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Henshokuka no Kawaii Akuma
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Alomin Oct 20, 9:27 PM
The_Shinjinator Oct 20, 5:00 AM
Happy Birthday! :D
Taker6898 Oct 20, 3:33 AM
No prob ANime! Glad you liked it!
Ive seen your name change for a while! When did you even change and why??
Taker6898 Oct 19, 7:24 PM
The_Shinjinator Oct 19, 8:49 AM
vielä ku muistas jotain siitä sarjast ku filler pisti blank tietoa päähän XD... mut tottakai siks Shikamarusta tuli pomo ja sen kaveri on pakko sitten olla hyvin mahtava kans niin siinä tulee Choji :D... vai niin angsti hahmoista... no sittenhän sun pitäski tykätä Kiritsugusta ku oot Fate/Zeroa saanu katottua <.<
The_Shinjinator Oct 19, 8:35 AM
sitä voi aina tehä niinku Vex että skippaa koko paskan :D... *cough* mut juu mäki tykkään Shikamarusta ja Orochimarusta mut eniten noista Kakashista X3... Shikamarun pulska kaveri on kans huippu vaikka unohin nimen :3
The_Shinjinator Oct 19, 8:18 AM
se oli kyl suoraan sanoen filler mikä suurimmaks osaks sen kusi mulle... moni asia yllätti mut mukavasti ennen sitä nii ku Gaara ja Lee... ja vähän vähemmän mut muut hahmot jotka ei oo päähenkilöitä kans :3... sen takia se manga saattaa jotenkin pelastaa sen mulle joskus XD
The_Shinjinator Oct 19, 8:02 AM
itellä ku oon tuosta päässy niin Shippuudenissa vasta 35 jaksoo kattonu... sillee näytti niin fillerimäiseltä ku yhtäkkiä esiteltiin kaks random hahmoa... sitte se hetki ku mä tajusin et se onki canon jaksoja mitä katon XS... niinku what is this quality!? XD
The_Shinjinator Oct 19, 7:59 AM
pitäs just tuossa kohin alkaa eikä lopu ennen viimestä jaksoa :3
The_Shinjinator Oct 19, 7:43 AM
oho Narutoa! O.O... mut eiks sulla tuu just se loputon filler hell? XD
Kaizoku-Otaku Aug 16, 9:13 PM
Nice to meet you too, and thanks for accepting! ^^

That's alright, we all have a life apart from anime and manga, after all. So, what's up? :)
The_Shinjinator Jul 12, 7:49 AM
no mä en tykkää miekoista ku niitä näkee aina liikaa :D... mut mä näin Bleachin jossain ekan kerran ja yhessä J-Stars pelissä ja aina on näyttäny niin hyvältä XD... emmä tiiä varmaan ku on shounen niin se on aina eri juttu koska kaikilla on aina nyrkit heilumassa niin sitten jos ne käyttää miekkaa niin se on aina sairaan nopeesti, taidokkaasti ja sitten se vetää niillä niitä julmetun isoja energia aaltoja ku heilauttavat tarpeeks kova miekkaa O.O...

höh niitä oli kato pistetty voluumin verran mut nyt on taas musta valkosta :3... puhuivat just sipseistä vähän tarkemmin mangassa eikä voinu olla huvittamatta paitsi jos mä muistan väärin X3
The_Shinjinator Jul 12, 1:02 AM
luiksä muuten värillisinä ne pari ekaa chapteriä Death Notesta? :3
StealthXD Jul 5, 11:51 PM
Well, here's the second part of the message.
I actually confused myself before I started replying. I thought my first reply was to a completely different message, but I checked and it wasn't. I panicked for a second.lol

That's good. Don't wanna be one of those ignorant people who just hate on something for other reason. I'm basically like that with all music as well, not just K-pop. There's actually some rap I like even though rap is like my least favourite genre of music.
Yeah, the Koreans get pretty nasty when they get online and they come together to bash people, groups, etc. I don't even understand why they would be such douches online. All famous people do stupid shit, but in like other parts of the world, like the United States the celebrities do dumb shit and everybody just memes them. In South Korea the netizens bash them until they cry and apologize. I don't think it's a big deal, you don't think it's a big deal, then why is it a big deal? Because Koreans are insecure about themselves and have to bash people who have become successful imo. Damn, that sounds pretty shitty.
Like, just a month ago Choa from AoA was taking a break from the group and the netizens blew it out of proportion by saying she was leaving or that she was pregnant or something other stupid shit, but she was just taking a break because she was tired. Just recently Choa is also leaving AoA now, I actually like the group and it saddens me a bit, but with what's going lately with her suffering from depression and insomnia I think it's good to take a break and then come back later if that's something she wants to do in the future.
Yeah, you can't really generalize the entire population, but the online community is just so toxic. I'd like to visit Korea someday as well since it'll be pretty fun. I think the being harsh when not meeting expectations is pretty common in the Asian cultures like Chinese and Japanese. I actually never knew they didn't accept homosexual people openly like that.

Something kind of related to the homosexual thing... You know the Toronto Pride parade? If you don't it's just a parade that happens every year in Toronto that celebrates LGBT. Last year those protestors with Black Lives Matter interrupted and stopped the parade to protest (Which is the one of the dumbest things I've ever had to see when I saw the news). Like holy shit, you're going to interrupt a well organized parade with a bunch of "black rights" protest? And then have the gall to offer demands? Like holy shit... Well, due to BLM, uniformed police aren't allowed to participate but can attend if they are out of uniform. Wow...Police...Dangerous...

Ah, rant over. :p

That's true, no country is perfect. Even Canada isn't. The residential schools and other stuff are a real blotch on Canadian history, but it is what made us who we are now. I really like Japan's Sengoku Jidai period. It's pretty similar to China's Warring States period. What kind of stuff are you surprised about learning? I'm getting pretty intrigued. Do you know how to do any other origami designs?

Yeah, too bad Japan isn't like what anime portray it to be though. Well, I guess it is a fantasy place in the first place. Anybody who just says anime is just about big boobed anime girls don't know anything. One of those ignorant types. I don't really care if they don't watch anime, It's something I enjoy.

Well, the trip isn't going to happen this year cause a lot of people bailed/or they're busy. I think we're just gonna go to Vancouver for a week or two and do fun stuff. Too bad though, I thought it was gonna be an amazing experience. (Embrace my inner weaboo when I go to Akihabara, then cringe cause I weaboo too much)

Nothing anybody can do about it now that he's become the actual POTUS. He's done some stupid shit since January. I see him doing something stupid, and I just sit there and nod to myself and say "That's something Trump would do". Oh well, 3 years left of him being POTUS. Funny thing is he pulled out of the Paris Agreement and that triggered a lot of people. Lmao. Omg if they did vote him in again for the second time then actual GG for the world and the US. I say I don't give a shit, but inside I do give a little of a shit, my country shares a border...

Yeeee, Canadians. July 1st was like a couple days ago, no matter, Canada 150. Woot. Woot. I find it funny that it's like 3 days away from July 4 which is Independence Day in the USA. Can't have pancakes without Maple Syrup. Chill, heh. I guess mother's are usually pretty chill, but it's the opposite for me. My dad is chill af.

Lol, wish I could impart this knowledge to people. A lot of it is common sense and just knowing landmarks. If you take the same route enough, it'll become ingrained in your memory. Wow, rational thought when drunk. Impressive. They do have it good, almost never get lost when I'm around. Don't you got some GPS on your phone or something?

Well, my friends did do it. xD

Yeah, stories like that don't really work unless you remember every detail and you can tell a convincing story.
(Ghost rape is probably a fetish somewhere... )

Crowded with a lot of non-believers. XD (I don't think about much of life after death, basically nothing, no heaven nor hell. Just my body decomposing and that's it..)
We do live in the most peaceful time in human history. I don't think anybody in this century would last long in a conflict. There is just too much cluttering the mind nowadays... SJWs, stress, trying to be politically correct and not racist ( Not that black guy, but African American or American because Black Americans don't come from Africa, etc.. See what I mean?
Wow, I gotta wait till the afterlife? Damn, that's far away. :3

That's ok. No need to think of anything to reply.
Yeah, I also get this fascination with the Military and History from my father as well. Would your father happen to be involved in some conflicts? I can only assume he grew up in a pretty crazy period during human history.

You can believe that all you want, but there is a fanatical dude in Korea that has an itchy finger. I don't even know if they'd actually launch a nuke intentionally at somebody. No actual information comes out of that country, so who knows. Best solution is just to never use it in the first place, but an alternative is developing something to stop nuclear warheads when they are launched.

I don't want to make it look like it's Western Bias or whatnot, but Russia has been pretty aggressive lately with their territory disputes and offensives. Like Crimea in the Ukraine, and the extremely aggressive bombing campaign in Syria. It makes sense to cooperate with allies who share similar weapons/strategies. It makes it easier in the future to cooperate together if there really was a conflict. The average citizen in Canada today really disregards the emphasis on being prepared with up to date equipment and technology. Usually lives have to be lost before the public decides something needs to be done. It's sad really.
Nobody knows what Russia really wants with the land. Maybe they want the former territories of the Soviet Union? Who knows. NATO is a pretty good deterent for what it does. Even Sweden is leaning towards membership, and they've been known to be neutral in that regard. I think Finland is kind of too, but it's a really imporant issues and it's probably frequently debated.
Well, that's ok to be a little anti-NATO, since you care about what might happen to your country as a result. It is an extremely important issues regarding your country's security.
I think Trump being POTUS has actually gotten Canada to put in a little more spending on our military. I find that step in the right direction. In my opinion it's better to be prepared then to be caught with your pants down. Have you heard about the record for the longest sniper kill set by the JTF2? 3 of the 5 longest record kills are Canadian. Apparently Canadians Snipers are quite the sharpshooters. Canada is extending some of it's missions overseas and starting new ones. Like the training mission in Ukraine is extended, Special Forces in Iraq, and that new mission in Latvia. Canadian soldiers have arrived there to help a fellow NATO member. Latvia is pretty close to Finland too. In my opinion I think many countries don't spend 2% because the USA spends so much on defense that they can take care of all the heavy lifting.

Oh well, that's my little opinion on that. My friends don't really care about this stuff because it doesn't really affect them.

One of the few countries that employ conscription. If history has taught us anything, it's that conscripted armies tend to do worse because many members don't actually want to be there and will do anything to get out. While volunteer armies have much higher morale because that's what they signed up to do for they own personal reasons. Like Korea still has conscription because they are next to North Korea which is nuclear capable and not afraid to use it. Male K-Pop idols have to do two years of mandatory service. Like Finland it's mandatory for males and females can volunteer.
Something that's related, but not directly connected is that some females want equality so that applies to the armed forces, right? They want all positions to be avaliable for females, but when push comes to shove those females that have been pushing for equality don't actually want to be a part of the armed forces. I kind of find that funny and ironic. Obviously, some positions like the Special Forces can't just be forced to accept females, because biologically speaking males are stronger than females, that's just biological fact. There are certain things that males can do that females just can not do. (I'm not like anti-women or anything, just facts..)


I can understand where you're coming from. Nothing wrong from being anti-conflict, but it shouldn't be confused with pacifism. I find it funny that the reason why a lot of progress happened because of conflicts. You can think of it as wanting to be better than your opponent so you invent something that does something better, and then you're opponent does the same and invents something better and it just goes on and on. No truer words have been spoken... "No one can live on this world by good will alone, all trusting that nothing will never happen" - Ira 2017. Too bad many people are ignorant of this. Especially with what I mentioned about Canadians relying on another country to defend our country. That's not how life works... It just so happens that Canada and the USA share similar views, and its better to be allies then enemies. This sentence in his speech that JFK says to the Canadian Parliament in 1961 sums up the Canada-USA relationship so well. ("Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners. And necessity has made us allies. Those whom nature hath so joined together, let no man put asunder")
Ah well, our future is in the hands of Mr. Trudeau. Conservative or Liberal, both governments have never really paid much attention to the military, there are so many things to fix and replace.
One thing that has slightly annoyed me is the purchase of the interim Super Hornet fighter instead of purchasing the F35 like everybody else is doing. Literally wasted more money now than saved. It costs more to buy the Super Hornet and all the parts to keep it running instead of just purchasing the F35. Many of the NATO nations are puchasing 5th generation fighers and here we are the Canadian government buying 4th generation fighers from the 90s. I seriously wish our government could be more like Australia's government when it comes to the military. We are seriously lacking in that field. Ah well, I can only hope.

They should make a Harry Potter that shows what the original characters are up to now that they're adults. They're basically like 20s - 30s anyways. I just think foreign accents are cool. Wish I had one. Too bad Canadian kind of sounds likes American. The US have a ton of accents that vary from state to state.

I guess if you say it like that, there's nothing to worry about. Since the both of you didn't like one another. Ah, the younger ages when you didn't really care. Now that we're adults we care about that kind of stuff a lot more. Guess it's important in finding that special somebody.

No kidding. IMO Western Europe, especially France is like the cultural hotspot of Europe. That sucks though, homeless people are in every city and they'll always be homeless people until something can be done about it. Attacks have been hitting Britain lately too. If I was in your position I'd be so fascinated with those guns. Lol, sorry. I think my family wants to go to Europe sometime in the near future. Maybe I'll end up going to Lille.

I feel like this message was gonna be a long one. Sorry about taking such a long time on this after my first one and just replying in general. I hope I haven't inconvenienced you.
Oh wow, since it's this late.. (Like 5 months late). I'm not sure you'd remember your experience with that exchange student, but if you do remember I'd like to hear about how it went with him. It sounded really interesting to me. Yeah, gun laws are a touchy subject with some Americans (can't generalize). It feels like you're either with or against and there's like no middle ground. At least you had something else to talk about with him instead of guns.

Well, thanks for reading Ira. I hope you've been happy and well. See you later! ;)
The_Shinjinator Jul 3, 8:04 AM
okei nyt oikeesti tulee viestit kaikille XD... mites sä muute tykkäsit tuosta Bleachistä olikse oikeen kunnolla hyvä? :3... pakko sen on olla ku näyttääki siltä ja aina näyttäny O.O