Sep 25, 2018
KanonDE (All reviews)
We had to wait 4 years for a third season of Yama no Susume and the big question is of course if the series is still as good as the previous seasons and if it still has the same charm?

The story in the third season focuses mostly on the relationship between Hinata and Aoi which was already the case in the previous seasons too and one of my favorite aspects of the anime. Something that has less presence in this season is actual mountain climbing because they focus more on the slice of life elements and they even dedicate whole episodes to it which isn't directly bad because we get nice character developments through it in this season especially between Aoi and Hinata.

One of the things I always liked in Yama no Susume were the background arts and I have to say that the third season sadly doesn't look as good as the previous seasons and especially the characters look in some episodes really minimalistic drawn and even kinda low quality at some points.
The Art in S3 is the weakest part of the anime, but even if I say that the anime still looks better than most other Anime this season so it's not such a big thing it's just sad that it isn't as good as in the other seasons.

There are some openings that always give me a smile and which I just don't want to skip and the opening of Yama no Susume S3 is one of them it's a perfect way to get into the episode. The episode themselves have the same OST as we already got in previous season and it's of course still fitting. The ending is pretty nice, but I like the opening more.

Like I already mentioned earlier this season focuses mostly on Aoi and Hinata and gives them trough multiple episodes really good character development, but what about the other characters? We get to see the other characters and they all get their moments to shine which I really liked because one thing I was scared of at the start of the season was that they won't give the other characters their moments because it first seemed like they will only give Aoi and Hinata moments and forget about the others.

I really enjoyed this season of Yama no Susume and even though the anime has a loss in quality compared with the previous seasons it gives me still the same feeling I got from the previous seasons and it's a comfortable watch, but one can clearly tell that this season is mostly fanservice for people that wanted to see the characters one more time animated.
Overall the Anime is a 9/10 for me and I can recommend it to everyone who likes the previous seasons.