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Days: 35.9
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Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka
Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka
Nov 3, 2015 3:18 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 8
Gedo Senki
Gedo Senki
Jan 30, 2013 2:31 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo
Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo
Jan 30, 2013 2:30 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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Days: 7.9
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Nov 3, 2015 3:11 PM
Reading 360/? · Scored 9
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul
Nov 3, 2015 3:08 PM
Completed 144/144 · Scored 7
Vinland Saga
Vinland Saga
Nov 3, 2015 3:07 PM
On-Hold 124/? · Scored 9



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anichka0 Jul 1, 2013 8:18 AM
just fine and you? ^__^ (sorry for the late reply)
Allecto Feb 21, 2013 1:10 PM
Yo fugly :p How's life? Been seriously busy, sorry for lack of communication.
Bristle Oct 5, 2012 4:10 AM
The first episode won't likely do that. Give it time, and you'll see.
Bristle Sep 30, 2012 5:18 AM
Also, if I may recommend Anime to you, I'd recommend first and foremost to finish Yu Yu Hakusho, and try out the aforementioned Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Yu Yu Hakusho gets absolutely amazing in Chapter Black, and Madoka... just watch and see for yourself. Anything I say will likely spoil it if you haven't already been spoiled.
Bristle Sep 30, 2012 2:18 AM
Sure thing! You can look to my list to see for yourself what I'm watching, but at the moment I'm working on getting through Evangelion and rewatching Madoka Magica subbed (initially watched it dubbed).
waalex11 Sep 27, 2012 1:36 PM
No, I really doubt I'm gonna start in a gym,
probably gonna start in the basement, bench press, dumbells and barbell curls. Thats all I can do with what I have.
waalex11 Sep 27, 2012 4:05 AM
ow... that sucks...
are you perfectly fine now like you never had it or is the injury still there somehow?

At first I'm gonna work all messed up, but once I start working out like I pro because I know how (or something) then I'll be working out full body workout schedule, so 5 days, right?
Guess I'll have to do a lot of research on proper form and not getting injured, thanks!
Bristle Sep 26, 2012 11:08 PM
Well, if I recall correctly, I just saw you and thought you had a rather decent taste in Anime.
waalex11 Sep 26, 2012 8:09 PM
Thanks again, I hope and am somehow sure that finally somehow gave me the modivation to work out.

I guess even though I already knew the answer, I just wanted to hear "its ok to start working out fucked up and go more pro little by little afterwards" by someone experienced ^^
(I know those aren't ur quotes, just the message that I wanted which you gave me ^-^)

thanks again!
Bristle Sep 26, 2012 6:55 PM
I'm good, and you?
waalex11 Sep 25, 2012 6:53 PM
oh I see xD
I can actually go the whole weekend for now, if I wanted to.
waalex11 Sep 25, 2012 5:26 PM
Thank you so much!
I actually have a gym that I can just walk to close to my house,

the reason why that I haven't started going to the gym is because I want to go there once I get money to pay a personal trainer myself, which means I need a job, ... and I'm still unemployed ><

I have a bench press & dumbells at home, ... but I just don't know what exercices too choose.
... I should really just start working out instead of worrying of injuring myself or something. My older brother is right "while your thinkin, I'm working out" XD lol.

Is it bad if I just work out all fucked up since I'm too stubborn and lazy to do it the way I actually want to? (the best/pro way?)
Because my older brother and tons of other guys work out with bad diet, eating and all that, even sometimes bad form and over-train, but they still build muscle and get results either way.

Just not the best way, .... is that bad?
waalex11 Sep 25, 2012 2:37 PM
like this I guess, yeah probably like this or very close to that. This kind of physique.
big arms in size like that especially, well yeah like that.

only more lean

waalex11 Sep 25, 2012 2:27 PM
I'm currently 5 foot 9 inches (almost 5 foot 10 inches)

I want to build mass, and have an equal body, bigger arms. Not HUGE body, but big well built, ripped with most details (meaning, abs, v-cut, shoulder, bicep, etc.)
As for my legs, I just want them to be big to have an equal looking body.

Its hard to judge what weight I'm trying to be because it all depends on the finishing look of how I look, (how big I am and like to be once done)
Its mostly for physique that I want to work out.

... I guess my goal might be 185lbs to 190lbs... or suprisingly, probably not? more
because the way I look, I have a lot that I want to get big, my arms & legs don't look big at all at my current weight.

As for my schedule. I'm still unemployed.
Have adult-ed (english individualized) at 8:30am - 11:30am and then I have the whole day to myself. every tuesday & thursday.

But around January, when I'm done English. I'm going to start College.
waalex11 Sep 24, 2012 12:59 PM
Hi, you might not remember me.

But in my forums of "How do you work out?" you gave me advice and told me that I can ask you questions,

so here I am.
I'm really wondering... is it bad to work out without eating balanced meals for protein gain, and what ur muscles needs blablabla all that.
Because since I'm so stubborn in wanting to do everything perfect the first shot I start working out.
Makes me not start to work out at all. Because I don't understand the calories, meals things, what to eat for this or that.

Its way too complicated and never explained step-by-step in a super simple way in any sites...
or by anyone at that...

But I'm also afraid about wondering if theres anything negative about results starting perfectly compared to results working out all fucked up.
So I'm maybe thinking (since I'm so stubborn) to just work-out without eating a professional way to build my muscles to the best way (because I just don't understand how that all works, too complicated)
build some strength, until the day arrives that I finally get a job and then buy myself a personal trainer!

... is that... okay? Try to keep in note that I'm stubborn and lazy about working out the perfect way since its too complicated by myself (with no guide or personal trainer)