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Madhouse Produces 'Goodbye, DonGlees!' Original Anime Film for 2022

by Vindstot
Jul 2, 2:00 AM | 25 Comments
Kadokawa opened an official website for an original anime film titled Goodbye, DonGlees! on Friday, scheduled for a 2022 opening. The website also revealed a teaser visual (pictured), the main production staff members, and an introduction to the film.

Director, Script: Atsuko Ishizuka (Sora yori mo Tooi Basho, No Game No Life)
Character Design: Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Hunter x Hunter (2011), Overlord)
Studio: Madhouse (Sonny Boy, ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka)
Production: Kadokawa

The film depicts the miracle-like encounter of the "DonGlees" boys. At the end of an adventure with friends that began during an unusual summer vacation, the boys arrive in Iceland—the land of flames and ice. What "treasure" have the boys found by looking at themselves and transcending the world...!

Official site:
Official Twitter: @gb_donglees

Source: Press Release

Goodbye, DonGlees! on MAL

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cooperation, kyoudai!!!

Jul 8, 1:46 PM by RenDays

Iceland?? Sign me up.

Jul 2, 1:08 PM by Chouninatte

Man Madhouse is seemly making a comeback with this project, their collaboration with Mappa and Sonny Boy. Now if they just made One Punch Man Season 3 then they’d be up there with Ufotable, Mappa and Bones again

Jul 2, 11:36 AM by OvergrownRover

Atsuko Ishizuka, so count me in

Also, I believe this is the first time she’s doing the script as well (I believe she had Jukki Hanada script NGNL and Yorimoi)

Will be interesting to see how it turns out

Jul 2, 10:54 AM by Erotaku_

We've known about this one for a while just like Sonny Boy.

There's probably more left to be announced by Madhouse considering 2022 is the studio's 50th anniversary.

Jul 2, 10:25 AM by VanishingKira

This is a welcome return for Madhouse. Looks like they already had themselves back on their feet with having three original productions consecutively alongside projects that were planned in advance. This is a good sign.

The animation landscape will be interesting again if this also marks Madhouse's resurgence to relevance. Having more studios for creatives to play around means more quality productions to come.

Also, an anime set in Iceland? Sign me up!

Jul 2, 9:54 AM by Znra

I know the people behind it and the poster looks interesting but I still need more information to judge if it's interesting or not.
Poor voice actors. I hope they're warned before they sign up for this.

Jul 2, 9:46 AM by Theo1899

Madhouse is coming back strong this year! Will check this out.

Jul 2, 6:53 AM by samashi20

Madhouse back in the game it seems. Looking forward.

Jul 2, 5:14 AM by NextUniverse

Madhouse's been quite active recently.

Looking forward to all of their works, Sonny Boy, the collab with MAPPA and now this.

Jul 2, 5:04 AM by Rickydory123

Beuh I Thought MAdhouse was saying

Jul 2, 4:56 AM by SKloOF

Okay, okay, count me in!

Good to see more MadHouse projects.

Jul 2, 4:55 AM by _MushiRock11_

Madhouse making a comeback with back-to-back anime series and movies.

Wait a minute..... Is that the TARDIS?

Jul 2, 4:16 AM by Mr_Srijan

Madhouse anime,, i hope it's good

Jul 2, 4:06 AM by Bemine12

this is actually the return of the OG madhouse , i cant believe it .......
2021 has been a madness.

so that makes it 4 upcoming shows ? 2 of them originals , and one game adaptation , one manga . and all 4 of them are looking to be absolute madness.

and takahiro yoshimatsu CD is already a blessing .

Jul 2, 3:31 AM by TweedleDane

a madhouse original? im in

Jul 2, 3:19 AM by lizzziziz

Another anime by madhouse? Nice

Jul 2, 3:06 AM by Sakuta002766

Looks interesting, but madhouse has 5 anime projects hope they don't overwork again

Jul 2, 2:53 AM by Tsuki098

Is Madhouse coming back?

Jul 2, 2:53 AM by Supercuecaaa

Damn, Madhouse is really going at it these days aren't they ?

Jul 2, 2:27 AM by TitanInsane

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