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Feb 22, 2019
I watched this movie some days ago and it's one of the worst movies I have watched in a long time and entirely just feels like a cheap cash grab.

The story is the first big problem with the movie because the movie relies completely on plot conveniences and it's incredible just how predictable everything is I literally knew how everything will end in the first 10 minutes of watching it.

Simply put, the art/animations in this movie are horrendous and it's unbelievable that Studio Bones released it like this. In some scenes they used really ugly looking CGI which didn't fit at all and somehow it read more
Sep 25, 2018
We had to wait 4 years for a third season of Yama no Susume and the big question is of course if the series is still as good as the previous seasons and if it still has the same charm?

The story in the third season focuses mostly on the relationship between Hinata and Aoi which was already the case in the previous seasons too and one of my favorite aspects of the anime. Something that has less presence in this season is actual mountain climbing because they focus more on the slice of life elements and they even dedicate whole episodes to it which read more
Jul 31, 2018
It is finally here the continuation of the Fate/Extra trainwreck anime that no one wanted, but of course japan won't disappoint us and still releases it.

I think it actually has a story, but the anime does a terrible job at it and it is nearly impossible to understand what is even going on and they tried in the second half of this special to throw in some explanation, but this ended only as some info dump and in the end it didn't helped at all to understand the story.

The Art in the anime is one of the worst artstyles I have ever seen and it read more
Jul 27, 2018
I watched this rather short ONA right after I finished reading the Nekopara extra VN and I can say that this ONA is much better compared with the one we got for Nekopara 1.

There isn't much of a story it's mostly about Chocola and Vanilla and how they adjust to their new life at the Minaduki household and how they open up to Kashou and the other catgirls. Which is in a pretty fast pace and mostly just in short events.

The art in this ONA looks pretty good and it really improved compared with the art of the nekopara vol 1 ONA.

The ONA didn't had read more