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Warner Announces Japanese Live Action Film of Rurouni Kenshin

by dtshyk
Jun 27, 2011 3:57 PM | 116 Comments
According to Comic Natalie, Warner Bros. has announced a live action movie of Rurouni Kenshin. Actor Satoh Takeru (official blog) will play Kenshin and the film will be premiered in 2012. Warner plans serial releases of the film.

Executive Producer: William Ireton (the President of Warner Entertainment Japan)
Director: Ohtomo Seishi ("Ryomaden")
Studio: Studio Swan ("Paradise Kiss live action")

Source: Comic Natalie

Story by Hachik0

20 of 116 Comments Recent Comments

Since I read that there was going to be a live action movie about this manga, I was pretty doubtful. After a couple of months of waiting and searching, I got the chance finally to watch it yesterday and it was beyond my expectations. I can say that this is the best manga/anime adaptation to live action film that I've seen. Of course, a movie can't cover so much but at least it covered the first two arcs. Takeru Sato did an excellent job as Kenshin for my surprise and the rest of the cast too. The fight scenes, (with wireworks instead of cgi effects) were very good made, making them looking almost real. It's a 2hrs 20min film and it didn't feel like that. I was hoping for more. To make it short, if you didn't have high hopes on this one, as I did, give it a try. You won't be dissapointed!

Jan 13, 2013 6:56 AM by lysithea22

Saw the movie today and I enjoyed it. They covered most of the first arc pretty well. The character development wasn't very good. There was so much ground to cover that they decided to omit that department, which I felt was pretty sad. We should of seen more of Kenshin's past as well. I hope if there ever is a sequel that they cover his relationship with Tomoe. It would be so awesome, as we'd enter Kyoto arc. Also, no Aoshi :(

With that said, the fight choreography was excellent. It's one of the best that I've seen! Also, the actors where all cast excellently, although I feel that the actor who played kenshin could of been more agressive when he needed to. He felt a bit soft most of the time.

Anyway, for a 2 hour movie, the movie was enjoyable, but the source material is of course better, since it's alot deeper than the condensed 2 hour version. Here's hoping for a sequel!

Jan 1, 2013 5:26 PM by Light___

Even without Aoshi this movie didn't disappoint. The movie's plot might not be as strong as it could be (still a pretty good plot) and a couple of things were excluded as it could be but that is understandable as the film has a 2 hour time limit to work with.

I was really happy with the cast as they brought all the characters to life even those that weren't fully developed.

Now to the film's strongest point. The Cinematography. Damn!!! Was it epic. The cinematography of the fight scenes were nothing short of top notch. Some of the finest action scenes I have seen in a while. Takeru Sato take a bow. He really nailed the action scenes. His agility, speed, and gracefulness with a sword really had me squealing sometimes. No one could have played Kenshin better

9/10 is my rating for this awesome movie. Hollywood should take some notes. This is how you make a quality live action adaptation of a manga

Jan 1, 2013 5:05 PM by Soccersss

This movie left me somewhat disappointed. No Aoshi, no oniwaban :(

Jan 1, 2013 2:17 PM by Temenes

just watched this from the theatre <3

Dec 28, 2012 9:08 PM by snuffless

I'm 20 minutes into this film and all I'm thinking is: "holy crap why does nearly every modern day Japanese film look like a TV soap opera?"

And every main character looks 20 years old! What a disappointment.

Dec 28, 2012 11:55 AM by Beatnik

to watch ... or not to watch.... that is the question....
ahhhh..... hope its not a total let - down !!

Dec 20, 2012 9:30 AM by SCRIBBLEoverLIFE

I hate to break all of you haters out there but I saw this movie sometime this month and I was satisfied by this a lot. The acting wise was superb, the choreography's top-notch, the plot was great and the casting did NOT FAIL.

Dec 20, 2012 8:17 AM by HyperCobaltMax

Aww, live-action adaptations are always not better than the original anime. The film's gonna be shown in our local theater sometime next month and I'm excited to watch it, regardless of bad reviews. Nevertheless, I don't think this will ruin my impression of Rurouni Kenshin.

Sep 18, 2012 6:43 PM by Jujika

Anyone know where I might be able to download it?

(Been reading bad reviews, thought about waiting for it to be in good quality, but currently don't really care, might as well get it over with)

Sep 18, 2012 2:02 PM by XeroCleaths

my review of it outside the theater.

try to imagine a samurai movie version of the live action initial d. they try to force a lot of material into this movie and it kind of gets lost what its using. its more stye over substance. the action is very well done. not over the top. not too gimmicky. the guy who plays kenshin does a good job. kaoru was great. yahiko is useless. sano is just forced into the movie with no proper build up what so ever. hes there just for the sake of being there. saito is kind of underrated in this movie. jin-e is an underdeveloped villain.

and the music is shit in this movie

Aug 22, 2012 3:03 AM by ParaParaJMo

Is it just me or Hollywood is running out of fresh ideas and they turning towards anime? I mean apart from this one they got Bleach too.

Jul 1, 2012 6:23 AM by missnatcase

I always though that Rurouni Kenshin would be good as an live action move. If done right it could be better then the anime.

Jun 30, 2012 1:56 PM by LadyRoseRed

Uhh....Jesus Erm. How are they going to pull off a small red headed man screaming HITEN MITSURUGI STYLEE!!! With an actual person, and make it not look utterly silly?
Oh this will be fun. This film better not suck, I hope to Christ it doesn't. DON'T MAKE ME KILL MY CHILDHOOD ANY MORE! Don't do what that Dragon Ball film done to me. Please.

May 17, 2012 3:19 PM by noppee

^ Extended trailer (clean, w/o all those annoying bubbles and stuff) in HQ. lookin' pretty badass

Mar 16, 2012 3:51 AM by fearlubu

this should be good based on casting

Mar 12, 2012 6:36 PM by DateYutaka

I've never watched Kenshin but...Yay?

Feb 18, 2012 11:37 AM by skapandi

Hmmmmmmmmm, I'm a bit worried...

you see what I mean?

Feb 18, 2012 11:18 AM by TekkamanBuredo

Let us not put the cart before the horse there DarkMorpher-san. Who knows what will come out in this version. Either it will make or break the fans' expectation or otherwise a third option.

And one more thing...

Courtesy of Soukichi Narumi (Kouji Kikkawai) aka Kamen Rider Skull... who will be Ryoutarou Nogami/ Kamen Rider Den-O (Takeru Sato) Himura Kenshin's opponent Jinei Udoh.

Jan 8, 2012 12:32 AM by HyperCobaltMax

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