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River-desu Mar 17, 11:57 AM
Hii thanks for accepting my friend request <33
DigiCat Aug 11, 2022 3:10 PM

Well, it definitely helps understand the story
Though from what you write it seems like the transmisoginist part of it is the execution of the story rather than the story itself?
Things like her being the only non-stereotypical looking trans woman

'Cause story-wise, the motive and method of killing do seem quite realistic and fit with eachother
This actually reminds me of a true story i watched on Dateline or ABC 20/20 (one of those true crime shows) years ago, in which a woman killed a pregnant woman using the same method the killer in KS used and removed in this case the baby (i don't remember if the woman couldn't have kids or just wanted a kid at all cost), even the motive is very similar, being a "i want what she has" motive

I honesly think anyone with common sense will know that just because a TV show has a trans woman as the villain obviosly not all trans women are like that
In the same way going to the other extream, it's common sense to know that there's always gonna be good and bad people in every walk of life, regardless of race, gender, sexuality
No one should be demonized and no one should be put on a pedestal

Rather than the media showing various people as villains being the problem, i think the problem is that unfortunately there are still people who for whatever reason have prjudice against others, and the focus should be on educating these people that just because person A is id bad doesn't mean persons B C and D are too, rather than censoring stuff in fear of influencing their prejudices or bombarding them with "every single person in this group is good" things
DigiCat Aug 11, 2022 1:13 PM
Hello :3

About one of your interest stacks
Kabikichou Sherlock:

A warning for this one (slight spoilers); most transmisogynist anime i have ever seen. The reveal at the end of the first half is sickening, and it gets brought up in the 2nd half occasionally. Bring your own morals into this one folks. Why still rec it? 2nd half is really good, but requires knowledge of the 1st half's ending, unfortunately

Transmisogynist... huh, you learn a new word every day
I wanted to ask, since you put a warning
1) What is transmisogynist? Is it being misogynist towards a trans person? Or a trans person being misogynist to a woman??
2) What happened in this series that's so bad it needs a warning??
I dropped it long ago and have no intention of picking back up, so please spoil away
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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