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Undead Girl Murder Farce
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Horimiya: Piece
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Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon
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Ai to wa Yoru ni Kizuku Mono
Sep 11, 5:24 AM
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Shitsuren Biyoushitsu
Shitsuren Biyoushitsu
Aug 13, 2:37 AM
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My Darling Signed In
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Hibbington Apr 12, 2020 9:39 AM
Greetings Miss-x-larie, I recently gave you an invite to a seasonal club called the Anime Guild.
But I do also like to interact with the people I'm looking to bring into the club.
The club consists of a lot of different seasonal activities from Power Rankings to OP/ED Comps to Seasonal Cards.
We also have an active Discord Server as well as annual events throughout the year ^.^.
*If the invite doesn't go through just message me about it*
I have broken the slumber of your club comments! 1200 completed entries is definitely a shit-ton haha.
Eranime90 Dec 8, 2015 6:45 AM
Hey hey, sorry for late. Things got a bit hectic, and then I forgot to reply (as in In I thought I already had for some weird reason, sorry about that)

Yes that was me! That dream I had about junjou which came in a period I was obsessed with these guys. It's been a while though so I'm not sure anymore how that dream went. Lol

To bad we can't record our dreams neh?

L's popularity, maybe because he is such a clever and interesting guy. He is just so deliciously weird withoud being borderline creepy for it. He isn't ugly, or very good looking. he probably he could be if he took better care of himself, but he is an all brains kinda guy and it shows.

Which in a way is part of his appeal I think. Light is a type of character you see more often. Not always as well written obviously, but the devious genious guy who manipulates everyone by acting like the nicest guy in town is not exactly an original concept.

L, is like a breeze of fresh air, a more original type of character. I loved the guy and death note has a high rewatch value for me mostly because of him. though, L is at his best when Light is involved, and the same is true for Light. regardless who's side you where on watching the anime or reading the manga, it was hard to deny these 2 together made the show. Cut one of them away and strenght of the whole story drops. Which the second half of the story prooved when L died. hell even Light seemed to miss L. They where rivals, who in a way, only saw eachother as their equals and had respect for eachother, even though they tried to destroy eachother withoud holding back. It was facinating to say the least. One can argue of there was real subtext between them on the gay front or not. But one thing few can argue, as that these 2, if nothing else, belong on the top 10 list of best rivals ever.

I hate Light in what he does, but love him for the dynamics he creates with L. They together are what made Death Note a forever anime classic.
Yay L!

End Death note rant

Anime watching: I'm currently following a year system. I was on hiatus for a while and missed a lot and didn't know where to start. So I'm going by year. I am currently watching anime from 2014 and will work my way backwards, while working upwards every time a year has passed as well (once 2016 starts and I am done with 2014, I will focus on both 2013 and 2015 anime, after that 2012 and 2016 anime etc. If I finnish 2013 before 2017 starts (very likely) it will be 2012/2015 after that etc. I plan to work my way back all the way to the 90's at least. Older then that I'm not sure yet.
That magical guy anime is still fairly new, so I will stumble across it sooner or later. I will let you know what i thought of it when I do! I am looking foreward to it.

I have grown fond of sport anime even though I care little for sports. It started with eyeshield 21 really, but now I also love Kuroko no basket/Free/that cycling anime that ends with Pedal and I'm pretty sure I will like Haikyuu as well. There are some other sports anime I still plan to watch as well. Some are a little boring to me, like the older seasons of prince of tennis (but tennis is one of my very LEAST favorite sports in the whole world so that might have something to do with it. I have yet to see the newer seasons by they look promising so I think they will be great to watch as well once I get to it. And yes, sport animes are filled with awesome bromances. Even if your not always fan of yaoi, I am fan of true friendships as well. Go team!

As for Gundam, can't help there. There are some people online who made a list of what Gunam series belongs where, and which gundam series you need to watch in which order.

Gundam Seed can be watched withoud having to watch any other gundam before that, because it takes place in it's own time line or something so there are no prequal series for that one. I enjoyed gundam seed, and it's also a little more modern in story telling and art style which might make it easyer to get into then the older series. I haven't seen much of gundam yet either. I plan on watching them all eventually. But so far I only have seen Wing/Seed/ X and 00. I enjoyed them all and none of them seem to be part of the main universe so at least those you can all watch at some point withoud having to watch all those older ones before that.

Also as a bonus to yaoi fangirls, Seed has 2 main characters that are very very believable as potential ship. Kira and Athrun. Their almost as canon (in my opinion) as the actual canon pairings, even if they do end up fighting eachother once in a while :P

I'd recommend it. Though not all gundam fans would agree. Seems a lot of die hard gundam fans didn't like Gundam seed, maybe because it was different from the usual set up and art style. I'm not sure. i liked it though and think you would as well. At the very least it has good looking guys and bromance in it. :)

Eranime90 Nov 7, 2015 8:04 AM
I just finnished Junjou 3. I have to say I did enjoy it and didn't miss the lack of smut to much. Becaus ethe original seasons didn't have that much actual smut either. they hinted towards it more, and had a few more moan moments :P which I did miss in this season. But it didn't really take away the real fun for me.

What did, was the lack of other pairings. I didn't like the fact the other pairings only got 1 episode each, when I like all of them better then the main couple. I do like the main couple, they are just the least interesting to me because they keep making the exact same mistakes all over again. Misaki does not communicate. he is not clear in his feelings, not to Usami not to other people. After 4 years of being with him, he still can't properly say I love you or have sex properly with him withoud acting like it's his first time. I get Usami is to extreme in his sexual urges :P but I just get a bit annoyed when Misaki isn't clear about what he feels or thinks. It gives other people, like that manga author or Usami's brother, the idea they have a shot. Misaki should just tell them, looking them in the eye, withoud stuttering fumbling or mumbling, that he loves Usami, and will only love usami and would apriciate staying friends but nothing more then that. instead he keep blushing at them and telling them half assed stuff. I do like Misaki. He is friendly, funny and yes he is cute. He'd make an amazing friend. But he is a terrible boyfriend..I'm not surprised Usami feels insecure sometimes.

The other pairings seemed more real to me, because they all showed actual progress in their relationships. I also feel a bit dissapointed we didn't see the characters from egoist or terrorist show up in Romantica episodes more. hiroki showed up twice in small cameo's where he scared the shit out of Misaki with being a demon teacher :P which was funny. But in the original seasons we saw hiroki and Miyagi interacting as they work in the same place. We saw nothing of that this time.

There is to much focus on that publishing company these days. I know the pairings from Hatsukoi are from there as well, and that Misaki will now work there as well and basicly all characters who mean anything are connected to that company some how, with the exception of the terrorist and egoist couples. But I need more of these guys.

They make Isaka and Takahiro drop by at Usami's place all the time. Why not have Hiroki visit one time? Maybe him bringing Nowaki as well and seeing him an Nowaki actually getting along because hiroki got over Usami completely.

I am also still waiting for Hiroki and Usami to have a heart to heart where Hiroki finally admits to Usami he loved him once, but got over him. So they can really start with a clean slate as friends. Also Seeing Misaki and hiroki in one room is hilarious.

Usami could actually use that, inviting Hiroki over to scare Misaki right into his arms or something, using hiroki to play villain so he can be the hero :3 Which would piss hiroki off of course lol.

I don't know. I was just a bit bored with all this focus on Misaki and that manga author. We all know Misaki won't leave Usami so it felt rather pointless to spend so much time on a third wheel character when they could have focused on actual pairings instead.

Maybe that Author will get his own lover soon. I ended up giving it a 7, because I do like the new characters, And Todo is cute as heaven. I am secretly hoping he becomes a pairing one day too :P BUt for now it still needs to be confirmed he is even gay.

And I did love the Junjou MIstake episode with Isaka (he is a very funny and interesting and not stereo type uke, lol he even has a seme chin in some scenes! Bigger square chin instead of pointy chin.)

I think best would be a series, where not all pairings are dealth with by turn, but are all given some attention in every episode. like normal tv shows, where there is focus on more chaarcters and arcs at once. Would be great to se Junjou in a friends kinda setting where Miyagi and Usami meet trough hiroki and actually become friends (I can picture them as friends for some reason. They both smoke for one, are both friends with hiroki, both have quirky sides to them, both have younger lovers and careers, and I somehow feel they could have a similar humor) And I just want that moment where Hiroki Usami Miyagi go out for a drink together as friends. And maybe Isaka crashing the party for no good reason whatsovere. Lol

Bla bla bla.. i have plenty of junjou dreams that will never happen. romantica will always be the main focus, but I refuse to score it more then a 7 with so little focus and so little appearences from the other characters.

Moving on:
I saw and enjoyed Hybrid child, though it did make my cry in one episode...

Kagami is a big cuddly bear despite the fact he likes to act like a fierce tiger. On court, in basketball, he is fierce, but outside of it he is probably the nicest guy on the team. Which is funny because he doesn't look it. Which is probably the joke of the mangaka. With Kuroko I'm hoping on a silly ova of the same scale as free where all the characters go do something random with plenty of fanservice. :3 Takao is the most popular ''normal'' character in the series. With normal I mean players who are not over powerd/prodigy players, just skilled players. I like many of these characters though. Kasamatsu was great as well with how he realed Kise in. Imayoshi was creepy in a fun way. And all of Seirin is adorkable.

Momo and Nagisa probably became a prank team after that ova. :p

Binan koukou chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE I know of it but haven't watched it yet. I will though!

As for rp. Ehh, most people I encounterd online where not all that great at it either. Which is fine. You rp for the fun of it, not for the best written story ever competition. It's fun. i have been doing it for about 2 years now. I would not say I'm great either. I often repeat myself for example. But the fun thing about rp is, you and your budy can make up the plot and play the characters in ways you love.

What is it about rp your worried about? How good you are it? Or are you more embarressed to end up doing yaoi or something? If your interested in learning/trying rp I don't mind trying with you :) If you end up hating it or not enjoying it you can always say later on it's not for you. Rp trough mail is also between the 2 rp buddies, so other people won't read it. Unless you and your buddy decide to make a fanfic out of it, But i'd never do that withoud permission.

As we both love Free, it might be fun to try a free rp one time. Think about it. No presure. Just know that if you decide to give it a try I'd help you get used to it. You won't be forced to play any characters or things your not comfortable with either. ;) It could be real fun. Because it's a way to play out the story you wish you could read on fanfiction net, but isn't there. (I encounter this problem with some of the rare pairings I love)

Yeah some anime ships are so huge even those who know nothing of Yaoi know they excists. Naruto Sasuke is one of them. Another very popular one is Light L from death note. Back in the days Goten Trunks from DBZ was also popular and easy to spot. Even my straigh male friends joked about how they where gay for eachother lol.

Free and Kuroko are yaoi hype anime right now. But only Kuroko has a pretty solid amount of male watchers despite the pretty boys. (I know a lot of guys who watch kuroko, trough anime conventions and such, but like none who watch free :p ) Maybe because in free the focus isn't that much about the actual swimming. There is swimming, but lets be honest, teh actual focus is on the character relations. Kuroko has most focus on the actual basketball matches, with some flashbacks and character focus in between. Solidly done, but I can understand why guys would prefer sport anime tthat are about the sport. Also maybe helps that one of the main characters, Kagami Taiga, isn't such a pretty boy, while everyone in free is. But yeah. most guys are aware of the huge yaoi fanbase in Kuroko.

Another old popular shipping series was Gundam Wing. I remember reading a lot about pairings that had Duo Maxwell in it. I'm hoping for a HD remake at some point.
Eranime90 Oct 28, 2015 12:24 PM
Thats because rules concerning some types of anime, sadly including boy love, have gotten way stricter. Manga included so there will be way less yaoi manga comming out as well. On the bright side, the most popular yaoi in fanfiction land is rarely genuin yaoi. Most actual yaoi anime's are in truth kinda bad :P

They are fun, but not masterpieces when it comes to plot or character devolpment. Nudity is not needed for devolpment either, though it is kinda fun if it's there. Especialy considering the guys get all these ecchi anime, while we girls get close to nothing. Pretty boys sure, but in no way on the same level as the guys get girls in ecchi.

Anyway, the most popular and fun yaoi is still to be found in anime that are technically not yaoi, like Free and Kuroko no basuke right now, and these anime are not in danger of dissapearing. Our best bets are the anime with lots of pretty and handsome boys, with a lot of interaction, with very few girls in it, and let subtext do the rest.

Hopefully a few years from now, the rules concerning yaoi will become less strict and less homophobic, and we can get PROPER yaoi, with good plot and devolped characters and pairings where both guys look like guys...and not where one looks a like a small girl.. (girly ukes..I'm not fond of them).

Pity egoist got only 1 ep. They got more in previous anime. I never cared for romantica, I watched for egoist, second terrorist. I loved the minimum flashback as well. I wouldn't mind more eps between hiroki and Usagi, even if only on a friendly basis. Jelous Nowaki and Misaki could have been funny. Same is true for Hiroki Miyagi friendship with Shinobo and Nowaki being jelous. Hiro has a lot of seme friends it seems lol.

I will watch it, but if the other pairings only get like 1 ep each, and the rest goes to romantica I probably won't rate it higher then a 6, especialy if they took out all the actual yaoi stuff :P

In kuroko, the green one is Midorima Shintarou and the black one is Takao. i love Takao. He is awesome. Kagami is my favorite though, for being the brutish looking sweety that he is, while challanging all these powerhouses wtih a grin. I have a very big list with shippings from Kuroko, but I have watched all 3 seasons intensely because I'm such a huge Kagami fan haha.

As for free. i always shipped Rin with pretty much everyone, including Gau so no worries there.

I love Momo He really was a great funny addition. I consider Rin's swim team pretty much Rin's harem yeah, but as I started to ship them all together anyway I go poly more often then not with these guys now. Well the guys plus Gau, and sometimes I also include that childhood friend of Rin and Sousuke who plays basketball, with the pink hair who was the victem of water gun twice in the ova :P

That ova...really knew what it was doing. It didn't even try to not come across as yaoi, but avoided looking like one well enough it got passed all those strict rules in japan right now. I suppose we yaoi fans now have to hope for more anime's like Free and Kuroko to make up for the actual yaoi's out there.

And maybe find rp buddies to rp yaoi with. :)

Btw: Yandere Makoto in the ova was awesome. :P

Also in rei Nagisa, Nagisa is totaly seme there, i don't care that he is the smaller one or the cute looking one. He totaly is the dude in control there yo. And he is much more agressive I think.

Bladiebla. Free = poly

I guess I'll be watching junjou 3 soon, but won't expect much while doing so.

Naruto still has a strong yaoi fandom too btw.
Eranime90 Oct 26, 2015 1:55 PM
Don't know super lovers, but I am a bit behind on my modern animes. I haven't watched properly for over a year (bits and pieces sometimes, but not nearly as much as I used too. I'm now trying to work my way trough 2014 anime and a few others I promised some friends I would watch.)

Kuroko has many good ships, thanks to teh huge amount of good looking guys :P

But yes I totaly get FREE. At the very beginning I was just Rei x Nagisa and Rin x Haru.

And then Makoto x Haru happend... and then Rei x Rin and then Nitori x Rin and then season 2 happend.. in which I ship Rin with pretty much his whole team.

And ship Makoto with Sousuke, and then that ova happend, where they have that water gun fights...and I just...all the ships ..NEW AND OLD and I'm I give up, I ship everyone with everyone, they are now poly. the end.

lol Seriously that ova made me ship them all. The ones I didn't ship yet had such great interaction it still happend. Somehow, I don't know why, all these guys fit eachother for some reason. I might even toss some straigh love in there because Rin's sister is Gou is awesome as well.

As for junjou 3, haven't watched yet. My favorite pairing is Egoist. And I was worried they would not appear at all. I decided to wait for the anime to finnish to see if my favorite couple would appear if yes how much.

I haven't checked yet. Did egoist make an appearence? As for the good bits, well s1 and s2 where not explicit either. It was hinted at, a few grope actions here and there but nothing drastic. You saying s3 doesn't have even that?

Eranime90 Oct 24, 2015 2:07 PM
Hey, Ik ben een tijdje niet actief geweest. Maar ben weer terug. Ben je mede yaoi fan die toen in blerick naar school is gegaan. Woon ondertussen op mezelf in roermond sinds kort :P

Anyway, Ik heb me naam ook verranderd. ik dacht laat even weten voor je denkt, wie is die persoon met die naam die ik niet ken :P

Anyway, nog leuke nieuwe yaoi anime gevonden? Ik ben ondertussen veel yaoi gaan shippen bij Kuroko No Basuke.

We can speak english again as well. Both is fine! cheers
NickV May 1, 2014 11:51 AM
Hey ^^

Ik ben MAL aan het afstruinen om Nederlanders te zoeken die in een gezellige Skype groep willen. :) Het is echt geen drukke club en we zijn ook anti-spoiler, mocht je daar bang voor zijn haha. Af en toe hebben we ook skype calls maar dat is voor wie dat leuk vindt natuurlijk. Het is niet alleen praten over anime, maar ook van games tot fitness, etc.!

Laat het me weten ;)

Ennalight Jan 29, 2014 12:58 PM
I am so bored and I am gonna try stalking you~~~
Did you see the new Magi and Kuroko no Basket season yet? :D
Shiyu Dec 28, 2013 3:33 PM
I hab returned from the depths of Hell.
Hyack Oct 11, 2013 2:30 PM
Happy Birthday! Not sure if still alive or not :P
GeNyaa Oct 11, 2013 12:10 AM
happy birthday!
Shiro- Oct 10, 2013 2:11 PM
Have a Happy B'day! from a totally random guy lol

All the best for you and have fun on your special day :D
Shiyu Jul 5, 2013 3:50 PM
(AH FUCK ME. I wrote a comment to this one and when I pressed 'Submit Reply' I lost internet and it was gone and not posted on your profile.)

Well I think I'm as lazy as Gintoki so no problems. I got thiz.

Big lie, so I will repeat again.
Nub, why you ignore. You meanie.

I'm not perv. I ish innocent and pure. You know that too. :c.
Yeah I love Gintama because of their comedy and sense of humor but the serous arcs were pretty epic aswell. yesh.
Oh so you like girlish men.. ok... Me not girlish. Just saying.

I was going to work at a factory who washes hospital clothes, factory clothes and stuff but they will get back to me when they need me... --- probably not so more game time.

Nub you should re-watch fate zero huehueheuh
GeNyaa Jul 3, 2013 3:18 PM
I'm fine :)
Indeed it's always fun to meet new people.
uhm I didn't look at the summer season yet...
any recommends?
Horkda Jul 3, 2013 8:20 AM
i almost thought i wasn't intressting anymore to reply on :P but i will forgive you this time.
why the !@#$ do people say sorry about stuff like that!!!!!!

xD you don't need to take a train to get in heerlen..... you know i'm at home in holidays so trains are not needed. aaahhh Kingdom Hearts the only moment that Disney characters are awesome. well i do accept things that are like they are cus with out them life would be impossible. its not about making sense!!! you don't even need to understand it!!!!! just do what they ask like a zombie and you get a A+ for everything. what buying to many games? games are like frence fries one is not good enough. well i didn't watch Air Gear or any anime the last one was not that extreem great cus i can't remeber the whole anime cus it was boring like the shit but it had a good story line. xD to serious well i understand that Inazuma elven is also to serious but thats the strong part of the anime =D its just a really great anime its just like it is.
"ElvenLied is that they use the massacre and blood without good reason......" no good reason? WTF!@!#!#$!#!#!@!#!$!@$!#!#!@!#$@#! everything happens in that anime for good reason!!!!!!!! everything!!!!!!!! .... yea great Deadman Wonderland.... again a anime that i started but didn't make it to the end of it. school days??? i guess i don't follow you on that point or that i'm to stupid to see it. i guess the first one :P i can make you watch Elfen Lied but than its not fun.

I have been better, i was sick last week cus i couldn't really move my left arm for some reason. anyway you know that i will overwork myself-_- the day that my brain is going slower is the day that i die. game the day away.... NO!!! everyday of my holiday is filt like its my last day on earth. i can't lose time to something like: sleeping, eating, doing nothing. relaxing, even going to the wc is losing time of your life!!! did you know that how more you sleep how faster you die. people that sleep every night short are longer alive than people that sleep alot.

a new laptop great, i got nothing new only a update to my pc now he even runs faster than before whahahaahahaha. Satan??? like the devil???? what the !@#$ are you talking about???

basic calculation Oo what thats like easy try this :P i really enjoy doing this :P

als een M20H13 bout samen met een moer van M20 in een gat moet van M20 mr je moet toch een vrije speling houden van 0.2 mm moet je dan het gat een extra tolerantie geven?

its still simple ;)

well i can't image how it is to be bad a math, i just can't. its the samething like everyone say at my school that drawing 3D is hard but its easy a shit. its like i'm born for something like that but i can't image how it is to be bad at it. my goal is never ganna be easy, becus who i'm makes it hard. And my math is still not that good trust me its not even close to every good. xD well you learn something to day that a good point i guess. so you know it :P le win challenge won ^^ WIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEUW!i!i!

xD i was always so smart but why showing you that?? :P

hey Code Geass has good points hell even the first season i liked it. but 2 is bullshit van de bovenste plank. don't tell me that you where surprised when tree frog used geass on his sister that was a tooooooo obvious that he would do that!!!! ow yea SAO had good arc 1 but especially how they put in the game aspects but in arc 2 they throw it al way like it was not even important in the series. well what was the serie al about ow yea TO BEAT THE GAME OR THEY DIE!!!!!

i thing C2 could have been a good character if she had use in the anime it self and not bank robbing tree frog for pizza!!!!i already watched Gintama....

here you go 10 hours:
i'm already on 31:54 right now :p good luck.
xD well i would die from thx to laughing, i don't know why its so funny.
Harder, better, faster, stronger is not form Nightcore BAKA!!!! Nightcore i a music typ -_-' did i ever learn you something? the real song is from Daft punk xD i can play that song when every i want ;) i'm most of the time alone and i got a headphone :P.

Bottom-line? whats wrong with my bottom-line?
what Light... no i look way more diffrent.
.... you think i'm kind? should i flash back to all the times that you said that i'm not kind??? :P
the childish thing i can understand cus well i'm still a child. and what the !@#$ his quote
"Could you tell me you love my real self?" if i every would say something like that you can kill me.
oke i totally don't know Ichinose Tokiya so no opinion
nah song is fine but i think mirro mirro from RWBY is a better song.
wait how can i shoot you?? i never see you xD so that would never be possible.

..... scared of me? i'm like the greatest softy of the world xD

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