Hirano, Kouta

Given name: 耕太
Family name: 平野
Birthday: Jul 14, 1973
Website: http://730714.at.webry....
Member Favorites: 1,085
Birth place: Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Current residence: Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Starting his career first as a mangaka's assistant (self-described as "horrible" and "lazy" in said assistant position), and later an H manga artist, he went on to enjoy somewhat limited success with other relatively unknown manga titles such as Angel Dust, Coyote, Gun Mania and Hi-Tension. His first major success came with his manga series Hellsing, which got its start and was subsequently serialized in a monthly manga magazine, Young King OURs, towards the latter half of 1997.

Twitter: @hiranokohta

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Kouta Hirano: From Hentai to Horror to Drifters

Kouta Hirano: From Hentai to Horror to Drifters

An article looking at the life and works of mangaka Kouta Hirano who created the Hellsing franchise and is also the original creator of the Drifters manga and its upcoming anime adaptation.

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Hellsing Soundtrack: What Cool Sounds Like

Hellsing Soundtrack: What Cool Sounds Like

Super Science. Zombies. Long coats. Wide brimmed hats. Sunglasses at night. Assassin priests. Nazi Vampires. Hellsing is a boiling blood filled cauldron of awesome that runs on the rule of cool. With a show this fantastic, they needed a soundtrack to match. Did they succeed? Of course they did.

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DioBrando_69420 | Apr 4, 1:22 AM
finish drifters fatass

joaco_damasco | Feb 21, 8:45 PM
bro finish Drifters please, it has become torture to be a fan of your work

Alemismun | Feb 4, 3:20 PM
reading the comments gave me a chuckle. I too look forward to what may come of drifters, even if I have given up all hope of ever the story reach an end (or even a second season).

Sage0_0 | Jan 30, 8:07 AM
i will come to your house and beat your ass if you dont start working on drifters again

-Abdihafid- | Jan 25, 1:05 PM
@Vexem clown 🤡

L1NK_SENPAI | Jan 22, 1:03 PM
where is drifters chapter 84

-Abdihafid- | Dec 17, 2021 1:24 PM
goated artist

Potimas | Sep 29, 2021 1:57 PM

DioBrando_69420 | Sep 28, 2021 4:25 AM
bruh its been 12 years finish drifters ffs... still in chapter 83 tf

OBABaka | Sep 25, 2021 10:42 AM

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