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Sentai Filmworks Licenses Yumekui Merry

by Prizkilla
Feb 12, 2011 8:26 AM | 12 Comments
According to their official website, Sentai Filmworks announced on Thursday that they have licensed Yumekui Merry. Sentai Filmworks has not specified when and how the anime will be realeased in North America yet.

Source: Sentai Filmworks website

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Personally, I don't mind Sentai Filmworks keeping things subbed. I been getting a lot of their titles, mostly the sub only releases and they were pretty good. I preordered this title just because it looked and sounded awesome.

Feb 13, 2012 4:56 AM by TheGreatWiseAss

@ Kaeyuki:

First of all, welcome to the forums. Second, honey, you're might be taking how a company handles your favorite TV shows a bit too personally. The people at Sentai Filmworks are just doing their job as a business by trying to distribute a Japanese animated show to potential consumers in America. And that includes people who don't know that much about anime and would be curious to buy an anime DVD from say the unfamiliar anime section at a Best Buy store, not just the hardcore fans (this is exactly why english audio tracks exist on DVD, for people with fresh eyes and ears)

Of course that's if Sentai thinks Yumekui Merry is profitable outside of the niche anime market. So again, no need to think of Sentai Filmworks as the unsanitary kid next door neighbor who doesn't understand personal space just because they make dubs that happen to not meet your specific tastes. They're just doing their job. And honestly if you hate a certain dub of your favorite show as a hardcore fan but showed the same dub to someone that's never seen the show or much anime before and he/she doesn't see the big deal, then it's probably not that bad of a dub, objectively speaking.

Oh and in case you're wondering, I read your posts clearly because I have microscopic vision. Seriously though, I just used the zoom feature on my internet browser.

Apr 9, 2011 10:20 PM by Hypeathon

Do not want. I'm sorry, but Sentai Filmworks has failed me, especially with Clannad.
It's bad enough I live nearby them too...

Apr 9, 2011 9:44 PM by KotoriOtonashi

I buy dub with Jap audio track optional
That way at least I have original voice if Eng cast ruins it.

Mar 20, 2011 9:36 AM by Tru3Ph03niX

I hope they do dub it cause I hate buying subbed only DVDs cause when it comes to me physically owning a series I prefer it dubbed.

I personally liked Clannad's dub and I can't wait to buy Afterstory dubbed next month.

Mar 12, 2011 2:47 AM by Roloko

Chances are they're not going to dub it, and even if they did, it's not like anyone's going to hold a gun to your head and force to listen to the English tracks.

Mar 11, 2011 11:20 AM by Zalis

after what they did with CLANNAD, i'd rather not hear from them. ever.

Feb 12, 2011 9:16 PM by Algazero

This is good news for Yumekui Merry. (:

Feb 12, 2011 9:03 PM by Megpoid

sweet, cool

Feb 12, 2011 4:25 PM by Neverarine

"the 12 episode DREAM EATER MERRY series rolls out the unique premise of a boy with the ability to predict dreams who becomes the focus of the ambitions of a unique race of demons who use dreams to access our world! "

LOL its been announced by JC Staff thats its 13 episodes. They don't even know how many episodes the show they licensed is?

Feb 12, 2011 1:16 PM by RyanSaotome

ugh, I don't like Sentai Filmworks. I don't have any good experiences with their dubs...
*remembers Clannad's dub*

But good for them I guess.

Feb 12, 2011 12:44 PM by Hellmonkey

things r looking good for yumekui merry

Feb 12, 2011 12:35 PM by Mr_Gutts

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