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Miss-x-larie Nov 11, 2015 11:27 AM
(sorry for the late reply, I'm doing NaNoWriMo this month and it's keeping me busy xD)

Indeed, this season was heavily romantica, though I can condone that for terrorist, since they literally ended where their last updated chapter ended; I think the terrorist pairing has finished it run (no matter how sad that makes me, it might mean an end to a series that's exhausted almost all its resources xD).

True, romantica is the most predictable, they just revolve around miscommunication and jealousy, which is fun for a little while, but with a manga as big as junjou romantica, she's relying too heavily on just those two tropes. Though I am a sucker for slow development, there is such a thing as overkill xD.

Egoist had such good scenes! If the mangaka had just stuck with one pairing and incorporated all these ideas into one couple, the quality would've been so much better!
Ikr, I think the mangaka is slowly closing off Egoist also, even the interactions, which is sad :(.

Haha well that publishing company Is the link between everything, so I don't think we'll be seeing anything less from them. I did really like the pairing with the publishing company boss(?) and his child hood friend, I loved the manga chapters of it.

I hope that in the end they do show Hiroki having a good relationship with Usami! Maybe that will be around the ending, since they're kind of in the Slowly Coming Out To My Brother arc (very slowly).

I wonder if Hiroki will ever do that though, and if he does, the mangaka is going to put all the drama into that again xD.
Oh Wow xD You think Usami would do that? He does some outrageous things sure, but I feel that trope has been used already at some point, though I can't remember where.

Yeah, I think she just wanted to keep the readers engaged by introducing a new character, sometimes that works, but he's been chasing Misaki for a long time now, so I feel they should divert the story soon.
I think if that Author were to get a lover, it would be that one editor of his (I've only seen him a few time but his behavior towards Misaki was odd so I think there might be something there).

LOL didn't Todo have a girlfriend though? I remember him saying something like that.

Yess Junjou Mistake is nice, like a breath of fresh air xD.

In that case episodes have to be at least forty minutes long, else they can never give anyone a shot. Now if they would make a live-action, that might work.

Like that one dream where all the seme's and all the uke's were having a party? xD I remember you saying something like that.

I know! Hybrid child was very sad! I did read the manga before hand, but by the time I saw the anime I had already forgotten half about it, except for the sad parts, I always remember the sad parts T.T whyyyyy.

Kagami is a really funny guy, especially when he speaks english, with his lunch time rush xD.
Ikr, when they have colored hair, you just know they're going to be overpowered xD I really liked the captain of Kagami and Kuroko's team though, he was nice and had a good backstory!

God spare the world if Momo and Nagisa ever team up together, Iwatobi and Samezuka will go to hell in a handbasket xD (I would love it anyway, especially if Rei would join for tactics and ruin everything).

Watch It! The second season is coming so u better be prepared! (it's so gay, they do it deliberately, I swear! There's even a trans character in there, so they really tried hard with representation in this anime. And of course nobody in that anime takes the whole magical boy thing serious, which makes it all the more hilarious!

Hhah, the repeating of things happens to everybody, often when I'm writing im like "did they frown already? Should they do it agian? urghhh).

Haha it's more that Rp isn't my style of writing, it's too short and involves characters that aren't my own, so I can't get my heart into it, i'm a very - inside-the-box- person when it comes to characters; they all need to stay in their own universe and never overlap (so I absolutely can't do cross-overs). it feels weird to suddenly start writing them when ur not their "mother" xD.
I do write literary pieces on an rp site of my friends, but its those big pieces of prose where we sometimes use each others characters to help the story along xD (some of my friends who did rp also,really had to get used to that kind of style).

Hahah, yes L was indeed very popular! Still is, I wonder where that popularity stems from xD

The Hype Is ALive :D Indeed when Free brought the manservice, a whole world of yaoi emerged again, which hadn't really happened much since Kuroshitsuji (not counting KnB). But I'm glad it became such a hype, since loads more companies are making manservice anime now, if it sells, they will make anything.

Indeed, somehow when it involves sensitive half-naked guys, we're all in xD the relationships were really well done though, I was so impressed with the second season of Free, I even almost cried, it was that good.
I've watched a lot of sports anime, and everyone of them has at least a little bit of a bromance in it (maybe it's because in those series the males respect and value their male counterparts more than there female counterparts, but hey what else is new xD).

Sports anime can indeed be very engaging, they just add up special attack with more special attacks and you Cant Look Awayy.

Ahh I still want to watch Gundam, but I'm not sure where to begin. Some say SEED, and I really liked the beginning of seed, but I've never been committed to watching all of the series (macross on the other hand, which is also sci-fi, was really engaging for me, maybe because it focused more on music).
Miss-x-larie Nov 1, 2015 12:10 PM
Censor is everywhere :( Especially China and America are censoring a load of shit.
I love fanfiction so much, it makes the yaoi genre so much better! I wish fanfiction could be translated into series, that would be so much more enjoyable to watch.

Indeed, I've never seen and LGBTQA anime that are masterpieces, since they focus too much on misunderstandings and weak plotpoints. I hope one day they will be like books though, well rounded and with gay people not used as side-kicks.
Well I think Free was pretty well rounded but It wasn't really yaoi xD. The closets anime I can think of with shounen-ai undertones is No.6, (I've only seen bits and pieces of it but i've read up on the story and it seems good).

Ikr! the "fanservice" anime are usually the best story wise, I think that will remain for some time still, mainly because our imagination does all the work xD.

The world is becoming more open minded so I hope our wishes will come true very soon! ^^. I know what you mean, there's some real underlying heteronormativity under there; to make the smaller boys always appear like woman. (though there are many theories on why it's actually so, its not really fair to all the real gay couples.)

I loved terrorist the most, but they skipped a huge part of them so a lot of watchers were confused about it.
Romantica has its moments, the jealousy moments I loved, even though its an overdone trope its basically a staple for that series xD.
Haha There were even jokes on tumblr saying "Lost in the woods: Hiroki & Nowaki", that's how little they were in that series, poor couple xD.
I loved Junjou mistake also, i was so surprised they animated it~
I agree, it would've been nice to see some friendly Hiroki and Usagi.
Hiroki collects semes xD.
Overall it wasn't the best season. There was another OVA series from the same mangaka that was pretty good though. Hybrid child or something like that?

Yess Midorima x takao! That's a ship xD. Kagami is adorable, especially when he thinks he's so great xD. I'm glad Kuroko can reel him in though xD.

Rin's getting aaalll the booty xD.

Omg Momo is the cutest, especially with his stag beetle Pyunsuke, he and Nagisa would make a great prank team!
Ooh u mean kisume? xD man I love him and I hate him, I love the reaction haru gets with him though.

The ova is a treasure! Especially the ending where it almost looked like MakoHaru became canon xD.
Have you seen the magical boy anime? Binan koukou chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! It comes as close to yaoi as Free (even gayer, they do it intentionally + it's getting a second season!).
Here's praying for more good possibly gay anime!
I always admired people who could RP, I can't do it, i'm not that immersive xD
(YES makoto as a yandere/ jealous is so great, too bad there aren't many fan fiction about it)

For Rei and Nagisa I change my opinion often xD They just switch a lot in my mind, though Nagisa is definitely the one who wants the booty all the time.

Just watch it for the hell of it, there are already so little yaoi anime in the world :(

I have never watched it but Naruto x sasuke is a strong ship everywhere xD.
Miss-x-larie Oct 28, 2015 6:48 AM
HAha Same, I havent watched many yaoi at all lately, it all looks the same lately and the tropes they use are horrible (I swear if I see rape used as a romantic trope one more time I might just give up).

They are indeed good looking xD I always forget their names but I do ship a lot of them, but mostly obvious ships like the greenhaired dude with the black haired dude who was always with him.

ME too!! xD I first had a total rin x haru fase but then I suddenly became a hardcore MakoHaru shipper, its weird how things turn out xD. Rei x Nagisa are so obvious, I can't believe there aren't more fanfic about those two, I love them xD.

Hahah yess the poly ships! First it was like rin x nitori, then sousuke x rin and now I just throw them all together (put some Momo in there and u have a full blown harem xD). Haha ikr! First I didnt really see the appeal in sousuke x makoto but then I read this great fanfic and I thought, YEs. Fanfic changes my opinion frequently (also sousuke x haru= yes).

I love Gou so much, she deserves all the muscles. When I first started free I was afraid they would use her as the token harem girl with zero personality but she turned out the be so great! I totally ship her with the captain of Samezuka (...and sometimes with her brother, don't shoot me xD). The ova was great, idk if u have tumblr but there was this whole dicksize post going around about them with their waterguns

My fav. is Terrorist, but Egoist has the best stories. They got like 1 episode I think.
They cut out Everything, just completely skipped over it. It's weird, why would they do that for a 3rd season when the first two were so gracious is showing nude scenes? Anime is slowely taking away the gay T.T

Miss-x-larie Oct 26, 2015 12:33 PM
Heeey It's been a while! xD I haven't been active for a long time either, so it took me a few days before I saw the new message on my profile, my apologies xD.
Mmm not many yaoi anime have come out this year T.T I am excited for the anime of Super Lovers! I've read the manga for the longest time but it didn't update much so I put it on hold, but I remember it being great.
Have you watched the last season of Junjou Romantica yet? They totally cut out all the good parts, if you know what I mean xD.
I did watch all the Kuroko no basket seasons, I didnt really think about the shipping tho xD I think Kagami x kuroko is my main ship from that anime~
If it comes to shipping my shipping heaven is definitely Free! There's just so much to ship there xD.
Tuxedo-Ace Aug 5, 2013 11:57 AM
Ik hoop dat iemand die rechten koopt, zodat we de echte einde kunnen meemaken van D.gray-man :)
Tuxedo-Ace Aug 5, 2013 1:21 AM
Ik heb gehoord dat ze niet verder meer gaan met de manga, wat dat betekent dat je niet meer zal weten wat er met Lavi gaat gebeuren:(
Tuxedo-Ace Aug 4, 2013 3:50 AM
Ik vond het algemeen een geweldige anime.
Jammer dat het open einde was:(. Dat is meestal zo met anime'sXD

Het is zeker weer voor herhaling vatbaar:)
Tuxedo-Ace Aug 3, 2013 5:14 AM
Yeah, heb D.gray-man afgekeken :)
Tuxedo-Ace Aug 2, 2013 6:27 AM
Als je met je beste vriendin wilt delen is het juist leuker om nog een keer dezelfde anime te kijken zodat je zelf ook weet waar het ook alweer over ging:P

Kanda vind ik wel awesome, bij de Noahs vind ik tyki wel oke.
Tuxedo-Ace Aug 2, 2013 1:19 AM
Ikzelf had paar jaar geleden meer over D.gray-man gehoord, ik had zeker al goeie indruk ervan.

Ook een goeie vriendin van mij ging mij die aanraden vooral omdat ze helemaal weg is van Allen WalkerXD

Tot zover vindt ik het goeie serie. Dat je twee keer hebt gekeken zal je zeker D.gray-man echt goed gevonden hebben:)
Tuxedo-Ace Jul 28, 2013 3:42 AM
Jammer dat het niet zo gaat met jouw:( hoop dat het beter gaat
Anime kijken blijft zeker altijd leuk;)

Met mij gaat het prima en verheug me al op Abunai.
Ga jij trouwens ook naar Abunai?
Miss-x-larie Jun 19, 2013 4:01 AM
Hey Amberanime, Nice to hear from you again! How's life for you?

Sorry that I've not been responding, I haven't talked to anyone for the last two months because of personal reasons, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you ^^.
I'm alright now I guess, but I'm still going to take a long time before I can message people on a daily basis (nothing personal) because I really need a break xD.

Haha, yeah It's a shame that there's still not a big market for yaoi but hey I've heard of some good yaoi coming up this/ next year!

Love stage (definitely yaoi) is getting an anime (or ova but I think anime), if you haven't read the manga yet, read it, it's nosebleed- awesome xD.

Do you still remember sekai ichi hatsukoi? Do you remember the friend who was in love with Takano? (not Ritsu xD), there are some big rumors that he's getting an anime/ ova series too (there are 3 novels of his story, if you ever want to read them I know a place to torrent them ^^).
(The novels are called: Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai)

Mmm, I haven't heard of any other yaoi/shounen-ai series yet (hehe, but with a bit imagination you can picture Free as a shounen-ai/ yaoi ^^.

And what did you think of this season's anime? only 2/3 more weeks before the summer season begins! (and there are a lot of awesome anime in there :D).

Have a Yaoi day! :D.
gemanepa Mar 27, 2013 8:20 PM
Dont try to understand my taste in anime and manga. You will break your brain when you try -->
Are you challenging me?...ARE YOU CHALLENGING ME?! HAHAHAHAHA... YOU FOOL, NOTHING CAN DEFEAT ME...Yeah let's see your list...
My brain feels...Weird...Oh my god, I have to warn the others, I have to tell them that...What, what it's happening to me?...No...Stop this...STOP!...My brain...My brain is...Breaking...I...c-can't...t-think...No...NOOOOOO...DWARRRRRRRGGHHH...
Miss-x-larie Dec 15, 2012 7:44 AM
xD Than I guess we’re the same :D.

Haha, yeah, first time I heard Kisa’s age I was totally freaked out, is it even possible to look that young? It should be forbidden! :P. Well, Kisa has such a cute face, if Kisa was a seme it would be hilarious to see :P.
That’s true, but then again, ya can never go wrong with a cliché! :P.

Oh that guy! I remember! Can’t believe I forgot him, he was hilarious :P. Makes me wanna watch the series again xD (But I already re-watched it once -.-).

Thank god for fanfiction then :P Tyki/ Lavi,… never thought of that before :P But it might just work,.. Tyki being kind of hot and Lavi being,… Lavi,… guess I’ll have to look for fanfiction for those two too! :P.
Miss-x-larie Dec 11, 2012 1:13 PM
:P Any chance you can make that into a yaoi wallpaper? xD I used to be quite good with photoshop but I bet that if I would try now I’ll be a noob again xD. Good luck! :P.

:P I know most of them, but I haven’t watched Gakuen Heaven and Sukisho yet and I dropped Loveless (I heard the manga is better though and I plan to read that one :p).
I’ve seen Nr. 6, I saw that more as boys experimenting than real shounen- ai but it was fun to watch the kissing scenes :P (The ending was soo touching I cried a bit *blush*).

Papa to kiss in the dark was great but there weren’t any favorite characters amongst those (maybe Mira ‘cus he was a biiiiiit cute but he doesn’t make the hot list xD).
I watched the first few ep.’s of Loveless but I just couldn’t understand what they were all doing, lots of questions no answers xD.
I want to try out some yuri again this or next year but I haven’t seen a good one yet,… if you know one recommend it to me :P.

I always fav. the childhood friend or people close connected to the main character ‘cus I feel they have more history together than the “new girl/guy”, but my wish seldom comes true -.-.
Haha, so you’ve already read the short story in Kou’s point of view? :P Kou and Kisa are such a cute couple :D.

Haha, the new teacher,… which ep. was that? :p I would really like to see that xD. It would be fun if kanda and Allen from D gray man were gay, that would make my day xD!