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Jul 23, 2014
Romeo's Blue Skies is one of the shorter and more recent additions to the collection of World Masterpiece Theatre series produced and animated by Nippon Animation. Once again it is an adaption of a work of literature originating from Europe, this time based on the novel "Die schwarzen Brüder" written by Lisa Tetzner.

It tells the story of a young boy sold into slavery and bought into a world that he must survive that is far more desolate than that he had ever experienced in the past. It is a look into the life of the poor and oppressed in the face of an unfair read more
Jan 3, 2014
I often reminisce over those beautiful and irreplaceable moments from my childhood when I was in a loving embrace with my mother, and now that I am 22 years old I feel I need to grow up a little as this appreciation for a loving embrace hasn't budged a single inch. This concept of a child's love, is the foundation for everything that this anime is and about and oh boy does it do it well.

As I mentioned in the introduction. This show is about the importance of being able to be close to those that are important to you, and I don't imagine read more
Nov 27, 2013
Anime that are set out of Japan whilst not as uncommon as many may think are still few and far between but what is even more rare is an anime that takes place in Latin America. Michiko to Hatchin is representative of everything that is uncommon but amazing about the anime industry: it has style, nice characters, a unique setting and a vast array of themes, and whilst at times it is harsh it never forgets to be light-hearted in its ingenuity.

Michiko to hatchin's story is rather unusually executed; my original impressions was that the series was episodic but upon completion that statement was a read more
Nov 13, 2013
I for one am a person that likes to judge a situation based on my own personal experiences, but how far can I judge a scenario based on MY OWN experiences? The more I look into many tropes, the more I begin to realize that my own incentives on a situation can be appallingly naive and to truly understand certain scenario's, you truly need to see the bigger picture. Koi Kaze is one show where none of my personal incentives and experiences could have prepared me for its outcome.

Perhaps it is Koi Kaze's brutal honesty on the subject matter that it explores that makes this read more
Nov 8, 2013
What would you do if you couldn't change your fate? Would you grasp at any slither of hope that presents itself, even if that hope required you to hurt someone else? Or would you accept your fate? Just letting it pass over you? This is one of the many questions that Casshern Sins asks. "What is the answer" you might wonder? Well, let us sit down together and discuss it shall we.

Casshern Sins is a remarkable feat, in that it somehow captures every single, minute detail of the human spirit. It achieves this by starting from the very basics and quickly developing on the basics read more
Nov 7, 2013
Have you ever wanted to be a private detective? Asking that, I beg to you another question. What is the degree of depth and detail that needs to be sought out to truly understand the complexity of a criminal mind? Perhaps this is out of my comprehension as an avid anime viewer but I'm sure Mouryou no Hako is not only scratching the surface of the true horrors of a criminal mind, but is inviting me to bathe in it.

Me and dialogue story-telling have never really snuggled up together on the mattress but being a person entirely aware of that, I can wholeheartedly say, read more
Nov 2, 2013
Peace and serenity, independence of the mind, graceful beauty, resting, & death; the rich magnificence of a maple leaf as it falls at the closing of its years. Before we begin, I would like to say that no other symbolism can effectively associate itself with Saraiya Goyou moreso than that of a satin maple leaf.

At this very instance, the broad versatility of references that exists within this beautiful piece of nature constructs a focal point for everything that Saraiya Goyou is and stands for. To me, it simply opts to convey every aspect of the rich symbolic context of a maple leaf through its character read more