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Manga 'Ninja to Koroshiya no Futarigurashi' Gets Anime

by Vindstot
Apr 23, 2:08 AM | 30 Comments
Production company Kadokawa announced an anime adaptation of Hundred Burger's Ninja to Koroshiya no Futarigurashi (The Life of a Ninja and an Assassin) manga on Tuesday, revealing a teaser visual (pictured). The anime series is being produced by animation studio Shaft.

Hundred Burger began drawing the slice of life comedy manga in Comic Dengeki Daioh "g" in February 2021. Kadokawa published the third volume last July, with the fourth volume going on sale on Friday.

Satoko Kusagakure, a female ninja who left her village with her comrades, finds herself living with Konoha, a high school girl working as an assassin in the city. Satoko possesses the ability to transform objects using ninjutsu, which catches Konoha's attention. They strike a deal: Konoha provides Satoko with a place to live in exchange for Satoko's help in cleaning up after her assassination jobs.

As they face off against assassins sent by Satoko's village, indulge in delicious meals using money earned from assassination jobs, and navigate the chaos of their unusual living situation, the story captures the heartwarming yet chaotic lives of these two unlikely roommates.

Official site:
Official X (Twitter): @ninkoro_anime

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Ninja to Koroshiya no Futarigurashi on MAL

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@Avery20 Well, thanks for the help. In that case, all I can do is see it for myself, instead of trying to ask you to retell every little detail :D

Apr 24, 11:09 AM by RobertBobert

@KryzakamiHrybami Shaft is the best studio. Why would you be out? Lol

Apr 24, 10:01 AM by Yui_Suzumiya69

@ryoko6 Their big come back will be in the Fall with Monogatari Off Season and Monster Season along with the Madoka Magica movie.

Apr 24, 9:59 AM by Yui_Suzumiya69

@RobertBobert Yeah but it's Shaft. I'll give them a pass any day of the week and see how it is.

Apr 24, 9:57 AM by Yui_Suzumiya69


Oh sorry I got it wrong

For the main characters they don't seem to have much romantic development, but they have some moments tho. Right now I can't say its bait 'cuz it's too early to assume anything, it's more like a subtext

Apr 24, 9:30 AM by Avery20

@Avery20 If they are already a COUPLE, then they are clearly not roommates, or rather more than that. But I already directly called them token yuri girls, I’m just saying, the rest of the manga itself isn’t even bait?

Apr 24, 8:43 AM by RobertBobert


RobertBobert said:
In my opinion, they are clearly drawn as token yuri girls. But otherwise it’s not even bait?

The way they act is too like a couple. And most importantly, they are ROOMMATES and living together!

There's also a conversation at the short-haired girl's debut chapter, where the ninja girl said:

へ~ リーダは恋人の家で暮らしてるんですね! (Roughly translate: Heh~ So Leader is living at your girlfriend's house?)

which she replys:

そうなんだよ (Roughly translate: That's right), basicly a confirmation as I know

The word "恋人" (Lover) was brought up by the ninja girl several times during their conversations and she doesn't deny it

Apr 24, 8:38 AM by Avery20


EcchiGodMamster said:
wym its "most likely" a girl lol?

I'll let you decide (the cloak one)

But I don't think she's the main villain. She'll probably come back later tho

Apr 24, 7:39 AM by Avery20

In my personal opinion, absolutely nothing ruins girl's cuteness more than her being a cold blooded killer, which is why I was so reserved about Yor. I never considered someone dying as anything funny. I guess I will be reseveded about this one as well.

Apr 24, 3:03 AM by Piromysl

>dark comedy

I will be watching.

Apr 23, 2:11 PM by VanishingKira

slice of life Shaft kino incoming

Apr 23, 12:29 PM by NoktoH

Hate to admit it even tho I'll watch this way after it's already finished
First show to grab my attention for the amount of time I check the news section daily

Apr 23, 12:03 PM by nachomaxo1


I'm not gonna change so theres no point... i want my female villains lol

Apr 23, 11:53 AM by EcchiGodMamster

@EcchiGodMamster As you say, I just gave up arguing with you about this

Apr 23, 11:51 AM by RobertBobert


wym its "most likely" a girl lol?

RobertBobert said:
@EcchiGodMamster Lol dude you never change.

I am a man who KNOWS what he likes lol

Apr 23, 11:49 AM by EcchiGodMamster

@KryzakamiHrybami Most likely it's just for style, their social networks use katakana to write their names.

Apr 23, 11:33 AM by RobertBobert

I'm out.

Those are not the anime I like.

By the way, the OG creator name is suspiciously American.

Apr 23, 10:51 AM by KryzakamiHrybami

@Avery20 In my opinion, they are clearly drawn as token yuri girls. But otherwise it’s not even bait?

@EcchiGodMamster Lol dude you never change.

Apr 23, 9:42 AM by RobertBobert

It's no Kunoichi Tsubaki or Senran Kagura, but it's looking cute. I'll try it out.

Apr 23, 7:55 AM by Hoppy

is Shaft finally making a comeback?! hope so!!! never heard of this but id expect it to be decent ig

Apr 23, 7:54 AM by ryoko6

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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