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Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou
Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou
Oct 24, 12:54 PM
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Burn the Witch
Burn the Witch
Sep 28, 3:02 PM
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
Aug 20, 2:19 PM
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Enen no Shouboutai
Enen no Shouboutai
Dec 7, 2019 7:54 PM
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Shuumatsu no Walküre
Shuumatsu no Walküre
Oct 2, 2019 11:17 AM
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Skittles Jan 9, 9:13 AM
I played it religiously when the international server was just released nearly two years ago, but I've long since stopped. Two SRs in one day, though? That's some insane luck! Who are they?
Skittles Jan 1, 11:02 PM
Heya dude, long time no chat! Sorry I've been really late with replies. Busy helping organize the secret santa event lol.

Things are going nicely so far. I just finished the second semester of my postgrad and am currently interning.

For anime this season, I'm definitely digging the Fate series and Cautious Hero. Kemono Michi and Azur Lane would be below them. Vinland though is still my AOTY contender even if I'm left behind. I've pretty much dropped Fire Force at this point xD

Happy New Year too btw :D
bmoore07 Oct 2, 2019 6:01 PM
I'm watching Vinland Saga atm. I'm in love with the show and all that it represents (specifically the glory and consequences of combat) but I'm not too fond of Canute. I would like to know if he improves, as in having his own dreams and desires or just standing up for himself, because his character isn't looking too promising as of right now. I figured it would be good to ask you, seeing that you're currently reading the manga.

Also, I listened to Sabaton's Carolus Rex. It's one of the most badass albums I've heard in a while ("The Carolean's Prayer" is my favorite song on it) and, from what I've learned of the band, Carolus Rex is far from their only manly-as-all-hell epic. Thanks for recommending them, man. I really appreciate it.
Skittles Sep 10, 2019 2:22 AM
Wew Sabres of Infinity, is that like a literal novel lol? Saw the game on Steam and it seems to be so.

First tip of MH:W is to try out all weapon types available to see which ones suit you the most. I highly suggest watching the videos in this guy's playlist as he explains many things about the weapons that are never hinted in the game itself. The most important of all are the combos, which are extremely important if you want to dish out any sort of decent damage.

Vinland just gets better and better imo, and yes Thorkell is top waifu. The fight between him and Thorfinn was downright mindblowing. Sad they postponed this week's episode, though. Was really looking forward to it.

Fite Force is only slightly getting better now, though I'm behind by one episode. Don't think my opinion on it is changing anytime soon. Is Okaasan online getting that bad? I remember you praising it a lot haha. Anyway, I've ranked the stuff I'm following this season on my profile

Uni for me is getting super hard, but it's to be expected because of my major. There's one class that's really tough this semester that passing the midterm took a combination of skill and luck lmao.
bmoore07 Sep 9, 2019 7:03 PM
I had a gut feeling the Powerwolf song was your pick. I really enjoyed it (voted for it, too). Are there any songs/albums you'd recommend that are similar to it?
Skittles Aug 17, 2019 11:38 AM
Where are you now in Life is Strange? It's not a long game so I'm assuming you're finished by now.

Yeah I'd probably recommend the Switch over the PS4 for you. Other than the fact that most of PS4's exclusives are shooters, the Switch has a better line-up in the coming months. The only PS4 exclusive I'm looking forward to now is Death Stranding—which has recently been confirmed as a PS4 exclusive no longer to everyone's surprise.

The OP for Vinland has been growing on me, though I still wouldn't call it great haha. The OST, on the other hand, has been becoming better and better. The tune that plays in the latest episode when Thorfinn killed the English soldier in front of the grandma was incredible. Easily my AoTS.

Fire force, though... I regret to say this, but it's only becoming worse with each episode. The direction is so poor, the fights are underwhelming, and the story doesn't seem to be going in an interesting route. I do know it's made by the same creator of Soul Eater, which tbh was much better.

I haven't got to Dr. Stone, and while many people I know thought the show was underwhelming, it seems to be generally well-liked on MAL. I haven't seen anyone rank it as low as you did haha.

Heard they butchered the adaptation of Arifureta like a squealing pig in a meat grinder, which explains the mediocre mean score. RIP.

My current seasonal ranking is Vinland Saga (8/10) > Araburu Kisetsu (7/10) > Kana no Astra (6/10) > Fate spin-off with Waver (5/10) = Accelerator spin-off (5/10) > Fire Force (4/10).

Nah, was just memeing when I said I wanted to ditch MAL. Don't see myself leaving this shitehole anytime soon, especially since I'm back to watching Chinese cartoons.
Skittles Aug 6, 2019 2:53 AM
Yeah, MAL definitely wastes too much of your time doing useless shit. I treasure my time here making friends and such, but that time definitely could've been used more wisely. Oh well, at least this site helped me stave off boredom throughout the years lol.

LOL those are some interesting choices you made. I also opted for a badass Max during my first playthrough since I couldn't give a fuck about hurting feelings. I like how there's no canonical choice and you can just play her the way you want, though in order to get the best ending you gotta be careful with some of the more critical choices. There are some major plot twists later on in the story and the final episode is quite fantastic, so you definitely wanna stick around for that. What do you think of Chloe so far? I remember her being quite a divisive character among the fanbase.

Since you don't have a PS4, you should consider watching Let's Play videos of a game called Until Dawn. It's similar to Life is Strange in that the game revolves around butterfly effects and alternative decisions, except it's a horror title and you switch around between multiple characters. Bonus points for being one of the only modern horror games that still use fixed camera angles. The game was such a hit when it came out that Pewdiepie even has a series on it.

I'm up to date with Vinland Saga and I'm curious why my friend thought the OST was bad lol. The only thing I don't really like (and this is a highly unpopular opinion) is the OP theme. The CGI also isn't that bad at all. Other than that, I'm watching Fire Force, which I think is average so far. Some interesting characters and a good premise, but the action scenes are really subpar because of the weak direction. Still need to get into a few others like Dr. Stone and the Accelerator spin-off.

I won't deny, though, I like the vibes of FMA and Kimetsu more than the cookie-cutter shounen. There's just a refreshing difference in shounen written by women. That comment chain is kinda topkek ngl.

Not sure when I'll be attempting to create another layout. Hope I'll still have the creativity to make at least one more before I ditch this weebhole for good.
Skittles Aug 2, 2019 9:02 AM
Thanks for the anniversary congrats! Goddamn a decade in this weebshit website, dunno if that's cool or super sad tbh :')

The fact that it has RPG elements garnered my interest already. I was sleeping on it because I thought it was gonna be a Life is Strange clone with vampires (as weird as that sounds), but guess not lmaoo. Each tiny thing you do sounds cool, though, as expected of a DotNot game. It's on Steam, right? Might consider getting it on the next sale then.

Isekai Mom sounds good man, reminds me of Isekai Maou from last year. Obviously ecchi bait shit pandering to the lowest denominator, but I surprisingly liked it and even enjoyed it more than *drum roll* Shield Hero LOOOOOL.

Despite both being the most hyped shows this season, I've heard some mixed things about them from my friends. Dr. Stone's problem seems to be being a bit slow (though I'm taking that criticism with a grain of salt) and Vinland's is the weak soundtrack and CGI (the former is surprising since I was expecting a Viking show directed by Wit Studio to have a mindblowing OST). I'm actually not surprised about your current opinion about Demon Slayer, though. I'm still in the very beginning, but I'm already sensing the typical shounen formula in the story.

Yeah the artstyle looks cute since it's illustrated by the same guy who did Senran Kagura's character designs, but the content is surprisingly dark at times. There is even one story-related guro scene that threw off a lot of people, although it's very brief. Still, I enjoyed the game overall.

You and your godlike memelord skills xD After reading the raving reviews of the new FE and hearing all my friends giving the game a two thumbs up, I want the Switch more than ever. Tbh I was never really an FE fan since the ones I played (Awakening and Conquest) had subpar stories, but Three Houses looks more promising narrative-wise. I heard the older FE games were the bomb according to fans. And yeah, the KLK fighting game looks sexy af too lol. I think I told you before that I don't have a Switch, though I do reaaaallllyyy want one.

LOL I ended up dropping the layout. Creating one is extremely stressful if you're not feeling motivated and can even affect you mentally. I just made a simple BBCode layout instead for the time being.
Skittles Jul 25, 2019 5:56 AM
Ahhh damn I was planning to grab Chaos;Child too but I somehow forgot lol. I heard Vampyr is a highly underrated sleeper, which is weird because Life is Strange was crazy popular. That plot summary sounds really unique, though. I'm just glad to hear it has a London gothic setting instead of modern-day MUH TWILIGHT vampires. Tbh I didn't even know it even has combat sections. Expected it to be a fully interactive storybook like Life is Strange lol.

I getcha fam, me too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

One of my MAL friends currently has isekai mom as a 10/10 and he has like a 4.00 mean score. Not sure if he's memeing or not, but apparently the show does appeal to a certain demographic. How are Dr. Stone and Vinland saga so far? Do they meet the hype? But seriously, I need to go back to continuing Demon Slayer zzz.

Haven't touched Kingdom Come since I'm busy playing other stuff right now. I can imagine high pings will kill your experience with Mordhau since it seems like a latency-demanding game.

Do you have the adult filter on Steam turned on? That's probably why you can't see the page. And Rance is fun, but yeah you definitely don't want to share yourself playing it with just about anyone. I'm saying this yet I recently posted myself finishing the fifth game on the Games forum LOL.

Other than those lewd games, I bought Prey for a great 80% discount. People claim it to be the spiritual successor to the System Shock series, so I'm eager to test it out.
Skittles Jul 16, 2019 10:36 PM
How's Neptunia going? Been off MAL this semester break to enjoy myself, so really slacking with replies lol.

Another MAL user also told me how Naofumi is way more ruthless in the source material. Tbh though I'm not sure that'll be enough for me to change my opinion on the show, although that's certainly good to hear. And yeah, I saw the trailer for that on Youtube. The localized title, though... funniest shit I've seen in a while LOL.

Odyssey is super fun at first, but it does get stale for many people. I got a person on MAL Discord into the game, and after being addicted to it for like a week, he uninstalled it 'cause he got so burnt out. Tbh I'd recommend getting it only if you really have nothing else to play.

I actually got Kingdom Come in the Steam summer sale along with a bunch of other things. If I'm not mistaken it's part of this month's Humble Bundle, so you might wanna confirm that.

Speaking of the summer sale, I bought a lot of games, and my Steam level spiked from 53 to 104 LOL. There has been a lot of crazy stories on Reddit on how people managed to gain more than 200 levels by abusing the Grand Prix event. Goddamnit, Valve.

From all the stuff I bought during the sale, my favorite game by far is Evenicle, which I've been binging to 100% completion this past week. Very fun VN/RPG hybrid like Neptunia with a great story and the best waifus I've seen in a long time, but be wary since it contains high amounts of sexual content... with some of them in rape territory (it's made by the same team who did the Rance series, not sure if you're familiar with that).
Skittles Jun 29, 2019 12:29 PM
There were parts where you were forced to use IF and Compa (outside of the very beginning)? I actually forgot about that. Well, both IF and Rin are kinda tomboy-ish girls, so kinda understandable they sound similar. And lmao, you had your profile on invisible mode this whole time? That's hilarious. Gotta conceal your love for console waifus, eh? :^)

I haven't been watching or reading much, which is why you don't really see my list being updated. I did set Shield Hero to completed, though, and gave it a rightful score. Completely agree with you about the unsatisfying conclusion and how the female companions of the other heroes were more interesting. Raphtalia, Filo, and the others were just so meh. Tbh the only reason this show managed to gain traction in the first place was the rape accusation hijinks in the beginning. As the show went pass that, it's nothing more than your standard isekai.

I've read a bit of Vinland Saga during high school. Really enjoyed what I've seen from the first few chapters.

Kingdom Come and Chaos;Child are also on my wishlist. I was contemplating on buying the newest Tomb Raider, but the top negative reviews were all ripping apart its story and characters, so I chickened out on that choice lol. As for AC, I would honestly recommend Odyssey instead of Black Flag (I've played both). I know a lot of people like to rip on every AC game after Black Flag, but Odyssey was surprisingly refreshing. The RPG mechanics and refreshing world made it feel like a Witcher-lite. On the other hand, Black Flag has better naval combat hands down.

On the topic of HSotD, I bought the first two Dead Space games for like five bucks each. Having a blast with the first one so far. For a game developed ten years ago, the graphics are surprisingly beautiful. I'm also finding it scarier than most horror games I've played.
Skittles Jun 28, 2019 1:10 PM
Ahhh yes, that good old 'friend' meme. I like your usage of it xD Btw where are you playing the game? I noticed you haven't been online on Steam for nearly two months (unless I was looking at the wrong profile lol).

Ohhh shit yeah, I forgot it got canceled because the author died. Damn, that's dark lol. And nice to know you enjoyed it. Might get into it after all. That meme though lmfao.

Just finished Shield Hero too. Started off promising before it devolved into meh territory... which then spiraled into even more meeeeeh territory. Quite a bummer overall. I'm really hoping the hyped shows this season like Vinland Saga and Dr. Frost will be superb.

Steam's having a sale now btw. You getting anything?
Skittles Jun 24, 2019 12:52 PM
The game actually uses the tropes to its advantage since it doesn't take itself seriously. The devs are aware that the Neptunia series is pretty much a cliche waifu-fest, so they exaggerated all its moe and zaniness to make the games fun. I say that's a good thing imo. Too many games (especially JRPGs) that try to be all epic, artsy, or serious end up falling flat.

Ahh, I see you are a man of culture as well. Sadly, not many realize Blanc's waifu potential :^)

Fuckin' hell that GIF xD Can't get anymore anime than that. I forgot how attractive the artstyle was for its time, though, so that's an incentive to start watching again. Not sure if you heard this, but the original manga sadly got cancelled. It was really popular in the West, but totally the opposite in Japan :(

No unfortunately haha, although one of the recent MAL Interviews candidates (GwaziMagnum) is a huge fan of it and even runs his own D&D RP Discord server iirc. Might want to ask him about that.
Skittles Jun 19, 2019 12:16 PM
IF is pretty much a jack-of-trades, master-of-none character. Useful at the beginning when you have shit equips and few characters, but unfortunately disposable once late game comes. Sad really cause I really like her character :'( Tbh I wish the non-goddesses have some sort of alternate form too so they don't get outclassed.

SMH Sony why you gotta abuse the best Neptunia waifu like that?! Can't wait for her to wear a full power armor or even a burqa in the next installment LOL.

Hmm, I might give it another shot then. I just remember the main tsundere being hella annoying, and I usually have a soft spot for that archetype lol.

Btw have you played Kingdom Come: Deliverance before? It kept appearing on my Steam queue list and seems like a promising game. Heard it has a lot of problems, though, like the bad save system and unfair difficulty.
Skittles Jun 14, 2019 2:00 PM
Beefgate bosses are a staple in Neptunia. They're so much stronger than the mooks I'm just like wtf lol. The final boss in particular felt like an eternity to kill. Speaking of Neptunia, there's a spinoff game coming to Steam called Super Neptunia RPG. I think it actually looks pretty cool since the combat is a bit like Valkyrie Profile (one of my favorite classics), but apparently it got a pretty bad reception in Japan. This game is outsourced to a gaijin studio btw so that may be why lol.

Well I was following the E3 presentations live, so I don't believe I'd need the summaries tbh haha.

Nintendo is not only maturing from their recent increase in age-restricted titles, but also because of their more liberal stance on censorship. If you recall, Sony is now burning lewd games on a stake, so all the Japanese devs have been migrating to Nintendo. With this change of hands and Nintendo's promising E3 presentation, I'm thinking of getting a Switch more than ever now.

Yep, I played both the original FF7 and Crisis Core. Such legendary games that will always have a place in my heart. I heard from many people that while Sekiro starts off harder than the Soulsborne games, mastering its combat will actually make it easier than any of them. Tell me your thoughts on Mordhau later since my friends keep recommending it to me until now.

I watched HSotD long ago and don't remember liking it, but my taste in anime has vastly changed since then. I have a far stronger affinity for lewd stuff now, so I might give it another try.