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Noboru 45 minutes ago
Wait just a moment. Did you imply that Gauls were Celtic? If so, I have to correct yourself right here:

Other than that, the tool you've been using seems quite useful, many thanks for that

Also, those are just Indo-Germanic/Indo-European genetics. The actual, ancient Europeans have been mostly replaced by foreign invaders already.
Noboru 1 hour ago
The article seems to be behind a pay wall.

But even the little extract is kinda ironic, since even the French consider a Germanic person to be their ancestral father of the country. Even their own endonym, which is how they call themselves in their own language, is of Germanic (Frankish) origin.

They have a Italicized (Romanized) language despite of hardcore French nationalists being proud of their Gallic ancestors. At least that's what every immigrant's ancestors become as soon as the current immigrants get the French citizenship:
Rarusu_ Yesterday, 4:34 PM

De ska ut
Tror många halvingar har en förälder som kommer från ett annat nordiskt eller germanskt land, kan inte riktigt räkna det som "utländsk bakgrund". Nordtyskar är ju rent etniskt typ identiska med svenskar som exempel.
Rarusu_ Yesterday, 4:23 PM
Det kan inte bli som på 70-talet igen på grund av demografin

Orkar inte se hela, vad handlar den om?

Lol, Nina Rung

Det kommer den inte

Jo, vi vet det

Många svenskar har en bild av apartheid som någon slags nazist regim, men så enkelt. Man anser nog bland den sofistikerade överhetens sida att det som kommer hända dem nu får de skylla sig själva för.

Men Jesus, köttbullar är inte det mest svenska, herregud. Så ytlig är inte svensk kultur. Det är bara en maträtt.

Rarusu_ May 24, 3:57 PM
Hon kanske hade smutsig hand

Helt riktigt


Han är bög alltså
> fd F!
> konservativ antifeminist

Lever han på sina videos eller

Ja, så kan man ju inte ha det
nicethings May 23, 9:11 PM
"we got talent to do the game animation for p5 but nah let's make the official anime as cheap as possible, i promise... nobody will notice, it's just the anime, after all!" no believe mE PPL NOTICED lmao

i want to be able to date hot guys and do girly things, as much as i love being a high school bishounen who gets gorgeous ladies left and right there is no gay option, and or female option to allow me to live life as a woman, and that's not nearly as fun as only being a man, welp, i don't care how handsome and stylish Akira is (still a lil salty about the "canon" name change... like Ren, really? Sounds sooo lame... should've kept Akira. how is the manga not canon for naming? Stop making things needlessly confusing, Atlus!)

imo haikyuu's expressions are part of what make that show so visually fun, besides the attractive men, wonderful volleyball animations, and the general aesthetic value of it (of course)
nicethings May 23, 2:56 PM
well if they won't pay for him they'll probably pay for one of the other dlc characters

YouTube cares less about the users and more about pedaling as much crap in the faces of its users as possible. yeah they could actually focus on improving some shit, but alas, that requires more effort than to completely change the homepage formatting (which no one aksed for and no one wanted)

OMFG MAYA IS QT… lol yeah Persona 2 re release, 50 years from never, more like… I mean just now they're finally planning to re release P4D alongside P3D+P5D... but they seemingly forget about the rest of the franchise… wish they'd have another game where you could play as a female protagonist but that's probably not in the cards either...

I think it'd be amazing to see an IG produced persona property in the future. Besides KyoAni and BONES that compile my other fav spots they're definitely in my top 3 in terms of quality (I also liked JC staff's work on the Railgun/Index series), and I would love to see them do a persona game justice. Even the derpy expressions in Haikyuu are very endering in their own right. Yeah, there's always going to be shit cut out of the adaptation, I understand that and that was my gripe with the final season of DRRR (and the dismal animation QUALITY of course) but it's like, A-1 really cut corners hard on P5A. And I don't hate all their shows nor do I think all their shows have the same problems with animation quality (not compared to studio DEEN), quite a few of them do but there are others where they don't look nearly so off model. TV animation probably has way less money shoveled into it than movies, not all studios have a glorious budget, but you'd think there'd be a little more concern and effort put into it. Yeah, A-1 is still not the best place to go. If they ever do get the chance, they should jump at a new collaborater animation wise who'll bring the characters, setting and atmosphere at least some sense of justice
Rarusu_ May 23, 2:54 PM
Ja, ungefär som med "Om kriget kommer" broshyrerna

Det blir lite som på Medeltiden då när en man var tvungen att bevisa sig oskyldig ifall han anklagades för våldtäkt
Rarusu_ May 23, 2:37 PM
Du ser



Det är ju dock olagligt att gifta sig med barn än

Det har så klart att göra med sociala anledningar

Väldigt bra skrivet

Ingenting överhuvudtaget är lika

Finns inga som knappt nyttjar kpistar längre
nicethings May 23, 2:02 PM
the only thing that sucks is that he's DLC, he should come with the game by default instead....

youtube's recommendation algorithms are completely shot. then again so is their whole site setup? like "hurr durr look at these recommendations, we don't want you to see the folks who you're actually subscribed to!"

haru's trailer was great, as was Futabas. I love them soo much. I hope somebody finds a way to mod all the other characters into P5D somehow, it might not be achievable but I'd really love to see a dancing Takemi.... (there was also someone who did a fucking amazing Adachi mod but idk if it was ever finished).

Production IG should've done the anime. I stand by that (they've done haikyuu, kuroko no basket, and many other incredibly well animated shows, esp when compared to A-1). I wonder if Atlus has some kind of satanic contract bound by blood with A-1 or something to do all their work, because it seems fishy that they'd keep going back to A-1 for anime adaptations even after IG clearly made superior animation cutscenes for P5's game.... maybe so lmao
nicethings May 23, 10:28 AM
Rarusu_ May 23, 4:28 AM
Jag har ingen aning om sånt där, tyvärr