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Apr 11, 2016
"The law of skaters is hard, but it is the law"- Some idiot who came up with the rules for this sport, probably.

At first, I dropped this anime around episode 8 because of the copious amount of ecchi and the over-seriousness of the sport, but looking back on it, I'm glad I finished it.

Story: welcome to the world of Ikki, a guy who just learned how to skate a few seconds ago, yet is already popular enough to have the attention of the hottest girl in the litter (heard this story before? Me too). This guy has an ego the size of his overgrown read more
Mar 31, 2016
I see what they were trying to do; that's why it pains me even more to give it such a bad grade.

The Good things:
The concept was great: a human girl who wants to be a witch falls into the witch realm, and finds it different then what she was dreaming of.
In theory a great start, yeah? I'll tell you where it went wrong at "the bad things".

The art, holy-moly the art was fantastic. It was refreshing, almost realistic, but not off-putting. It seemed to have come directly from a colorful web-comic like W.I.T.C.H. (but with even better art). There are so many read more
Jul 26, 2012
"Say, did you know... that every game has rules?'"
This is the main point of the movie, a constant game with rules that aren't even explained.
I've seen flashbacks, flash- forwards, dreams and hallucinations but there was one thing it didn't have: common sense.

When the producers made this I'm sure the whole way through they thought the same thing: "What just happened?" and honestly,... I'm still thinking that.

Story: 2
Like I said before, this story doesn't make any sense, there simply is no story, my advice is to read the manga first, because the base isn't even given in this movie.
(Although the manga and the movie read more
Feb 8, 2012
I think Angel beats! is absolutely brilliant and it opened my eyes to allot of things (like the main theme of this anime: death and the afterlife).
Although it's about the afterlife the tone is set in such a comic way that you almost forget they're rebelling against disappearing from their midway-afterlife. There are allot of touching moments in it too- even cried once or twice to be fair.
The action in it isn't too bad either, there're allot of thrilling fights- you almost forget they can't die- and allot of comical deaths too (beings pierced by iron objects and later on walk around as if read more