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Akuyaku Reijou nanode Last Boss wo Kattemimashita
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DepressedJakass May 27, 6:56 PM
Hey! Thanks for the friend request! I've been meaning to get back to actually talking to people on here but I mean, it's not like I'm forums or anything anymore, heheh. I mean, I've considered writing a couple reviews too but I'm not exactly the more articulate person....and I'm not funny or a hot blonde so there goes that. If you've taken one look at my list, you've probably noticed all the sap and nonsense I gave 9's and 10's to. Honestly! It embarrasses the hell outta me, like everything on my favourites list is shit - like, c'mon, even I can admit it. But I've always loved camp, you can have a stellar cast, perfect soundtrack with purdy art but the one thing you can't replicate or remake is charm. I mean, Saiyuuki's easily my favourite manga of all time, but really, it's just got that repetitive, generic story with equally trope-y characters, despite still publishing, it never quite got out of the 2000's shounen formula - but you know what, that's one story I can say wears it, knows it, and still manages to have like, 10 major fights per chapter without getting boring. Same reason I won't watch the Fruits Basket remake, the old one was nothing special, I'm sure it's great to see an actual quality anime made as a fan, but I'd be lying if said the original didn't make me all fuzzy inside with it's girly ass art and writing. Anyway, I'll quit rambling...!

- Yeah, I looked through a couple on your tab, I'll check out the few you mentioned. Say, you ever gotten hate for a review? Dumbass question, I know, but I remember having a mate who got absolutely hounded on everytime he wrote a bad review. Hah. I know "touch grass" aint the best comeback anymore, but god if it ain't real. I get pissy too but some of yall on here are actually five years old - get off forum games and get laid, it might fix ya.

The Descent ain't too bad. Watched it wayy back though, haha. Unfortunately my taste in movies isn't much better from anime, all I watch is plain bootleg splatter and slashers with ketchup blood and hot chicks ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯ Now, a movie's never scared me, but you know what did? Good 'ol creepypastas. And by creepypasta I mean Jeff the Killer and Jeff the Killer alone. Holy fucking shit I didn't sleep for a week as a kid then passed out at school just to wake up in a hospital bed pissing myself. I was **so** scared of that fucking thing ruined ages 7-8 for me. Same time I tried to explain to everyone what Slenderman was and just ended up with my teacher having to get an autism came back negative.
DepressedJakass May 25, 8:29 PM
Haha, I see you get a lot of comments on your reviews - good reason, you're funny as hell, man. So I hate to flood you up with another one, but caught my eye crazy on Gantz, you're fuckin right, ain't no body else calling out how retarded all the characters be for no damn reason. You ever watch Saw? It's kind of like how the first movie was legitimately pretty damn straight, flash to the sequel and now we got gore porn and half a story about nothing.
Anyway, keep it up mate ;-) always look forward to your reviews. xx
slayra May 11, 4:46 AM
Hì! I love your anime list :) I feel I can find new animes and we can discuss them, if you want
g-k Mar 25, 4:04 AM
Hey there, hope you are doing well. I added you for a few reasons. I saw your post browsing the Introductions subforum. I too have mostly used MAL to lurk and look shows up. Figured I should try at least a little bit to change that.

You seem like a cool person. I admire the way you write for your own pleasure, whether or not you post it publicly. It's too easy to burn through media these days without it leaving much of an impression. I am guilty of forgetting characters, even huge chunks of plot, across movies, anime, and games. I like your idea of writing to better etch the memory of a show into your mind. Do you find that it's working?
Ghoulstan666 Mar 16, 5:32 AM
Hey! I read your review on "i got a cheat skill in another world" and found it hilarious, i totally agree with everything you said. then i went on your profile and read some more reviews and i have to say, you are an awesome critique. so i wanted to be friends (*^-^*)
Retro8bit Mar 15, 1:55 PM
I must admit, I've never heard of that anime before. What was about it that was so bad if you don't mind me asking? Oh dude I completely relate to you when it comes to the insomnia. I too suffer from this. I tried to get a full 8 hours of sleep a night, and while I can semi accomplish this, it doesn't come without me constantly having to wake up every half hour to an hour or so. I even tried the warm milk strategy and it didn't work. 🤣 I'm happy to hear things have gotten better for you in this area.
Retro8bit Mar 8, 9:07 PM
No worries, I can assure you I will keep your secret that doesn't exist. Wait, did I word that right? XD Anyway, sorry for the late reply. How has everything been on your end?
Retro8bit Mar 3, 2:29 PM
Hahaha! Fair enough! Do you watch anime on streaming websites like Crunchyroll that are free with ads?
Retro8bit Mar 2, 5:51 PM
Hahaha! It is, or in this case "was." They ended up canceling their service and hopping on with Hulu last I heard. They're streaming service was actually pretty innovative for its time back in 2010. They had on demand but also had a live stream version of their app as well. Kind of making it resemble a real life TV channel with different anime airing at different times of the day.
Retro8bit Mar 1, 8:10 PM
Sorry about that, I use the microphone on my phone to reply to comments, and sometimes it spells the names of the anime series I say wrong. Actually it does that a lot. 🤣 Oh okay, so you have seen Accel World. I was very curious to know your opinion on it since it shares similarities to SAO when it comes to the behind the scenes stuff. You may find this odd but I actually saw that series way before I ever saw Sword Art Online. It was on a streaming site at the time from Viz media called Neon Alley. Have you ever heard of it?
Yitshaq Mar 1, 4:48 AM
Thanks for accepting! No, no particular reason just thought we had similar interests is all :)
Retro8bit Mar 1, 12:29 AM
I see where you're coming from with that statement. I guess that is par for the course for anything in the entertainment industry, once it hits a certain stride then there will be other companies trying to cash in on the pioneer success. This being SOA in this case. Speaking of which, have you heard of an anime called Excel World? It's from the same studio if I'm not mistaken. Kind of puts a different spin on things.
DhoX Feb 26, 3:23 PM
Definitely, i'll check them out
DhoX Feb 26, 12:01 PM
Thank you for accepting FR. Yes, I actually found your profile from casshern sins review and planning to watch it next. really great review btw
literaturenerd Feb 25, 7:13 PM
Lol, that is an awesome saying! Thanks for the birthday wishes!
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