Dec 5, 2016
Konobae (All reviews)
In complete honesty, I am shocked at the lack of reviews for Tamen de Gushi! At the time I’m writing this it only has one other review! But, if there is one thing I know about Their Story, it’s that nothing will ever be so simply GOOD.

Enjoyment: 10
I love this manhua. I love it with every ounce on my being and that makes this whole review extremely bias but I hope you’ll take my advice and read it. Beacause it’s simple to describe Tamen de Gushi in one word: nice. It’s a nice experience. The story is nice, the art is nice, the comedy is good; the whole thing is just a pleasant experience which gives me butterflies every time it is updated.

Plot: 7
Girl meets girl, girl embarrasses herself constantly in front of girl, girls become friends despite being very different; girl falls in love with girl. It’s simplistic and that works because the comedy and style of the manhua allows this story to house as much emotion as any more complex manhua, if not more. It’s basic but Tan Jui uses this to grip their readers and slowly introduce them to new themes, ideas and emotions during the gradual progression of the story. (I would rate it higher but honestly there is no complexity at all… OR IS THERE?)

Art: 9
Again, its simplistic nature allows it to create a relaxed, clam tone with a nice light colour pallet which changes with the season within the manhua beautifully subtly.

Character: 8
The characters are very real. Nothing about them feels forced or abnormal even if they are melodramatic at times. Then again, doesn’t everyone act like that around the people they’re most comfortable with? I know I do.

The only real problem is the lack of direction. Tamen de Gushi can be praised endlessly for its calming simplicity but, without any progression or clear destination for the story in each ark, the manhua is beginning to lose the interest of many. I only hope that the side characters can have more exploration in order to add the tension that 19 Days (a manhua by a close friend of Tan Jui) is gaining.

Overall: 10
In terms of how good the manhua is, I don’t know. This manhua is certainly in the eye of the beholder but, for me, it’s a brilliant read that I trust to entertain me whenever I see a new chapter pop up. It's easily my favourite part of any day that I read it.