isn't lonely

lmao i wish i heard it now. note to self, always listen to dani :p have you listened to the other tracks on the mini? rewind is really good - this album doesn't beat rose tho.
crimew4ve Sep 5, 2017 11:51 AM
damn, are you feeling nervous? dw

new born deer? hahah that's so cute. i can't wear them either, i feel like i'd break my ankles... according to google it's 5'3 AYYY i'm above avg (then again i'm only english by nationality) what about the average height in Canada? lmao i love the dynamic between nishi and tanaka especially they crack me up <3 yeah you're probably right, it's just that getting all the different bits and pieces individually would cost loads aswell, there's no win-win situation. exactly, ppl fail to realise there's tons of different genres so there's something out there for everyone... wait people actually do that? do you have an example? should've guessed that seventeen were in your top 3, i haven't been listening to them v much so i haven't listened to their newer stuff - could you recommend me some songs? my top 3 are b.a.p, infinite and either vixx/monsta x atm. did the concert sell out then? i bet they're really popular in the US/Canada. very true! do you want many kids then?

hahahah did you try the one from warrior? that's true, they're not underrated but they should be so much more popular
HONEYMOON IS OUT BTW!! oh my god did you see daehyun he looked like a literal merman... and their mullets did look really bad i agree with you now
what are your thoughts on the song/video? the line distribution was rlly good
crimew4ve Sep 2, 2017 6:02 PM
don't worry about it!! did you do anything exciting?
5'6? luckyyy that's like the perfect height and you could still wear heels without towering over ppl haha. yep he looks best like that :p yeah i feel like making your own costumes would be so much effort... wonder if it would save you money in the long run tho? pretty much, i think a lot of ppl don't realise that there's more to it than that cause they associate anime with girls that have basketballs for boobs lmao. yeah that and if you try to change your eye shape somehow... it's kinda messed up. idk it's just a little weird to me bc they're cosplaying actual ppl and not characters, but i guess some may consider it flattery? ooooh nice, who are your top 3 again? i only recall you telling me a couple haha. oh sorry! it's like 2 hours away so not as bad as your journey. that's it! i couldn't remember the actual terms... so i'm guessing you'd use that parenting style with your own kids if you ever intend to have them? yeah exactly, if the parent is too strict then i'm sure the kid will have attachment issues and if they're too lenient then they'd obviously become inclined towards risk taking behaviour or sth.

haha bless you, don't you mean a gummy bear? ;) i feel like he could be taken more seriously now as a rapper tho? but i love how fast his rapping is. very true, i gotta say that he's one of the best vocalists in kpop tbh... it also makes me sad that b.a.p aren't getting the views they deserve bc they were once as popular as exo. yep, you'll have to get the 101st now~
crimew4ve Sep 1, 2017 3:21 PM
i'm 5'4 (so smol ik) so i'm actually taller than him, i'd probably wear this hairstyle tho:
yeah not to mention the amount of money you'd have to spend! i think it's p cool when ppl are able to make their own costumes tho. hahah yh i think she automatically associated anime w/ ecchi, can't believe she thought i'd cosplay that stuff! agreed, i think it's fine to wear outfits from mvs and that but if they're going to the extent where they're trying to look like another race using their makeup that's too far. ah i bet that was worth it, do you stan them then? if so, who's your bias? hmm furthest i travelled was for a festival and that was glastonbury (but soo worth it); was that the furthest you travelled for an event? yeah exactly! not sure if you've learnt about different maternal attachment styles but i recall learning that very strict/cold mothers and very lenient mothers would often contribute to their children becoming disorganised/forming unhealthy attachments. i think the best balance is to have a loving but slightly strict mother so their child doesn't go out of line :p

so you'd say you like both 50/50? same, i remember reading the comments and everyone was thinking it was another rapper :')
hahah you gotta admit it describes him perfectly tho. daehyun has the best hair this comeback! what do you think about zelos? kinda wish they dyed his hair a cool colour too, i loved his silver hair in the coffee shop era.

ALSO you're at 100 comments now, that's so satisfying (i'm proud to have been your 100th commenter)
crimew4ve Aug 30, 2017 5:42 AM
yh i don't see myself getting into it as a hobby, hmmm i'm not sure maybe nishi? that reminds me when one of my friends found out i liked anime she automatically thought i cosplayed weird stuff lmao. btw what do you think of ppl who cosplay as kpop idols? oh what concert was that? you must've really loved the artist if you travelled that far! ahhh i look forward to it. i guess that's not too bad, don't think i'd want a super chill mum either.

no wonder why you became so passionate when talking about zelos voice 😉 do you prefer his voice in pray?
yongguk ofc, he’s one of my ultimates – i've seen the teaser pics for the other members yeah, yongguk looks ethereal like usual AND DAEHYUNS HAIR IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. ok ok mullets should die off, i just feel like they can pull anything off.

well you know fandoms and their fanwars, why can't we all get along damn.