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Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf
Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf
May 21, 6:27 PM
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Fumikiri Jikan
Fumikiri Jikan
May 21, 6:04 PM
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Fuufu Ijou, Koibito Miman.
Fuufu Ijou, Koibito Miman.
May 21, 2:00 PM
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Skip Beat!
Skip Beat!
Feb 10, 4:28 PM
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May 29, 2016 7:53 PM
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May 27, 2016 8:01 AM
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Loyal_Sheepling May 10, 4:16 AM
Well probably better to say it would be weird without it, since I've always had it😅 but I did match my mother, as she had one in a similar area.
Hers was from a caesarian section to whip me out, she had some problems with her scar for a time though :/ but yeah I think it's cool😄

Ah I see, oh mine very much could have been from gaming and lack of movement haha😅
Yeah I try my best currently not to just sit down all day, usually try and have a quick walk out somewhere, even if I don't really need anything.

Yeah I heard that too, and yeah same, especially since I just got mine lol, I'm quite often late to the party with game consoles.
I'm not sure whether or not to get a PS5 some time this year, as I really could do with something that plays Blu-rays, as my PS3 died because of that notorious update that's been killing other PS3s, and discs are constantly getting stuck in my PS4.
Not even sure if you can even buy Blu-ray players any more either :/ I've looked everywhere around here.

Sometimes my sleeping schedule can be a little broken, so it made it easier 😅 sometimes also he could be up late for him so that worked also.
But currently it's a pretty normal-ish schedule for me lol, but also I don't really check in on PSN daily, so am probably missing game invites😅 I have the PSN app, but don't use it as I like offline time sometimes 😅

Yeah it is, although I haven't really come across many that progressed too far. I think maybe my age doesn't more often than not I'm a decade or so older than whoever I'm speaking to😅 and not really sure if it's actually friendship i want, as i kinda like just chatting. It's like that here on MAL for me also.
I know 2 people that are from my country I'd chat to almost daily when the PSN communities were a still a thing, but the pandemic really seemed to cut us off, and also I think they are focused more on their work, whereas I still have quite a lot of free time as my job doesn't require too much from me.

I feel more comfortable communicating to via messages/texts than like headset chats definitely. Although some I've joined with someone and their like chatting away non-stop and I can't even get a word in. I could just mute myself and they wouldn't even know😂

Yeah mostly good thank you :D
The weather here is getting warmer and brighter, on the weekend I'm going to visit 2 heritage railways where they run steam locomotives - which are things I love to do. Just gotta make sure the (mainline) trains are running, as I think some might still be on strike, and their how I mainly get around places😅
I got my sis to book a holiday for us to somewhere I've always wanted to go. It might be odd going with a sibling, but I don't feel quite up to going overseas by myself yet😅 and my sis loves vacations anyway, she took me to her home in Spain last year.
On a sad not though, one guy I go to pro wrestling shows with passed away just :/ I used to see him at shows going back about 7-8 years when I would go to ones in my hometown. But when I moved to this town 2 years back, I started seeing him around and we would stop and chat. Just felt like I was really getting to know him when that happened 😢

And likewise, hope all is well for you :)
BitChilly May 9, 6:37 PM
Wait no no, you’re okay. Is okay, I just don’t like Florida and what goes on down there >:(

Yess! Must be super cold for me (totally not because of my name), the colder the better. That’s partly why I sleep with more than 5 pillows, gotta prepare pillow forts just in case for the occasion!

It was a slog to find pictures I liked since I’m very very niche when it comes to graphic design so that becomes a big pain and thank you! I wanted to try a different design and it worked out well :D
Kazeninjaryu1 May 9, 5:41 PM
You're welcome!! Also thank you for accepting my friend request. Your pfp is cute! ^_^ And you seem nice! Also, yeah it's rent-a-girlfriend. I know there are people who don't like it but... I just can't help it! When the drama is good it gets good imo. And I love the art very much.. The writing has gotten a lot better in recent chapters.

but yeah i think we both needed more kimi ni todoke in our lives. It's the best romance i've ever watched! I really love slice of life romance animes so yeah.... ehehehe
Kazeninjaryu1 May 8, 3:38 PM
Oh wow hi!! Thank you for the lovely comment! Yeah the image on my profile is from my favorite manga series Kanojo okarishimasu! It's fanart. ^_^ one's from the manga panel. And yes!!! I love kimi ni todoke!!! I can't wait for season 3. I'm super excited!
BitChilly May 8, 10:48 AM
I am not familiar with lovebugs but it does seem that they’re present down here in the Southern US. Aaahh, of course it’s Florida that messes things up. Always Florida -.-

Uwaahh.. another myth… noo don’t!

70+ is way too high for me!! That’s going to get me cooking like a french fry, 62-65 is where I like the AC heh. Just the right temperature to be cold while also letting me snuggle into a big pillow fort on my bed.

Thank you :), it took me several hours to set up but I’m very happy with how it ended up.
-Sonal- May 7, 6:15 PM
Yes, from India
BitChilly May 7, 5:01 AM
Hmmm. microbiomes make more sense rather than a l c o h o l . It’s almost summer too, the pain of the extreme heat and buzzing insects are why I strongly dislike summer!! Is no fun getting bit!!

I’m allll for Autumn and Winter, the time of the year when I can wrap myself like a burrito and lie in peace watching stuff ~.~, and a hot drink too yumm.

We must remain vigilant with those two.. who knows what Hananoi-kun is hiding..
-Sonal- May 5, 9:20 PM
Which country from South Asia?
Loyal_Sheepling Apr 30, 2:19 AM
Definitely :D
Oh that's sounds awesome, glad the scar isn't visible.
My scar is still is quite visible, but at least it's a place not many see often 😅 and doesn't cause me any other problems, and i actually think it looks pretty cool lol.

Oh yeah I know, it must be very commonplace in desk jobs or any other job where you sit for long periods.
To be honest though, I don't really know why it was made such a big deal with me? :/ unless it had something to do with my age/still growing etc? ...not sure/don't remember.

Yeah the Switch is pretty good for that XD I've recently gotten one and it's nice to just play something without distractions.
Oh yeah same, I've met some cool people through gaming also. I often play online with some older guys I've known for a bit and it's really fun, only thing is I don't always play with them because of the time differences because their in the US😅
I see all the online experiences I had to be a learning experience, as I got to encounter many different people and different types of situations.
Definitely helped me be more confident communicating with people, and figuring people out, as when I first started to chat online I genuinely felt pretty scared😅 which sounds a little odd lol.
BitChilly Apr 29, 4:18 PM
Uwaahh.. well alcohol is certainly something that I can not take anyway. Yet.. give me a few years. I do not know, I always have it the worst whenever it comes to mosquitos ~_~
No, no pls. not summer, I don't want summer to come. I want Autumn and Winter...

Maybe so but am still skeptical of him! They have their cute moments but their relationship dynamic mmmm.... geeee
bevarnow Apr 28, 12:06 PM
Appreciate your fiancé's service. No matter where it is, its a tough and grueling job. You'd be surprised at some of the things people collect, it can get very interesting at points.
BitChilly Apr 28, 9:01 AM
ALCOHOL? Does that really affect the level of mosquito attraction?? I don’t know my own cholesterol level but I remember hearing that your blood can be a major factor in mosquito magnets, because for whatever reason, I’m the only mosquito magnet in my family.

I don’t know what to think of it, only time will tell us! I also feel kind of unsettled whenever I see Hananoi-kun too, he’s like an enigma!
bevarnow Apr 27, 1:22 PM
I look forward to seeing the finished puzzle! Law enforcement is a career field that I am entering, so I guess you could thats I why I'm interested in all that. Plus I also like collecting all these items cause I know theres a story behind all the items, but that story will never be told to me. And I'm not sure why, but I find that very interesting.
Meusnier Apr 27, 2:51 AM
Thank you.
It feels that the Covid years were like a black hole. And for me, it did not help that I was constantly exhausted. I agree!

Thank you! I look forward to hearing them.
Loyal_Sheepling Apr 26, 10:42 AM
Oh yeah definitely, I guess the only thing I could worry about is if something were to happen to me and I'm unresponsive :/ so can't tell of any allergies etc.

I've only had one operation as soon as I was born, and that was for a hernia and of my testicles hadn't descended😅 so i think that had to be done... Almost had a heart operation also, as Drs thought something was really wrong with it, but after an examination they found out that my heart is tilted a little, so when they listen to my heart it sounds terrible, but it's not quite as bad as they thought initially.
But yeah if I didn't choose physio it would have been an operation to put a rod somewhere in my back to help my posture (I think one our royal princesses had this operation also?), but it sounded very intrusive and life changing :( glad I chose physiotherapy instead.

Ah my frame is not too thanks😊 my shoulder is said to better lined up (but kinda hard to see that myself). My chest still looks a little odd, have to be careful about how I sit, as if I lounge about too much I can get dull pains from it, nothing like pains I used to get though. Exercises usually helps it, had to do some early today actually, I just get kinda slack sometimes :/ I sit about too much 😅
My overall posture could be slightly better....I lean forwards too much sometimes, there's some exercises that I do for that also.

I think sometimes the person doesn't always know how to communicate well, but yeah it's frustrating :/
I think myself a good person and try to help if I can, but putting that much strain on me I don't think is fair :(
and thanks :')

It took me a bit to wonder if they were actually being serious or not, but yeah...seems like they were.
I imagine girl gamers got all that kind of stuff all the time :/
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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