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Web Manga 'Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]' Gets Anime Adaptation

by tsubasalover
May 23, 9:07 AM | 11 Comments

The official Twitter account of Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] manga announced on Thursday that the series will get an anime adaptation. The seventh volume of the manga will also reveal the announcement on its wraparound band, which will ship this Saturday.

Charismatic gamers became the one to be played!?

Akatsuki Iride is popular among the gaming community as a "natural" gamer. One day, he unlocks a hidden content in a mysterious free game called "Nakanohito Genome," and finds that the content is a real-life game. The imposed objective of the game is to clear several games and achieve 100 million views. Akatsuki, along with eight other charismatic gamers are gathered, as they challenge the mysterious game world by putting their lives on the line.

Osora started Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] via Gene pixiv in October 2014. Kadokawa has been publishing the series in physical volumes since June 2015. The compiled volumes have over 350,000 copies in print.

Source: animate Times

Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] on MAL

11 Comments Recent Comments

the manga was interesting so im excited for the anime too!

May 25, 8:02 AM by SkyFullOfStars

Is this another stuck in the other world anime? lol
But anyway, this sounds pretty interesting.

May 23, 11:56 PM by yoshu_

Ah, I remember read the manga around 2-3 chapter. Glad to see the adaptation.

May 23, 11:10 PM by Detective1412

Eeeh... The art is cute~
Maybe I'll give this a try later~ XD

May 23, 8:31 PM by Meira_Eve

I've been reading this series and kinda surprised it got an anime. Hope they at least they adapt this faithfully but I'm keeping expectations to a minimum for now. The storytelling is rather mediocre imo.

May 23, 3:24 PM by Stark700

Sounds fun, I'll give it a try.

May 23, 2:14 PM by MrEpicMichael

I've been planning on reading this ever seen I read another manga a while back that was drawn by the same artist who's art style I really love. Guess I'll hold back on the manga and just wait for the anime instead then, hope it'll be worth the wait.

May 23, 12:30 PM by heydaycapriccio

So from MU this is a survival game with mystery and romance elements


May 23, 10:08 AM by tragedydesu

OMG hell yeah, I ran into this web manga such a LONG time ago! the translations were always so hard to come across by; and made it impossible to check out. So an anime adaptation will do better.

May 23, 9:52 AM by Hana

This sounds like a G version of Ousama game.

May 23, 9:10 AM by Swagernator

May 23, 9:09 AM by tsubasalover

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