SQ: Begin W/Your Name!
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SQ: Begin W/Your Name!

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Their Story, Tamen De Gushi, SQ: Cong Ni De Mingzi Kaishi, SQ: Begin With Your Name!
Japanese: SQ从你的名字开始


Type: Manhua
Volumes: 1
Chapters: 9
Status: Finished
Published: Oct 5, 2015
Genres: Comedy Comedy, Girls Love Girls Love, Slice of Life Slice of Life
Theme: School School
Serialization: None
Authors: Tanjiu (Story & Art)


Score: 8.361 (scored by 2303123,031 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2462
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #253
Members: 62,167
Favorites: 2,375


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Preliminary Spoiler
Oct 27, 2015
Just a cute little comedy, slice of life manhua. Cute girls liking other cute girls. The tomboyish main character's friend, mophead, is hilarious. The relationship between them is funny. There is also a little bit of a boy-love side plot that is played mostly for laughs. Really short chapters that end up having more comedy and story than most manga these days. As of writing this, there are 79 chapters and it is currently on-going. Not the best to read month to month because the chapters consist of 5-8 images and reading it all at once took me 15 minutes. Definitely worth the read.
Dec 5, 2016
In complete honesty, I am shocked at the lack of reviews for Tamen de Gushi! At the time I’m writing this it only has one other review! But, if there is one thing I know about Their Story, it’s that nothing will ever be so simply GOOD.

Enjoyment: 10
I love this manhua. I love it with every ounce on my being and that makes this whole review extremely bias but I hope you’ll take my advice and read it. Beacause it’s simple to describe Tamen de Gushi in one word: nice. It’s a nice experience. The story is nice, the art is nice, the comedy is ...
Jan 28, 2017
This manhua is about a girl that likes a girl (Hot isn't it?) and it actually is really good. I am done reading Ch123.

Good things -
It actually is quite good, it doesn't progress like a normal shoujo or shoujo ai manga that completely shoves the drama or conflict up by your throat in an instant, this manhua actually gives us a bit of a development to that point or something to not completely yank us off with.

The art is also amazing (apart from their broken reaction faces, I think those are intentional) Lots of things are quite detailed and nice. The scenery is also ...
Dec 11, 2016
Cute, funny, great and genuine characters - this pretty much sums up this manhua. I love this series so much, as of writing this review I'm on chapter 119 and it feels like not a lot has happened and yet I'm still enjoying it all the same.

The two mains are [b]adorable[/b]. I don't use this lightly, but each chapter with them in is ridiculously cute and the humour between them both is laugh out loud funny. Though this is also the case with the rest of the cast, all of them have a little place in my heart. The relationship between one of the ...
Nov 6, 2022
Mixed Feelings
I've read this and reread most of it. Over 200 "chapters" where each page is a "chapter". It may be an unfinished work, which would explain why the plot never progressed.

The art is nice. The characters are lovely. But there is little to no progression in the main romance of the story. And that is why I remain unenthusiastic.

There are multiple gay and lesbian couples in this story, and you might think heterosexual teens were in the minority at these high schools. The focus on gay and lesbian teens has prompted speculation that the author may have been pressured by the Chinese government to ...
Jun 23, 2022
Heard what happened and the conditions of how this was finished.
I really liked the story, unlike a lot of yuri mangas and manhua stories I read isn't really about erotism or anything like that, and feels more compeling. It really feels like a story about two women engaging in a healthy relationship and learning how to like eachother and how one can help the other in the small things in their lives.
The saddest part about all this: The more I look into reasons why I like this so much, the more sad I feel about how, for all the effects, it's a unfinished and shut ...
May 5, 2021
This manwa is pretty cute and enjoyable. The art is soft and pretty, the characters (although not as developed as I would like) are interesting and complement each other quite nicely. The comedy is also very well executed, I was laughing my ass off quite a few times.
The manwa retains its innocence whilst teasing the audience now and then with the main pairing.

The things I liked less were certain story inconsistencies, and possibly the main character's approach at the beginning. But in the end I really enjoyed the contrasting personalities of both girls, and I liked watching them interact. Would recommend!
Nov 19, 2022

it's unfortunate, but this world is filled with more yuri manga that is catered towards men than it is with yuri manga that is catered towards people who aren't men.

that being noted, this manhwa is truly for the sapphics! the art is beautiful, the story is simple, sweet and funny, the chapters are short and easy to read through - it's truly everything that i would look for in a gl!

it's seriously awesome and so good. i'm disappointed that it's not really being updated anymore - but keep an eye on tan jiu's instagram (@tanjiu9)! they post art of sun ...
Jun 9, 2021
"Tamen de Gushi is the epitome of wholesome yuri." - Some redditor

To which I also agree with.

I don't tend to read a lot of manhuas but when I do I somehow end on the good side of things, then being able to immerse myself in what are some of the most pleasing stories I have ever seen. Anyways, SQ Begin w Your Name (will abbreviate to SQ) checks out as it is one of, if not, the best shoujo-ai story I have seen in a while.

The points that make SQ so great is that it follows a simple love tale that knows nothing but ...
Sep 21, 2017
I wanna introduce you to a good old friend of mine. Despite being damn ass slow with updates and translations he has a special place in my heart.

# # # Tamen De Gushi or SQ: Beginn w/ your name # # #

Some facts about the Series:
# It´s fun, cute, relaxing
# Very pure and slow evolving relationship
# No BS like forced drama, unrequited love and triangles
# Very adorable characters (Mophead, I´m thinking of you)
Apr 8, 2019
Their Story is awesome.

The writing is patient. A general plot is advanced story-line by story-line, but we also get one-shot snippets between plot-heavy chapters. I may have preferred the snippets to appear between story-lines, but oh well.

I loved how the romance played out between Sun Jing and Qiu Tong. As many of us have experienced, relationships don't always start off cleanly. Often times, hot sparks meet a slow burn.

Indeed, characterization is what Their Story truly excels at. Lovable, adorable, relatable, etc etc. Each character is written with care and treated respectfully. I never felt that someone was introduced merely as a placeholder or a means ...
Jul 27, 2020
It's enjoyable for what it is. But it's obvious that the artist doesn't care much about this story and with China's censorship on the rise I don't have much hope for this story to have a more fleshed out plot or narrative. Much less a proper ending.

The art varies too much and it could get jarring. The body shapes are often too masculine because the author is more used to drawing male bodies that it's easy to forget that they're meant to be young women. The faces needs a lot of adjusting to as well. The gags for the most part is great and ...
Mar 15, 2018
One of the first manhwa I've read. I must say this is by far one of the best yuri manhwa available out there.

A must read! Sun Jing is pretty hilarious along with her BFF: Mophead. Art is amazing plus it is colored.

It is very light to read and there's always like a commercial chapter where you get to enjoy a kind of- side story of different character.

I just discovered this last year, and I'm lucky that the chapter is already 100+ when I read it! Well now, I have to wait along with you guys who are an avid fan of Qui ...
Feb 2, 2018
This manga has been absolutely fun to read. I don't really mind for girl to girl or boy to boy relationship as long as there is love and shows growth of the character. As well as the story is not stagnant and moving on with a good pace, i consider it a really good thing. You mix some comedy, this manhwa is very entertaining to read. I love how the characters of the manhwa evolve. It is interesting and never has a dull movement. I actually lol on some of it. It was just so funny. When i am reading it? It feels i ...
Jan 14, 2024
This manhua is truly beautifully drawn. The characters are endearing, and there's a commendable realism in portraying the romantic relationship. What sets it apart is the absence of toxicity, it's incredibly gentle and cute. Beyond the heartwarming moments, it also delivers genuine laughs, making it quite amusing. In my extensive experience with yuri mangas/manhuas, this stands out as the best I've come across in a long time. The artistry, the lovable characters, the authentic depiction of romance create a delightful reading experience. It strikes a perfect balance between sweetness and humor, making it a standout in the yuri genre. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a ...
Jan 5, 2021
Preliminary (6/9 chp)
I love the CCP propaganda on this one . Especially when she stops studying and shouts "I love China " ok dude sure wahtever

Its basic lesbian story that doesnt make any sense whatsoever
GIrl 1 lesbian g Girl 2 not lesbian
Girl 1 confesses to Girl 2
Girl 2 rejects
Girl 2 becomes lesbian in the spawn of 2 days OUT OF NOWHERE AND FOR NO REASON AT ALL

Like come on now. Thats not how sexuality works mate