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Apr 18, 2021
Mixed Feelings
tl;dr: Honestly, not bad for a manga about high school competitive eating. Funny at times. At least read up to volume 3.

This manga is about a competitive eating club. It follows a typical sports manga plot, train, go to competitions, regionals, nationals, whatever. It does have information about professional eating like stretching your stomach and keeping it stretched out. Makes it seem miserable which I am sure it is.
It does have some funny moments. I wasn't laughing out loud but it made me chuckle. Competitive eating sports manga may seem like a joke but ...
Jun 9, 2020
Preliminary (2/? chp)
This 4koma sucks. The art sucks, the jokes suck; it isn't even 4 panels. It's 3 panels and the last one says the end. Too many panty shots and nudity (censored). The main joke of the series is that the character is male but drawn as a twintailed girl. The other "jokes" can be described as, "lol this is so relatable isn't it." It SUCKS and isn't funny. A few of the strips made me exhale air through my nose. At least the character is cute I guess... So all in all not worth it to read. Probably 20 unfunny strips per chapter, maybe 1 ...
Dec 18, 2015
Mixed Feelings
This manga is a bit better than your average light novel adaption trash. I didn't know anything about this manga before I read it. Apparently there are different paths or something that the main character takes. This manga follows the Celia path.

The main problem with this manga is the story. The plot is all over the place. It starts with a dream sequence but then it turns out the dream actually happened in the past. It doesn't help that most of the girls look the same so you can't tell who is who. I thought ...
Oct 27, 2015
Just a cute little comedy, slice of life manhua. Cute girls liking other cute girls. The tomboyish main character's friend, mophead, is hilarious. The relationship between them is funny. There is also a little bit of a boy-love side plot that is played mostly for laughs. Really short chapters that end up having more comedy and story than most manga these days. As of writing this, there are 79 chapters and it is currently on-going. Not the best to read month to month because the chapters consist of 5-8 images and reading it all at once took me 15 minutes. Definitely worth the read.